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  1. How do you visualise the days of the week?
  2. [Normal] where is the first place on a map of the world that you look
  3. [Normal] What are you currently listening to?
  4. [Normal] What is your style of love?
  5. If you encountered a djinn in a lamp, what would your three wishes be?
  6. [Normal] Accelerated Learning: How to Get Good at Anything in 20 Hours (supposedly)
  7. Planning on cutting my hair to look like WW Link?
  8. How many of you actually still play Zelda games?
  9. Would you watch these kind of videos on YouTube?
  10. [Serious] Thoughts on Autotune
  11. Does anyone here dream of being Link?
  12. [Normal] Chit-Chat Thread V. - Recovering from chocolate overload
  13. [Normal] PENS
  14. [Normal] What is your ringtone?
  15. [Normal] Let's take a trip down memory lane guys
  16. [Normal] HUMAN BABIES
  17. [Normal] Trivial goals you are currently trying to achieve
  18. The Official Investor & Trading Thread (game included!)
  19. Overrated/Underrated
  20. Your deepest, darkest secret
  21. [Casual] The Craziest Thing You've Come Home To
  22. Conventions
  23. [Casual] You Know You Are Getting Old When...
  24. Weird food cravings
  25. [Normal] Time management!
  26. [Casual] Is there shame in living with your parents?
  27. Dopleganger?
  28. [Normal] Just Can't Say It
  29. Weirdest dream you've had recently.
  30. U GUISE...
  31. Adlez Esrevinu and Chowdera
  32. [Casual] An idea for a new American sport?
  33. [Casual] Hotel Earth (General Theorizing of Galactic Community)
  34. [Normal] Stress
  35. [Casual] ~Character Alignment~
  36. Are you afraid of the dark (and other things)?
  37. [Normal] NEK nominations
  38. What colour are your eyes?
  39. [Casual] What did you get for Valentine's Day?
  40. [Normal] Your dream home
  41. [Normal] Food and Cooking!
  42. The most interesting thread in the world
  43. [Serious] Bill Nye "The Science Guy" vs Ken Ham
  44. Which Diablo attribute(s) are you? (W.I.P.)
  45. [Casual] How Do You Like Your Eggs in the Morning?
  46. What's your dream car?
  47. [Serious] Cancer thread
  48. Biggest Fear?
  49. [Casual] Remembering the Internet
  50. [Casual] Sideburns
  51. What's your collection look like?
  52. Make me cry ZU! (Version 3.0)
  53. [Normal] Do you play violin? (General orchestra discussion)
  54. French Language Practice and Discussion Thread
  55. [Serious] Feels Thread - One Stop Shot for Emotions!
  56. [Serious] The "Other" Talk: Parenting and the Interwebz
  57. Worst winter I can recall
  58. [Casual] Grooming Habits
  59. Companies and/or Products You Like and/or Endorse
  60. [Serious] How do you deal with family issues?
  61. [Serious] Songs that represent your life
  62. [Normal] Would you take a one way trip to Mars?
  63. [Casual] Firsts
  64. Why is it hard to follow your own advice?
  65. [Normal] Sleeping with stuffed animals/other things
  66. [Normal] Cheating On Tests
  67. Body marks etc
  68. What part of the forums do you browse?
  69. [Serious] Crohn's and Colitis (Irritable Bowel Disease)
  70. Zelda tattoos
  71. Repopulate GD!
  72. Crawfish vs. Crayfish- PRONUNCIATION WAR
  73. [Serious] Orcs and Morality
  74. Have you ever?
  75. I have to man up and apologize
  76. [Normal] Japanese Language Learning Thread
  77. Any New Year's Eve/Day Plans?
  78. [Serious] Alright, So What is your Paradise?
  79. [Normal] Potholders or Oven mitts?
  80. Dumbest thing you ever did as a kid.
  81. Your GoOGle Search? | What does Google say about you?
  82. [Casual] Best and Worst Subjects?
  83. [Normal] Family Traditions
  84. Southern US cooking isn't competent
  85. Journals, Diaries, etc.
  86. New Year's Resolutions
  87. What did you GIVE this holiday?
  88. [Casual] The Christmas Haul
  89. [Casual] What are you doing this Christmas Eve?
  90. [Casual] Your Accent/Dialect
  91. Best Memory of 2013
  92. [Casual] The Most Fun Superpower
  93. [Casual] ...While I Play Unfitting Music
  94. [Normal] Pets
  95. Burger Doness
  96. Chocolate
  97. The Future
  98. Your Interesting Hobbies
  99. [Serious] Bullying
  100. [Normal] Death
  101. Are you mad BRO?
  102. [Casual] Things You've Done and Things You Consider to be Badass!
  103. The end times- The signs and theories.
  104. The ZU Christmas Tree Thread 2013
  105. School
  106. Weird and Horrifying things you have seen on the internet
  107. [Normal] Share fun-facts!
  108. [Casual] Are you worthy of being an American?
  109. [Serious] Zelda Universe Staff Member Austin Has House Burned Down
  110. [Normal] When I was a kid, I wanted to be a ...
  111. Its that time again.....The Evil of FINALS!!!
  112. ZU Secret Santa '13
  113. [Casual] The Meat-Lovers Thread!
  114. [Normal] Favourite Pop Tart Flavour(s)
  115. [Normal] Early/Middle December traditions
  116. what makes you happy in ZU?
  117. [Casual] Favorite Alcohol GO!
  118. Ghost Train, I Summon Thee Once More!
  119. [Casual] Thanksgiving!
  120. Is it better to be a lifelong fan or a fan who discovers a series in adulthood?
  121. I'm gay
  122. Majora's Mask was pointless
  123. [Casual] Laziness
  124. What do people actually do at parties?
  125. Your biggest LEGO-creation
  126. Giving up addictions
  127. [Normal] Sleep and Related Things!
  128. Going Vegan
  129. What Would You Falcon Punch?
  130. [Normal] Unusual Eating Habits
  131. [Casual] Are you a Smoker?
  132. Ultimate Frisbee?
  133. [Casual] Onesies
  134. How many cellphones have you had?
  135. Your hero/role model/inspiration
  136. Awkwardness
  137. [Casual] Bathroom habits
  138. [Normal] COFFEE
  139. Things that remind you of other things.
  140. Each other talents! - In the ZU community
  141. [Serious] Should schools switch to a four-day school week?
  142. [Casual] You're not (insert nationality) if you don't know _____.
  143. [Normal] Recycling - What do you do?
  144. [Normal] How Vain Are You?
  145. Paying It Forward
  146. ZUers you'd like to meet
  147. [Serious] Santa-Claus Racism?
  148. [Serious] Has This Experience Happened to You?
  149. [Normal] If You Could Choose, Would You Change Your Sexual Orientation?
  150. I saw this on my YouTube suggested videos...
  151. [Casual] Tell me about your day.
  152. [Normal] Worst Haircuts v_____v
  153. Mischief
  154. Cars and trucks and things that go.
  155. Studying strategies
  156. [Normal] Voices
  158. [Normal] Which NobelPrice/ZUbelPrice do you deserve?
  159. [Normal] Thriftshop
  160. [Normal] Invisibility
  161. [Casual] Halloween
  162. most embarrassing dares
  163. [Serious] looking for opinions from peen-folk on peen-biz: circumcision
  164. What were some of the most wonderful things people said to you/about you?
  165. [Normal] Socks
  166. [Serious] What are the most hateful things people ever said to you?
  167. Creepiest Thing Youve Ever Done
  168. [Serious] Which is more practical? University, or college?
  169. [Serious] Gender and Competition
  170. [Casual] The General Chit Chat THREAD
  171. [Normal] Scents
  172. What phone do you have?
  173. What are You Trick or Treating As?
  174. Spicy hottest stuff you've heard of, tried etc.
  175. [Serious] Anxiety disorders
  176. [Normal] Doctor Who Fans Love Everyone! A Commentary on Fandom
  177. Sports: More good or bad?
  178. Bucket-List
  179. What do you NOT regret?
  180. Flirtationships
  181. Do you have any regrets?
  182. [Casual] When Nature Calls
  183. Hardest Decision you have ever made?
  184. Poplar Cat Video countdown.
  185. [Serious] What's up with the media and September 11?
  186. [Normal] Possession You Cherish Most? (Preferably not electronic)
  187. Whats Your Favorite Holiday?
  188. [Casual] The Origin of your username!
  189. Something you would do at midnight that you would never do during the day
  190. Zumba: Who's tried it? Who loves it?
  191. Help Link win this poll!
  192. Link needs your help!!!!
  193. Whats Your Favorite Food?
  194. how do you not want to die?
  195. [Normal] The Big Versus Versus Poll.
  196. HH Income
  197. funniest pranks
  198. Secrets
  199. [Normal] Share your photo's and video's!
  200. [Casual] Getting Up
  201. [Normal] ZU's - Present thread | What gift are you asking/giving?
  202. [Normal] [Official] Horror Thread
  203. [Joke] Apple's secret logo. Apple & aliens?
  204. [Normal] Do you hate summer? Or the summer weather? I really do.
  205. [Serious] Dinosaurs still exists?
  206. [Normal] The Rebirth and the Revival
  207. [Normal] Poor college kids
  208. [Normal] Locks & Passwords
  209. [Serious] Housewives and Househusbands
  210. [Normal] Consequences of Not Getting Enough Sleep
  211. What character identifies you the most?
  212. Nails
  213. What are you studying/ have you studied?
  214. Your Favourite Animal
  215. [Serious] Inspiration
  216. If you lost your sight one morning...
  217. Tasty Shower Products!
  218. [Normal] lulz
  219. [Serious] FAO: Gamzee
  220. Any one wanna talk ?
  221. Popcorn, wtf is up with that
  222. [Casual] Are there any Canadians here?
  223. [Serious] Mystery Priest shows up at car crash
  224. [Serious] LikeFavorCommentRateSubscribeFollow
  225. [Normal] The Smosh Donation Scandal.
  226. What Do You Miss From When You Were a Kid?
  227. [Casual] Weird things your culture has.
  228. Of Tea and its Preparation
  229. Those lucky "bastards"
  230. If You Die Now What Would you miss most?
  231. The ONE thing you want to do before you die?
  232. Drive-In Movie Theatres.
  233. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  234. Are there any Muslims/former Muslims on here?
  235. Anybody here watch Doctor Who?
  236. The Meaning of (your) life
  237. [Casual] Link vs. Zelda???? Who Would Win??
  238. [Normal] Do you believe in aliens?
  239. What makes you go in "zen mode"?
  240. What you like and dislike about ZU
  241. [Casual] How did you discover the LoZ series and ZU?
  242. Things you dis-like in secret ('cause people are judge-y)
  243. [Normal] (Your) addiction(s)?
  244. Pain Olympics
  245. [Casual] Do you wear your shoes in your house?
  246. [Serious] Um so I don't understand this
  247. [Casual] Best Friends!
  248. Belgium's new KING!!!
  249. [Normal] Something New You've Learned Today
  250. Famous people from your town