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Stryder's Little Friends (character list)


A half-breed Angel of the Seraphim caste, Balthazar radiates strength, honour, and courage.

- Balthazar's Training - (Dome training)

- Hearts of Ice (current)

- Call For All Eternity (current)


Cey is a childlike being of purity and innocence, yet a dark force lies within him beyond his control...

- Ceyrnan's History (character fiction)

- Fighting Them Off? (current)

Luca Mercury

Master thief and rogue, Mercury is a pacifist with a thing for the ladies.

- Habile Voleur (current)

- This Is Odd (current)


A demi-god of the Atlantean Pantheon, Marissa now divides her time between fast-food, partying, and hunting for excitement.

- In Over His Head (current)

Jerik Sanguine

Psychotic and insane, Sanguine is a merciless serial killer. He makes his victims scream for death, and he always delivers.

- Critical Eye (current)

Lucian Cervus (Prydden)

Mastermind of the Prydden bad guys, Lucian is a genius who combines willpower, pure intellect, and magic to accomplish his goals.

- [Prydden] Bad Side - Meeting Thread (current)


A 'living' android charged with travelling through space and contacting new races, Orion suddenly finds himself stranded on a distant alien world, where many adventures await...

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