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  1. LoZ E3 HD Tech Demo: Will Zelda graphics ever meet these expectations?
  2. similarity between skyward & zelda II in term of combat
  3. 1.61803399
  4. Angels vs Deamons Theme
  5. Things they need to bring back in SS
  6. Is there going to be another Design A Boss contest this year?
  7. Co-op with Zelda WiiU?
  8. Cultural influences?
  9. Skyward Sword E3 2011 Trailer Sheet Music?
  10. Water in Skyward Sword
  11. A tragedy on the Adult Timeline? Backstory idea for a game
  12. I hope rabbits will be in Skyward Sword
  13. Debbie might not be main villian
  14. Should I read the major spoilers news post?
  15. Psychic Preminition SS Plot
  16. Do they know about the Triforce?
  17. Shield Meter
  18. Skyward Sword Rewind Theater E3 2011
  19. Roundtable discussion video released
  20. SS boss battle with Lord Ghirahim, as seen at e3
  21. My goodness she's adorable: The SS Zelda Thread
  22. Why Zelda should NEVER Stop!
  23. Wii motion plus calibration
  24. "Debbie" is a Flaming Homosexual!!!!!
  25. Lord Girlhim pt. 2
  26. Anyone else have this fear from the trailer?
  27. Dead Hand in 3D? I don't think so!
  28. This holiday season?
  29. Lord Girlhim
  30. Miyamoto Planning to Shut Down Zelda if SS Isn't Successful
  31. Adelle's name is "Phi"!
  32. Siren World
  33. What are your impressions of SS Now after E3?
  34. Four Swords For DSi Download!!!
  35. Upgrading Items
  36. E3 2011 Online Press Kit
  37. Skyward Sword E3 2011 Demo
  38. New Species in SS.
  39. Kinda OT: With the new Zelda game coming out,
  40. So will E3 give a official SS release date?
  41. Another trailer
  42. New SS screens
  43. Skyward Sword E3 2011 Trailer Analysis Discussion
  44. New Wii U Zelda game?
  46. ~.:12 HOURS REMAIN THREAD:.~
  47. Skyward Sword GDC Trailer: Majora!!!
  48. A bunch of leaks from the guy who accurately leaked the 3DS
  49. hyped!
  50. Mario Easter Egg Update: Like or Dis-Like?
  51. Is anyone else...
  52. New Races
  53. Who would you choose?
  54. Live Choir for SS to Appear at E3?
  55. Majora's Mask
  56. SS vs Journey: Moving Painting
  57. Feirce Deity side story
  58. Skyward Sword :Amazing Trailer Revelation
  59. OoT 3DS SPOILER: Remember those Mario paintings in Hyrule Castle?
  60. Final SS Release Date Predictions
  61. strange finding in skyward sword artwork?
  62. 2D Sidescrolling RPG Zelda Flash game
  63. New Game idea! =]
  64. New Zelda Game to be revealed this E3 for 25th Anniversary
  65. How about
  66. This idea's been bugging me...
  67. 25th Anniversary announcement to be made at E3
  68. Majora's Mask 3DS?
  69. NEW RUMOR!
  70. Do you think they should have left the water temple alone?
  71. New "Zelda Universe" game? what do u think this means?
  72. Ganondorf in SS?
  73. A Zelda title for Project Cafe should have a Dungeon Creator
  74. Steampunk LoZ
  75. Zelda Williams working in Super Secret Nintendo.
  76. Zelda Universe
  77. Production value
  78. Should Link get a partner?
  79. The OoT Water Temple
  80. About Zelda in Skyward Sword...
  81. The best thing Nintendo could do with SS
  82. What Will You Do After You Beat Skyward Sword.?
  83. The Skyward Sword's Treasure Seeking=Lens of Truth-ish Item?
  84. On the subject of Zelda's aesthetic future...
  85. Link's Next Adventure in Termina
  86. Idea for a villain
  87. Childhood friend (insert enemy here)
  88. Realistic Zelda
  89. What Were Your Impressions When Your First Saw Skyward Sword's Trailer.?
  90. How will YOU play SS?
  91. Which Zelda are you looking forward to?
  92. I actually don't like OoT 3d's graphics
  93. Skyward Sword Logo Looks Like The Logo In The Hylian Shield, But Why.?
  94. Three E3's, and we're still waiting.
  95. How 'Bout A Zelda Game With...
  96. SS has Something up its Sleeve
  98. The Legend of Zelda: Origins of Life
  99. 1st person camera option battle
  100. Optional Link emotions
  101. What We Can Expect from Skyward Sword at E3 2011
  102. Vaati Most Likely To Be The New Main Villain In Skyward Sword.!
  103. Have you pre-ordered SS yet?
  104. Link needs, like, a facelift or something...
  105. What Do You Guys Think About Skyward Sword?
  106. Who Do You Think Should Be The Next "Main Villain" In The Legend Of Zelda?
  107. Things that seem confirmed for SS but may not be...
  108. Why Hate On Ganondorf. If Link Has Been There 100% Of The Time.
  109. why vaati may be in skyward sword
  110. Leaked Skyward Sword Gameplay - Shadowspade Temple
  111. What would Zelda on "Nintendo Cafe" look like?
  112. Dungeon Music needs improvement
  113. Zelda post MM
  114. Old Zelda Commercial. LOL
  115. A New View
  116. Third HoT Game?
  117. Interesting Spin-off game Idea
  118. Majora's Mask and Skyward Sword
  119. Rumor: LoZ for NES in "3D classics"?
  120. A few composers who might be good for Zelda
  121. HD Zelda
  122. SkyWard Sword (or a another future Zelda game) needs a Dungeon creator.
  123. new Zelda online
  124. Continue to keep Zelda series E for everypony.
  125. Official Skyward Sword Release Date?
  126. Is Zelda too Utopian?
  127. Zelda Big Planet 2: Infamous
  128. Would you like for Link's design to change?
  129. What Role do you think Princess Zelda's will have in SS?
  130. what opening...
  131. Should Nintendo Start Designing a NEW Legend of Zelda for 3DS?
  132. Skyward Sword Discussion
  133. What are you most looking forward to about Skyward Sword?
  134. This is probably the weirdest thing anybody has noticed about Skyward Sword
  135. What are you most looking forward to in Ocarina of Time 3DS?
  136. Should we have more scary dungeons in future Zelda Games?
  137. Ocarina of Time Additions
  138. What Color Should Zelda's Hair be in the Next Game?
  139. Should we have a futuristic Zelda?
  140. The Wind Waker's Toon Style vs Realistic Graphics
  141. What would be your idea of the ULTIMATE Zelda game?
  142. Link Needs a GUN!
  143. Cel-shading = childish
  144. a lttp 3d version.
  145. Far more hype for SS than for OOT 3D?
  146. So who is excited for Oot on 3DS?
  147. online zelda
  148. online zelda
  149. 70's Zelda?
  150. What Do You Think of Ocarina of Time 3D's Graphics?
  151. Skyward sword delayed for Wii2?
  152. LTTP 3Ds?
  153. Is there going to be a new Zelda Wii game in the near future?
  154. Miyamoto wants to hand over Zelda to one of the younger teams
  155. Skyward Sword Link's tunic's
  156. New retro studios project
  157. who would like a zelda game from a different perspective?
  158. Zelda Needs a Serious Revamp.
  159. Why ganon Will be in SS
  160. Earth and Wind Sages in SS
  161. Grezzo, and other 3rd parties, developing more Handheld Zelda
  162. SS dungeon layout
  163. No instrument in SS
  164. music that's simply "skyward"
  165. Link's transportation between Skyloft & Hyrule?
  166. The black light (divine darkness)
  167. Future Zelda Games
  168. Skyward Sword will be ported to the new console?
  169. MM Boss System in new OOT 3DS ?
  170. Ocarina of Time 3D Release Date Confirmed, June 19 (Boxart inside)
  171. M rated zelda game?
  172. Oppinions on new Zelda games
  173. Your ideal Zelda game...
  174. Debbie
  175. A Zelda MMORPG
  176. Return of Fierce Deity?
  177. Some boss sends a creature after anywhere
  178. Skyward Sword Release Date
  179. Zelda Cinematic Scenes
  180. Hombre, this is for you...
  181. Team Link (hopefully not that that corny)
  182. What if Link wan't human.
  183. NGamer 'Zelda explosion' on sale today
  184. Clichés in the Zelda series...
  185. Open World in Skyward Sword? Dungeons? Thoughts from Demo.
  186. Do You Think "Debbie" Will Be The Main Villain Of Skyward Sword?
  187. Do you think Skyward sword will be a good game?
  188. What if Debbie is actually Majora
  189. A New Side-Scrolling Zelda Game?
  190. Dungeon inside a giant beast
  191. Zelda: OoT3D release date leaked
  192. What do you want to see in this game? A Sheikah Race perhaps?
  193. Will the Zelda series ever stop using the "two worlds" gameplay mechanic?
  194. Aussie pre-order bonus for OoT 3DS (& confirmed release date?)
  195. Re: Milking the franchise with Ocarina of Time 3D
  196. Milking the franchise with Ocarina of Time 3D
  197. Original OoT or OoT3D first?
  198. Spirit tracks for wii?
  199. the well and shadow temple in OOT 3DS
  200. Not a Futuristic Zelda game, but...
  201. What Kind of Items would you like to see again?
  202. Shirtless Link?
  203. What enemies would you like to see back?
  204. Two new Formula ideas
  205. Master Quest 3D: what do we expect?
  206. Parallel or Succesive ?
  207. Skull Kid in Skyward Sword?!? *Screenshot link inside*
  208. Ideas for Future Places
  209. -So Is Ganon/Ganondorf finished?(spoiler alert WW/TP)
  210. Skyloft and the Kokiri Forest
  211. Both timelines end and a third one is created
  212. Best Zelda (Imagined)
  213. How Nintendo can make SS really good.
  214. Temples of The Future: Competition
  215. New types of Keys
  216. Zelda's 25th Anniversary?
  217. Ocarina of Time 3DS Graphics
  218. How should Nintendo wrap up the Zelda series?
  219. TP Ganon meant 4 SS
  220. What if Link gets captured and Zelda is the hero?
  221. Majora's Mask 3DS
  222. Zelda DLC
  223. Going Back To E3 2009 and 2010
  224. Annoying companions
  225. Things You Want To Keep From Old Games
  226. The next enemy base
  227. I think in the game after ss the villain should be...
  228. New OOT3D content!
  229. Zelda 3DS
  230. SS Character Models
  231. Skyward Sword: Nay or Yay?
  232. Orchestrated Zelda Music
  233. We Need A New 2D Zelda Game
  234. I would really like to see this art style at a next Zelda.
  235. Dudes
  236. Male/Female Link
  237. All gaps are filled/No more Ganon
  238. Pokemon and 3DS delayed Skyward Sword!!!
  239. Skyward sword-any good?
  240. New Skyward Sword Villain
  241. OoT3DS To Include Master Quest
  242. SS - Is Nintendo really SELLING it yet?
  243. Skyward Sword Music Speculation
  244. OoT3D comes with master quest apparently
  245. I was thinking, and the option hud could possibly be...
  246. Ocarina of Time Trilogy
  247. SS Guy- Gilded Sword or Adam Lambert?!
  248. Zelda skyward sword will be awesome
  249. I'm really hoping in SS or a future Zelda game, they decide to
  250. The graphics and gameplay of SS are not worthy to surpass OoT.