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Old 12-09-2009, 12:48 AM
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Dr. James D. Cavendish

Name: James Douglas Cavendish, NaD (Necro-anthropological Doctorate)

Age: As of 2109, James is 31. Yes, 2109.

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Dark brown, Shaggy-style

Eyes: Green

Weight: 97 kg (196 lbs)

Height: 190˝ cm (75 in)

Weapons: James generally has a golf bag around him like Link’s sword is strapped on, and keeps inside his golf bag a seven and nine iron, a driver, and an eight-gauge, four-round semi-automatic revolving shotgun (this is 2109, after all). Strapped to the right side of his waist is a Chinese nine-ring dadao (broadsword), and on his left, he has a fairly large bag of extra shotgun rounds (about fifty).

Armour: N/A

Strengths: His strengths included being a studier of zombies (necro-anthropologist) which means he therefore knows very much about zombies, and is also, therefore, not afraid of zombies.

Weakness: He can’t resist saving a loved one, even if he knows it’s a trap. Also, he has an intense fear of spiders, zombification, and advanced mathematics.

Skills: His skills do indeed include being a necro-anthropologist, as well as being quite handy with most any weapon.

Appearance: A handsome, relatively tall Caucasian male from a little town in Northern Virginia, James Cavendish is best recognized by his super informal way of dressing. He is average set, as far as body mass index goes, and exercises every day (really intensely, too). He always wears a T-shirt and jeans and is never cleanly shaven (in fact, most of the time he has a goatee).

Personality: James is a young genius and is very arrogant, and has certain aura around him that shouts, “I’m fun to be around.” Despite being a major governmental figure, James is never seen wearing anything even business casual, as he is very informal. He addresses the president by his first name, the queen of England by her first name, and even his dad by his first name. (His mom only smacks him when he calls here by “Martha.”)

Biography: James Douglas Cavendish, the only child in a middle class family in Northern Virginia (NoVa), grew up an ordinary life in a nice little house that was so close to the next one that you could reach out of his bathroom window and touch their kitchen window. However, the world he grew up in had been infected with almost a billion zombies since 2012. When he was ten his parents revealed to little Jimmy that they were actually part of a government super-soldier conspiracy three-generations in the making. (James was the third generation, and the first was right before the zombie epidemic of 2012.) This was a conspiracy because the “super-soldier program” was actually a genetic experiment run to discover the genome of the perfect human-zombie hybrid, combining the body and habits of a human with the senses of a zombie. This explained a lot to Jim, such as why his parents always ate their meat super-rare.

For a while, James went into denial. For fun, he went into a prison one day, took the computer of guard on break, hacked into all systems, downloaded them to his friend’s laptop, and proceeded to talk his friend through shutting down everything and eventually causing nine deaths, five injuries and several seizures. He and his friend were almost caught, but after hiding for a few months, got away with it, and never looked back again.

James turned from his ways after his friend tried it on his own and was caught in the act. He never regretted anything he did in those years. Jim proceeded to go to college, where he managed to snag a doctorate in necro-anthropology after just three years total. This meant he could study what he was most interested in- Zombies. At the time he got his doctorate, he was twenty-three. Within the next eight years he would become the President’s Secretary of Zombie Prevention (SecZom) and the director of the Zombie Prevention Agency (ZPA). He has appeared at the UN at least nine times. And yet, Jim still doesn’t dress formally. Ever.
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Re: Dr. James D. Cavendish

Hello. :3 Sorry for the wait. I'll be your approver today.

First of. Expand. A lot. Strengths, Weaknesses, Skills, Appearance and Personality all need a boost before I can approve anything here.

Now, he's not afraid of zombies... but then he is afraid of zombification? Where's the difference? Or is he afraid to become a zombie himself? Please expand on this. :3

>Feel free to use the new, updated template if it helps you flesh out your zombie-man a bit more.
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