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  1. When does it comes???
  2. Twilight Princess will most likely have a sequel
  3. Possible spoiler- Next Zelda game
  4. Farewell for now.....
  5. No magic meter?
  6. sorry for this but...
  7. TP: $85 in Latin America, Wii... whooping $499!!!
  8. What downloadable extras do you think there will be?
  9. My Dilemma...
  10. Yahoo TLoZ: TP Review!
  11. Tomarrow- the world's fate depends on it.
  12. PH... Legendary Sword? (may contain spoilers, highly doubtful)
  13. Wii Question
  14. Four Swords for DS
  15. The Art of Twilight Princess
  16. Official Japanese Twilight Princess site updated
  17. What are you going to do when you get the Wii and TP?
  18. Cost of nintendo Wii
  19. Questions on TP
  20. Amazon is Shipping
  21. Bigger memory card for TP?
  22. Any word on the official site...?
  23. Saving Your Game in TP? Hope its not like MM
  24. Twilight princess on game cube
  25. wolf link howling video
  26. First Character Name?
  27. Release date for PH
  28. Controls of the new Zelda
  29. Another pointless point to ponder about TP.
  30. PH Placement
  31. What is your take on using a guide book for TP?
  32. Twilight princess guideBook
  33. ZU TP Embargo
  34. Wii's Fairy Cursor
  35. Official site of Zelda updated
  36. your plans for the big day
  37. Twilight spoilers
  38. How much will the Wii be in Canada and where is the cheapest place to get it?
  39. A forum for help with TP
  40. which is the best zelda game?
  41. Question Regarding Controls
  42. Wii vs Gamecube
  43. Link's Sasquatch Friend {Possible Spoilers}
  44. Help...
  45. Shield button on the Wii
  46. Zelda, Innocence lost
  47. Difficulty Option
  48. It's here...
  49. ZOMG!!!!! TP boxed and ready to go! Really pics!
  50. Free TP strategy guide and soundtrack cd
  51. Whats the Release date for TP GC version in Australia?
  52. Character appearance customization.
  53. Do you guys realize...
  54. Would you like to see a LoZ remake?
  55. Major Dissapointments
  56. What part of Twilight Princess are you looking forward to the most?
  57. Do you think TP will be the greatest game ever made until now?
  58. Evolution (possible spoilers)
  59. I must vent about GC Twilight Princess...
  60. Interesting details about the possibillity cube controller
  61. Find (spoiler free)
  62. The Goron Race In TP
  63. Zelda: Twilight Princess- best launch title ever?
  64. Downloadable Online Content for TP
  65. Solution for the Wii Controller Batteries
  66. IGN/Gamespot/Game Informer score? 10.0?
  67. Think there will be sidequests like in Majora’s Mask in TP?
  68. What game?
  69. Latin America!
  70. Do you like spoilers?
  71. Widescreen? Letterbox? Both?
  72. Wow, you guys didn't catch the previews yet?
  73. Do You Remember?
  74. The "Im saying goodbye, until TP comes out" thread.
  75. TP Wii looks... clunky
  76. What happens if the new Zelda has a level system?
  77. TP inventory
  79. Spoiler Vacation
  80. I've got a big dillema concerning, what to buy?!
  81. Anyone played TP??
  82. Will Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass be the best handheld Zelda game?
  83. 2 new vids @ IGN!
  84. What will PH be like?
  85. How many zelda games by 2010?
  86. Will OOT Be Avalible On The Wii's Download Service?
  87. I have to be jealous of the Americans!
  88. What do you think about Phantom Hourglass having nearly complete stylus control?
  89. Voice Acting in Future Zelda Games.
  90. Is Twilight Princess going to be the first game you play?
  91. Spanish Twilight Princess Scans
  92. Brand New Info On TP For The Gamecube!!!
  93. Remember everybody there is another Zelda game in the next 6 months!
  94. New TP trailer
  95. TP GC memory
  96. Do you want to double your hype? Clicky! Itīs for free!
  97. Pre-Order?
  98. Europe TP realease date confirmed! =)
  99. The Pressure of Spoilers
  100. Who/what will bleed?
  101. Twilight Realm / Dark World similarities
  102. Twilight Nightmare
  103. Twilight on Wii or cube?
  104. TP GCN version in Australia this year!
  105. The End of Zelda
  106. War. Zelda Style!
  107. One more reason to get the Wii version...
  108. people waiting for GC version
  109. Do you want another multiplayer Zelda?
  110. While we wait...
  111. Is anyone else not getting TP til Christmas?
  112. If you were Nintendo, what would you do?
  113. TP for GCN NOT CANCELLED!!!
  114. Phantom Hourglass
  115. GCN version no more?
  116. Official Box Art's released
  117. NES LOZ on Wii to use Wiimote!
  118. Optional bosses and dungeons
  119. What are the ACTUALgraphical & control differnces between GC & Wii Zelda?
  120. Which Twighlight Princess Version of Link will be the true LINK?
  121. ..:: GCN ZELDA TP ON 15th of December ::..
  122. Bad Cover Art?
  123. The Twilight Zone
  124. Twilight Princess: Four years in development?
  125. Sword Drawing
  126. Launch Premiere of TP
  127. Possible Real-time Weather System in Future Zelda Games?
  128. TP Dungeon Ideas
  129. Twilight Princess GC to be Availible Only Through Nintendo's Online Store-In Japan
  130. Should Future Zelda Games Feature Voice Acting?
  131. Blood in TP - Confirmed
  132. What do you want to see after TP and PH?
  133. What platform do you want to get TP for?
  134. salvation, at last...
  135. A Zelda battle game?
  136. Do you believe it will live up to the Hype?
  137. Something interesting I just noticed
  138. Current games controls for the Wii
  139. Potential wii-mote problems revealed.
  140. Phantom hourglass... The new land? SPOILERS TO WW
  141. A milestone?
  142. Forgotten Aspects
  143. Blue Link?
  144. not again.....
  145. Why do people care if locations in TP are the same as OoT?
  146. Right/Left handed in TP
  147. Flipping the Official Artwork
  148. Quality Vs Quantity
  149. A Younger Link returning to realism?
  150. What should the next LoZ Title should be?
  151. A couple of Q's TP
  152. After Twilight Princess the next Zelda game should be a Trilogy
  153. Twilight Princess should be great..
  154. How old?
  156. Ouestions about TP.
  157. How bad do you want Zelda TP?
  158. Please Help!!!!
  159. Kokiri Forest and Lake Hylia in "Twilight Princess"?
  160. Phantom Hourglass?
  161. Zelda Revolution (or Zelda Wii now i suppose)
  162. Zelda: Twilight Princess
  163. Why TP will sell just fine on BOTH systems.
  164. Why you should buy the wii TP and not the GC version.
  165. Confused
  166. swinging sword question
  167. The "Twilight Princess" box art - GC version
  168. what kind of boss you want to see in TP??
  169. twilight princess after or before ww
  170. Gamestop/EB Games Preorder date...
  171. Twgihlight Princess and its Glitches !
  173. The Guide Book!
  174. Twilight Princess Music?
  175. All the Zelda's on the Wii
  177. Similarities between the two versions
  178. Official TP Box Art
  179. Will there be a TP website?
  180. THe "whaddya' think the instrument in TP is" thread
  181. What I exepct to be in Twilight Princess.
  182. Is that all?
  183. The fairy cursor..
  185. Is this real or fake review?
  186. Wii TP: BGE or BTB?
  187. Wii and TP demo
  188. The Official Boxart
  189. i found this and i am very happy now :D
  190. But I want the GC version
  191. Proof that ALL areas are reversed on Wii
  192. Another Zelda After Tp?
  193. 20 Hearts or more?
  194. The master Sword
  195. GC Version European/Australian release date
  196. Graphical differences between the Wii and the GC.
  197. Link joins the "Right-Side", but how does that change....
  198. New trailer in ZU
  199. Ganondorf Sword Fight?
  200. Positive Reviews for New Sword Mechanic
  201. Possible Map of Hyrule Field
  202. New screens reveal overworld map!
  203. "The gamecube version is doomed"
  204. Link is right-handed!
  205. It's Finally Known!!
  206. wowow hold up.
  207. Songs that MUST return
  208. War in TP hyrule
  209. Will Epona be in TP?
  210. Will Link ever find Navi?
  211. Tingle's adventure in the timeline?
  212. New Items/Abilities
  213. Should the Tingle Tuner be in TP?
  214. New Gameplay Mechanics
  215. Good outline of the Storyline?
  216. Tingle in TP, yes, or no?
  217. Legend of Zelda, The Movie.
  218. Wind Waker 2: Yes Or No?
  219. Classic Zelda Ending...
  220. If you could
  221. Seasons In TP?
  222. Does TP mark the end of the "Boy Hero"?
  223. Zelda TP (Items/Clothes)
  224. Twilight Princess official art.
  225. No information is BETTER!
  226. After TP(May Shock Some)
  227. Share your "Twilight Madness" stories
  228. Character Development in TP (I put a lot of effort into this thread!)
  229. Will Midna be Annoying?
  230. animal transformations
  231. A step forward
  232. The way TP should be controlled on Wii
  233. News on Wii?
  234. Zelda rpg
  235. What Temples do you want in Twilight Princess
  236. Voiceacting & Orchestrated music
  237. Twilight Villages
  238. Zelda OoT 2D
  239. The future of Zelda graphics
  240. No Mirror Shield in Twilight Princess
  241. Two Fire Temples.
  242. a closer look at these soldiers
  243. 10 new screens
  244. Lack of TP presence at Leipzig's GC
  245. Twilight Princess Prieview
  246. TP info in GI
  247. Wolf Gameplay: the Potential
  248. Something that's been bothering me...
  249. Why do some people bother so much.
  250. Extra Freedom/Fun Elements