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Eir Verdandi

Name: Eir Verdandi (Necessary Mercy)

Occupation: Black/Fallen Valkyrie

Age: 130 years

Apparent Age: Mid-late 20s

Gender: Female

Race: Valkyrie – A female warrior/servant of the Norse God Odin, tasked with reaping the souls of proud, strong, brave, dead warriors from the battlefield and bring them to Valhalla, where the warriors’ souls will be served by the Valkyrie, as they prepare themselves for the battle at the end of the world. However, in ‘reality’ (their reality, not ours), Odin and the others who are regarded as ‘gods’ (even in other cultures, like Horus from Egyptian myth or Zeus from Greek etc), are actually High Seraphs who rule over certain domains on the Earth; which results in angels mixing with humans and… Stories for another time. In this light, Valkyrie are actually a special sect of female, warrior angels. They differ from normal angels because their wings are attached to their armour, at the hips, rather than attached to their body.

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight: 143lbs

Eye Color: A very light, unsaturated blue. Even though they’re that colour, her eyes are not cold, but retain what seems to be an affectionate warmth.
Hair Color/Style: Her hair is a very light blond, one would say almost white, but the yellow hue is not hard to notice. Her straight, light hair is long (thigh length) and unbound.

General Appearance

  • Fulgur: An ethereal 8-foot javelin that strikes with the speed and power of a lightning bolt, though inaccurate, it can damage a wide area (10 meters diameter) once it hits a target. The javelin is tipped with a clear, crystal like material that is as sharp as any angel’s sword. Inside the crystal, occasional sparks can be seen. The light and electricity emerges from this crystal, and electrocutes those who are not worthy of wielding this power. The handle of this weapon is made entirely of light orihalcon, (angel’s metal, resembles gold but shines like the sun, amplifying light when light is reflected off of it), making it very light, easy to throw great distances with one hand. This weapon was bestowed upon Eir by Odin himself, after becoming a general of the Valkyries.
  • Hasta: A great glaive made entirely of orihalcon. The 3-foot long blade of the glaive, however, resembles a longsword; somewhat flat, both sides sharpened, including the very tip. Where the blade meets the round, 5-foot long handle, two intricate wings are placed, these wings are curved so that their last ‘feathers’ point straight up. These wings are also extremely sharp. From one of the wings, a vine extends that wraps around the handle of the glaive all the way down to the end, where it forms a small, almost heart-shaped bulb. The bulb itself tapers down to another sharp point.
  • Secare: A sword that is used as a secondary weapon, sheathed at her left hip, made also entirely of the angel’s metal. Situated in the pommel, however, is a green gem similar to the one that is set into the headdress of her armour. The handle is pure orihalcon, long enough for two hands to hold if needed, leading to the hilt where the colour turns dark green. The hilt is made of similar wings mentioned in Melio Hasta, curved up and sharp, but green in colour with orihalcon inlaid. The blade of the sword is also made of orihalcon, thin but strong (only a little more than an inch across) and stretching for nearly a meter.
  • Falcis: A spectral scythe that emerges from the pommel of her sword or her the gem on her forehead. This scythe is not used for normal combat, but instead, to reap the soul of a dead or dying person. The scythe is an unearthly green in colour, and moves more like a cloud of mist rather than an actual scythe. Each gem can hold five thousand souls.
  • Randulfr: A small but very round shield. The edge around resembles her armour (dark green, orihalcon inlaid), but the center is a mysterious deep, very reflective blue. The roundness of the shield can easily deflect projectiles or blades, and it being small means a weapon can be wielded in the hand of the arm it’s attached to.

Armor: Her armour is more of a battledress with armoured parts. She has a headdress, chestplate, shoulderguards, armlets, complete with gloves. Loin guard, greaves and shin guards. The armour is coloured a very, very dark green, all inlaid with gold orihalcon designs, very intricate. There is a green gem embedded in her headdress. Her brilliantly white wings are attached to the loin guard, at the back, just under her waist. Under her chestplate is a brown, rough but charming leather corset, worn over a white, flowing top. Her dress flows in the same manner, but is under the small leather skirt that’s below the loin guard. When her armour and shield is not in use, the gem absorbs them and forms a necklace around her neck, leaving her to wear her leather corset and white top, with her leather skirt and white dress. These can be removed to don other clothing if she wishes, but will return if the gem is activated, destroying the clothes she wore before. The further she falls from Odin’s favour, the darker the armour gets. If her armour turns fully black, she will be an outcast from Heaven. Her armour will weigh her down if she tries to fight, and she would lose Fulgur, Falcis, Randulfr and Hasta.

Carried Possessions: When not in battle, the gem she has hanging around her neck holds her armour and shield. She must find a place to rest her weapons if she wants to put them down.

Magic/Powers/Skills: Most are elemental based.
  • Volaticus: She can fly as long as her armour is on and her wings are intact.
  • Pneuma: She can release gusts of winds from her hands that blow back enemies. Two gusts at a time (one from each hand), only when the gust is over then she can cast another, each gust lasts around 3-4 seconds, and works better if the wind is coming from the opposite direction she is facing. If she is facing the wind, Pneuma is ineffective.
  • Ignis: She can throw (not really shoot, she has to throw them, as if they were normal balls), fireballs from her hands. They keep burning until they hit a target (or the ground), where they disappear. They don’t do much damage by themselves, but they can ignite material and cause damage through spreading flames.
  • Grando: This creates a swirling hailstorm around her that rises from the ground. The battering hail, combined with the gusts that make it hard to move, makes this spell the second most dangerous in her arsenal
  • Vol Fulgur: Electricity from both hands stretch in front of her, forming two, long rails of pure electric energy. If a small piece of conductive metal is placed between those two rods, the metal completes the circuit and the field will accelerate the metal piece and blast it off like a high-powered cannon, more than three times the speed of sound. A massive amount of heat is emitted around the ‘rods’ after the blast and the small projectile is fast and dangerous and can shatter bricks and pierce amour and go through more than a few enemies in a line. The air visibly and violently ripples around the projectile, tearing up the ground beneath it as it travels. While powerful, it’s hard to aim accurately, so she can only target a general area of an enemy’s body instead of a specific point. The metals can vary from coins to small broken off pieces of cars etc. Anything smaller than a coin will disintegrate.

Battle Strengths: As a warrior maiden, she is very skilled with all her weapons and magic (aside from Falcis, which she does not necessarily wield, but only commands it to swipe souls when needed). She is not necessarily swift on her feet on her own, but can move swiftly with the help of wind (and wings, Pneuma comes in handy if there are no winds). She is more versatile in the air, fighting better and possibly faster, once again depending on the winds for her swiftness, but being in the air, her maneuverability is upped considerably, and she can rain attacks down on her enemies. Hasta is wielded in her right hand; Fulgur is thrown with her left. Randulfr is attached to her left forearm, but leaves considerable space to wield a weapon. Should she lose Hasta and Fulgur, she can fall back on both her shield and sword; which weigh her down a lot less than the other two weapons.

Battle Weaknesses: She is considerably…merciful, hardly killing or reaping souls as she was ordered to do, unless someone really pisses her off. Playing with her heart strings could reveal moments to strike. If the wind is against her, she is more or less a stationary target on the ground, and will move slowly, or more like an average person. Her spells are not heavy hitters, and her most powerful weapon, though it has range, is fairly inaccurate, especially against a moving target.

Personality: Eir is kind, sweet, soft spoken and almost motherly in her tone. She’s been practicing a lot, and while the harsh warrior-maiden tone has been toned down, she is still very much royally pissed at Odin. She doubles the effort to keep it under, constantly trying to be a caring person. This has flowed over into her battles; trying to be a merciful fighter rather than a brutal one, however, it might not take a lot to make her snap back into the brutal killer she was before. She is quite easily swayed into apologies and forgiveness (if she hasn’t snapped already), if you give valid reasons for her not to kick your ****. And please do give her valid reasons; if it doesn’t work in her head, or she doesn’t believe you, she can continue to kick your ass. She keeps most relationships at a distance, somewhat unwilling to spend a lot of time with humans. The nicer Valkyrie who visit her still remain somewhat friends, but since they are in Valhalla, close to the generals and Odin himself, she still keeps her distance, telling them little, but still being friendlier rather than an acquaintance.

Likes: Humans, most of them. She used to dislike them as a whole, but after being on Earth and living with them, she sees that theirs is a hard lot, and that they are mistreated by both demons and angels. She very much likes the food humans make, so much different and so much styles and variations and types than the food and drinks in Valhalla. She’s a sucker for sweets, especially ice cream. And children, she loves children.

Dislikes: Aside from the general dislikes a good person will have: the prideful Odin and his charge of Valkyrie Generals. She had once been a part of them, but their attitudes turned her away; she dislikes Odin for a number of reasons, although he still holds on to her by some strings, for whatever reason she could not understand. And she dislikes not understanding. She hates reaping souls for Valhalla, especially if they are good souls, knowing their general fate. I also dare you to harm a child in front of her.

Fears: She fears that one day, her armour will become totally black, and she would lose her powers and possibly her life. Although she may be able to deal with losing her powers after a while, she is still quite fearful of Odin himself and his charge. She fears that would never reunite with her lost daughter, or find out that she is not only gone from her life, but life in general as well.

Virtues: Outside of battle, she is kind, sweet, motherly and gentle to most things and people. She is also quite frank with her words, even if they would be delivered gently. She is very protective of those around her, even if she does not know them all that well. If you have a valid reason for her not to beat your ass, she might just let you go.

Vices: In battle, if you piss her off and she snaps, she can very well be brutal to the point where she wrecks everything around her while sending her enemies through them. She can be merciful to a fault as well, overlooking things if you act and lie well enough. Her heartstrings are easily tugged. She tries not to snap, and not to be as brutal as she was back before what you read in her history. But she can easily snap if the right strings are pulled.


A Valkyrie is not born. They are made, from the mysterious magic of angels, mixing with strong, female Einherjar. As a result, most, if not all Valkyrie have the same origin and past; they will most likely not remember their Earthly lives, and will only know of this one, the one they will know and remember would be the one without parents or guardians, just trainers. Training them to fight, training them to live as a Valkyrie. That was how she lived, she did not remember her old life, but had remnants of it, within herself, as her personality. She never knew and no one told her, so she never questioned it.

She was just Eir Verdandi.

One of the most brutal and beautiful Valkyries ever to set foot on a smoking battlefield. When power goes to your head, you either lust for more or display it fully, or both. And in the process, you make other people fear. It was for this reason that she was brought into the small circles of generals. She was brutal on the battlefield; men who were dying, men who could have survived, men who had families; wives, children… they were not spared. They were killed, reaped and their souls brought to Valhalla and people not just from the battlefield, either. They were taken from the streets, from hospitals, from homes. If they were strong in life, and dead or dying, they were taken, without mercy, without warning, even if they could have been saved. Even if the Valkyrie served them by cooking and cleaning in Valhalla, this was a cruel fate, because she knew that the souls who came here, the Einherjar, would not just march to battle at the end of the world, they would march into battle to die, and they would spend forever preparing for that moment.

How worthless these lives are. Despicable humans; going to war, always going to war, always finding a fault to kill or die for. A man takes a man’s wife, a woman takes a woman’s husband, and same sex unions are unlawful or scorned. Valkyries did not discriminate when it came to unions, especially among themselves. Valkyrie partnered with Valkyrie; some even found love in the Einherjar army, others found love and partners elsewhere… But no one Valkyrie would ever betray Odin. If he said ‘no’ it meant ‘NO’. If he did not approve of a union, then the partners would have two choices: break up or hide and risk being caught and punished. But the circle of Generals spoke directly to Odin, which allowed a certain Valkyrie to gradually get closer and closer, eventually ending up in bed with him. She loved him, she loved when he spoke charming, seductive words, and she believed that they were only for her. Almost every day she kept going back to spend time with him. Blissful, ignorant times.

Pregnant for a Norse god? She would tell no one who the baby belonged to except the one she was pregnant for. But he wasn’t there that day; the guards said he’d left earlier. He was not there the day after, either. Perhaps he would be there the day after that? No, no such luck. He was not there the day after that, or the day after or… and this continued for weeks before she arrived early, curious, trying to catch him as he left. Through eavesdropping she learned that the guards knew where he went, and was told to keep it a secret. It was too late now, she would follow him straight to Earth and into a house where a woman lived. Then she immediately regretted doing so as she watched him take on the disguise of a handsome human, and listened to him speak the same words of love she had heard from his lips.

How could he love someone else?

How could he love a… a… Human. Woman. This wasn’t what caused her rage to escalate; it was listening in on the fact that she was pregnant, just a few weeks also… almost the same time as the Valkyrie herself.

She did not confront Odin directly; he was Odin, she feared him. She confronted the woman, but she never knew who she really was with. She knew the man as a human man, with a human name, not Odin. She was close; this close to utterly destroying her, having no thought of reaping her soul. But she was stopped by the man who caused her pain. In her frustration, she screamed that she was pregnant for him. Odin was surprised, but was quick to try to cover it up, he tried to kill her at first, but after Eir begged, he gave in and said that she could hide the baby, but she would not be allowed to see it.

Eir was allowed to work as normal until she was hidden away by Odin when her appearance would reveal her state. She was kept in a luxurious cage, not allowed to leave. Every day, her love and confusion slowly turned into hatred for Odin and the generals who he used for his own pleasure. Rumors were not bound, so they reached her chamber. Rumors of gods playing tricks on mankind for their own amusement and pleasure, even learning that most times, humans had not been the cause of wars. Her mind ran on the human woman… she was also deceived for pleasure. It was in this state of solitude that she came to the conclusion that this human was not so different from herself… Maybe she was wrong about them…

She was kept there until the baby was born. Immediately, Odin took the child away and Eir did not know whether the child was boy or girl. She returned to active duty after a long while, but spent most of her time (to Odin’s chagrin) trying to find out about her child.

She’d learnt that the woman who she saw Odin with was taking care of the baby, and it was a girl. The woman’s child had died just after it was born, so Odin gave the baby to her. She had found the woman again; this time she was married and the child had already grown a little. To her joy, it was a girl… Although, sadness set into her heart when she learned the child was born without the ability to speak. The sadness was set aside, however, when Odin confronted her. He was furious about her disobeying him, accusing her of attempting to kill the woman and take back the baby.

In his determination to keep it a secret, he banished her to live among the humans she once hated. To redeem herself, she had to fill both gems with souls before returning to Valhalla. With each soul she obviously refuses to reap, her armour would get darker until it turns black, when it would shatter, and she would lose all her powers. But despite that, she still wasn’t allowed near her child; further wickedness for more amusement, she wasn’t even allowed to learn her name.

That had happened a few years ago. Now she lives among humans, not able to keep her mind off her daughter—she had changed, wanting to meet her daughter. She was trying to be kinder, gentler. She kept hoping that when, if ever, she did meet her child, she’d come off as a kind and loving person. Odin, and her hatred for him was still ever present, but she kept trying to pull that under. She avoided places where there might be dead or dying; but it was hard, and she decided that she would reap the souls of those who she was sure would not be coming back. Seeing the world through human’s eyes was not as hard as she expected; she felt quite familiar in these shoes, and she saw the trickery that the gods played upon humans first hand.
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Re: Eir Verdandi

Brilliant. :3

Though, I would just like you to add possible limits on her powers...just to say, for example, how much/how often she can use her powers without tiring. Other than that tiny miniscule thing, it is my utmost pleasure to approve this character! (I really love this one!!)


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