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Name: Zyler
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Blue and spiked back
Eyes: Dark blue
Weight: 165 lbs
Height: 6’1”

Theme song: Blaze of Glory


Older pic <--Another pic
He’s also well tanned and usually wears a pair of goggles on his forehead or around his neck.

Weapons: Whatever he can get his hands on. He also keeps a rather plain 6” dagger strapped to the back of his belt.

Belongings: He’s usually got his rusty brown leather jacket on, provides decent protection, also leather pants for easier dragon riding. He’ll usually keep an imbued ruby with some stored magical energy in it in case of emergency. A smaller knife in one of his pockets and a wallet, but anything else that he would need for traveling would go on the pouches of the saddle on his dragon. This includes sleeping bags, water, rations and jerky, maybe another magic gem or two or whatever other treasures he might find important to keep with him.

Strengths: He’s body is augmented by his magic, making him quite a bit faster and stronger then he looks, but not inhumanly so. He’s also very acrobatic with superb reflexes. He’s able to use his lightning magic in a verity of ways, as well as a few different spells he’s picked up over time. Zyler is a smart kid and knows not to get himself in too much trouble, and he can sometimes talk his way out of a situation if it becomes too much for him, although this has also been known to make things worse.

Weaknesses: He is headstrong and cocky, occasionally getting himself in over his head, disregarding the hazards in favor of the potential fun, the thrill of seeing if he can make it through overwhelming odds. Besides psychological weaknesses, he is also only human, and can still be killed like one. His leather clothing provides decent protection, but wouldn’t hold up against swords or bullets. Also, Zylers’ lightning element can be foiled, and even used against him by earth, water and ice elements, giving him a great disadvantage against such magic users.

Magic: Lightning based.

Working almost exclusively with electricity magic ever since he was able, Zyler has learned to manipulate the element into a wide variety of uses. Being that lightning strikes instantaneously, it’s very hard for him to miss his target. He uses magic as a conductor, as if he were attaching a lightening rode on to his target and manipulating the atoms in between his hand and the target to shock the crap out of someone. He can chain his bolts to hit multiple targets, inflicting anything from temporary paralysis to massive third degree burns and knock back.

He can also use his electricity as a shield, stopping or slowing projectiles with static force or zapping anyone who gets close to him. He can run electricity through his limbs to make him temporarily a lot faster and stronger, but this can be harmful and even life threatening if he overloads his hart. Or if he’s feeling particularly destructive and reckless, he can call down a bolt of lightning from the clouds.

A few of his other tricks include the ability to cast a magic rope or net that is green in color and can be extremely durable if he has enough energy to put into it. He has paid good money for one particular void spell. Training under a master thief, he learned how to conceal his presence. This is done by drawing attention away from himself in a very effective manner. He still has yet to perfect this skill. A few of his more miner skills include; starting small fires, limited telekinesis, and eagle eye to enhance his vision. He can also call to his dragon telepathically from great distances.

Limits/side effects: A full blown lightning bolt will kick Zyler’s trash. He can only use a few of them before he’s out of the fight. Otherwise, he knows his limits and will usually never tier himself out too far, if he’s thinking rationally. Augmenting his body with direct electricity can put enormous strain on his muscles and if he’s not careful to keep it away from his hart, he can potentially put himself in a coma. Same goes for when he starts over using his powers and throws to many lightning arcs around, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep himself safe against his own element.

Mount: Jezebel: Silver Dragon.

While she’s not the most intelligent species of dragons, she’s still got some brains about her and works well as a team with her rider. She can understand human speech just fine and Zyler has learned to understand her grunts and snaps well enough. She can be playful or stubborn at times, but is actually very loyal to Zyler. Jez is about 20 feet long if she extends her neck and tail out. In her natural stance with her weight on her back legs and her two wing arms touching the ground for balance, her head stands 9 feet off the ground. Her silvery scales are extremely tough and she has strength to match her size, and her most defining attribute, she’s extremely fast and agile.

Personality: Anyone’s first impression of this guy is going to be that he is cocky, womanizing, dushbag. If they got to know him a little better, they might learn to enjoy his awesome sense of humor, free spirit and optimistic view on life, but he will always be that cocky, womanizing, dushbag that you couldn’t stand to be around for more than 3 days in a week.

While he does look out mostly for himself, he also has a sense of right and wrong and can be surprisingly kind hearted, helping out those in need. But this is rare and there’s usually a good reason for it. Zyler is capable of showing respect to his elders. He actually has a very keen business sense and can sell just about anything. He can be persuasive and great with people when he needs to be.

Likes: Hot chicks, winning, praise, treasures, food, a good time.
Dislikes: Ugly chicks, being humiliated, failing.
Fears: Are you kidding? Nothing can get this guy shaking in his boots. Or at least, that what he’d like you to think. In reality, Zyler does fear death and varies things that will bring him death, but nothing specifically.
Virtues: Deep down he’s a good guy. He can be good fun to have around.
Vices: He’s a sleaze ball who will do just about anything for the right price, or a hot chick. He’s generally selfish. Finds bullying a fun pastime.

Biography: Growing up in a nomadic desert tribe, Zyler had a tough upbringing, learning hard work and responsibility at an early age. He was also the youngest of most of the kids in his tribe, and learned quickly how to get away from the older kids who liked to bully him. Of his family member, he had a stern father and an older sister that took over the mother role when his mom passed away when he was only 7.

Zyler grew up quickly and by age 14, he was done with the whole nomadic thing and found himself a job at a ship yard. That didn’t last long after they found out he was stealing from the contents of the crates he was transporting, and he was kicked around working in other manual labor jobs until someone found out how good a people person he can be if he needs to be and stuck him in a sales position for magically powered hardware.

By age 18, Zy had become a jack of many trades, and had won himself a dragon egg in a ridiculously lucky bet. Since he’s had Jezebel for a winged stead, Zyler has found great success wrangling up competitors for the gladiator ring. His connections to the arena have led him to bigger and better jobs, and he’s managed to meet some very important people.

Almost never without an opportunity for a high paying job, Zyler does pretty much whatever he wants, always looking for the next trip, and usually is being paid to do it.
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Re: Zyler

Approved like the mother****in fist of the north star jesus christ.
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