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  1. The Princess and the Pauper
  2. Legend of Zelda: The Princess Strikes Back
  3. The skyward sword ranting thread.
  4. Quote from Twilight Princess
  5. Do you want Ganon/dorf in SS?
  6. Wii u zelda
  7. Super Zelda Galaxy: Your Thoughts.
  8. Majora's Mask Sequel/Prequel?
  9. Ashamed
  10. Who wants magic to return?
  11. Why is everyone still calling Lord Ghirahim Debbie?
  12. Skyward Sword: What do you look forward to?
  13. Building Phi
  14. Should Link have his own text box in future Zelda games?
  15. So... puzzles
  16. Bioware vs. Bethesda: Who would make the better Zelda game?
  17. More SS Info: Timeline talk, MS Spirit, new races, etc.
  18. Triforce spotted in SS trailer!
  19. Majora's mask remake and sequel?
  20. Would you play a game where...
  21. Will we have a "higher" boss?
  22. what lord ghirahim remind of off
  23. A Fatal Flaw.
  24. Longest Zelda game???
  25. Operation Moonfall
  26. What about (I guess another) game with seasons?
  27. New, Newest Information on Zelda Skyword Sword
  28. returning to the sky temple theory, link 2nd or 3rd encounter with ghirahim
  29. should Skyward sword appear at the ebgames expo 2011
  30. Double B review on skyward sword
  31. Skyward Swords Resolutions
  33. Will Zelda Game and Watch ever come to the eShop?
  34. Chracter developement in skyward sword love it or hate it?
  35. You want Majora's Mask 3D for the Nintendo 3DS? Tell Nintendo!
  36. Show me
  37. Phi in grahim demo fight
  38. Aonuma: "Want Majora's Mask 3D? Make some noise!" + Skyward Sword Content & Wii U
  39. Mobility in the land under the clouds
  40. So Her Name's "Phi"?
  41. GameSpot's interview with Bill Trinen--more new information
  42. Aonuma drops major details Skyward Sword (MAJOR SPOILERS)
  43. 'Zelda Symphony' Official Site!
  44. Grass Penguins in SS are Kokori?
  45. Fado and Laruto in SS?
  46. SS new Comic-Con trailer
  47. Another OOT remake
  48. OoT characters
  49. Innovation: What is it?
  50. Zelda fan's picks
  51. a Zelda RPG?
  52. Legend of Zelda "Online"
  53. The Legend of Zelda: MM Sequel
  54. Catherine...@_@
  55. About a modern day Zelda setting
  56. Fairy in Zelda HD?
  57. Ideas for Skyward Sword final boss thread
  59. Ghirahim called "she" in Gameinformer
  60. If Nintendo decides to make Majora's Mask 3D...
  61. WiiU Termina?
  62. ALTTP 3DS virtual console?
  63. Everyone 100 years?
  64. Zelda series should go intensified
  65. Voice Acting
  66. Im tired of the Hylian Shield!
  67. I found a video of Skyward Sword....
  68. Zelda wii u
  69. Naming Link's SkyBird
  70. CutScenes and Events in hyrule
  71. Why Skyward sword will trample Twilight Princess
  72. Would you like to see the Oocca in Skyard Sword?
  73. You are working on the Majora's mask sequel:
  74. Skyward sword's items
  75. New Info on Skyward Sword, Confirmed, Not Confirmed And Rumours
  76. I played Skyward Sword in my dreams.
  77. Discuss your ideas on future Villains!
  78. Mexican food or Italian food You choose!
  79. I'm not buying a WiiU if there isn't a realistic Zelda entry.
  80. An Original 3DS Zelda
  81. zeldafan888 rant on skyward sword
  82. What if there were no pieces of heart?
  83. Skyloft the only area in the sky?
  84. More re-purposed music.
  85. Please Stop Complaining :|
  86. Zelda four swords adventures 2?
  87. Original remake!...sort of
  88. Zelda II Remake
  89. Series staples returning in SS
  90. Zelda Characters in Future Smash Bros
  91. Double A's new rant about SS.
  92. Ganondorf in SS?
  93. Skyward Sword is OFFICIALLY COMPLETE!
  94. The Magic 71 rupees.
  95. Zelda + Assassins Creed
  96. Eiji Aonuma Famitsu Interview Details; Makes Comparison to Majora's Mask
  97. 2 Possible 3ds Zelda games...
  98. zelda tech demo real i game graphics?
  99. I Wish Zelda Could Be More like Resident Evil 4
  100. Building/Rebuilding Hyrule
  101. What if you could name the villan aswell
  102. I don't like Link's lips
  103. What would happen if Shigeru Miyamoto died?
  104. Hylian Shield idea!
  105. The Beetle Conundrum
  106. Who wants to see another Zelda game featuring the original Hero of Time?
  107. Should Nintendo use the the "3 days" gimmick again?
  108. The idea of job classes in a zelda game
  109. Rewards for doing optional quests in SS
  110. Ending blow in Skyward Sword!
  111. Dynamic Zelda?
  112. Wind Waker 3D?
  113. Wii U Zelda - HD Gameplay Demo (E3 2011) from IGN
  114. Should majora return?
  115. Is Skyward Sword Done?
  116. Will IGN give Skyward Sword a perfect 10?
  117. Zelda in Development for Wii U!
  118. The Next Ocarina of Time
  119. Link meets the Goddesses
  120. W00t got to play Skyward Sword
  121. Zelda Ura Hack, by someone I'm aqquainted with...
  122. A New Saving System in Skyward Sword?
  123. Majora's Mask sequel... on 3DS
  124. Paper Zelda?
  125. Zelda AR cards
  126. petition for a MM remake?
  127. Ocarina of Time 3D Soundtrack
  128. "Take me off the back burner!" Wii U Zelda Game
  129. Paper that comes with OOT3D says that Skyward Sword comes out in Fall
  130. Should Zelda be more violent?
  131. Wii U Zelda, what do you want?
  132. Deku Tree in Skyward Sword?
  133. What are your thoughts on SS Now after E3 2011?
  134. Future Zelda Game Opening Idea(s)?!?!
  135. Hyrule in Skyward Sword
  136. Idea: Another game set in Termina?
  137. Zelda Skyward Sword Acoustic Main Theme
  138. Shiek in SS??
  139. New powers given to Link.
  140. new transportation type?
  141. Zelda Fighting Game?
  142. Zelda games that should be remade on 3DS
  143. Link using 2 swords at once?
  144. Nearly Every
  145. Gender choices?
  146. Would you like to see a Zelda game with a tragic end?
  147. new items
  148. New zelda game ideas
  149. Zelda and the Wii U
  150. Shield Meeter, what does it do?
  151. NoE press site says Skyward Sword coming in August 2011
  152. OoT 3DS: Normal Quest or Master Quest?
  153. Skyward Sword Abstinence Movement
  154. Flying Combat?
  155. LoZ E3 HD Tech Demo: Will Zelda graphics ever meet these expectations?
  156. similarity between skyward & zelda II in term of combat
  157. 1.61803399
  158. Angels vs Deamons Theme
  159. Things they need to bring back in SS
  160. Is there going to be another Design A Boss contest this year?
  161. Co-op with Zelda WiiU?
  162. Cultural influences?
  163. Skyward Sword E3 2011 Trailer Sheet Music?
  164. Water in Skyward Sword
  165. A tragedy on the Adult Timeline? Backstory idea for a game
  166. I hope rabbits will be in Skyward Sword
  167. Debbie might not be main villian
  168. Should I read the major spoilers news post?
  169. Psychic Preminition SS Plot
  170. Do they know about the Triforce?
  171. Shield Meter
  172. Skyward Sword Rewind Theater E3 2011
  173. Roundtable discussion video released
  174. SS boss battle with Lord Ghirahim, as seen at e3
  175. My goodness she's adorable: The SS Zelda Thread
  176. Why Zelda should NEVER Stop!
  177. Wii motion plus calibration
  178. "Debbie" is a Flaming Homosexual!!!!!
  179. Lord Girlhim pt. 2
  180. Anyone else have this fear from the trailer?
  181. Dead Hand in 3D? I don't think so!
  182. This holiday season?
  183. Lord Girlhim
  184. Miyamoto Planning to Shut Down Zelda if SS Isn't Successful
  185. Adelle's name is "Phi"!
  186. Siren World
  187. What are your impressions of SS Now after E3?
  188. Four Swords For DSi Download!!!
  189. Upgrading Items
  190. E3 2011 Online Press Kit
  191. Skyward Sword E3 2011 Demo
  192. New Species in SS.
  193. Kinda OT: With the new Zelda game coming out,
  194. So will E3 give a official SS release date?
  195. Another trailer
  196. New SS screens
  197. Skyward Sword E3 2011 Trailer Analysis Discussion
  198. New Wii U Zelda game?
  200. ~.:12 HOURS REMAIN THREAD:.~
  201. Skyward Sword GDC Trailer: Majora!!!
  202. A bunch of leaks from the guy who accurately leaked the 3DS
  203. hyped!
  204. Mario Easter Egg Update: Like or Dis-Like?
  205. Is anyone else...
  206. New Races
  207. Who would you choose?
  208. Live Choir for SS to Appear at E3?
  209. Majora's Mask
  210. SS vs Journey: Moving Painting
  211. Feirce Deity side story
  212. Skyward Sword :Amazing Trailer Revelation
  213. OoT 3DS SPOILER: Remember those Mario paintings in Hyrule Castle?
  214. Final SS Release Date Predictions
  215. strange finding in skyward sword artwork?
  216. 2D Sidescrolling RPG Zelda Flash game
  217. New Game idea! =]
  218. New Zelda Game to be revealed this E3 for 25th Anniversary
  219. How about
  220. This idea's been bugging me...
  221. 25th Anniversary announcement to be made at E3
  222. Majora's Mask 3DS?
  223. NEW RUMOR!
  224. Do you think they should have left the water temple alone?
  225. New "Zelda Universe" game? what do u think this means?
  226. Ganondorf in SS?
  227. A Zelda title for Project Cafe should have a Dungeon Creator
  228. Steampunk LoZ
  229. Zelda Williams working in Super Secret Nintendo.
  230. Zelda Universe
  231. Production value
  232. Should Link get a partner?
  233. The OoT Water Temple
  234. About Zelda in Skyward Sword...
  235. The best thing Nintendo could do with SS
  236. What Will You Do After You Beat Skyward Sword.?
  237. The Skyward Sword's Treasure Seeking=Lens of Truth-ish Item?
  238. On the subject of Zelda's aesthetic future...
  239. Link's Next Adventure in Termina
  240. Idea for a villain
  241. Childhood friend (insert enemy here)
  242. Realistic Zelda
  243. What Were Your Impressions When Your First Saw Skyward Sword's Trailer.?
  244. How will YOU play SS?
  245. Which Zelda are you looking forward to?
  246. I actually don't like OoT 3d's graphics
  247. Skyward Sword Logo Looks Like The Logo In The Hylian Shield, But Why.?
  248. Three E3's, and we're still waiting.
  249. How 'Bout A Zelda Game With...
  250. SS has Something up its Sleeve