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  1. Midna the new Navi?
  2. I'm no Mod, but...
  3. The Cheesiest Zelda Thing Ever... Really...
  4. OoT remake
  5. The end of Zelda as we know it... PH?
  6. The Legend of Zelda coming to an end....?
  7. What do you think, will come after Zelda TP, and zelda DS?
  8. The Phantom Hourglass Villan?
  9. Zelda: TP video 2004
  10. one final adventure
  11. Realism
  12. WW2?
  13. The Countdown--What YOU Expect at E3
  14. What is the Phantom Hourglass?
  15. Is this why?
  16. TP takin forever... whats the release date now?
  17. Official Phantom Hourglass Thread
  18. Possible reason TP got delayed till late 06
  19. Realism in TP (or whatnot)
  20. Wich Instrument would you most like Link to use in TP
  21. Something we could never, never expect?
  22. The "perfect Zelda"
  23. A different kind of Triforce hunt
  24. Changes in the Zelda series for TP
  26. Link's Clothing
  27. Sequel to WW
  28. What about TP pissed you off?
  29. Zelda Twilight Princess Timeline Theory
  30. Do you think...
  31. Speculation on upcoming screenshots
  32. Master Sword in Hyrule Castle.
  33. A Possible Connection between TP and WW
  34. Miyamoto confirms Revolution functions in Twilight Princess *update*
  35. A War in TP?
  36. Will Twilight Princess sell?
  37. new releasze date( i just found out today)
  38. New TP Info in Next EGM! (for real)
  39. Screenshot secret revealed!
  40. Who Has Pre-Ordered Twilight Princess?
  41. Make your own fake TP/PH screenshots!
  42. New screenshot... And a little something that might be about the rev conections
  43. TP on Revolution?
  44. TP should allow more letters for you to name Link with.
  45. Next Generation Magazine confirms TP uses Revmote!
  46. why are ppl so stupid
  47. How will YOU play Twilight Princess?
  48. New TP screen and info released!
  49. TP's Final Battle
  50. Rev + Zelda = No (With proof)
  51. no new info or screens in NOM issue 2.
  52. TP Revolution Functionality Confirmed(Reggie's Comment)
  53. Video Footage of Reggie Fils-Aime Discussing Twilight Princess Release Date.
  54. Tp and rev
  55. Full-length Spike TV interview video :)
  56. Delay
  57. Two Ganondorfs theory
  58. Can TP be as successful as OoT?
  59. Would you like Link to talk in the next Zelda?
  60. The Reggie interview video
  61. about the extra development time.
  62. Hey, Rev's controller is kinda weird for Zelda, don't you think?
  63. TP release date a lie.
  64. What should the future of Zelda be?
  65. New Nintendo Mag-UK
  66. New Features?
  67. I've been thinking
  68. Zelda DS 2D or 3D?
  69. probably no chance..but i can dream cant I
  70. NGC's announcement
  71. alternate ending?
  72. TP Possibly Delayed Again?
  73. Buying Twilight Princess
  74. Twilight Princess new video
  75. Older graphics better gameplay?
  76. Old skool OoT castle guard in TP?
  77. Twilight Princess...botched?
  78. Wind Waker...
  79. Is this the real Collecters Edition we have been waiting for?
  80. Can you ride...
  81. New TP preview this week (maybe containing new info)
  82. Enemies
  83. WHEN do you think TP's release date is gonna be revealed?
  84. Is it just me??
  85. Twilight Princess Gamecube launchtitle on the Revolution?
  86. Wondering about X-box zelda
  87. New gameplay demo video,Playing around in Toaru Village
  88. Fairies
  89. I have two questions about TP
  90. A major pro and a terrible con
  91. Twilight Princess sneak peak
  92. TP side quests
  93. An interesting little discovery
  94. Villages outside of Hyrule?
  95. Where is it from??
  96. Looking for Twilight Princess Trailer -anyone
  97. Can I have options with that?
  98. Twilight Princess Music Anyone?
  99. Wouldnt it be cool if....
  100. Who wants creepier enemies?
  101. TP New Features
  102. Twilight Princess, nice new aditions in the next few months
  103. Rawr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  104. TP loading time
  105. Twilight Princess - Features YOU don't want.
  106. Zelda on E3
  107. Has Nintendo's silence regarding Twilight Princess caused you psychological damage?
  108. Official TP Release/Delay Thread
  109. Zelda WiFi
  110. Remakes for original games
  111. Kokiri, Goron & Zora in TP
  112. New Tp Trailer
  113. Another new TP video (short)
  114. Should Link Die?
  115. Length of 100 hours?
  116. Possible clue in on release?
  117. New TP Info on Feb. 9th?
  118. Demo Players Dissapoint me.
  119. Twilight Princess: Darkest Zelda Yet?
  120. dark link in twilight princess
  121. Twilight horse battles
  122. NOOO!!! It Cannot Be! Is the World Coming to an End?
  123. New Link same voice? or Same link Same voice?
  124. What the Future Should Bring ^ (56k)
  125. *gasp* TP played on revoulotion like this?!
  126. New TP Video: Link Attacks Cuccos!
  127. "More than you could possibly ever expect"?
  128. Tired of TP
  129. Thoughts, anyone?
  130. Time restricitons in TP....?
  131. Wich Element/Atmosphere are you hoping to see the most in TP
  132. A Link To The Past - R E M A K E !
  133. TP news
  134. Warning! May have spoilers! Zelda Revolution-controller sword and shield
  135. "More than you could possibly ever, ever, expect"
  136. Zelda in Super Smash Bros 3
  137. what items/other things do you think should be in TP
  138. music- what should we expect for TP?
  139. a shadow temple in TP
  140. Tactical Reality: Incorperating strategy into Zelda
  141. Voices
  142. It's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  143. Time Confusions
  144. Zelda DS to be using expansion slot?
  145. A little thing.
  146. Zelda DS, your thoughts
  147. DS Zelda
  148. Iwata Discusses Revolution Launch, price and Zelda
  149. Twilight Princess Sheikah??
  150. My "Twilight Princess" Trailer
  151. Playing the Other Zelda Games before the Twilight Princess Comes Out
  152. Will we see any of the old OOT sages in TP?
  153. What item's from the old Zelda games would you like to see in TP?
  154. pre-ordering
  155. OOT and MM on the DS?
  156. Returning Races
  157. "Twilight Princess on Revolution" explained
  158. Which dungeons do you think will return, and which will be new?
  159. tp again delayed
  160. 5 Returning Songs
  161. Features in TP
  162. "Oh, no, it wouldn't just be the horse."
  163. Idle animations for Link and Wolf Link and Horse!
  164. Gamestop lying?
  165. Wouldn't it be cool if OoT and MM could be remade?
  166. A little story about twilight princess
  167. Tales of Zelda?
  168. TP just as cartoonish as WW
  169. Revisiting Ocarina of Time areas
  170. Is Twilight Princess the Best Name?
  171. TP a rip-off?
  172. NGC's reply to Nintendo
  173. Zelda Rev Question
  174. How much of gameplay would you like to play as Wolf-link
  175. Twilight princess
  176. Revisiting The Twilight
  177. Will TP be better than OoT?
  178. Wolf-links abilities...
  179. Ways to Improve Future Zelda Games.
  180. Could it be Lon Lon Ranch?
  181. Twilight Princess Manga?
  182. So we meet again, Mr deku tree?
  183. Can someone clear this up for me...?
  184. What do You want out of the next Link?
  185. Horse Armor
  186. TP graphics analysis [LARGE IMAGE WARNING]
  187. Is tp the last zelda game?
  188. What would you do if....
  189. Zelda TP NOT using Freestyle hand controller?
  190. anyone else noticed the difference??
  191. Why is Twilight Princess only on gamecube? Anyone want it to be on N64?
  192. Can this be right?
  193. New Zoras?
  194. Twighlight Princes playable with revolution controler?
  195. What is the truth about the TP delay?
  196. TP pushed back........again:'(
  197. wolf play
  198. TP Flight ideas!!! ( long read )
  199. need help
  200. New Tingle Game???
  201. Conan and Zelda
  202. another trailer or is that too much?
  203. 5 Returning Features
  204. First TP Trailer: Ready for War?
  205. Link dies........?
  206. violent!
  207. The beginning?!?!?
  208. I think there should be this.
  209. Belowed kokiris!
  210. what rating is TW
  211. IF you could......?
  212. New fishing screenshot
  213. The Boots of TP....
  214. do u think
  215. No Zelda Since Majora's Mask..
  216. EPONA
  217. Shields?
  218. swords
  219. Animal Themed Dungeons...
  220. A New Game Boy Zelda?!?!?
  221. Should Link get a Gun?
  222. Loz TP story
  223. Zelda on DS?
  224. The great war
  225. The very first thing upon pressing start...
  226. Ideas for Links House
  227. Ideas about the Fierce Deity's return in other Zelda games.
  228. Will Zelda Fight!
  229. Red and blue glow
  230. Link's Earring(s)?
  231. NEW screenshots and INFO!
  232. More Replay Value Idea
  233. Twight Princess to play with Revolution Controller
  234. new weapons
  235. What will it be?
  236. Items in TP
  237. TP Graphics update
  238. Correct me if I'm wrong
  239. just a thought
  240. New Link Hero of Animals
  241. TP's scale
  242. Preorder Bonus?
  243. egm
  244. How would the final battle be in TP?
  245. The Best TP Box
  246. Can someone....
  247. Oh Please No!
  248. Create-an-armor
  249. Snow Area in TP
  250. Creat a STORY to TP!