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Name: Veran.

Alias: Tartarus, Ergaron.

Sex: Male

Age: His exact age is unknown, but he claims to be over a thousand years old. He appears as a middle-aged man.

Race: Unknown. He takes the shape of a mortal human.

Hair/Eye color: Unknown, as they are hidden from view at all times.

Height: 6'2''

Weight: 187 lbs.

Appearance: The most defining aspect of Veran's entire persona is his clothing. He is a long and thin man, draped in dark robes. His hands are protected by dark scale gloves and his feet by scale boots. He keeps his hood over his head, and underneath it he wears a simple, white mask before his face. Upon removing the hood, it can be seen that the mask covers his entire head. Removing the robes also reveals black scale armor beneath, in the same style of his gloves and boots. His voice sounds muffled slightly underneath his mask, and resembles the voice of a middle-aged man. It is dark and calm at all times, rarely changing tone or speed.

Weapons and possessions: He carries no weapons on his body as he prefers to use intellect or illusions to defeat his foes. Otherwise, he only has a simple object with him at all times: a simple glass ball hidden within his robes that he will bring up occasionally and gaze into, though only for a brief second, and anyone who observes this will not see anything special about the peculiar ball.

Abilities: Veran has, through the course of his life, come to cast away what he calls the "primitive forms of combat" in favor of using his many advanced abilities to bring battles to his favor, or bend people to his will:

Telepathy/telekinesis: His telepathic abilities allow him to communicate with others from a distance (speaking to their minds), as well as manipulate objects by lifting, pushing or gripping them with telekinesis. These abilities are used mostly for practical reasons, and not combat.

Illusions: Veran's greatest strength lies in deception. Through incredibly complex and detailed illusions he can fool his enemies into believing what he wants them to believe. He can manipulate sight, hearing and touch, but not smell and not taste. He prefers to distract enemies during combat so to easily render them incapable of fighting while they are not paying attention. The illusions are useless in sunlight, as they will then be revealed as mere transparent phantom images.

Lightning magic: The only type of true, offensive magic Veran knows is lightning magic. He creates a thick layer of lightning bolts around him, sending more from his hands when he desires to attack an enemy or any particular target from a distance. Veran is capable of shocking his enemies well beyond death, each of his lightning bolts capable of frying a full-grown bear. This electric magic becomes more powerful during a thunderstorm.

Foresight: Veran’s ability to see the future is severely limited, and only activates when he is close to a person or object that is deeply relevant to whatever future event will unfold. Said events are usually not shorter than two days or longer than a year away from the moment of realization.

Strengths: His strengths are found in his vast array of magical abilities, and his capabilities with said abilities. He is a master tactician and observant combatant, and a true force to be reckoned with for any powerful entity. What he lacks in pure power, he makes up for with brilliant tactics and illusions. Through his powers of foresight and telepathy, he is also able to manipulate events into his favor, and he has been secretly pulling the strings behind many, many events. His levels of energy instill fear in even the stronger foes he encounters.

Weaknesses: Veran’s biggest weakness is his lack of true power and force. This is what makes him reliant on tactics and illusions. He lacks any means to forcefully beat enemies down. He is at a major disadvantage in sunlight, as he will be unable to use his illusions. This leaves him vulnerable, as he uses illusions as means for protection as well as manipulation.

Another great weakness in Veran's illusions is that he cannot make objects "intangible" to an individual. If a person under the influence of Veran's illusions walks into a wall, he cannot mask the feeling of that collision happening. He can make it feel painless, he can make the surface feel different, but he cannot erase the wall.

Personality: Veran is very reserved and quiet, preferring to act from the shadows and avoid attention as much as absolutely possible. He despises failure of any kind, and does not accept any shortcomings, least of all his own. He is also not fond of company – if he can, he chooses rather to kill anyone who attempts to converse with him, if they are unimportant and an annoyance.

He is very hard to surprise, always being observant and calculating. This leads him to often make predictions based upon his observations, both in and out of combat.

He can be seen as a cold man, to the point of being cruel. He will not kill anyone without provocation, but he will not hesitate to deal a killing blow when he has made up his mind, no matter who he is targeting. Being a master manipulator, he has no compassion for anyone around him or anyone he has ever conversed with. He never attempts to justify his actions to others either, and when asked about his ruthlessness, he will remain quiet.

Veran does not believe in justice or acts of kindness. A question he frequently asks those he deems worthy: “What is justice?” Whether they answer or not, he will always continue with the same thing: “Justice is nothing but guidelines set upon us by our ancestors. We need it to maintain order among the people, for without justice… what reason would there be for letting anyone live? Why do we live in peace? Compassion? Don’t make me laugh. The only reason why we follow the laws is because we fear the consequences of breaking them. THAT is your ‘justice’.”

Though he counts himself as an entity above mortals, his words indicate otherwise: he often says “we” and “our”, showing that he counts himself among the mortals.

Likes: ?
Dislikes: ?
Fears: ?
Virtues: ?
Vices: ?

Biography: Veran has made various appearances through the time he has lived, all the while wearing the same, white mask. These appearances have all been random and unrelated to each other, and have all occurred at different places, years passing between each time.

This piece from an old diary of a woman details one such occurrence:

Father met with a strange man today. At least, I think it was a man. I never heard him speak, and he wore a strange, white mask which hid his face. He was tall and thin though, and dressed in black. I wonder how he breathes, because I could not see any holes or openings in the mask. They must have simply been hidden from view. My father was nervous about meeting him, so I think it’s someone important. Maybe he is interested in buying one of my father’s stores in the city, and father wishes to make a good impression.

The father of the diary’s owner disappeared shortly after.


RPs that Veran has appeared in, chronologically:

The Illusionist (dead)

Illusions and Claws (dead)

No Loose Ends (finished)
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Re: Veran

Looks good enough to me. I'm glad you kept the magical abilities toned down to start with. *Approved!*
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