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Old 07-19-2009, 03:43 PM
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Wind Quartet telling the tale of Legend of Zelda

Hi again! Recently, there was a wind quartet that I wrote (in 2 movements) that I posted with the score on youtube as a video, but anyway, there was a Youtube user that posted a detailed description of how he envisioned the music telling a story about Link and Zelda in the music. I thought it was really interesting and relevant, so I wanted to share it with you guys as well. I'm interested in videogame music so I'm really interested in visual associations with music, and how music can tell a story or set a scene. I was amazed out how the comments fit in well with the specific points in the music, and was wondering if anyone else saw it the same way.

In A Lake - Life! (1st):
Snow is Falling (2nd):

I copied the comments from the channel here. They're posted on the "Snow is Falling" video.

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Beautiful. Makes? me wish I could dance Ballet, because listening to it puts in my head a story.\

..a zelda based story. Start out with Zelda and Link together, sitting? by a lake in a clearing. (in the first movement) they are talking, dancing, playing, being children. in the background, dancers representing deer and rabbits watch them. (I see the animals around 2 min into the song) around 3:18 things start to get a bit dark something is wrong, the dancers react. 4:00 the animals start to run off stage.

5:00 gannon(dorf) shows up, but hidden from Zelda and Link. around 5:30 she takes Zelda without Link seeing. Begin Second movement. Link looks for Zelda, can't find her. Runs around 'calling' for her. Faerie shows up around 1:10, tells him what happened. They maybe go to a town, ask people if they know what to? do... end up at the temple of time. 1:50 changes into old link at 2:30 he enters a forest. There is snow, and monsters. He battles his way through.

he makes it to a dungeon. Enters, and battles his way through. In the music I can see him sneaking through each room, fighting as guards see him. 5:00 is the boss fight.? 5:24 boss is dead. 5:33 receive the triforce. (Just what I saw)
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