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  1. ZU when you're high.
  2. [Casual] Things people say or post that make you mad.
  3. [Normal] So how are you supposed to eat this "Tofu" stuff?
  4. Racing discussion
  5. [Casual] A Boost of Confidence
  6. Zelda Informer Down?
  7. So... What was it like the first time you joined?
  8. [Casual] Scottish people! I call for aid!
  9. What's In a Name?
  10. [Casual] Who knows of...
  11. How do I tell my parents that I'm a wizard?
  12. [Normal] United North America
  13. While playing Zelda OOT 3D, I remembered this website
  14. 2nd Official Vulgarity Thread
  15. [Casual] Disney World advice
  16. Whats your favorite Drink?
  17. Official Vulgarity Thread: Let Your Anger Out Here.
  18. A storm is stationary and growing over east Michigan.
  19. You shouldn't have done that.[Majora's Mask Creepy Pasta]
  20. [Casual] What are YOU having for dinner today?
  21. Your thoughts on The Greatest freak out ever
  22. Random Acts of Pizza
  23. [Serious] Requesting help with totem benefits for a game
  24. [Normal] My knee popped
  25. Ever Met A ZU Member In Real Life?
  26. Signature, forum skin, and browser differences
  27. [Normal] heat wave
  28. Amalthea's Attic UK?
  29. [Normal] FFFF IT'S HOT
  31. Death?
  32. Weird physical traits
  33. PEDO BEAR!!!!
  34. Oxymorons
  35. Shooting a gun 101. Your teacher, TOTTI
  36. Bye 4 now ZU
  37. Responsible Adult or NOT?
  38. [Normal] Expirences with the Homeless.
  39. [Normal] Homeless people
  40. [Serious] What does it mean to be Vegan?
  41. Toastergear's fugue of aesthetics.
  42. [Casual] Igod
  43. [Casual] Do people not understand the point of the express lane in supermarkets?
  44. [Casual] The Truth Behind Rebecca Black.
  45. [Normal] Which of your senses would you give up?
  46. [Casual] Don't stop believing (A thread for believing in yourself!)
  47. [Serious] Miracle Day. Is it a blessing or a curse.
  48. [Casual] How Often Do You Laugh?
  49. Bet I can destroy Astrology with one fact
  50. Your First Kiss :)
  51. When would you let your child use the internet?
  52. [Casual] ZU Question Tag
  53. Nyan.cat: How long can you stand it?
  54. Why?
  55. [Normal] Rage against the Machine
  56. [Serious] How do you cope with death?
  57. [Normal] AP Discussion Thread!
  58. [Casual] What is the hardest thing about rollerskating?
  59. About My Previous Trolling...
  60. Help me name my puppy
  61. Kava Kava
  62. [Normal] The Delightful
  63. [Normal] Bad Habits
  64. Comedy Thread
  65. Thread of Attention
  66. [Casual] My Little Pony Showdown!
  67. [Casual] What is your favorite word ever?!
  68. it's really cool that you're still tagging threads with 'boxxy'
  69. [Casual] It's Done!
  70. What color socks are you wearing?
  71. what do you use to post?
  72. When your nipples get hard, do you cry?
  73. [Casual] Weather
  74. Have you ever trolled?
  75. Saul's Tattoo
  76. [Casual] What's the Best Way to...
  77. [Normal] Anyone have a formspring
  78. [Casual] Meta Thread
  79. [Serious] Love experiences and possible stories.
  80. [Normal] Your Own Funeral
  81. [Casual] What is this cat's name?
  82. Do you feel comfortable in tunics?
  83. [Casual] All men in the forum
  84. How did you come across ZU?
  85. [Casual] Dumb stuff you have done
  86. [Casual] Unpopular Opinions
  87. [Normal] Ever gotten in trouble for....
  88. History. Interesting or boring?
  89. Scary/Creepy experiences
  90. [Normal] Classical music
  91. [Normal] Facebook adds video chatting
  92. [Serious] I'm on the register.
  94. [Normal] Money (what do you buy?)
  95. [Serious] The Like Button
  96. [Casual] Are you Tired of Zelda Universe?
  97. The Zelda Universe Popularity Quotient
  98. [Serious] You Know...
  99. Google is amazing
  100. How long does it take you to shower?
  101. Masterpieces of Modern Art
  102. 4th of july!!!!
  103. Tracking down a certain t-shirt
  104. Irony...
  105. avatar
  106. [Normal] Food Fight (Archives + Feedback)
  107. [Normal] Food Fight! V.3: Hotdog vs. Hamburger
  108. [Casual] At what point are you morally obligated...
  109. [Casual] Has a bird ever "dropped its droppings" on you?
  110. [Casual] Have you ever been stung by a bee?
  111. Piercing guns or needles
  112. ZU IS BACK
  113. [Casual] Bear hands
  114. [Casual] An artificial land bridge between Alaska and Russia.
  115. Facebook Downtime
  116. Which is the better buy?
  117. [Serious] dilbert
  118. Stupid School Board
  119. Chris Hansen caught cheating on camera.
  120. [Serious] Our Broken Education System: Funding, Priorities, and the future.
  121. [Serious] Circumcision
  122. [Casual] r you cercumzied
  123. ???
  124. How fast can you run the 100m?
  125. [Normal] Do You Lie?
  126. Funny pictures that however many times you see it you'll laugh
  127. How often do you get spit on?
  128. The birds and the bees
  129. [Normal] Would you tell your kids that Santa's real?
  130. [Serious] Very strange e-mail...
  131. [Casual] Things you shouldn't laugh at but you do.
  132. Dream car?
  133. so i have ome to a revlation
  134. Sleep
  135. [Casual] Your ideal Adventure.
  136. [Normal] More Ancient Egyptian awesomeness found
  137. Huh.
  138. [Casual] Your infractions
  139. [Serious] I'M SURPRISED!
  140. Like, for seriously...
  141. What zodiac sign are you?
  142. Is ZU the only forum you post on?
  143. Favourite colour?
  144. [Normal] What do you guys do when you want to find something?
  145. Forum Skin you use?
  146. Zodiac signs
  147. People you miss from school
  149. Mystery Box
  150. [Serious] Help me please!!!!
  151. [Casual] What are the the best 2 colors to represent Zelda?
  152. Should I change my avatar?
  154. The latest craze: Hacking
  155. [Normal] Who wants to be a mod?
  156. [Casual] Can you blow a bubble gum bubble?
  157. I'm going to die...
  158. Help me improve myself
  159. Deal breakers
  160. [Casual] Lift me up, ZU.
  162. [Serious] Losing interest in gaming?
  163. [Casual] Cat Yodeling
  164. Ocarina related video I made
  165. [Normal] Dreams
  166. [Casual] Summer Hobbies: CONE-ING!
  167. [Casual] Old People Say the Darndest Things...
  168. [Serious] Why "god" does not exist.
  169. [Normal] What Annoys You?
  170. [Casual] Make me cry, ZU.
  171. Canada Post Strike/Lockout
  172. Pokemon
  173. Favourite Forum?
  174. Weird things you are attached to?
  175. [Normal] The Help Khao Win Every Award Just Because Thread!
  176. Moments of Stupidity
  177. What Theme do you use?
  178. Things You Noticed in the Ocarina of Time 3D Commercial
  179. [Casual] What are you the best at?
  180. Fruits and Vegetables: The Real Difference
  181. Least evil villain?
  182. [Casual] Weekend plans?
  183. Egg or Chicken? What came first?
  185. Your Ambitions In Life.
  186. [Casual] Has anyone else used cleverbot?
  187. Most awkward moment of your life (so far)
  188. Your best friend on here :)
  189. [Normal] Checking legitimacy.
  190. Best news story ever
  191. The Nicest Thing Someone Has Said To You.
  192. What's you favorite animal
  193. [Casual] My Appreciation for ZU :D ][POST COUNT COMBAAAT *DAH DAH DAH DAAAH DAH DAH!*]
  194. Chinese GCSE
  195. [Casual] What's Your Name?
  196. Tattoo & Piercings Thread
  197. ZU, let me take you on a journey
  198. Pets?
  199. Beyblade
  200. [Serious] Stress
  201. [Casual] The Ctrl-V Thread (for Macs: lol ♡♡♡♡ macs)
  202. What age do you want to live to?
  203. Sports
  204. Things People Don't Do on the Internet Anymore
  206. Things that go surprisingly well together
  207. [Serious] Leaving Friends.
  208. [Normal] when I read this article
  209. custom robo game cube lp
  210. Hey Farore Wait This Isn't Farore This is ZU Hey ZU
  211. I have proof that Justin Bieber is actually a girl named Dani
  212. [Casual] Google Les Paul Guitar
  213. popular on youtube
  214. Rebecca Black vs. Jenna Rose
  215. How are you beating that summer heat?
  216. English is becoming more natural sounding
  217. Does anyone here who has a stalkerish friend?
  218. Air soft
  219. [Serious] How to get over an abusive ex.. Help please
  220. Connecticut Decriminalizes Marijuana
  221. Funniest Moment In My Entire Life
  222. random things from random people
  223. [Normal] Usama Bin Laden??
  224. Jason At E3!
  225. [Casual] ulillillia - final boss of the internet
  226. Who Is Your Idol?
  227. [Normal] What did you dream last night? (General Dream Discussion!)
  228. Are You a Night Owl or an Early Bird?
  229. What's your bad habit?
  230. [Casual] Pen Tapping?
  231. Parkour gear
  232. [Casual] crystal clear pepsi
  233. [Casual] ZU'S NEXT TOP MODEL
  234. ffffffuuuuuuuuu
  235. [Casual] Summer Time, brah.
  236. NEXT's Next top model
  237. [Normal] Your Three Save Points
  238. Zelda Chronicles
  239. my day today was tramatizing
  240. I Appreciate ZU.
  241. Dog Training
  242. ~Priestess~, where are you?
  243. "How to Pluck Knowledge out of Thin Air: a 'Baffling' Time Paradox."
  244. [Casual] I Remember...
  245. [Casual] Ways you want to die
  246. Friends that make you laugh whatever they say
  247. Building Muscle
  248. First Hookup?
  249. Whatever happened to Jason?
  250. [Casual] How Many PM's Do You Have?