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  1. Dark Link Idea - (female)
  2. Will we ever see FSA on VC?
  3. Zelda 1 remake
  4. What if Zelda Wii U didn't have Link?
  5. Four Swords: Heroes
  6. How Nintendo might create a successful remake of Zelda II
  7. Adventure: The game that might save the Wii U
  8. The Legend of Zelda - A Link Between Scenarios
  9. Greninja is more powerful than sheak
  10. How I want Hyrule warriors
  11. Let's face it: Zelda isn't all that anymore. And won't be again from how it's been going.
  12. Hyrule Castle Wii U
  13. Link's curse
  14. Take your bets now, will ZeldaU suck, decent, or awesome?
  15. regarding zelda u graphics
  16. What do you think ZeldaU will have(not what you want, but what it will have)
  17. Anyone else wanna see the Sacred Realm in a future game?
  18. The Lack of ZeldaU news is driving me crazy
  19. How about a direct sequel to Twilight Princess?
  20. Twinrova in a future game?!
  21. An Idea for a future Four Sword game
  22. The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Colosseum (Fan Idea)
  23. Just a random idea from the top of my head
  24. Anyone else sick to death of EYES?
  25. Mario enemies in a 3D Zelda
  26. Oracle of Secrets - An awesome idea for a future game which will probably never happen
  27. Zelda spin-off ideas
  28. The Legend of Zelda - Palace of Distress (Whole overworld is a dungeon)
  29. The original vision
  30. Multiple Hyrules in 1 world idea!
  31. Zelda Trilogy
  32. Akihiko Yoshida for Zelda?
  33. The end of "themed" dungeons
  34. They need to make an M rated Zelda game
  35. Could Zelda WiiU end up rushed due to Nintendo's situation?
  36. Reusing an Overworld
  37. A third "Hero of Time" game
  38. Zelda Wii U 'Leaks'
  39. What do you like to see most out of a Zelda plot/story?
  40. Why it would be a good idea for Zelda U to be a Majora's Mask sequel
  41. Hyrule Warriors speculation
  42. Hero of time (lines)
  43. Prediction: Zelda-U will be victim of the "zelda cycle"
  44. A new 2D Zelda or a 3D Zelda
  45. Zelda III
  46. How would you feel about the inclusion of alternate dimensions in the new Wii U Zelda? Yay or nay?
  47. Going Back
  48. The Legend of Zelda - Forgotten Kingdom
  49. Should Nintendo remake a handheld Zelda game?
  50. Post-apocalyptic game?
  51. Transportation?
  52. Key Management: Should it make a comeback?
  53. Would you be okay with Link being a jerk in the next game.
  54. Can we have a foe or foes with more impact on the setting? Who are also maybe effective enough?
  55. Toon Link as an Adult?
  56. Another Game Outside of Hyrule
  57. Are game overs supposed to be few and far between?
  58. Am I the only one who misses Tingle?
  59. Future Zelda Wii U Game Timeline
  60. Great Flood Drainage Ideas
  61. Monster Death Animations
  62. When do you think Zelda will end and how?
  63. Should Zelda Wii U "Look up" to ALBW?
  64. What type of new villain would you like to see in the new Wii U Zelda?
  65. Nintendo overcompensates for past Zelda mistakes
  66. What exactly is taking it "too far" when it comes to Zelda?
  67. Your Perfect Zelda Wii U
  68. The royal family besides Zelda and a king.
  69. Disney Death Syndrome...
  70. Return of the Original Overworld Theme
  71. New Hyrule in a 3D zelda
  72. Small keys
  73. Hero of Time To Return?
  74. Lorule...
  75. Should the first two Zeldas be remade?
  76. So, what are the chances of a Majoras Mask remake on the 3DS?
  77. Will Navi Make a Comeback?
  78. Ideas for future scary dungeons
  79. Will Zelda U be good or will it bomb hard?
  80. Official Mangas Between Games?
  81. Left Over Plot...
  82. Who would play Ura Zelda if it were to be made as a downloadable game from the Nintedo Eshop?
  83. A portable 3D Zelda?
  84. Heck Yeah! Ryo Nagamatsu! (Zelda U's soundtrack)
  85. Majora's Mask Prequel (Idea)
  86. Should the next Zelda be lighthearted throughout the game?
  87. Why can't there be a LoZ creation game?
  88. Return of old baddies?
  89. A Link To The Past 3ds remake?
  90. Link's Awakening Sequel GO!
  91. Bowser as a zelda villain?
  92. Amazing new Zelda Idea
  93. Wii U Zelda- Will it be amazing?
  94. We need Yoshiaki Koizumi to work on Zelda for the Wii U
  95. Do you think Nintendo will make a Ocarina of Time HD remake for the Wii U?
  96. 9 Wishes for Zelda U (a wishlist)
  97. The Zelda series should have more dragons
  98. Three difficulty levels
  99. Hyrule Warriors Roster Speculation Thread
  100. Why don't they make a 3D Zelda that moves away from "puzzles"?
  101. Hyrule Warriors
  102. Sheik playable during the Imprisoning War
  103. A Zelda Mario Crossover...?
  104. Gannon Gaiden story
  105. A third Four Swords game
  106. ALBW spin-off (not based on Hilda, spoilers within)
  107. unusual distribution of the Triforce pieces
  108. Zelda U DLC
  109. Is the Majora's Mask fan hype influencing Zelda Wii U?
  110. What does Zelda U need to have to sell Wii U consoles?
  111. Do you think Nintendo will announce Zelda U at VGX tonight?
  112. a game that takes some pointers from LOZ
  113. A completely customizable Link
  114. i had a zelda dream...
  115. Bestiary
  116. Majora's Mask sequel
  117. Personal opinion on new game
  118. new game where evil is playable
  119. Ideas for Future Dungeons
  120. A small idea for the next Zelda
  121. more timeline splits
  122. Wind Waker Water Temple
  123. Spoilers: The Legend of Hilda
  124. Nintendo teases something for VGX (VGA) 2013
  125. Wind Waker timeline- Modern Zelda game
  126. Did anybody else want a Beta version of Twilight Princess to be released?
  127. Era Without a Hero or An Unlikely One
  128. Zelda Wii U Prediction Thread
  129. Location Speculation in A Link Between Worlds
  130. Would you like Master Quest to be used again?
  131. Game.co.uk poster mistake? :D
  132. Link should have a brother
  133. Idea for a future Zelda: Different varieties of Redead
  134. [NEWS] Eiji Aonuma about future Zelda's art style.
  135. Fi and Midna: two extremes? Happy medium for the next companion?
  136. Future Concepts
  137. Whats your fav.? WiiU zelda, or Link between worlds?
  138. What age would link be in?
  139. mmhd?
  140. Around what age would you like to see Link in Zelda for the Wii U?
  141. I've thought of a way to approach "Woman Link" and Zelda being playable in a console game.
  142. Is anyone disappointed about Yuga?
  143. More Information about Zelda Wii U...
  144. Check this out: Perfect idea for a Zelda U overworld design.
  145. Explain why Navi's back on the WiiU game.....Please....
  146. Ideas for Future Characters!
  147. Is it me, or does the new Zelda have a lot of references to Oracle of Seasons and Ages?
  148. Zelda's Aonuma discusses the dangers of games that help too much
  149. MM3D remake hinted in ALBW?
  150. The third Oracle game
  151. I'm not sure this would be done right, but still.
  152. Zelda likes Link??????
  153. Windylink: Zelda + Link Picture Contest
  154. Zelda Steampunk????
  155. Windy Link Oct. Update
  156. You can have a story and a free dungeon choice
  157. A futuristic Zelda
  158. Young Link for Wii U?
  159. Features of Previous Games That Should Return.
  160. Is Irene Maple?
  161. Crystal of Time
  162. What if...?
  163. Speculation: A Link Between World shows us what Zelda Wii U will be like
  164. Link needs a design change.
  165. Zelda Wii U: Nunchuck, Pro Controller, or GamePad?
  166. Adult Link.. No, a REAL Adult Link.
  167. My namesake
  168. Ganon/Ganondorf in a Link Between Worlds?
  169. possible female link?
  170. Castle town similar to Bowerstone
  171. Prediction: ALttP on 3DS/U VC soon
  172. The fine line between comedy/drama in Zelda.
  173. 2D as 3D?
  174. Will the timline always be split in three?
  175. Will the AT always be Cell Shaded?
  176. Okay, hear me out...
  177. New wiiu paterns
  178. New Zelda Music
  179. My idea of Zelda for 3DS
  180. Is there anything bad about a cinematic Zelda?
  181. Some tidbits of news from Eiji Aonuma
  182. Zelda and Horror Themes
  183. [Idea] Game Progress & Result screen!
  184. Will Nintendo EVER remake Majora’s Mask?
  185. Do You want A New OOX like Game?
  186. I'd likr NPC's or (other characters) to play a larger role.
  187. Link isn't the hero any more...
  188. I think everything is pretty okay.
  189. Link's house.
  190. What's your development dream team for a Zelda game?
  191. How You React To A Modern Zelda 1-7
  192. Rumor: The Legend of Zelda Book of Hyrule (Wii U), announcement at TGS
  193. Voice Actors?
  194. What Era do you want Zelda Wii U to be in? & Where?
  195. ZeldaU in First-person - Thoughts?
  196. A crazy idea. Three Links!
  197. After Watching the Possibly Fake Majora's Mask Wii U Trailer, my thoughts were...
  198. How about a new cellshaded Zelda set in Hyrule?
  199. Should Link be an avatar or his own character?
  200. A Zelda game according to the manga skit in Hyrule Historia?
  201. Do you hope for as an option to use the wii mote on WWHD?
  202. New dungeon "elements"
  203. Legend of Zelda: King of Darkness
  204. Future Zelda Idea
  205. I hope the original Ganondorf isn't dead for good
  206. Midna in Another Game
  207. Helper optional
  208. What would you like to see...?
  209. Would you like an Option for dialogue text-speed? (Slow, Fast, Instant)?
  210. I think I know why most people don't like water dungeons
  211. What should the main gameplay concept(s) Zelda Wii U be?
  212. Good idea to name the Links Heroes of elements?
  213. Should the Hero of Time ever return in a game?
  214. New Rumours! (Wooo!)?
  215. Would you like a LoZ remake?
  216. Do you want a remake of Majora's Mask?
  217. Will we ever see another game like AOL?
  218. Neither MM nor WW are the right game to remake...
  219. Multiple swords in a game?
  220. We Need a DS/3DS Zelda with a SHADOW BATTLE for multiplayer!
  221. More Difficult/Epic Bosses?
  222. Why not a HD Majoras Mask?
  223. Is creating the "perfect" zelda game unrealistic from a developer's standpoint?
  224. War in the Overworld?
  225. What enemies would you like to see in future Zelda games?
  226. More anatomy in the Zelda-series.
  227. They need to make Link POWERFUL again, and not only rely on swords and tools
  228. Predicting Vaati's Involvement in New Games
  229. Okay, somebody explain why Link shouldn't be speaking more.
  230. More live in future Zelda games.
  231. Dealbreakers
  232. Im calling MM will come to 3DS next year!
  233. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Pt 2
  234. Is Demise the new Ganon?
  235. What are you looking forward to in Zelda WiiU?
  236. A game that takes place over a periods of time?
  237. Playable Zelda
  238. Missed Opportunity for Nintendo once again!
  239. Should Zelda add in a mixed race?
  240. The "I'm calling it now" Thread - Zelda U
  241. Timeline wise...what would you like to see for the next major Zelda console game?
  242. Termina is a Treasure, Links awakening Remake?
  243. Is SS better of in Zeldas view?
  244. would you like to see Ice prophecy and Fire prophecy?
  245. New Zelda title and TP connection?
  246. if there was a zelda majoras mask remake would you want it on wii u or 3ds?
  247. Capcom should develop a 3D Zelda title.
  248. Black holes in dungeons.
  249. Voice Acting in Future Zelda
  250. Should Ganon and Hyrule Have Stayed in the Past?