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Old 04-06-2010, 08:25 PM
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Name:Lelian [DAO reference ]
Occupation: Thief *
Age/Birthdate: 10 born at April 14
Apparent*Age: 10
Gender:* Female
Race: Human*
Height: 1,30m
Eye*Color: Green
Hair*Color/Style: Her hair is bright blond and straight reaching down at the middle of her back.
General*Appearance: Picture first:

Lelian face is circular. She has a small nose thin eyebrows and rather big innocent looking eyes. Her face is very cute but she is not that beautiful in other terms only cute. She wears a dress similar to the one that the fairy queen wear in WW ( sorry I'm not good at describing faces and clothes )

Weapon(s): Lelian's only weapon is a shortbow made by her mother with Lelian's name carved on the right limb of the bow. The wood that it is made is uknown to her.
Armor: N/A
Carried*Possessions:* She always wear a silver pendant with a curved L that was her brother's. Her brother believed that it brings good luck but She believes that it brings bad luck. She only wears it for her own emotional reasons.
(Agility)Being a thief and living in the streets made her flexible from having to avoid guard or whatever. She learnt how to avoid attack or persuers and acrobatics.

( Speed & Stamina) Having to avoid guards and persuers occasionally made her very fast and able to run long distances without getting tired that much

(Stealth) Lelian is very good at hiding and making her presence barely noticeable or even unnoticed.

(Archery) Thought not the best Lelian is pretty good at archery. She cannot shot very far but her marksmanship is near perfect. That b/c she trained on the way of bows from the age of 6 to now(10)Though never on humans
(Strength)Lelian physical streangth is minimum due to her age and if she is in close combat she has zero chance of victory if she doesn't regain a medium distance

(Heigt) If she draw her bow to much due to her heigth and and minimal streangth she will fall down from the bows force

(Endurance) Thought she has stamina her physical endurance is non existence. She can be One-Hit KO if the strike is well done
Personality: Lelian at first glance appear to be a cute little innocent girl that cares for the person she's talking to and very easy to be persuaded and befriended.She act goofy and clumsy sometimes But She is not.

In truth she lies nearly about a everything to accomplish her goals because that how she was raised. She likes to play with people emotion and make them help her. She is very stubborn and cunning. She never shows true emotions to other and never open herself. She trust no one and is very hard to truly make her feel you as a friend.

Likes: Chocolate ice cream,Chocolate in general,Animals
Dislikes:Insects,Ice cream without chocolate, Watermelons
Fears:Insect,Death,Dark places
Virtues:Lelian is pretty good at lying and bluffing.She can persuade people with easy.
Vices: She never hears anyone she does whatever she wants. She is selfish *

History: Lelian was born in a small town near a village of barbarians. At the age of 4 her mother crafted her a bow and gave it to her at her birthday. When she asked from what this bow was made the only answer she got was that this was secret and someday she should find by herself. Thought at that age she was too small to use a bow so she had it in a chest in her room.

At the age of 6 her brother who was 10 instructed her how to use a bow and helped her learn the basics. The same year the barbarians of the nearby village attacked their town and her father and mother died in the fight.

She was left alone with her brother in their house which was later claimed by some noble leaving them at the streets. She and her brother started stealing food or money in order to live in order to live and aftrt awhile got used to that kind of life and learnt the the ways of a thief. All along this time Lelian was training in marksmanship daily.

At age of 10 she and her brother were going to steal a carriage that was going to leave for the castle town. It was heavily guarded but it had money for their whole life. In the way to the departion spot her brother found a pendant in the floor with and an L curved on it. He said that since they found it on thet way to the big catch it will bring them luck.

When they arrived Lelian kept the guards occupied with her smart talkinkg while her brother entered the carriage to take the stuff. Everything was going according to plan but at the way to his exit a passing women saw him. She screamed *thiefs* and the guards captured him before he was able to run. Lelian run toward him but a guard grabbed her. She raised her hand but the only thing she managed to grab was the pendant. The guards took both away.

At the jury out of fear Lelian lied that her brother forced her do everything and in the end she was set free but her brother was sentenced to prison. She went to their hideout, took her bow and some arrows and left the town out of shame.
And it's empty. But someday something way too awesome will be here you'll see. You'll all see Mwahahahaha
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Old 04-13-2010, 09:42 AM
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Re: Lelian

Does anyone going to check my character ?
And it's empty. But someday something way too awesome will be here you'll see. You'll all see Mwahahahaha
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Old 04-20-2010, 12:21 PM
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Re: Lelian

Just clean up the asterisks from the profile (all the little *'s) and this looks good enough for a beginning character to me. *Approved!*
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