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Jobs / hobbies / Occupation:

Trader, Sales Woman, Fighter, Saver, Hit Woman, Wanted Criminal, Party Girl, Drinking, Cheating, Ect.








5’ 7’




Like most humans the center of her eyes are black with an outer ring of like purple.


Nis’s natural hair color is blond, but she dyes it a rose red color. Her hair reaches just pass her shoulder blades. She keeps most of her hair tied with a blueish-pink spiral Scrunchie. The rest of her hair covers her left side of her face and eye, unless she is fighting and needs to use her bad eye.

Nis carries around with her a light red hair clip just incase she needs it to keep her hair way from her left eye. For the most part her hair stays straight by its self. Every once in awhile the dye in her hair needs to be redone, but other than that having to bush it out and cutting the dead ends she has no problems. Even when she is fighting, she finds little troubles with it.



Nis body is very slim with very defined curves around her upper chest, lower legs and butt. Her legs are long and well shaped because of her muscles. She doesn’t have much fat on her body at all and a lot of her weight is from her muscles in her lower legs and upper arms.

Her mid section where her gut and waist seat is flat and smooth. She a nice and noticeable “B” size in her breast but with her flat mid it seem bigger. Her skin is light brown in color and is very smooth to the touch. She doesn’t have much hair on her body and she keeps herself well groom. Her face is very round in shape and her eyes are no different.


Nis normally wears a very loose fitting sleeveless silk blouse. The shirt isn’t overly loose and one could easily tell she well shaped. The silk blouse ruffles around her arms and around the base of the “v” cut. The shirt is a mix of Purples, pink, red and blues with no clear pattern, but if you had to guess, it looks almost like flowers.

She also wears pants that are very loose at the top were her pocket are, but hugs close to her legs at the bottom. The pants are black and are very comfortable to fight, walk and party in. She also has an old beat up pair of boots. It hard to tell what color they are from the amount of dirt and mud that has built up on them.

She also has a nice party dress that she wears when it is nice out. The dress is a lot flashier than her normal clothes and much easier to fight in. She doesn’t like to fight in her dress, but will if she needed to. The dress is a halter style dress. Around her waist is a very wide black band that hugs her mid section tight while the rest of the dress flows away from her hips. The dress is a deep dark blue color and she normally wears a nice pair of black strappy stilettos shoes with a 3-inch heel.

Her nails are painted the same deep blue as her dress and are taken care of the best she can. Fighting and living out in the woods makes this a everyday battle for her, but she tries to keep them looking somewhat nice. With a nice thin clear coat over top her blue nails it leaves them nice, clean and shiny looking.


Nis is a very down to earth woman with little in mind for her future. Her main goals are to have fun, party, and live with no regrets or question of what if. She comes off a bit strong with both her opinion and feeling for a person. She has always lived her life how she wants and this is still true today.

She’ll steal anything she wants and will kill anyone just to live, but this is only one side of her. She is friendly to most people that can get pass her clear faults. She keeps a low profile while in cities and will only step in to help someone if she thinks she’ll get something out of it in the end. She actually enjoys when men hit on her and fights over her. It makes her still feel like a woman and is still worth something to a man.

She loves flowers, alcohol and enjoys a good party when she can. Though, she can fight she doesn’t wanderer around looking for one. Most of the time someone else starts a fight with her and she ends it. She hates losing and will do anything to win.

Though, she a wanted criminal, killer, and a trader to her family she doesn’t let this stuff bother her. She always finds something to smile for and living really is enough to keep her happy. She follows no ones orders ever and does what she wants and how she wants to do it.

Nis tries to keep a very relaxed pace about her and she is never in a hurry to do much. Unless it running from the cops or bounty hunters that is after her head. She likes to think that her life will end when God wants it to so there no reason to follow laws and rules set by other humans.


Nis has a whole range of strengths that she prides herself in. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to use each one of her weapons without fail. She is a great fighter with her sword and close up with hand-to-hand combat. Losing one of her weapons doesn’t throw her off and she’ll move right to another weapon if needed.

Her mind is always focus giving her a greater chance to make in out alive in any fight. She about as powerful physically as any well-trained man and her punches and kick shouldn’t be taken lightly. She quick on her feet and will gain the up hand on her foe if given an opening.

She cares about living to see another day, but when fighting she is ready to die if it comes down to it. She is fearless, cold hearted and will kill anyone if it means living another day.


Nis also has many flaws and weakness that gets her in trouble. Her pride is a big factor to her down fall in battle. She hates to lose and if it one on one she hates it even more. She’ll rather fight to the death than willing loses the fight to another person. Her left eye is weak and she can’t see as clear or as far with that eye. Most of the time she keeps this eye covered with her hair, which leaves her left side opened.

She is human and doesn’t believe in armor so any attack that hits her will do lots of damage. She isn’t a master at any of her weapon so if matched with one better trained in one of her weapons it could mean trouble for her. She quick at dodging, but her overall speed isn’t even above normal. The longer the fight the worst off she is; her body isn’t built for long battles and she gets tired quickly. She doesn’t understand magic and hasn’t seen much of it so this also messes with her in battle.




Soul is a normal broad sword she carried on her most of the time. The weapon is very rare, lightweight, sharp, and as far as she knows, is make out of something harder than any sword she has ever seen. Nis find Soul in one of the market places and took as her own.


Nis keeps and small dagger strapped to her right leg at all times. It doesn’t matter to her what she happens to be wearing. If it a dress it under her dress on her legs hidden. If it pants it in plan sight within arms reach of her.

The dagger is small and made out of steel. It is small and simple with a cross type handle/hilt combo. The whole dagger is about the size of her hand. She use this for many things some not as pleasant as others.

Combat knife-

Nis also carries a fully equipped combat knife and sheath that straps to her lower right ankle. This is always under her pants and never wears it if her lower legs are exposed because of the clothes she is wearing. In this case her dagger in hidden from sight while with is in her bag.


Desert Eagle-

Nis keeps a semi auto Desert Eagle on her as back up if things get too tough for her. She carries it behind her in it holster. Four clips sit in a belt and more stays in her back packet that she carries with her.


Brass knuckle-

Other weapon she has with her most of the time is one brass knuckle that kept in her right pocket for easy reach.

Spiked Gloves-

She also has a pair of spiked gloves in her bag for bar fights and other things.


She doesn’t believe in this stuff.


Nis carries many things in her bag. A lot of it isn’t for fighting but there is a section that she keeps bullets for her gun in. Here some of the things she keeps with her.

Dress, heels, brush, money, Rare items, gold/sliver/gems, Pants and shirt (if wearing dress), food, water, nail polish, and perfume.




I stopped and rest behind a mountain of dirt breathing hard from being chased around the city most of the morning. I would have been caught already I if I didn’t know my way through the back alleys. All cities are the same and the back streets all lead you to one place. I kept low hearing the marching footsteps of the cops looking for me. Lucky for me none of them is smart enough to catch a real criminal like myself.

This was another thing at is the same in every city. Normal police suck are catching the really dirty criminals. I guess that why they paid bounty hunters to come after us. I glanced over the mountain of dirt and watched as my last purser turned a corner. I rested back against the pile of fresh earth and relaxed gaining energy to finish my escape out of here.


“Nis! Nis! Get up already you got to find a job!” I heard as I woke up from a nice dream I was having to my mother yelling at me. I couldn’t see her blinded by the sun coming from my window. As I threw the blanket over my head to block the sun from my eyes. I heard more yelling from her about my room and how un-lady like it was kept.

“I’ll clean it later, I have a head ach already from all your yelling. What time is it anyway?”

“Noon and I don’t think my bitc***ing has anything to do with your head hurting! Now get up young lady and go find a job! How old are you now?”

“I’ll be 20 in a few days why?” I already knew what was coming next as I got out of bed to find some clothes. She continued on about how it was for her and I’m lucky to be living in her home still. I really didn’t care much to listen to anymore as I left the room without another world.

**** its past noon already! I ran out the house remembering I had to meet Jane at the Icey Lane. The Icey Lane was a skating ring that also severed the best Ice cream in the city.

“What happen you!?” I heard as I walked through the door. It was good old mom’s voice yelling again. I glared at her wanting to yell back, but I was too tired from partying. I continued up stair refusing to reply to her question and made to my bedroom.

“Listen Nis, Tomorrow we are all going to a party so better, no I hope for your sake you take care into looking better than this.” She said to me with a look of great disappointment. I didn’t really care as I heard the door close behind her.

Gezz… I got to good to a party with them. That blows…


“You really yet Nis!” I heard dad shout up stairs as I slipped out my new pair of black stilettos heels. As I walked over to the mirror to check myself over I knew it was going to be a long time feeling stiffness of my new shoes.

“Not bad mom. You still know how to shop.” I said to myself glancing at my self in the new clothes she bought me for the party today.

“Nis! Come on already!”

“Alright. I’m coming.” I yelled back grabbing my bag and tossed it over my back as I made my down stair.


“Hi, you must be Nis, nice to meet you?” A strange boy said to me as I ate some cookies at one of the tables in the hug building they dragged me too. I thought about asking them later how they ended up being invited to such a place, but I wanted to enjoy some of the fancy food first.

“Who are you and how did you guess my name?” He was a weirdo right down to the way he presented himself to me. With his gentle sweet-talk and old-timer body movement.

“You don’t know me? You don’t know what I am to you?”

“What the F*** are you talking about?” I calmly asked getting a little pissed by his foolish appearance. He didn’t answer me only looked at him almost as if he never heard the word F*** before.

“Oh, look they are getting along already! So you are my son’s wife to be?” An old woman asked my as she walked over with mom. I looked at her confused taking my last bit of the cookie.

“Me? A wife?” I said feeling like I was just smacked in the face. “You’re kidding right? I don’t even know this F***.”

“Nis! Hush! You know john here and this is his mother.”

“Jon? What are you talking about mom?”

“John. The boy you used to play with when you where three years old. The two of you grew up until he moved with his mother. You where ten back then, but both of you wanted to be together foreve. I agreed back than with his mother that you’ll be john wife with you two both got older.”


“Wait!” I jumped up from the pile of dirt breathing hard. “S*** I must have fell asleep. F***ing people making plans for my life without thinking about me.”


Parties, food, having fun, laughing, rare stuff, money, freedom, clothes, shoes, weapons, and living.


Rules, being ordered around, Boredom, party pooper, Armor, being poor, not having fun, and her parents.


Loneliness, not having her dreams fulfilled before she dies, Losing her freedom and free will.


Loves to have fun, playful at times, likes to be in a good mood.


Is rude at times, doesn’t listen to anything that seems like an order, Doesn’t listen to the law.


Pirate haven(dead)
Rare interest(Dead)
Everto Noctem(dead)
Two of a Kind(dead)
The Tale of Vespairia (PM/VM for invite)(going)
Wonderful set by, Aiko!
Restoring Luna / Dark Side
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