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  1. Short Stories: The Leonna Collection
  2. Cerise Cravings
  3. Earth Shockwave
  4. War Profiteering
  5. Growth
  6. Voice of an Angel
  7. Character Fiction Policy
  8. The Observators' Last Line
  9. This Is How You Write Music
  10. Dr. Gooding: OR, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Go on an Adventure
  11. A Killer's Intent
  12. Breaching the Gap
  13. Transcript: Interview: Subject A-01
  14. Darkened Tomes and Hidden Realms
  15. A Long Desired Retribution
  16. Undead and Unbound
  17. Red Sand
  18. [PG-13] The Reapers' Guide to Killing a Human
  19. "Elvedui"
  20. His Imperial Majesty (aftermath following "A River of Trouble")
  21. Reflections
  22. The Secret of Nayru
  23. Faceless
  24. Beyond Magic
  25. The Poisonous Smile
  26. Parallels
  27. A place to call home...
  28. As the Compass Swings
  29. A Ray of Hope
  30. True or False
  31. The Hero's Heir [Maybell]
  32. The Way of the Dragon
  33. Love is Banished
  34. A Bitter Sweet Departure
  35. Lost between Lands
  36. The Guardian's Grapheme
  37. The Book of Roots, First Tome
  38. Freedom, Pears and Apple Juice
  39. Realm of Shadows
  40. The Unformed Family Reunion
  41. Reforging of a Blade
  42. Heart of Shadow
  43. Tharohountis' Adventure
  44. [Prydden] The Yvwi Amayinehi
  45. Climbing Kyronos
  46. The Dragon Chronicles
  47. Ceyrnan's History
  48. Apple Blossom
  49. Shut Up
  50. Rebirth
  51. Legend of Zelda Roleplay
  52. The Reckoning Has Risen
  53. The Sorako
  54. Hated
  55. Demon Eyes
  56. Days of the Hyrulean Royal Knights
  57. Dark Side
  58. Alain Marshall: Wraths of War
  59. In the Shadows
  60. Stories of Alair
  61. A Fortuitous Month
  62. Encountering Waterfall Elder
  63. The Blackharrow Chapters
  64. Under the Red Sea
  65. Guilt Hurts.
  66. Hunt For the Silver Stag
  67. Stories of UZ and Clora.
  68. A god's story
  69. Kamen Rider Ego: Stories of Glory, Amazement, and Perversion!
  70. The Tale of the Demigod of power
  71. Epic Journey
  72. Goodbye to Old, Hello to New.
  73. Some Kind of Red: Exordium
  74. Search to the End
  75. The Beast Emerges Chap. 2 The skull kid
  76. Restoring the Luna Bracelet
  77. Right in Two
  78. The Chain of Pursuit
  79. The Beast Emerges CHAP.1 [Jasun]
  80. A Common Cause (a work in progress--everything still entirely subject to change)
  81. A Beautiful Lie
  82. iNto tHe BLaCk
  83. Taking the Saying "Know Thyself" a Bit Too Far
  84. Devin's Birthday Bash.
  85. Twisting Shadows and Deadly Darkness
  86. The Wishmaster
  87. True Stories
  88. A Mind Alone
  89. The Approaching Storm
  90. The Crystal of Darkness
  91. Anti-Crogon
  92. Deimos
  93. The Tainted
  94. Adventures of the Mind
  95. Shall We Dance?
  96. The Set-Up
  97. The Set-Up
  99. Flowers for Tragedies
  100. No Rest For The Wicked
  101. The Dawn Chorus
  102. Mystrez's Silent Killer - The Akaku's Challenge
  103. Letting Go
  104. The Fall of Hell
  105. A Test of Merit: The Locked Room Mystery
  106. Reclaiming the throne
  107. Monkian Mountain - The Tale of Harij
  108. Jeni's Story - Jeni's Dark Twin
  109. The Battle for Neo-Rome
  110. The battleground set-- a prophecy foretold
  111. The battleground set-- a prophecy foretold
  112. the stalchild oracle
  113. Tales Under the Moon
  114. Melmar's Origins
  115. The Ages Through the Eyes of an Elf
  116. Night's Assailants: Kallissius Rising
  117. Disciple
  118. Guardian Devil
  119. Destiny's Lament: Culmination
  120. Random Nightmares
  121. A Look Into the Past...
  122. Live and let live
  123. The song of Healing and Mask of the Black Truth: Gaiden
  124. The Song of Healing and Mask of the Black Truth
  125. Fireflies in the Night
  126. Ice Cold Emotions
  127. Heaven's Light
  128. Night of the Phoenix episode 6-11
  129. Kuro's secret past
  130. The Adventure of Yuna and Monoko
  131. A Kindred Spirit
  132. The Legend of the Weapon Master
  133. The Myths of Requinia
  134. Chronicles of Krayt: The Fate of Sytonia
  135. Dan The Half Demon: Mystery of the Past
  136. The Tale of the Dagger Cloven
  137. Angels on the Sideline
  138. the Corrupt Pact
  139. The Boy That Learned Nothing
  140. For what purpose?
  141. Angelic Vestiges: Murder of the Soul
  142. The Forgotten Wars
  143. The Neko Style
  144. The Spreading Infection
  145. Quest of Curses: The Followers
  146. Chronicles of the Abyss: A Cast Shadow of Brutality
  147. Quest of Curses: The Eternal Desert
  148. A Dying Soul's Last Call
  149. Night's Assailants: Valkyrian
  150. The Chronicles of Kandred
  151. A Student's Life
  152. The Crimson Aura
  153. Mano, A Vir Per a Fatum
  154. Fate's beginning
  155. The Bloodline of Assassin's Destiny
  156. Dark River: Revelations
  157. Love, Betrayal, and a Chance to Save the Day
  158. Shadow Birth: The Uniting Swords
  159. BOOM!
  160. A Choice of Fates
  161. Bittersweet
  162. search for his love
  163. Birth of the Dragon
  164. I Walk the Plank
  165. The truth of lies.
  166. "A string can only bend so far..."
  167. Celia's Story
  168. The Serene
  169. The War of Alliance: The Changes of Alliance
  170. Tale of the Universe's Destiny
  171. Legends of Horrandia:War comes home
  172. "Our Paths Made One:Inataro and Alturilas"
  173. The Journey of a Wandering Soul.
  174. Shadows of the uranet
  175. Battle Scarred
  176. Quest of Nine Tails
  177. A Thread of Hope
  178. The sentinal of destiny
  179. Returning Pasts and New Beginnings
  180. Trials of Krush: Kryptonoid Awakens
  181. Quest For The Healing Scale - Marlon The Samurai
  182. Zetchilan, the Terrorist
  183. An Angel's Redemption
  184. Angel Quest
  185. Angelic Vestiges: Emerald Night
  186. The Broken Village
  187. Childhood Dreams
  188. A Fighting Chance
  189. The Claws of The Wolf
  190. Black Wings
  191. A Test of Love
  192. The journey for two
  193. The Legend and the Legacy: Heroes of Light
  194. Heartless March
  195. Hyrule's Time Has Come
  196. Infection
  197. Chaos in a World of Difference
  198. Birth of a Dragon
  199. Shurikens Trials I
  200. The clash of the wraith.
  201. Shattered Memories: The Saga of Chronos
  202. Ever Looming Darkness
  203. The Lone Dvunrae (Varimathras)
  204. Blood Memoir: Reminiscences
  205. Now and Then
  206. The Unyielding Thief
  207. The life of a former king.
  208. Before Angel's Quest
  209. Undying Evil
  210. Tears of a Beast (May include mild or violent gore)
  212. Wolf Tears
  213. Immortal Eye, Inc.
  214. Rontu, the Merciful Demon
  215. Comments for Inataro/Alturilas
  216. The final battle of the Gaurd.
  217. The final Gorin fic.
  218. Gorin's back!!! Where was he? I don't know!!
  219. Gorin's hunt for Link. Warning! Extremely violent.
  220. A normal day in Gorin's life. Gore warning.
  221. Blind brother of link [PG-13]
  222. Character Fiction Policy
  223. Slag, the name of death.
  224. The way of the claws.
  225. The journey
  226. Visions of Armageddon: Cody Streetman's Story
  227. The Legend of Shekari: Part II
  228. The Angels' Destinies Comments Thread
  229. The Angels' Destinies
  230. Dan The Half Demon: The Call of Destiny
  231. You Whispered My Name As You Died
  232. The Legend of Shekari
  233. The Legend and the Legacy Comments
  234. The Legend and the Legacy: Guardians of Time
  235. Alturilas' path comments
  236. The Quest of Jack
  237. Ja'gan Ender of the Red Sky: Eternal Sacrifice?
  238. ? Where is my thread?!
  239. The Travels of Boomer
  240. Somday...
  241. If you are here, read this, then the rules (character policy)
  242. Enter Mr Bones....
  243. Challenger Lineup. If you wish to battle, come here.
  244. The Beginning
  245. The Sacred Fires Of Flamzer
  246. Inataro chronicles comments
  247. The War of the Phoenix (All my characters)
  248. The Legend of Ahab comment thread
  249. The Legend of Ahab
  250. SQ: The Prophecy Unfolds