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  1. Future Zelda Bosses
  2. Will PH feature a time system?
  3. Considering the few new pics.........
  4. NEW TP PICS!!!!!
  5. Zelda Release Date
  6. Has Miyamoto forgotten about the instrument?
  7. TP delays
  8. Playing Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask on wii virtual console
  9. Will there be Tingle???
  10. Zelda Fighting Game
  11. Wii TP
  12. Re-makes!
  13. Phantom Hourglass' graphics.
  14. How many items will Link able to carry
  15. Zelda M M O
  16. Bottom of the Well sequence?
  17. The PH fairy isn't Navi
  18. Phantom Hourglass. Is the fairy Navi
  20. Twilight Princess delays
  21. when is TP going to be released?
  22. Reapeted
  23. -=The Twilight Curse Theory=-
  24. the ph or tp poll
  25. New TSA Interview about TP, Wii, Future of Zelda, more
  26. What'll you name your horse?
  27. My TP and PH impressions.
  28. TP-Mirrormask Connections?
  29. new thoughts based on e3 trailer
  30. MORE Brand-New Zelda Art!
  31. who da you think this fairy would be in PH?
  32. TP comes in two different versions?!
  33. Fill me in
  34. TP - GC or Wii?
  35. Your choice for future main foe
  36. Demo music
  37. Demo
  38. Urgent TP questions.
  39. GC version of TP
  40. Is anyone else disappointed
  41. Am I the only one?
  42. Same dungeon music?
  43. I need to know something
  44. Remixed Music in TP
  45. Fill me in
  46. Link with Master Sword appears in new Smash Bros. Pics!
  47. Wolf Link absent from E3 demos?.....
  48. **Twilight Samus**- Is the Big N ripping of Metriod...
  49. Will You Buy a Wii For TP?
  50. What Rev offers TP!
  51. New Zelda DS Game INFO!
  52. New Voice for Link?
  53. Black Tiles Again
  54. New trailer of Tp.
  55. What game will you buy?
  56. Navi returns in Twilight Princess!!
  57. Zelda RPG
  58. Twilight Princess Wii functionality
  59. HD Zelda Trailer
  60. Could there ever be a female Link?
  61. Legend of Zelda on Wii?
  62. Boss fights while being a wolf?
  63. Link won't die in TP?
  64. Diffiulty and Difficulty settings in Zelda
  65. New Footage of TP!(not even E3 yet)
  66. Who would like to see Dark Link in TP?
  67. Phantom hourglass
  68. Famitsu scans of Phantom Hourglass
  69. Twilight Princess experience ruined?
  70. Questions on TP
  71. Next Zelda-game
  72. Rare E3 05 TP vids?
  73. Zelda Real Time Strategy
  74. Is this new?
  75. Twilight Princess for the Revolution
  76. Midna's hat
  77. Is it the only Time?
  78. zelda for DS
  79. Link vs Balrog?
  80. Rev Zelda?
  81. Link's Roommate
  82. Dear Nintendo: Read This Thread!!
  83. Twlilght realm/normal world puzzles
  84. DS (PH) and TP connectivity
  85. OoT Link alive in TP?
  86. Link marrying Zelda O_o
  87. Zelda With More Choice Making
  88. Zelda Theory
  89. Temple of time
  90. From the Twilight
  91. New Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  92. Help with this pic...
  93. What do you look forward to doing in TP?
  94. hmm just thought of something
  95. Trailer song
  96. OOT &/or MM port to DS
  97. Zelda DS....good thing?
  98. I must now, what is the song in the Zelda footage?
  99. Create-a-Main Character/Villain Thread
  100. Proposed Setup for Legend of Zelda Revolution
  101. The Hylia
  102. TP Delayed untill June!
  103. Theory about TP quality
  104. Midna the new Navi?
  105. I'm no Mod, but...
  106. The Cheesiest Zelda Thing Ever... Really...
  107. OoT remake
  108. The end of Zelda as we know it... PH?
  109. The Legend of Zelda coming to an end....?
  110. What do you think, will come after Zelda TP, and zelda DS?
  111. The Phantom Hourglass Villan?
  112. Zelda: TP video 2004
  113. one final adventure
  114. Realism
  115. WW2?
  116. The Countdown--What YOU Expect at E3
  117. What is the Phantom Hourglass?
  118. Is this why?
  119. TP takin forever... whats the release date now?
  120. Official Phantom Hourglass Thread
  121. Possible reason TP got delayed till late 06
  122. Realism in TP (or whatnot)
  123. Wich Instrument would you most like Link to use in TP
  124. Something we could never, never expect?
  125. The "perfect Zelda"
  126. A different kind of Triforce hunt
  127. Changes in the Zelda series for TP
  129. Link's Clothing
  130. Sequel to WW
  131. What about TP pissed you off?
  132. Zelda Twilight Princess Timeline Theory
  133. Do you think...
  134. Speculation on upcoming screenshots
  135. Master Sword in Hyrule Castle.
  136. A Possible Connection between TP and WW
  137. Miyamoto confirms Revolution functions in Twilight Princess *update*
  138. A War in TP?
  139. Will Twilight Princess sell?
  140. new releasze date( i just found out today)
  141. New TP Info in Next EGM! (for real)
  142. Screenshot secret revealed!
  143. Who Has Pre-Ordered Twilight Princess?
  144. Make your own fake TP/PH screenshots!
  145. New screenshot... And a little something that might be about the rev conections
  146. TP on Revolution?
  147. TP should allow more letters for you to name Link with.
  148. Next Generation Magazine confirms TP uses Revmote!
  149. why are ppl so stupid
  150. How will YOU play Twilight Princess?
  151. New TP screen and info released!
  152. TP's Final Battle
  153. Rev + Zelda = No (With proof)
  154. no new info or screens in NOM issue 2.
  155. TP Revolution Functionality Confirmed(Reggie's Comment)
  156. Video Footage of Reggie Fils-Aime Discussing Twilight Princess Release Date.
  157. Tp and rev
  158. Full-length Spike TV interview video :)
  159. Delay
  160. Two Ganondorfs theory
  161. Can TP be as successful as OoT?
  162. Would you like Link to talk in the next Zelda?
  163. The Reggie interview video
  164. about the extra development time.
  165. Hey, Rev's controller is kinda weird for Zelda, don't you think?
  166. TP release date a lie.
  167. What should the future of Zelda be?
  168. New Nintendo Mag-UK
  169. New Features?
  170. I've been thinking
  171. Zelda DS 2D or 3D?
  172. probably no chance..but i can dream cant I
  173. NGC's announcement
  174. alternate ending?
  175. TP Possibly Delayed Again?
  176. Buying Twilight Princess
  177. Twilight Princess new video
  178. Older graphics better gameplay?
  179. Old skool OoT castle guard in TP?
  180. Twilight Princess...botched?
  181. Wind Waker...
  182. Is this the real Collecters Edition we have been waiting for?
  183. Can you ride...
  184. New TP preview this week (maybe containing new info)
  185. Enemies
  186. WHEN do you think TP's release date is gonna be revealed?
  187. Is it just me??
  188. Twilight Princess Gamecube launchtitle on the Revolution?
  189. Wondering about X-box zelda
  190. New gameplay demo video,Playing around in Toaru Village
  191. Fairies
  192. I have two questions about TP
  193. A major pro and a terrible con
  194. Twilight Princess sneak peak
  195. TP side quests
  196. An interesting little discovery
  197. Villages outside of Hyrule?
  198. Where is it from??
  199. Looking for Twilight Princess Trailer -anyone
  200. Can I have options with that?
  201. Twilight Princess Music Anyone?
  202. Wouldnt it be cool if....
  203. Who wants creepier enemies?
  204. TP New Features
  205. Twilight Princess, nice new aditions in the next few months
  206. Rawr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  207. TP loading time
  208. Twilight Princess - Features YOU don't want.
  209. Zelda on E3
  210. Has Nintendo's silence regarding Twilight Princess caused you psychological damage?
  211. Official TP Release/Delay Thread
  212. Zelda WiFi
  213. Remakes for original games
  214. Kokiri, Goron & Zora in TP
  215. New Tp Trailer
  216. Another new TP video (short)
  217. Should Link Die?
  218. Length of 100 hours?
  219. Possible clue in on release?
  220. New TP Info on Feb. 9th?
  221. Demo Players Dissapoint me.
  222. Twilight Princess: Darkest Zelda Yet?
  223. dark link in twilight princess
  224. Twilight horse battles
  225. NOOO!!! It Cannot Be! Is the World Coming to an End?
  226. New Link same voice? or Same link Same voice?
  227. What the Future Should Bring ^ (56k)
  228. *gasp* TP played on revoulotion like this?!
  229. New TP Video: Link Attacks Cuccos!
  230. "More than you could possibly ever expect"?
  231. Tired of TP
  232. Thoughts, anyone?
  233. Time restricitons in TP....?
  234. Wich Element/Atmosphere are you hoping to see the most in TP
  235. A Link To The Past - R E M A K E !
  236. TP news
  237. Warning! May have spoilers! Zelda Revolution-controller sword and shield
  238. "More than you could possibly ever, ever, expect"
  239. Zelda in Super Smash Bros 3
  240. what items/other things do you think should be in TP
  241. music- what should we expect for TP?
  242. a shadow temple in TP
  243. Tactical Reality: Incorperating strategy into Zelda
  244. Voices
  245. It's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  246. Time Confusions
  247. Zelda DS to be using expansion slot?
  248. A little thing.
  249. Zelda DS, your thoughts
  250. DS Zelda