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[Prydden] Conrad Eskevar

(This character is for use in Coyote's Prydden campaign RP only.)

Name: Conrad Eskevar

Nickname/Alias: None

Occupation: General/Ambassador

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 250lbs

Eye color: Dark blue (nearly black)

Hair color/style: Black with grey hairs throughout, having a distinguished salt and pepper look, though the black is definitely still predominant. It is trimmed in a tight militaristic cut, a little longer on top, that softens the look somewhat. He also sports a full goatee that is salt and pepper in color, as well.

General Appearance: Conrad strikes an imposing figure to many people. He is tall, broad-shouldered and muscular from head to toe due to years of training and battle in full plate armor. His sculpted torso and arms bear a lifetime of scars. His face is battle-hardened at first glance, but his bold, chiseled features frame warm eyes that are always ready to laugh, with crow's feet beginning to form at the corners. His skin is moderately tan and weathered from many years of outdoor activity. He has a square jaw and a wide mouth, lips not too thin, and frequently smiling. His brow is slightly heavy with dark eyebrows just shy of being bushy. His forehead bears the lines of spending many hours furrowed, studying maps and battle plans.

When not in full armor, Conrad wears the homespun clothes of his people. Brown trousers, white shirt with a blue doublet, and calf-high brown leather riding boots. From his belt hangs his broadsword in its sheath on the left and his dagger on the right. In cold weather, he wears a heavy fur cloak made of bearskin.

Weapons: As a knight, Conrad bears a broadsword. This weapon was forged with earth magic to be lighter and sturdier than such a weapon normally would be. Someone of Conrad's physical ability can wield the sword one-handed, though its size makes it unwieldy to use in such a fashion. It has a very functional appearance, a simple cloth wrapped handle and a straight hilt, free of ornamentation.

The knight also carries a dagger, though it is more an ornamental piece, signifying his station and family, than a weapon. The hilt is emblazoned with the head of a wolf on a lapis stone at the center, the sides branching out into eagle wings.

Armor: When riding into battle, Conrad wears a full set of plate metal armor. Like his broadsword, his armor is simple and unadorned. His suit of armor is enchanted by Earth magic to be nearly impenetrable. Blunt force strikes are basically futile. The force of such a strike may send him flying, but it will not dent the armor. Sharp objects might dent or scratch it if they are imbued with strong void magic and are applied with sufficient force. The joints are of course weak spots.

He also carries a shield emblazoned with the Eskevar family crest, a black wolf's head framed by silver eagle's wings on a background of royal blue. It is approximately 3ft tall by 2ft wide at its widest point, and embued with the same magical protections as the armor. It is of a half oval shape, tapering to a slight point at the bottom.

Carried Possessions: Conrad carries a few things with him in Burkhard's leather saddlebags. Some minor food and water supplies for when he is away from civilization. A simple first-aid kit containing bandages, medicine, needle and silk for stitching wounds, and some pain killers. He carries a chess set also, always interested in a game when he can find one. Finally, he wears a pendant around his neck at all times. It is a clear quartz crystal, but in its center is embedded a lock of dark auburn hair.

Familiars: Gerulf, the half-wolf is his near constant companion. The pup of a wolf, and one of the barely tamed dogs kept by the clan to pull sleds in the winter, and hunt game. He is staunchly protective of his chosen master, and stand-offish to all others. Gerulf is a partner, not a pet. He has a mutual respect for his master, maintaining an independent attitude.

Burkhard is Conrad's horse. A warhorse of hardy northern stock, Burkhard stands 5'6" at the withers, bred big-boned and thick-limbed to carry a man in full armor into battle. He is black with a white blaze down his forehead and his right front foreleg is also white. He grows a shaggy coat to withstand the harsh northern winters, and long thick hair grows on his lower legs to protect them. He is a battle-hardened beast, nearly unflappable in his training, his dinner plate-sized hooves having crushed many an assailant's skull while bearing his master in battle.

Both Conrad's animal companions obey him without question. They have become nearly anticipatory of his commands having spent so long in his service.

Powers/Magic/Skills: Conrad uses chi in battle, both to attack and to aid in his defense. He can pour this power into his physical attacks, use it to bolster a defensive posture, or release it in concentrated blasts at an opponent. It's use is second nature to him, as he has trained in its use all his life.
Limits: The strongest concentrated blast Conrad can create is equal to the maximum kinetic force he could create with his own body. (I.e. the force of impact if a man of Conrad's mass in full armor were to charge a target at maximum speed) This impact can then be concentrated into a blast approximately 6in in diameter. Such a maximum blast, however, would drain his reserves, leaving him winded and back to strictly human capabilities for a 5-10min recovery time.

General Eskevar is also a budding Earth magician, having discovered his talent late in life. He can cause small tremors, and can manipulate solid matter on a small scale. The quartz pendant he wears is of his own creation, and took many hours of careful concentration of his fledgling abilities.

Strengths: Conrad Eskevar has trained his body and mind from birth. This combined with his physical size and force of will make his chi abilities formidable.

His skill and prowess in battle is also formidable due to his training as a soldier from a young age. Though a tactician at heart, Conrad still relies greatly on his physical power in combat, having only recently become aware of his magical abilities. His time in the gladitorial games has given him proficiency with several weapons to include; mace, axe, spear, and chain as well as wrestling.

His constant companion Gerulf is an asset as well. Conrad has learned to trust the half-wolf's instincts often remaning watchful of those the animal distrusts. Often in the heat of battle, the wolf has visciously defended his master's back.

Weaknesses: While General Eskevar's chi power is formidable, it can only increase his power as much as his human body is capable of. Too large a release of chi could tear muscles, or performing a feat of strength too great could damage joints or break bones. His could undoubtedly lift a small car, but pulling a moderately sized tree out by the roots would most likely injure his shoulders or back.

Conrad has only recently begun learning about earth magic. As a result, he is incapable of major manipulations, and is only just learning what such ability can really do.

He does not wear his armor unless he is knowingly riding into battle, otherwise it is strapped to Burkhard's saddle. It takes nearly an hour to properly put on, and only with assistance. He will sometimes wear parts of it such as the greaves, breastplate, and gaunlets if he thinks a situation requires some extra protection, but lacks the time or the aid to don the full suit. Also, his sword is too large to be practical in close combat situations.

Personality: Conrad is a practical man, his duty to his people paramount to all else. He experiences his emotions deeply, though he doesn't exhibit the more negative ones willingly. His sense of duty is driven by a love of his people, as well as all the free tribes who wish to remain so. The loving memory of his wife drives him as well, to excel in all his endeavors, including his quest as ambassador to the free tribes and clans.

Conrad loves tactics. From this stems his passion for chess and other games of skill. Though he is not opposed to the thrill of a good, friendly brawl, General Eskevar prefers being able to plan over spontenaety and chaos. He is not a gambling man.

His love of skilled planning and maneuvering comes in handy in his self-appointed role as ambassador to the tribes, but his bluntness and sometimes brutal sense of honesty can get in the way of his goals when it comes to dealing with other people. He is an animated and charasmatic speaker who obviously speaks from his very soul when he believes in his cause.

Conrad is loyal and his devotion to whatever cause he has set his mind to is nearly one-track in its tenacity, but he will not risk more than he is willing to give up without careful consideration of consequences. His men loved him in that he would ask no more of them than he asked of himself, to include risking his life beside their own.

He is a warm-hearted man who holds dearest his family and those who are under his protection. He loves children, and at times regrets the fact he and his wife were not blessed with any, but the couple made up for it in doting on the clans other children, particularly their nieces and nephews. He was often found to be the root, or good-natured victim of the occasional prank amongst the children.

He holds women in high regard, as they fight alongside men in his culture, if they so choose, and they all learn to defend their own honor from a young age.

Likes: His late wife, Anya, games of skill, laughing, his animals, children, a good fight, hunting/fishing, freedom.

Dislikes: being caught totally unprepared, Selton and Emery, bad camp food, "the one that got away", bad jokes.

Fears: That the independent tribes will be brought under the subjection of one nation or the other. That he will not be able to find a way to unite the independent tribes to one cause, and they will lose their ways of life as a result.

Virtues: Loyalty, honesty, practicality

Vices: Stubborn, blunt, sometimes oblivious to the feelings of others

History: Conrad Eskevar belongs to the ruling family of a large clan, the Tatianians (prn: ta-SHAN-ee-uns) who control a respectable parcel of land extending from the very northern end of the Dragon Mountains in a wedge shape to the very northern coast of Prydden. They also control a few nearby islands supporting fishing colonies. The geographical nature of their borders has kept the Tatianians safe from the massive nations of Emery and Selton, though their holdings border both countries' extreme northwest corners. Aside from border skirmishes, they have been mostly ignored by their large neighbors as being of little consequence, much like every other outlying tribe, despite large mineral resources, which would be advantageous to either nation, should they be discovered.

Conrad was born second son to family Eskevar, trained to fight, and to wield a sword nearly from the time he could walk, while receiving the education of a nobleman's son, heavy on battle histories. He fought battles since he was 15, mostly against tribes encroaching their border on the east and west, with the occasional regiment coming from either Emery or Selton through the mountain passes.

At 20, he was sent to study in Selton, but through a string of misfortune found his way into the gladitorial ring. He fought 5 years in the ring against men who had nothing left to lose, until he ultimately earned his freedom and right to return home. This gave him a zeal for freedom, and intense desire to protect his people's way of life. He made several friends in the games, though most were regrettably short-lived. Many of the people he met were from outlying tribes who had been sold into or sold themselves into the indentured service of the various trainers of the ring. He learned of the multitude of tribes occupying the lands outside Emery and Selton, by speaking with these people and came to respect each individual culture in its own right, believing each tribe had as much a right to their individual way of life as his own.

Upon Conrad's return home, he married Anya, a childhood friend. Though it was a political match, cementing ties between the Eskevar and Bjorn families, the two were deeply in love, and thus had no objections. Over the next 10 years he continued his rise through the Tatianian army's ranks, putting down political bids from other families, and defending the borders. He became a figurehead to the army, and the men loved him as a fellow soldier and a caring leader. He saw the men's families were well cared for, and many of them could say at least once they were rescued in the heat of battle by an armored lord on a black stallion bearing the shield of family Eskevar. They knew if they wished a sight of their leader, they had only to look to the thickest part of the fighting.

Ultimately attaining the rank of General, Conrad was given a holding in the south, a front line defense should either neighboring nation, "start feeling squirrely", in the words of Conrad's father. General Eskevar fulfilled this duty with relish, riding out wherever he was needed, though now his duties often encompassed more diplomatic roles such as negotiations with nearby tribes for trade or alliances. It was during these travels he began to study earth magic.

During one such excursion, a mercenary force from Emery breached the mountain pass, ransacking his home and its surrounding village. His wife of 15 years died leading his troops in the defence of their homes. The General returned home, expelling the invaders a couple of weeks later. He heard of Anya's actions from the soldiers and women who lived and was proud of her sacrifice, though he still grieves for her. He created the pendant he wears around his neck as a memorial to her beauty and her strength, a pure quartz crystal containing a single lock of her dark auburn hair.

In the aftermath of this attack, General Eskevar discovered the forces from Emery had learned of his country's rich mineral resources, including gold. The skirmishes with both nations grew more frequent after this, leading Conrad to believe it was only a matter of time until one nation or the other made a serious vie to dominate the outlying lands.

With this in mind, Conrad approached his older brother who now led the family following the passing of their father. He proposed an alliance of the outlying tribes and clans, uniting them against invasion. His brother saw the wisdom in this idea and sent Conrad out as an ambassador to the other independent tribes, in hopes that they would be able to act as a united front, gaining the respect of the larger nations.
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Re: [Prydden] Conrad Eskevar

This is a good fit for the hero. The only issue I see with how it meshes into the setting is the line in your history that says his clan was raided by a regiment from Emery. Emery has no standing army, although it can muster one for war. It would probably be better to make it Emerian mercenaries (possibly) or (more likely) a few Seltish cohorts.

Note: I'm only reviewing for setting and team fits, for now.
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Re: [Prydden] Conrad Eskevar

I don't really see anything requiring work on, he fits the role of leader pretty well, so...

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