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Raniya Dua, Alecto

Name: Raniya Dua
Nickname/Alias: Scion of the Anima; Champion of the Anima

Occupation: Warrior

Age/Birthdate: 20
Apparent Age: 17

Gender: Female
Race: Human

Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 102 pounds

Eye Color: Blue-white
Hair Color/Style: Straight crimson hair as long as the bottom of her shoulder blades, pressed with seven curls. Three of the curls are inky black in color.

Theme Songs: Test Tube Princess, Guard and Scythe

General Appearance: Raniya is a pale, almost ghostly white-skinned girl with the figure of a slender athlete. She has lean muscles on her arms and legs, toned by intense hunting and almost constant fighting that keeps her body shapely and flexible. Her shoulders are strong but not wide, and her hips are somewhere evenly between shapely and narrow. Her belly is flat and her waist is slim. Her bosom is not prominent, but neither flat, and might grow larger if she were to eat enough to gain some weight, though she has no interest in this. Her legs and arms are long and slender, and her arms end in equally long and slender hands. Her skin is marked with a great number of thin scars on nearly anywhere on her body but her neck and face, and is otherwise quite smooth. Although the size of her body indicates she should weigh more than just over 100 pounds, the astral matter comprising so much of her body lightens her weight considerably.

She has long, smooth crimson hair pressed with exactly seven curled locks placed here and there, which falls down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Three of those curls are deep black in color. She has finely trimmed and plucked black eyebrows and shockingly pale blue-white eyes. Her bottom eyelashes are not hair, but sleek, shiny black feathers that resemble the breast feathers of a peacock. The lashes near her eyes are only a quarter of an inch long or so, but the ones furthest from her eyes are more than an inch and a half long. Beside the left corner of her pale pink lips, she has a small black beauty mark.

Raniya has a piercing, a barbed black iron wire that is "sewn" alongside her left jawbone, and another that is sewn through her left ear and locked into place with a jagged-looking charcoal gray metal clamp in the shape of an ear cuff. Around her neck, she wears a black cotton collar with red stitching through its seams. The top of the collar is a mask that can be drawn up over her nose and the bottom half of her face, but it is usually kept down. She wears a pair of metal-rimmed goggles with flat, wide lenses on a broad red leather strap. The goggles appear functional and can be worn over her eyes, but she does this only rarely. Most of the time, she wears the goggles across her head, much like a headband.

Sleek, silvery white metal armor covers her body from her collar down to her ankles, leaving none of her skin exposed. Over the entire surface of this metal is a number of black geometric circles, decorated with arcs, angular shapes and yet more circles, spaced through and apart from each other, evenly, as though determined by some mathematical design. Over her armor, Raniya wears clothing of a cybergoth design, assembled during her two-year sojourn into the ‘future world.’

Normally, she wears a smooth red halter top shirt with black stitching through the left side of its collar and down the left side of the front of the shirt. Over this, she wears a black denim jacket at hip length. It has two steel buttons at its waistline by the zipper, which runs up toward it left breast rather than its center. The jacket has a multitude of 3-inch long square steel spikes sticking out of its shoulders and the forearms of its sleeves. Clipped to the waist of her armor, Raniya wears a pair of loose-fitting black bondage pants laden with red chrome chains, zippers and studs, especially coverings its pockets and the sides of its legs. Finally, she wears a pair of black knee length reactor boots with six leather straps with red chrome buckles covering the course from the vamp of the boots up to their tops. Most of the time, however, everything above the ankle of her boots is covered by the bottoms of her pant legs.

A sketch of Raniya, by HitokiriChibi.

Audisce (/aʊdɪski/)
A sketch of Audisce, by I)ragon.

Based on the original design of the transformed Vamet, Audisce is a surilith demon that has been reshaped into a large scimitar whose blade is four feet long, with a 16-inch long handle. Normally, suriliths resemble gray-violet spiders the size of pack horses or larger, with two blade-like forelimbs and a clutch of eight bright red eyes above their obviously venomous mandibles. The chitin covering their bodies is a touch stronger than steel, and usually thick enough that normal swords are of little consequence to these horrible creatures. Due to the unique magic used to reshape Audisce, her body no longer has the shape of a spider, and her limbs no longer have the kinds of shapes they once did. She is now naturally in the shape of a scimitar, and her joints allow her to take on a few different forms.

Audisce’s legs have joints that remain normally firmly locked while she is in sword shape. If it is necessary to avoid taking damage, though, she can quickly unlock these joints to bend with a blow. Her six red, glowing compound eyes encircle the guard, giving her sight in all directions around her. The manner in which her legs lock together into the shape of the scimitar allows Audisce to secrete poison onto the edge of her blade from her mandibles.

When in sword shape, Audisce can unlock the forward most joints of her legs and bend them so that her appearance from that of a scimitar to that of a pick or scythe. With a simple shift in her grip on Audisce’s hilt, Raniya can use the wickedly sharp tip of the sword’s blade to maximize the force she can exert with this shape of her weapon. While Audisce is in the shape of a pick, her blade length is effectively reduced to only 30 inches.

Alternatively, Audisce can unfold her body so that she stands on the four legs that usually comprise her blade. In this form, Audisce can walk around and climb on walls and ceilings. With a number of very small leg-like appendages and spinnerets beside her mandibles, she can also create a thick strand of webbing stronger than steel cable. These spinnerets are also available to Raniya when Audisce is a scimitar, but the demon becomes ineffective as a weapon until the strand is detached.

Audisce is a dangerous creature in her own right, even considering her distorted shape. She is very resistant to damage, able to fall hundreds of feet with little harm, and her chitin has been hardened so that it is roughly equivalent to tungsten (three to four times as tough as most weapon-grade steels). The effects of acid and electricity are stunted on her chitin, being almost useless. Her venom weakens and disorients its victims, causing feelings of nausea and attacking the perceptions of the nervous system.

The demon is faster than a horse, more agile than a parkour practitioner, and strong enough to tear a large animal limb from limb. She can create a strands or different types of webbing, much like a normal spider. The webbing she can create is not as sticky as normal spidersilk, but is stronger and can form into cords as thick as two centimeters. Also, she is able to track creatures by the ‘smell’ of their souls.

At the time of Audisce’s reshaping, her mind was linked to Raniya’s. The two of them may communicate with one another telepathically, over the course of any distance. The two of them may share more than words in this way, also sharing experiences and visual images.

At the same time, Audisce is not without her own weaknesses. The shape of her body is still relatively new to her. Although she is agile, she often remains in the shape of a sword, and can be clumsy at times when walking or chasing something on her own. Cold is her anathema. When Audisce gets cold, she slows down, cannot produce poison and her senses become dulled. Also, although she can regenerate tissue over time, if she suffers a significant wound, she becomes less dangerous as both a predator and a weapon.

Spoiler: The Venom’s Effects  
The duration of Audisce's venomous effects can change based on how much of the venom is introduced to a victim. For brief and low exposure to the venom, such as a drop or less, a victim can feel its effects from just a few up to twenty minutes. For such low exposure to the venom, its victim might hear familiar voices calling out to them and get a eerie but infrequent feeling that something is crawling under the skin. Additionally, such a low dose of the venom may distort and confuse the appearance of certain colors to the victim, perhaps making blue look green, red look yellow, or any number of other possibilities, though usually only a single such color is confused at once.

If a creature is exposed to more as much as a dram (1/8 ounce) of Audisce's venom, its effects can endure up to sixteen hours. With so much of the venom affecting a victim, that creature may hear familiar voices calling out their name or hear echoes of sounds long after they've already happened, experience a persistent taste of metal or wine or both, feel as though they are being touched when no one is there, and get an unsettling, almost constant feeling that there is something crawling under their skin. Additionally, they may see flashes of light and color where there are none, or experience blurry and split vision.

Any of the perceptual troubles caused by Audisce's venom are certainly disconcerting, and may cause sensations of panic or danger when combined with the venom's exhausting and nauseating qualities. Though these troubles can be disorienting, they can be defeated, it is possible to mitigate the venom's effect with exclusive focus on the behalf of the poisoned individual.

Spoiler: Audisce’s Silk  
The webbing she can create is similar to either dragline, capture-spiral, tubiliform, aciniform or minor-ampullate silk, though any webbing she creates is not quite as sticky as its mundane counterpart. Conversely, any type of silk that she creates is stronger than mundane spidersilk. When creating a cord, she uses a mixture of dragline and aciniform silk that is three and a half times as strong as steel per unit weight, and five times as tough. The silk that Audisce spins does not share mundane spidersilk's weakness to fire, but does eventually decay with time, and becomes more fragile in cold environments. Deep cold can reduce the silk to as little as half its original strength and toughness. Audisce has the ability to bite and sever her own webbing with no difficulty, although this is not due to the strength of her bite, but to specialized enzymes in her venom.

It is worthwhile to note that a .78 inch (2 cm) cord of Audisce's silk can support up to 88,000 pounds of weight before snapping. More cords can be used to support even more weight than the sum of their load capacities. Also, cutting through Audisce's cords would require a hacksaw and a replacement few blades to accomplish. With work, though, steel hacksaw blades may be able to sever one of Audisce's cords in as little as a few hours.

Spoiler: The Smell of Souls  
This ability is almost identical to a bloodhound tracking a creature by its physical scent, except that the smell of a soul cannot be washed off and can be detected through water, oil and other physical substances as though they weren't there. A soul's scent can be covered up, but only by surrounding the tracked individual with many other individuals. Naturally, people with exceptionally strong or unusual souls are easier to track via this ability. Places trafficked by more people and animals will cause an individual scent to disperse more quickly, but in lonesome places, a single person's soul-scent can persist strongly for up to two days, and weakly for a great deal of time after that.

Armor: Raniya’s armor is based on fashioned from the remains of Emile Velos’ Mark XXIII High Density Combat Armor. The man who gave Raniya her powers found the scraps of this armor and repaired it, incorporating mystic arts into these repairs to supplement the armor where his technical prowess failed him.

All of the plating on the armor is crafted from a chrome-titanium alloy, the many cracked and split portions of which have been reforged into a form resembling its original shape, often using the blood of Eredaigh to enhance its protective qualities around the seams where it was destroyed. Some of the wiring in the armor no longer serves its original purpose, and can free itself from the armor, moving under its own power.

The new armor features the remnant seal of Chaos engraved into its inner side, somehow paired to a reversed Tree of Sephiroth engraved in the back of the armor’s chest plate. The reversed tree begins at the base of the armor’s back, and ends between the shoulder blades.

On each part of the armor, a number of geometric circles have been etched lightly into the plating of its outer side. This gives the armor an odd appearance, trapped somewhere between technological and arcane. When charged with magical energy, these circles slowly repair any damage done to the armor. Raniya can use her own astral energy to fuel these circles. She can repair minor damage, such as a few cracks and scratches, in a matter of twenty to twenty-five minutes. More serious damage takes longer to repair, upwards of weeks of continuous work to restore the armor from a useless, shredded state. No level of destruction except the complete annihilation of the armor can prevent Raniya from eventually repairing her armor with these geometric circles.

Psychic Circlet
The controlling headpiece of her armor. Fashioned from the remains of Emile Velos’ psychic helmet, this device is a dark gray band of metal which sits above Raniya’s ears and crosses her forehead just beneath her hairline. Its surface is engraved with the lines of a geometric circle that has been wrapped around the band itself, and a set of three armored black cords connect the back of the circlet to the top of the back of the armor’s chest plate.

The circlet allows Raniya to control the powers of the other parts of her armor via mental direction. Impulses from the circlet increase her adrenal levels at the start of combat, thus also escalating her aggression. The circlet gives her basic knowledge of hand-to-hand combat and a weapon style based on the traits of Chaos’ Legion sword.

Legion is a katana five feet in length, and thus its style prominently includes eight basic slashing motions, one basic thrusting motion, sweeping attacks that take advantage of the long cutting plane of its blade, a number of specialized thrusts and a limited number of counter-attacks. The Legion style is designed around an elongated katana, rather than an enlarged scimitar, thus not all of the style knowledge conferred by the circlet is useful to Raniya, and she can be evidenced as using her sword in the "wrong way" at times.

Power Conductor
The breast plate of the armor, the internal layer of this part of the armor is a vast series of circuits that move power through them with incredible efficiency. The original design of this part of the was to improve its wearer’s physical attributes. Since Raniya is constantly leaking energy around her, however, the armor was partially reversed so that it absorbs this extra energy and keeps it from destroying her surroundings. Thus, the energy that escapes from Raniya powers some of the armor’s systems. When Raniya has less than 40 energy, the armor still keeps her destructive aura under control, but she cannot use the Knuckle Duster or Supreme Defense functions of the armor. Working in tandem with the psychic circlet, this device also increases Raniya’s skill at arms and in martial combat.

Spoiler: The Armor’s Powers  
Knuckle Duster Energy Use: 15 Cooldown: 30 seconds
The armor that covers her right arm, the knuckle duster has a set of particularly hard, gold-tinted studs that cover the knuckles of Raniya’s right hand. When used as a weapon, this piece of the armor momentarily borrows energy from all other armor parts and channels it into the knuckles, creating a bright white glow around it and increasing the power of her punches by nearly four times her normal strength. The armor must have a chance to cool down after just one of these great blows. This ability can be activated only with the psychic circlet.

Supreme Defense Energy Use: 60 Cooldown: 1 minute
This small, pentagonal shield is attached to the left forearm of the armor. At the circlet’s command, the attached shield begins to spin, releasing an energy shield about eighteen inches across. In the armor’s reconstruction, a heavy amount of Eredaigh’s blood was used to enhance and enforce the defensive capabilities. The blood was directly incorporated into both the shield node and the circuitry responsible for its action.

This energy shield can repel most attacks, but can be defeated by especially heavy blows. Although powerful, this shield cannot suffer more than three attacks in the course of a single minute without shattering. When the shield shatters for either reason, its generator must rest and recharge for one minute before the supreme defense can be used again.

Wire Halo Energy Use: -- Cooldown: --
Lain in the creases of her armor are several feet of ultimet wiring that no longer serve a purpose for its internal systems. Using the psychic circlet, Raniya can move these wires under her control, via a number of flexing fibers along the wires’ sides. Her control of these wires is rudimentary, so their motions are usually fast and lashing. She cannot use them for slow or dexterous purposes. The wires can reach up to eight feet away. Raniya can control up to three wires at a time, with the circlet. When she stops controlling the wires, they find their places back in the armor’s creases and anchor into place. The wire halo is the only one of the armor’s abilities she can use when she has no astral energy remaining.

Carried Possessions: Raniya tries to travel lightly, but some things just cannot be helped. To keep these essentials on her, Raniya wears a black leather coffin-shaped shoulder bag with chain that can be used to also wear it like a backpack. The bag measures 37cm high x 7cm deep x 19cm wide (14.5”x2.7”x7.4”), adorned with chrome studs and an iron cross. Miraculously (but not magically), she manages to nearly everything she needs for travel inside this shoulder bag. Among the things she brings with her are a bed roll, a rain poncho, compass, dynamo-powered flashlight, two days of dried rations and a purple Camelbak water bottle, two changes of socks, underwear and a red hoodie.

Over time and with the help of her followers in the future world, some extra pockets and pouches have been added to the back and sides of her shoulder pack. On the back of the pack, the side nearest her body when she wears it, a slightly smaller and flatter pouch carries her pup tent, a Mystique 1 AL. In a leather pocket on one side of the bag, she keeps a Leatherman tool and a tiny box of flint and steel. In a leather pocket on the other side of the bag, she keeps a beauty kit, which she tries to keep as well-stocked as possible. Sewn onto the inside of the bag, against the side nearest to her body when she wears it, there is a square from an olive-colored t-shirt with a picture of a covered wagon drawn by oxen with the words "YOU HAVE DIED OF DYSENTERY." printed on it.

When not being carried or walking about on her own, Audisce uses her four small legs and prehensile claws, located immediately in front of her hilt, to cling to one of Raniya’s shoulders.


Marrow Vine
More advanced and deep reaching than the blood spider infusers that have been planted in other characters, the “marrow vine” is a set of apparatuses that are planted into the bearer’s red marrow. These apparatuses have the ability to communicate with one another using the same sort of hormonal channels as the rest of the bearer’s body, keep themselves in synch with one another on a constant basis. These implants are spread throughout her body, and have been planted into each bone of the body where red marrow is normally found. Each of the devices is set with a tiny device that contains a few drops of blood from each of three different entities. Among these are the deceased gods Nesconx and Vahle, and an astral lightning faerie. The blood of these creatures, which is completely suffused to and a part of her body via the marrow vine, provides her with most, if not all, of her powers.

Astral Energy
Raniya doesn't have spells, she is suffused with and generates astral energy. The astral energy flows from her body, constantly escaping into the armor she wears or, if she does not have the armor, the air around her. Despite the large store of energy that Raniya has, her control is lacking, and she cannot reliably spend more than 40 energy on any use of her astral energy abilities. If she attempts to use more energy than this, she may succeed, but the more energy she tries to use, the less likely she is to succeed. With her level of control, Raniya cannot use more than 100 energy on any of her astral energy abilities. Raniya has 200 energy to work with when working at her full, rested capacity, and regains 1 energy every ten minutes or so. Resting or sleeping causes her to regain energy at a rate of 3 per minute.

Devastation Brume
She can use her energy to generate and manipulate a brume of raw destruction and poison which manifests itself as streams, clouds or blasts of an inky blackness filled with dark mauve glimmers. This brume does not burn, shock, cut or freeze, it merely consumes and breaks things down into ash and dust. What it cannot break down, it poisons and degrades. By spending more of her energy on this force, she can increase its damage and virulence. Raniya has learned to use this power in three different ways. She can create a vaporous blast, create and direct a tight, controlled stream, or she can dilute the brume into a miasma over a wider area.

Spoiler: Brume Details  
A blast takes only 5 energy to create, and focuses most of its damage into its ability to break down and destroy a target. With the smallest amount of energy, the blast’s destructive power is like the strike of a 2-pound hammer or the burn of a torchfire. With 25 energy, the blast has the force of a 10-pound sledgehammer or the burn of a medium fire. With 100 energy, the blast is equivalent to two blows from a pneumatic jackhammer or the burning capacity of a large fire. The energy of the blast dissipates quickly, regardless of how much energy is put into it, making it effective at only 10 feet or less.

A stream takes at least 15 energy to create, but can be maintained for only 5 energy every second. The stream splits its damaging ability evenly between destruction and poison, both breaking down and corrupting material that it comes into contact with like a stream of sulfuric acid. The stream breaks down as quickly as the blast, and so it cannot flow for more than 10 feet before dissipating.

Creating a miasma is difficult for Raniya, taking 30 of her energy with each use. The miasma spreads over a 10-foot wide area with this much energy, and every 1 extra energy causes it to spread by another 5 feet. This use of her power is primarily virulent, poisoning and degrading creatures that breathe in the mist. The effects of the miasma causing breathing difficulty, nausea and saps energy from its victims. Worse, the miasma harbors a supernatural disease that can infect its victims with pox and flu-like symptoms. Due to the astral energy that the miasma is formed from, this disease can’t just be burned out of a victim’s body with high heat or energy. The disease cannot last for more than a week and is never lethal. Unlike the blast and stream uses of Raniya’s power, the miasma can linger for up to half an hour.

Bond of the Void
The void is as much a part of Raniya as any of the other deific aspects of Nesconx and Vahle. If a part of Raniya’s body is severed from the rest, the absence of a bond between the parts is a sufficient enough connection for her body to continue to function as though it were still whole. While a part of Raniya’s body is not attached to her, she may continue to move and control it as though it were still attached. Blood manages to flow to and from that body part without travelling in the space between, and she can still feel with that part of her body, though the sensation is partially muted by a tingling sensation (like when your foot falls asleep).

When Raniya decides to reattach a severed part of her body, jagged arcs of black lightning-like void bridge the gap between the severed part and the rest of her body. These arcs appear once the pieces are within a few inches of one another, and grow thicker as the parts of her body come closer together. Once the severed sides meet with one another, they melt together into a whole, and then leave behind a line of scar tissue.

Needling Derision
When Raniya says something rude, derisive or insulting to another person, it hurts. It rankles, gets under the skin, seethes and raises hackles. It’s more than just her skill at being mean, which is already well-practiced, it’s an extension of the pain and poison that have become a part of her. When Raniya reaches out with a harsh remark, it bothers and excites even the most calm or controlled of people. It defies logic, eliciting rash responses even from computers. It doesn’t matter if her remark isn’t something that would normally bother another person; it becomes a touchy subject. If it’s already a touchy subject, it needles in that much more.

The result of this power doesn’t tend to make people sheepish, uncertain of themselves or afraid of Raniya at all. In fact, it only causes anger. More perceptive characters might become aware of what this power is doing to them, and then may be able to come under control of themselves, but the effect is so deep-reaching that calming down from being touched by this influence would take time for anyone. Interestingly, creatures that do not typically have or have to cope with their emotions are the most heavily affected by this ability, being the most inexperienced with mitigating their emotions.

When Raniya injures another being, whether it is done with a crafted or improvised weapon or her own hands, the injury hurts much more than it should. A slap from her would feel like a right hook. An injury the size of a paper cut would feel like being stabbed with a half dozen needles. A slash from her sword or contact with her brume would feel like a much larger gash or a deep burn. This effect doesn’t cause any additional real damage, but the heightened level of pain could be disorienting.

If Raniya spends about 10 energy at the same time as she injures another creature, the pain caused by that wound becomes unstoppable, overcoming blocks such as numbness or the absence of appropriate nerves. If a creature’s body cannot normally feel pain, then the scathing wound instead causes pain to the mind and soul. Any injury that Raniya causes to become “super-scathing” in this way continues to hurt for hours or days as though it had just been inflicted, though this ‘pain echo’ is only as painful as that wound should have been, in the first place.

Spoiler: Voidwalk, a Mostly Unused Power  
All things at every point in space and time, are connected by an underlying layer of void. With this ability, Raniya attempts to traverse the void to travel from one location to another instantaneously. This ability is difficult to control at best, and with Raniya’s less than moderate control of her powers, her chance of successfully voidwalking to her target location is very small. Voidwalking requires about 80 energy with each “step,” and she has had very little success with its use in the past. In fact, she has never successfully arrived at the exact location she’s wanted to with this ability, and has showed up wildly off the mark on most of her attempts. As a result, Raniya simply doesn’t use this ability. Believing that a place of eternal suffering must exist somewhere, she’s just too frightened to muster up the courage for it, most of the time.

Psychic Circlet
The psychic circlet is an important piece of Raniya’s armor. Although the armor’s passive functions still work without it, if the circlet becomes is significantly damaged, Raniya will not have access to the Knuckle Duster, Supreme Defense and Wire Halo abilities from the armor, nor the Legion sword style until the circlet can be repaired.

Spoiler: Crunchy Details that may Involve Math  
Astral Energy
When Raniya has less than 50 energy, she becomes physically weaker. The difference is about half of her overall strength and fitness. If her energy drops below this amount and she was mostly fine but breathing a bit hard a moment ago, she might suddenly begin panting or get dizzy. In order for Raniya to use her Devastation Brume, Needling Derision or Scathe abilities, she needs to maintain a certain amount of astral energy. Without enough energy, these abilities simply don’t work, being inaccessible and passive. With her current level of control over her powers, Raniya needs at least 35 energy or these powers don’t work.

Bond of the Void
This ability is partially limited by the range between Raniya and a part that has been severed from her. Although she and her severed limbs work fine within 50 feet of each other, the numbness in parts separate from her grows stronger as they get further away. At more than 1,000 feet from a severed limb, she can barely feel that limb at all. Likewise, her control over these limbs and parts is similarly affected by range. Although there is technically no maximum distance between one part of her and another that this power can withstand, it would take extraordinary time and focus for her to move a separated part at such a distance. Additionally, any severed limb more than a thousand feet away from her can only attempt to travel back toward her.

When Raniya reconnects a limb that has been severed from her, it costs 50 of her astral energy. If she doesn’t have enough energy to do this, then she must wait and recover energy until she does.

This ability is both tiring and addling for Raniya. Using it takes a few moments of calming and meditation, which is already difficult for her to accomplish. Though this might improve with gains in her control and practice, neither of these are very likely to happen.

Psychic Circlet
The circlet sends impulses into Raniya’s body during the beginning of combat, pushing her body to produce more adrenaline than she would normally have at that time. Although this effect strengthens Raniya and raises her awareness considerably, it also makes her jittery, nervous and even more aggressive than normal. If battle continues for too long, the circlet stops inciting her body to create adrenaline, which can lead to a sudden drop in her strength and reflexes, as well as the other effects of sudden adrenaline loss.

Needling Derision
Normally, Raniya must consciously choose to use this ability. If she does not have enough energy to support this ability, she will not be able to consciously use it. However, this power sometimes works when she doesn’t want it to. If Raniya says something to another person that would strike a nerve, this power activates and aggravates that individual, regardless of whether she wants to or has enough energy to support her derision ability.

Battle Strengths: Her wounds do not bleed. Although she can be cut and injured like anyone else, for the most part, her bond of void causes cuts or other wounds that would normally bleed to have blood flowing through them, from one broken or severed blood vessel to the next, as though she were still whole. If the blood coursing through the wounds is struck, she could still lose it, but this power of hers annuls much of the danger of open wounds.

She is highly resistant to damage from lightning, fire and similarly high-energy sources. Rather than harming her, these things actually recharge her energy. Due to the pure disease, destruction and poison that are suffused to her, diseases, poisons and drugs have almost no effect on her, being burned out of her system or overwhelmed by her own virulence before they could stand a chance.

Battle Weaknesses: Raniya has a particular weakness to cold environments and weapons. The astral energy suffusing her body is very hot in nature. In an environment less than 40° F (4° C), Raniya cannot recover astral energy unless she is resting or asleep. Even if she is resting, the time it takes her to recover energy is doubled. In an environment of -10° F (-23° C) or below, Raniya cannot recover astral energy unless she is sleeping, and then only at a rate of 1 per 15 minutes. If Raniya is struck by a freezing weapon (32° F or 0° C) or colder, she immediately loses 5 energy from that contact. If struck by a weapon that is -20° F (-28° C) or colder, she instead loses 12 energy.

Similar to her vulnerability to cold, Raniya also has a weakness to water. Since her abilities are partially based on the lightning faerie blood in her marrow vine, Raniya has a tendency to lose energy to bodies of water as they ground out her power. If Raniya is doused with water, it will “short out” her powers, leaving her unable to use any of the abilities from her marrow vine until her power has a chance to acclimate to the water, which can take up to a couple of minutes. If Raniya is immersed in water, it saps half of her maximum energy and prevents her from using her marrow vine powers until she can leave the water. While in the water, however, she can still use the powers associated with her armor.

Raniya is a deranged and incurable masochist, a condition inflicted on her by the aspects of Vahle that her body has assimilated. When Raniya suffers a painful injury, she also experiences a like amount of pleasure from the injury. Although she can withstand nearly any amount of pain without losing her focus, the pleasure of an injury can intoxicate and fluster her. If an injury would inflict terrible or overwhelming pain on Raniya, she will also succumb to waves of climactic delight. These throes will incapacitate her for a considerable length of time, sometimes even precluding tangible thoughts for up to a few minutes afterward.

Raniya becomes physically weakened and mentally distracted whenever she is healed by magical or other unnatural sources, and when she would be relieved of pain. If she is healed mid-combat, she will suddenly “lose momentum” and may forget what she was doing or where she is for just a moment. Additionally, these things disperse her internal energy, causing her to lose between 1 and 50 energy from being healed. The more healing she receives, the more energy she loses. For her to lose 50 energy from being healed, the effect would only need to be significant enough to mend a bone or seal a large gash, but this figure is the cap for what she can lose to being healed.

While the circlet is too damaged to confer combat skill to Raniya, Audisce will guide her telepathically, and the power conductor will continue to enhance her reflexes and reaction times, but she will otherwise left to cope with her own combat experience. Since Raniya has enjoyed many combats since acquiring her powers, she has developed an instinctual feel for Audisce’s individual sword style, but lacks disciplined training and can sometimes hesitate or become confused on which motions to use or actions to take during combat.

Other: Exposure to the blood of Nesconx and Vahle over time are responsible for many of Raniya’s physical and mental changes. Her aging halted once the marrow vine was implanted in her, and if it remains intact for too long, this condition will become permanent. With time, as well, her physical appearance will alter further, but in what ways it is difficult to say.

Raniya’s Audisce, armor and marrow vine have more powers than she knows about, and she may discover more of those abilities with time. Her armor also increases her skill at wielding Audisce only part of the time, since the demon’s long scimitar shape is very similar to that of the Legion sword.

Raniya gets a special kind of joy from seeing other people react to her attitude. She is an incurable sadomasochist, which comes as a result of her being infused with the blood of Vahle (the dead goddess of disease, pain, poison and torture). She is fanatically, religiously loyal to the man responsible for her current condition, who she believes to be her messiah and a larval god. Before meeting him, she was a lost and searching person, always seeking to follow someone new and make their goals her own, but always being disappointed in the end. After meeting this man, he made promises that he delivered on, and her great and undying faith in him was the result. She now thinks of herself as his knight or scion, happily carrying out his will and helping him to achieve whatever goal he desires. Raniya does not imagine that this god-to-be has any particular care or affection for her, but this has no impact on her devotion to him.

She’s the sort of person who needs something to believe in. She’s been given the sort of thing she needs in this regard, making her feel something close to complete as a person. It hasn’t helped her grow very much as a person, however. To a degree, she is still a naïve, idealistic young girl. She dislikes authority and authority figures, and the thought of conformity disgusts her. She is bright and clever, and particular about her appearance.

Although previously timid and kind, the changes inflicted on Raniya by the blood of Nesconx and Vahle have caused her become reckless, aggressive and antagonistic. She revels in the acts of destruction and anarchy, deriving personal contentment when she can shock and upset others. Since Raniya has been given instructions from her messiah, she is driven and ambitious. She enjoys challenging herself and others, always trying to find ways to test the devices she keeps with her.

In combat, Raniya’s behavior is extremely aggressive. She does not shy away from pain or injury, and her experience with her bond of the void ability has made her reckless enough to risk losing a limb or two in combat. She will always press her strength and advantage. As long as her psychic circlet is intact, her skill at fighting is impressive, but this isn’t a result of experience, but of the impulses given to her by Chaos and the armor. Even with the help of her circlet, Raniya often forgets that she can fight defensively, or even cautiously. For this reason, the supreme defense of her armor sees only rare use.

Likes: Causing pain and suffering, feeling pain, watching people get upset, having something to believe in, her savior, having her freedom, challenging herself and testing her devices, pretty hair and outfits, drinking.

Dislikes: Authority, bossy and controlling people, rules, laws, people meddling in her business.

Fears: Failing her mission and, being alone. Raniya believes that somewhere, there is a place of nothing but eternal suffering and entrapment. She isn’t certain of how to get there, but is certain that it exists and avoids even the thought of it all costs. Her fear of being socially humiliated and of being alone drives her to make new and solid friendships, and also apprehensive to leave the company of others. As long as they’re not laughing at her, anyway.

Virtues: Raniya is certainly what you could call a driven person. She has her principles and values, and she sticks by them. She is loyal and faithful, believing in and standing beside her friends and comrades no matter what obstacle or trouble confronts them, even when doing so would make her wrong. She is outgoing and charismatic enough to make new friends over time, although having obvious things in common will spur on a relationship with her faster than anything else. She is ambitious, enthusiastic and persevering. She is brave in the face of adversity, and has a sense of purpose that gives her both a magnetic edge and an unshakable determination. Raniya feels secure in her beliefs, especially about the godling responsible for her powers, but at the same time understands that her faith in him does not necessarily equate to his faith in or approval of her. When all else is stripped away from her, she can be found out as a surprisingly spiritual person. If Raniya is ever at rest, her spirituality mixes with her enthusiasm, and she displays a great appreciation of art and music, and of beauty and excellence.

Vices: Don’t ever cross her. Once you do, she’s angry at you, and she’ll take every measure possible to get her revenge. Whether it’s a slight, an insult or a betrayal, her wrath will go as far as to make her patient, kind and charitable – as long as it’s all in the name of humiliating, crushing and wreaking her vengeance on the one who wronged her. Although she can’t live without others in her life, she’s often angry and irritable around other people. Not entirely secure in herself, she can often perceive slights that aren’t there, or feels that people are talking about her or laughing at her when they aren’t. She does her best to hide these tendencies, but they gnaw at her insides almost constantly. She doesn’t have to be particularly creative when getting back at someone, or when overcoming an obstacle. For her, cutting your face open with a fork is just as good as humiliating you in front of all your friends. Making friends with her can be difficult, given her doubts about other people. She is prone to suspecting others of having secret agendas concerning her, and can also be apprehensive around them, despite her best efforts to the contrary.


Life in Iacun was a slow and blurry affair for Raniya Lehma. She was born to a family already cramped in their home, at a time when a new child was not what their parents needed nor desired. Her father was Jakob Lehma, and her mother was Sophie. She had a brother and three sisters older than she, and four brothers and two sisters younger than she. She was not the brightest, nor the most troublesome, the hardiest nor the sickliest of any of her siblings. Her parents could afford to school her brothers, and her prettiest two sisters, but not her. She was strong enough and able to work the laundry with her other sisters, and to take page errands about the city.

She was not the most outstanding of her siblings, nor any of her family, in any way. Indeed, she was quite unremarkable, not able to stand out in any way. She shared the enthusiasm of some of her other siblings, cheering on their father with each of his new endeavors and schemes to make his family a wealthy one. Each month or more, it seemed their father had another venture, a business or a plan that should bring in the coins. In time, each venture failed, and the family slowly spiraled into debt and destitution.

* * *

The day was working down to brisk as the afternoon waned on toward evening, but a busy Raniya at the age of fourteen couldn’t notice. The laundry was hanging up and dry already, and she was taking it down. Neatly, she folded each shirt, sheet and pair of breeches before stacking them into the old wicker basket with frayed edges and a weary bottom. She bundled each set with colored ribbons, and when she was done, began the route home.

Every two blocks or so, her basket grew a bundle of clothing or sheets lighter, and her belt pouch grew a copper or two heavier. When at last she arrived near her home, she was twelve coppers the wealthier, and looking forward to a hot meal with meat and cabbage.

Their home was one and a half stories tall, with an annex that her mother and father had built for Raniya and her sisters Sonje and Alexis to live and sleep in. Caecillia and Sylvia had a room of their own inside the house, above the turn in the hearth chimney, so that their floor was heated by coincidence. The five boys stayed in a room the house together, four on bunked beds and the fifth on a cot he’d made quite comfortable for himself.

A rudimentary fence marked the limits of their yard, keeping in chickens that roamed it freely. At the back of their property was a small barn, where they kept a goat and a place for the chickens to sleep where they wouldn’t freeze in the winter months.

They had inherited the home, which was lavish for their meager income, from Jakob’s father, who inherited it from his father before him. The house was her great grandfather’s legacy. He, Konrad Lehma, was a man wise about his business, a vassal to the baron who owned much of the surrounding land. Konrad came by fortune into the ownership of both a smithy and a bakery. He used these places well, but a fire saw the smithy in ashes on the ground, and times of great hardship saw his son sell the bakery to a landowner. By the time the home reached Jakob’s ownership, he was always fighting hard to keep them above their tides of debt.

So it was an unusual sight for Raniya, as she came over the hill, to see a lord’s coach in the way before the low stone wall in front of her home. Not wanting to disturb her father should he have business with the noble, she went in the back way to the house, through the door in the annex of her and her sisters’ room. To her surprise, Caecillia and Sylvia were waiting for her there, but facing toward the front entry as she came in.

For Raniya, what happened next came in a whirl and a blur. Her sisters seized her at once, chattering excitedly and dressing her up in their finest clothing. They bathed and fed her, washed out her hair with soap from the apothecary that smelled of lavender and must have cost nearly a silver coin. All the while, they talked dreamily of how their mother and father had bargained with Iarll Kayetan Dua on a deal that would net the family more than three astral silver coins.

“Astrals,” Raniya breathed with awe. “That’s merchant money!” she exclaimed. Her sisters shushed her down, and began putting curls in her hair.

“We have to look our finest, though,” Caecillia said. “I don’t think the Iarll is supposed to know how Father is getting along with the house. He’s to think that we’re doing well.”

Minutes later, Caecillia, Raniya and Sylvia walked out into the hearth room. Some luggage sat by the door, which Raniya didn’t recognize. It looked like the sort of thing that fine clothing was stored in for travel. Remembering herself, though, she looked at the man who spoke with her parents.

He was a tall man with dark hair and blue eyes. His complexion was fair, and his hands had the look of belonging to a man who had only seen hard work from the rail of a balcony. He dressed finely, and gave her a friendly smile.

Her parents introduced her to the Iarll, and the family in its completion sat at the table with him for dinner. Raniya didn’t say anything, but four courses was more than she thought they had the money for. Iarll Dua wanted to know the state of the house, on which Jakob and Sophie embellished more than a little. They spoke excitedly about the girls’ education, but glossed over the part where Raniya, Sonje and Alexis weren’t included in that aspect of their family’s affairs.

From what Raniya could gather, Iarll Dua wanted to take some of the children to his estate and attend to their education, where they would become scribes, cooks or seamstresses for wealthy nobles.

All of the girls and three of the boys went with the Iarll to his home, a renovated seaside keep. Some of the girls would be returning to Iacun after a fey days’ stay, but all were sent. The journey there took only two days, during which Raniya saw more land and noble houses than she’d seen in her life. When at last they arrived, she was shown to her room and given time to settle in. She enjoyed a fine meal of three courses, and wore what she felt was the prettiest finery she’d seen in her life.

An hour or so after the evening meal, Raniya sat in front of a mirror in her room, brushing out her hair and almost crying with joy. Certainly, it would all end in the span of just a couple days, but she would remember those days forever. To her surprise, the door to her room opened.

Iarll Dua let himself in, and Raniya scrambled to make herself as presentable as possible. “Iarll,” she started.

“Please, call me Kayetan,” he interrupted. His voice was smooth like honey. She looked at him uncertainly, grasping for something to say. To her relief, he began to speak again, but her relief was fleeting. “And get on the bed.”

* * *

For the first time in her life, Raniya cried herself to sleep. She would not be going home. She was no longer Lehma. She belonged to Kayetan Dua, and sickness crept into her stomach as she realized why a deal with her family would be so valuable to the Iarll. His words haunted her mind, and her nightmares to follow. “I want a son,” his smooth voice echoed.

Two days later, she bid her sister Alexis farewell. She was going home, fortunate enough to have not been included in her parents’ new venture. Caecillia and Sylvia stayed at the estate, their futures secure. They would be courtiers, to be primped and pampered to marry off to higher nobles.

A half year wore by, more slowly and painfully than Raniya could have imagined. She bore no signs of bearing an heir for the Iarll, and she was eventually proclaimed barren. Disgusted with her, Kayetan made her a servant of the house. She waited on her sisters’ every need. Caecillia and Sylvia relished their time with her, having grown jealous of the time she spent with Kayetan. They ensured that her life would only grow more horrid.

Three weeks later, her spirit yet remained. She was not yet broken, and grew more bitter by the day. She woke on the bed of woven straw she lay on each night, nestled away in a small and dark room of the estate amidst other servants.

Someone had grabbed her by the wrists. She couldn’t see, and a gag was tied around her mouth. The harsh smell of old sweat hung over her, and a body pressed her to the ground. Quietly, the heavily graveled voice of a man whispered in her ear, “Don’t fight, dearie. We both know yer barren, ain’t no harm gonna come of it.”

* * *

At the age of sixteen, Raniya was but a shell of her former self. After she’d bore her first child, the Iarll had her thrown in the dungeon for her heinous deceit. She was given twenty-five lashes, and left to suffer for three days without food and water, chained to a post at a height where she could neither sit nor stand.

When she was released, her sisters were more cruel than ever. Sodden with depression and grief, she could no longer tell night from day. The next few days wore on, and a festering hatred grew in her chest.

* * *

Raniya stood over Kayetan’s bed. She gripped a bloody awl for punching holes into leather, and tears streamed down her face. She had no clear memory of the last hour or so, but she knew what she had done. She drove the awl into his heart and fled the estate.

In the ensuing chaos, as servants discovered the Iarll’s death, she managed to escape with enough food for three days of travel and six gold coins. Four days later she arrived in the city of Kedaldown. She made a living for herself among the city’s homeless. They had carved out niches for themselves in the first waterway.

The waterway was a place that was once used for the transport of goods and servants by the elves who owned the tower at the city’s center. At that point in time, there was no city of Kedaldown, only the tower itself and a few surrounding elven city-trees, but as time crept by it saw the fall of the elves and the rise of man. The underground streets where trade was once held were now naught but an abandoned undercity, slowly being repopulated with beggars, thieves and other folk with laws or homes.

Raniya made her way by serving each visionary and the next, always keeping a place second or third in line. She believed in their dreams and their goals, but each fell to one failure or another.

* * *

One day, Raniya sat in a bakery. She was enjoying a bread roll filled with meat and cabbage, and reminiscing to herself about her days in Iacun, before the Iarll came along. A strange man came in, bought loaves of dark rye bread from the baker, and glanced at Raniya before leaving. She did her best not to look up.

He sat down at the table across from her, and asked if she was well. What a strange thing to hear, she thought, a stranger caring about her. Reluctantly, she spoke with him. Over the next few days, she found herself coming to like him.

He was an apothecary, and he made his living by catering to the less fortunate people of the city. She’d heard his name mentioned once or twice in the waterway, and heard good things about him. She found herself frequenting his shop, doing odd jobs for him, and actually getting paid for her work. With time, he started talking about his business with her. He talked of so many great things he wanted to do, so many sicknesses he wanted to see cured. She was skeptical, but humored him.

A few weeks later, she sat in the apothecary’s shop. She was sorting files for him, and for a moment, she even let herself smile. They were talking about one of the apothecary’s dreams. She told him it wasn’t possible, and he offered to prove that it was. A spark of hope lit in her chest, and she agreed to see it. When he mentioned it involved surgery, though, she became uncertain. Yet, he was an apothecary, and what did she have to lose, really? If he wasn’t the safest person to trust with surgery, who was? She agreed, and remembered nothing for a time.
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Re: Raniya Dua, Alecto

Originally Posted by Weapons
Her venom weakens and disorients its victims, causing exhaustion, feelings of nausea and attacking the perceptions of the nervous system.
State how long the effects would last, say, on the average healthy adult human. State the exact perceptions of the nervous system that it attacks and how severely it does so.
Originally Posted by Weapons
The webbing she can create is not as sticky as normal spidersilk, but is stronger and forms into cords as thick as two centimeters.
How much stronger exactly? What would and would not break it?
Originally Posted by Weapons
Also, she is able to track creatures by the ‘smell’ of their souls.
I want more details about this "soul smelling" ability. What are the limits and ranges of it?
Originally Posted by Armor: Psychic Circlet
Also, the circlet gives her basic knowledge of hand-to-hand combat and a weapon style based on the traits of Chaos’ Legion sword.
I want to know more details about this sword style. How is it different from other sword styles? Does it have certain strengths? What are its weaknesses?

This aside, does she have any pre-existing training and experience? Whether or not, it may need to be mentioned in her Strengths and Weaknesses considering this:
Originally Posted by Limits
Psychic Circlet
The psychic circlet is an important piece of Raniya’s armor. Although the armor’s passive functions still work without it, if the circlet becomes is significantly damaged, Raniya will not have access to the Knuckle Duster, Supreme Defense and Wire Halo abilities from the armor until the circlet can be repaired.
I'm assuming the combat knowledge is more part of the Circlet part of the armor, thus would become inactive as well if significantly damaged. Then she would be back to her own pre-existing knowledge of combat, if she has anyway.
Originally Posted by Armor: Power Conductors
Working in tandem with the psychic circlet, this device also increases Raniya’s skill at arms and in martial combat.
Does that mean just more of the same hand-to-hand and sword combat mentioned in Psychic Circlet?
Originally Posted by Carried Possessions
Miraculously, she manages to nearly everything she needs for travel inside this shoulder bag.
Does that means it magically fits things, or she's just that good of a packer? How does she carry her big weapon?
Originally Posted by Powers/Magic/Skills
Astral Energy
Raniya doesn't have spells, she is suffused with an generates astral energy.
Do you mean, "she is suffused with an astral energy generator"? or something like that?
Originally Posted by Powers/Magic/Skills: Voidwalk
This ability is difficult to control at best, and with Raniya’s less than moderate control of her powers, her chance of successfully voidwalking to her target location and is very small.
Originally Posted by Powers/Magic/Skills: Side-Effects
Needling Derision
Sometimes, this power works when she doesn’t want it to. If Raniya says something to another person that would strike a nerve, this power activates and aggravates that individual, even regardless of whether she has enough energy to support her derision ability.
Does this ability require energy to use then? The sentence suggests it even though it is not listed in the Limits section with the other abilities that require a certain level of astral energy to be used. Even if so, it seems contradictory to say it activates whether or not she as the energy required for it, because then energy is not really necessary for this ability, and it's better to just say that.

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Re: Raniya Dua, Alecto

Alright, I think I covered everything you asked for. I put down the things about Audisce that you asked for in spoilers, since people just skimming the character probably won't be that interested all of those exacting details.
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Re: Raniya Dua, Alecto


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