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Doyle Silverpaw

Name:** Doyle Silverpaw* (Rruuv in wolf form)

Apparent Age:*** About 30

Age: "One loses track after the first 10,000 years or so..."

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Race:*** Human

Sex:** Male

Hair:*** Black (silver in wolf form with some black blended in over the back)

Eyes:** Chocolate brown with flecks of emerald green (golden in wolf form)

Weight:* 280lbs**

Height:*** 6'5"

Weapon:*** Hands, magic (magic, teeth, and claws in wolf form) Doyle can make use of whatever object comes to hand, though he hasn't gotten reacquainted with his human form well enough to be very efficient.

Armor:* Doyle wears a wolfskin cloak while in human form that protects him from many magical attacks as well as minor stabbing and slashing type attacks.. This cloak is actually alive in a way. It is warm to the touch and will bleed if stabbed or torn.

Strengths:***Well-versed in all elemental magics (Light, Dark, Earth, Fire, Air, and Water). His power is drawn from his summon, which acts as an outlet to the life energy, or chi, flowing around him, including through his opponents. This energy can then be rechanneled into elemental attacks. Thus his magical power is directly proportional to the energy level of the area surrounding him. His current drawing radius is roughly 3-5mi. An average summoner from his world has a drawing radius of a little over a mile.

He has outstanding strength and speed for a human. He has single-handedly pushed merchants carts out of ditches (or an average sized car if he were in our world). His speed and agility is above that of a normal human in roughly the same proportion as his strength.

He is stronger, both physically and magically, and tougher in wolf form. Rruuv sometimes knocks over large trees, leaning on them to scratch his shoulder. The wolf is also able to pull energy for attacks over an area roughly twice the size of his human form, easily reaching 10mi.

Doyle's senses of smell and hearing are acute, due to his wolf side, but not quite as acute as they are when he is actually in wolf form.

Though proficient in all elemental magics he is strongest in four of the six types (in order of strength): Dark, Light, Earth, and Fire. These are upgrading combinations Doyle gained for Rruuv during his second training pilgrimage. (See Bio section) He has no elemental weaknesses.

Doyle can heal most wounds, given enough time, but cannot do so when distracted by battle. Changing forms speeds this process, healing all but the most dire wounds in a matter of minutes.

Weakness:* He is still growing reaccustomed to his human form and does not melee fight as well in this form as a result.** Must revert to his wolf form at least once every two weeks for at least 12hrs. He would have to revert sooner if exhausted or heavily wounded.

Further elemental upgrades are impossible after the mergence of a summon into the physical form of its human summoner. (See Bio)

Doyle/Rruuv cannot heal himself without concentration, unless he changes forms to do so. Thus it would be near impossible for him to heal during battle.

Skills/Magic:***Summoner, able to utilize elemental magics, including light and dark, though he is much stronger in some elements than others. (See strengths section) He can use the elements by converting energy into a specific element and hurling said element at an opponent (like a fireball or a wind gust), reverting an element into raw energy for healing or another type of attack, or manipulating an existing element in his environment (diverting an attack, boosting a cooperative attack, or just making a campire burn bigger and brighter). These abilities also vary based on his power level which varies in proportion with the energy to be found in his surroundings (he would be more powerful in a rainforest, for example, than in the Sahara.)

Appearance: Doyle is tall, every inch of his frame sculpted and while well-muscled and defined, not overly bulky. His skin is the rich color of coffee with a touch of cream, and his thick, blue-black hair is usually kept in a braid reaching down to his waist. His features could best be descibed as Native American in appearance, angular with a thick brow and square jawline strong and extremely masculine, but not unattractive. His features appear stern if one doesn't take into account the depth of his thickly lashed eyes, or the smile threatening the edges of his mouth at any given moment.

He changes clothes like anyone else, but can most often be seen in heavy, black, military-style boots, well-fitted and well-worn blue jeans, and a black leather vest, with or without a band collared dress shirt in varying colors.

The only constant in Doyle's wardrobe is a wolfskin, which he keeps with him at all times. He most often wears it as a cloak, sometimes with the wolf's head sitting atop his own as a hood. It is a huge, silver fur, so luxuriously warm and shining it seems to be alive.

Doyle pulls the wolfskin around him to tranform into Rruuv. The wolf stands 5ft at the withers with silver fur, some black hairs blended in over his back area and golden eyes.

Personality: Doyle is a tacturn man, rarely divulging more information than is necessary, especially about himself. He is quiet, preferring the outdoors to most human company, and despises large crowds, not for fear, but because as cities grow, the common sense of its inhabitants seems to drop.

This summoner seems stern, unapproachable, and simply not fun at first glance, and many do not fully understand his very dry sense of humor. However, if given the chance, he can prove to be the most dependable, loyal, adventurous, and companionable man one could wish to know. As long as one doesn't mind companionable silences, that is...

He loves children, and they are inexplicably drawn to him, despite his stiff demeanor. Often he will linger near a town with many children, finding a place near the outskirts to sit and tell stories in his deep, gravelly voice. He will sometimes even show them his wolf form, if he can avoid being seen by adults (which he knows are less than understanding). If you were to catch them at such a time, you might see a giant wolf laughing, tossing children in the air and carrying them around on his broad, furry back.

In wolf form, his personality changes slightly. Rruuv has a different speech pattern and his sense of humor is not quite as dry.

Biography: Doyle grew up in a clan of migrating hunters, the men following the herds across the plain in the summer months, while the women tended crops in small villages near the great river, which divided the land in two halves.

When he was born, the village shaman saw signs in the stars that he would be not only magically talented, but could be a summoner. This was rare in their people, and brought great honor to the family. When he came of age, 16 years, a summoner came to their village and accepted Doyle into his apprenticeship. This summoner was from the Dark temple, but Doyle's tribe saw no fault in this as in their world, Darkness is not equated with evil.

So Doyle began his apprenticeship as many youths in his world do, by learning elemental magic, then touring each of the elemental temples, undergoing the mysterious Trial in each, to see if he would be chosen by a summon of that element. As is the custom, when Doyle was chosen by no summon after visiting all the temples, his apprenticeship ended. He parted ways with his teacher and departed into solitary training. He had spent 10 years in apprenticeship, and refused to return home with a failure hanging over his head.

The summon who chose Doyle was of none of the Temples. The great wolf Rruuv, a rare wild summon, chose him during his solitary training as he knelt in meditations deep in the forest.

Having gained a summon at last, Doyle returned to his clan. He was welcomed with open arms and given a new surname, as was the tribe's custom, Silverpaw, in honor of Rruuv.

Then the war began. Doyle's old mentor tried to draft him as the Dark temple rose up to subjugate the other elements. The tribesman refused, and the Dark summoner performed an unspeakable act, calling on his summon beast to slaughter the village. Doyle tried to defend his people, but failed against his more powerful teacher.

Kneeling in the ashes of what was the home of his people, broken and bleeding himself, he met another summoner who would change his life. This new summoner took him under wing, developing his talents by sending him through the trials once more. This time, he gained the power of four of the six temples, starting with that of the Dark temple. This mergence with an over element stopped his aging.

His new teacher gradually became his friend instead, and as his training ended, they stayed together, travelling and fighting the battles of the war together, protecting the people as best they could. This went on, the war sometimes going cold for decades, then flaring up again.

Ultimately came the final battle. The forces of the Dark temple behind the summoner Raedium, and those who stood beside Aurora clashed on the field. Doyle fought side by side in the elite force of summoners forming the Ominae's self-appointed honor guard.

The final clash saw Aurora's forces slipping and that of the Dark near victory as Raedium met his sister on the battlefield. The two master summoners fought, their dragons locked in a deadly dance overhead. Doyle was all that remained of her bodyguard as Raedium's personal guard closed in behind her, seeking to eliminate her while she was focused on the duel.

Doyle fought a losing battle, dropping half of them before hope seemed to fade. The tribesman made a desperate decision. Calling Rruuv, he merged with his summon, gaining the power needed to protect the Ominae, but losing his humanity, forever to be trapped in the form of the giant wolf.

It took thousands of years worth of adventures and training, but he finally achieved his seemingly impossible goal. He can finally step out of the skin of the wolf, becoming a man once more, though Rruuv is always with him in the form of the wolf fur and can never be a completely separate entity.

Now he seeks his teacher and friend to show he has succeeded in breaking his curse. And, his people have sent him on a quest to find the Ominae and persuade her to come home after decades of absence.
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Re: Doyle Silverpaw

Good enough for me.


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doyle, silverpaw

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