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  1. Dungeons with story implications and ZWiiU's non-linearity
  2. What if The Legend of Zelda Wii U has online abilites? Lets talk about it!
  3. Tutorial area/mode
  4. Your own Dungeon Ideas
  5. Zelda not being royal
  6. More Emotional Attachment
  7. Majora's Mask's new home
  8. I think it would be cool if, in Zelda U, Link grows older as you progress through the game.
  9. Should Zelda take notes from Game of Thrones?
  10. How can rupees be made more relevant?
  11. The Triforce, Lore, & Shared Ambition
  12. What would you think of a game with huge open overworld and barely any dungeons
  13. The (alternate) Light world!
  14. Majora's Mask 3D for NEW 3DS?
  15. A Possible Crossover?
  16. Kokeri Forest in Zelda U
  17. Zelda - dungeon creator
  18. Child Link?
  20. Dungeons in Zelda U
  21. [Idea I have]Textbox, taunting, and NPC interaction
  22. Zelda Release Schedule
  23. The first in-game acknowledgement of the timeline
  24. Reuse of Assets and More than one Zelda per Gen
  25. Another Game Featuring the Link from ALttP/OoX/LA
  26. Different Treasure Chests for Maps and Compasses
  27. The return of the Hero of Time???
  28. Zelda to be in Wreck It Ralph 2?
  29. The Sealing War
  30. Nightmare + Hero of Time = ????
  31. A revisit to AoL gameplay?
  32. Continuing play after the final battle
  33. What do you want the companion character to be like in Zelda Wii U?
  34. voices
  35. Zelda And Link Should be Couple in Wii U
  36. What kind of mechanics would you like to see in Zelda U?
  37. How big is the new zelda wii u world really?
  38. Ideas!
  39. Open World Bosses?
  40. Possible "cursed" gameplay mechanic in Zelda Wii U?
  41. My Idea for a Zelda Game
  42. Majora's Mask HD Remake!
  43. What Technology Do You Want in Zelda U?
  44. My take: 'Open world and no boundaries'
  45. Indefinite boundaries in Zelda U?
  46. Narrative in Zelda U
  47. will zelda u be the best zelda game out of all of em?
  48. Cool story idea I have for ZeldaU
  49. Spells in Zelda
  50. New Villain for ZeldaU
  51. Does anyone else think Skyward sword/Twilight princess would be cool on the 3ds?
  52. The great flood
  53. Was anyone else disappointed at the graphics of Wii U Zelda?
  54. The third Oracle game
  55. Zelda Wii U's opening scenes
  56. Link becomes right handed forever?
  57. I really hope Link in Zelda Wii U is the same from AlttP..
  58. Majora's Mask 3DS confirmed?
  59. If you were to have one Zelda game remade
  60. New Zelda Ideas here
  61. The Valley of the Flood Concept
  62. ZeldaU Tunics?
  63. New possible 3DS game confirmed
  64. We will be able to live in ZeldaU
  65. Would you like to see a Zelda Maker?
  66. Other Zelda Spin-offs
  67. Zelda game with animals as 'items'
  68. Dungeon themes for zelda wii u?
  69. Who would you want to see in a new Zelda game?
  70. A Link to the Future to be released 2017 for 3CD
  71. The Importance of Terrain Variety
  72. 3DS Zelda to be a Zelda II inspired Metroidvania
  73. Should the next Zelda game feature a female Link?
  74. How to make Zelda more realistic (and more fun)
  75. I hope we get more enemy variety
  76. Second Zelda for Wii U
  77. Next portable Zelda game.
  78. The Legend of Zelda Wii U - Side quests, minigames etc. you would like to see?
  79. Zelda Wii U Musical Style
  80. Dumb Zelda items that you surprizingly want to see in another game!!!!!!!
  81. Motion Controls in Zelda U
  82. What if the Wii U Zelda created a new timeline split?
  83. Bring Back Awesome Animations
  84. 2015 or 2016: When will we actually play Zelda U?
  85. Post E3 2K14 Debut: Zelda U Wish List
  86. Combat Overhaul?
  87. Zelda Wii U voice acting: Yay or Nay ?
  88. Boundaries.
  89. Link has a sword, everyone calm down
  90. Will Ganon be in Zelda U?
  91. The Official The Legend of Zelda Wii U: News & Speculation Thread
  92. Zelda Wii U - Link is female?
  93. Zelda Wii U Rumors Validated
  94. Zelda U: hero of winds?
  95. Zelda U and Steampunk
  96. Just realized this
  97. Zelda games always have a catch or new Mechanic.
  98. Shocking News about Zelda Wii U!!!!!!!!
  99. Let's get a consensus on the Hero in Blue. Poll time.
  100. Speculation: "Link" in trailer is actually Link's female child
  101. Zelda Wii U Trailer Analysis
  102. Link or not Link? That is the question!
  103. Majora's Mask U
  104. Majora's Mask U
  105. Zelda U: Timeline Placement (E3 video analysis)
  106. Zelda Wii U First Impressions
  107. Video on Last minute Zelda/E3 prediction/Rumor round up
  108. The Legend of Zelda: Golden Crescent?
  109. Item Transportation in the Next Zelda Game (or the one after it...)
  110. Twists
  111. Zelda U name leak #2: "Unbound King"
  112. Game: Zelda U reveal Bingo (E3 2014)
  113. Zelda's future miniboses
  114. Zelda Wii U Leaks
  115. ZeldaU musical instrument
  116. Super Smash Bros hyrule edition
  117. Ack, I just had a dream about ZeldaU's E3 Trailer...it was horrible!!! (Zelda U dreams thread!)
  118. Let's play Zelda U reveal bingo
  119. What is a hardcore Zelda and would you want to play it?
  120. The Official The Legend of Zelda E3 2014 Countdown Thread - Goal reached
  121. Motion Controls, Classic Controls, or Both?
  122. New uses for old items
  123. Other Races Spinoff?
  124. Zelda Wii U Bets
  125. Help For a Video: All Notable Zelda WIIU E3 Rumors.
  126. My idea for the final LOZ game.
  127. Return to the Majora's Mask dungeon model
  128. Zelda Wii U in the Child Timeline
  129. Would you rather have a fantastical medieval culture, or a unique and creative culture?
  130. A possible Zelda Game with 2 Princess Zeldas at once!
  131. Pictobox: yes or no?
  132. I want Beacons to return, and Beacon Dowsing/Path
  133. Majora's Mask 3D: Now or never?
  134. Would you want to see a turn-based Zelda RPG?
  135. Quest based Zelda mechanic?
  136. Rumour: Legend of Zelda Shard of Nightmare??
  137. What can Nintendo add to fields to make it not feel empty
  138. Oracle of secrets (full game idea)
  139. The Legend of Zelda - The Sand Sceptre
  140. MM sequel, would you play it?
  141. a lil idea for a zelda game
  142. Idea for future Zelda game (in wich Link is undead )?!
  143. Majora's Mask 3D: possible release alongside Zelda U?
  144. Role-Reversal Zelda Game
  145. A Hyrule no one has imagined before
  146. If Retro Studios made a Zelda Game...
  147. Is there any new zelda games coming out soon?
  148. New Regular?
  149. Future Link Ideas
  150. A new look for Link in Zelda U?
  151. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link REMAKE
  152. Difficulty MeterS
  153. Zelda U - Should it be rated T or E?
  154. Majora's Mask like game: what would you want?
  155. Dark Link Idea - (female)
  156. Will we ever see FSA on VC?
  157. Zelda 1 remake
  158. What if Zelda Wii U didn't have Link?
  159. Four Swords: Heroes
  160. How Nintendo might create a successful remake of Zelda II
  161. Adventure: The game that might save the Wii U
  162. The Legend of Zelda - A Link Between Scenarios
  163. Greninja is more powerful than sheak
  164. Let's face it: Zelda isn't all that anymore. And won't be again from how it's been going.
  165. Hyrule Castle Wii U
  166. Link's curse
  167. Take your bets now, will ZeldaU suck, decent, or awesome?
  168. regarding zelda u graphics
  169. What do you think ZeldaU will have(not what you want, but what it will have)
  170. Anyone else wanna see the Sacred Realm in a future game?
  171. The Lack of ZeldaU news is driving me crazy
  172. How about a direct sequel to Twilight Princess?
  173. Twinrova in a future game?!
  174. An Idea for a future Four Sword game
  175. The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Colosseum (Fan Idea)
  176. Just a random idea from the top of my head
  177. Anyone else sick to death of EYES?
  178. Mario enemies in a 3D Zelda
  179. Oracle of Secrets - An awesome idea for a future game which will probably never happen
  180. Zelda spin-off ideas
  181. The Legend of Zelda - Palace of Distress (Whole overworld is a dungeon)
  182. The original vision
  183. Multiple Hyrules in 1 world idea!
  184. Zelda Trilogy
  185. Akihiko Yoshida for Zelda?
  186. The end of "themed" dungeons
  187. They need to make an M rated Zelda game
  188. Could Zelda WiiU end up rushed due to Nintendo's situation?
  189. Reusing an Overworld
  190. A third "Hero of Time" game
  191. Zelda Wii U 'Leaks'
  192. What do you like to see most out of a Zelda plot/story?
  193. Why it would be a good idea for Zelda U to be a Majora's Mask sequel
  194. Hero of time (lines)
  195. Prediction: Zelda-U will be victim of the "zelda cycle"
  196. A new 2D Zelda or a 3D Zelda
  197. Zelda III
  198. How would you feel about the inclusion of alternate dimensions in the new Wii U Zelda? Yay or nay?
  199. Going Back
  200. The Legend of Zelda - Forgotten Kingdom
  201. Should Nintendo remake a handheld Zelda game?
  202. Post-apocalyptic game?
  203. Transportation?
  204. Key Management: Should it make a comeback?
  205. Would you be okay with Link being a jerk in the next game.
  206. Can we have a foe or foes with more impact on the setting? Who are also maybe effective enough?
  207. Toon Link as an Adult?
  208. Another Game Outside of Hyrule
  209. Are game overs supposed to be few and far between?
  210. Am I the only one who misses Tingle?
  211. Future Zelda Wii U Game Timeline
  212. Great Flood Drainage Ideas
  213. Monster Death Animations
  214. When do you think Zelda will end and how?
  215. Should Zelda Wii U "Look up" to ALBW?
  216. What type of new villain would you like to see in the new Wii U Zelda?
  217. Nintendo overcompensates for past Zelda mistakes
  218. What exactly is taking it "too far" when it comes to Zelda?
  219. Your Perfect Zelda Wii U
  220. The royal family besides Zelda and a king.
  221. Disney Death Syndrome...
  222. Return of the Original Overworld Theme
  223. New Hyrule in a 3D zelda
  224. Small keys
  225. Hero of Time To Return?
  226. Lorule...
  227. Should the first two Zeldas be remade?
  228. So, what are the chances of a Majoras Mask remake on the 3DS?
  229. Will Navi Make a Comeback?
  230. Ideas for future scary dungeons
  231. Will Zelda U be good or will it bomb hard?
  232. Official Mangas Between Games?
  233. Left Over Plot...
  234. Who would play Ura Zelda if it were to be made as a downloadable game from the Nintedo Eshop?
  235. A portable 3D Zelda?
  236. Heck Yeah! Ryo Nagamatsu! (Zelda U's soundtrack)
  237. Majora's Mask Prequel (Idea)
  238. Should the next Zelda be lighthearted throughout the game?
  239. Why can't there be a LoZ creation game?
  240. Return of old baddies?
  241. A Link To The Past 3ds remake?
  242. Link's Awakening Sequel GO!
  243. Bowser as a zelda villain?
  244. Amazing new Zelda Idea
  245. Wii U Zelda- Will it be amazing?
  246. We need Yoshiaki Koizumi to work on Zelda for the Wii U
  247. Do you think Nintendo will make a Ocarina of Time HD remake for the Wii U?
  248. 9 Wishes for Zelda U (a wishlist)
  249. The Zelda series should have more dragons
  250. Three difficulty levels