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Old 04-27-2012, 04:51 AM
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My cosplay (WIP) Zelda themed Paladin.. pics included

So, I'm a pretty huge fan of Zelda, Tabletop games, and more recently the joy of costume creation. I recently built my first costume, I went as a Shadow Guard from Star Wars. I had so much fun, however I ran into several people who pointed out my "inaccuracies" like wearing combat boots instead of laceless officer boots, ya know for a combat foot soldier this makes complete sense , instead of the my combat boots.. (/sarcasm).

Well, I had so much fun making that costume I wanted to make my own creation. Legend of Zelda series has shaped my life on a fundamental level, started playing when I was 5 or so , and it influenced my love of fantasy , medieval culture, video games and so much more. It really has defined me as a person.

So as much as I love Link, I didnt want to dress up as him , or ganon or anyone else really, but I though to myself how can I pay homage to the greatness of this franchise? Still pondering of what I could do , I thought about how much I love paladins, angels, demons, and all of that stuff. My favorite class in tabletops, and video games are paladins. So I figured I'd combine my 2 passions, and create something completely unique.

I have done some rendering with google's sketchup program (which I love now) and here is what I have come up with . Ill add some preliminary sketches as well as the final 3d plans for my Hyrulean Paladin. Also , these are merely designs, the colors will be much darker and metallic, as well as the golden pieces. The rendering makes the suit look very "bright" with these being primary colors.

Last time I used a heat gun and plastic totes to make my armor, this time I am going with Craft Foam, using 10mm as my base and the 2mm foam sheets for my detailing... also, if anyone cares , you can add me on facebook, if you google evenglare, my page should come up . Anyway, Enjoy !

Shield Render

Breastplate Render

Waist Armor Plate Render

Also , there will be 6 of these going around my waist, with the 6 medalions each on a plate. 3 of them will look like this, the other 3 will have the medalion slightly lower, as the 6 pieces will slightly overlap each other at the connection point.

Arm Guard Render

Shoulder Guard / Pauldron Render

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Old 04-27-2012, 06:00 AM
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Re: My cosplay (WIP) Zelda themed Paladin.. pics included

Hi there Evenglare,

Those are some great works there, but this thread is more suited in the Artwork Forum than in the General Zelda forum, so I'll move your thread there instead since you're showing us some of your creations. =)
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