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  1. Pre-E3: Spirit Tracks Speculation
  2. I Want to Fly.
  3. would you like to see a greater importence put on money in the series?
  4. Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Mask
  5. Zelda difficulty settings
  6. A twist on the Gerudo Desert
  7. Would you like to see food and drink become abigger part of zelda?
  8. What remake would you like?
  9. Another game in the Child Timeline
  10. Flood era Zelda game outline
  11. Next Legend of Zelda on Wii be in Termina
  12. Whats the best way to get cash?
  13. Train, Boat or Horse
  14. Discussion for the "Design a Boss | ZU Connection" Contest
  15. Sandbox Zelda
  16. Minish Cap style vs. Phantom Hourglass style
  17. My Game Idea.
  18. What game I'd like to see
  19. Design a Boss | ZU Connection
  20. Team Multiplayer?
  21. Fierce deity
  22. RTS Legend of Zelda: Imprisoning Wars
  23. Twists that might work
  24. More "realistic" dungeons
  26. Wii Zelda is going to fail.
  27. The Legend of Zelda: The Power of Farore
  28. The Cave of Ordeals
  29. A Hyrule in the Sky?
  30. New Idea for a Zelda Game
  31. New types of Link
  32. Blinking Red
  33. A Link to the Future
  34. Something i've noticed recently...
  35. 2 Zelda games coming out for Wii?? Maybe??
  36. WHAT IF the older Zelda games were remade
  37. How would you feel about a TP sequel on the DSi?
  38. Spirit Tracks and VotF
  39. Zelda Star Wars
  40. Tingle Tuner V.2
  41. MMORPG Zelda for PC?
  42. Changes to the Combat system.
  43. Zelda should use Mario Galaxy's graphic's engine?
  44. I may sound n00bish but....
  45. Real-time Menu screen?
  46. Future Scary Temples
  47. A "perfect" Zelda game?
  48. Spirit Tracks: Really All That Bad?
  49. I found an incredible picture of what a LTTP HD remake could be
  50. Does anyone else miss playing an instrument?
  51. the Legend of Zelda: Deluge Trigger
  52. The next wii zelda expectations
  53. Is this the confirmation that new console Zelda will be announced at E3 2009?
  54. The Next Console Zelda Needs An Orchestra Score
  55. Would you like a game that takes place during the Flood?
  56. What races would you like to return?
  57. What would Zelda be like in the 21st Century?
  58. Release Date for Spirit Tracks
  59. Would you guys like a Zelda and Zelda 2 remake for the Wii?
  60. You know what would be awesome...
  61. Would you enjoy another adventure with link going through time?
  62. Cursed Link
  63. After Game
  64. New Wii Title
  65. What if Nintendo kills off Ganon?
  66. TP Sequel
  67. What ever happened to....
  68. Death of Link?
  69. Comeback
  70. What bosses would you like to return?
  71. TWW ending: Can Ganon return?
  72. MMVC
  73. The Gerudo need a comeback
  74. Difficulty Settings for Each Aspect of the Game?
  75. Who should be Link's girlfriend in the next Zelda?
  76. Zelda ST will be a DSi Enhanced Card?
  77. Hey, how bout' it
  78. The Legend of Zelda: The Quest for the Lost Mythos
  79. OOT/MM on DS: Has this been discussed 234,987 times before?
  80. OH NO! OoT Remake?!?!
  81. A Totally Unsupported, Unconfirmed Rumor ...
  82. LoZ: Rainbow Phoenix
  83. Dark Link in the new Wii game?
  84. Legends Of Zelda Rise Of Final Darkness (Plot)
  85. The Imprisonment War: Could it work as a game?
  86. Zelda Wii/DSi Ware
  87. what ideas does zelda need to making hyrule a living breathing world?
  88. This is Why We'll See a New Zelda at E3
  89. Zelda Wii is further off than many realize
  90. Hey Everyone! I'm Really Excited about Spirit Tracks! K?
  91. What hasn't been done in games yet?
  92. The future of Zelda
  93. Spirit Tracks? WTF
  94. Link as a Mailman?
  95. Wii - New play Control! Windwaker?
  96. Another WW style console game?
  97. On the Bright Side of Spirt Tracks...
  98. New puns for the new game!
  99. a New Zelda game thats doesnt look gay for Wii and GC
  100. Zelda ST- more like Nintendo BS?
  101. Who do you want as the main antagonist in Spirit Tracks?
  102. my problem with spirit tracks
  103. Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - Your opinions?
  104. What about the Soundtracks?
  105. Second Quest Idea
  106. sidekicks
  107. Musical Instruments in
  108. New play control
  109. The Legend of Zelda: Windfall Wars
  110. The Legend of Zelda: The Dragon King
  111. Takashi Nagasako vs. Hironori Miyata.
  112. Zelda: Oracle of Secrets
  113. First glimpse of new zelda?
  114. Link's moveset
  115. Yoshiaki Koizumi = The missing link in the development team
  116. Open Ended Gameplay
  117. The Legend Of Zelda: Sacred Steamboat
  118. Do you think the end of Zelda is near?
  119. A Gladiator Arena
  120. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Co-Op
  121. Is there actually gonna be another Zelda?
  122. Your idea about the continuation of the Zelda Series?
  123. Will the Next Zelda Even Be for Wii?
  124. Zelda as a Main Protagonist?
  125. An Item system I created for a new Zelda
  126. New Zelda game in flooded Termina
  127. Playable cutsceens
  128. An Idea for a Zelda RTS (spoilars?)
  129. Co-Op, Vs., or Both?
  130. Zelda: Dancing Link
  131. The best part about Link's Awakening? ROMANCE
  132. My Zelda Idea
  133. What if Nintendo sold the Zelda IP to a 'responsible' developer/publisher
  134. Fake 2009 Zelda Trailer
  135. Miyamoto for the next Zelda?
  136. Link as a sheikah?
  137. The Best Zelda Game EVER!
  138. Rumor of a new Zeda game
  139. A Zelda MMORPG
  140. Co-op: A good idea?
  141. Fighting Styles
  142. Zelda Needs:
  143. Ideas For Future Temples
  144. If OoT and MM were remade into the same game with huge updates...
  145. Should the next Zelda be an RPG?
  146. What 2d weapons/items should be in 3d?
  147. Connection element in the next Zelda game
  148. the next Aol,MM,WW
  149. Should The Oracles be rereleased
  150. 3-way fight
  151. Difficulty modes. (hard mode, easy mode, and normal mode.)
  152. Music
  153. legends of zelda rise of final darkness article #2
  154. The legends of zelda the Rise of Final Darkness
  155. Who wants Magic back?
  156. Zelda needs a big change!
  157. The next Zelda needs more of an Animal Crossing touch to it
  158. Dungeon Editor?
  159. Nintendo Damned Whatever they do
  160. Game Concept
  161. next zelda game's signature trait
  162. being able to customize Link
  163. aLttP Wii-make - Would you enjoy it?
  164. "The Quantum3 engine"
  165. Legend of Zelda: Onslaught of Evil
  166. Killing off characters = best modivation?
  167. Why the World Doesn't Need Link
  168. Zelda: What if?
  169. Toon Style: the real way to get a darker story
  170. Next Zelda Title
  171. Imagine : Spin-offs
  172. The Most Crazy(?) Zelda Idea Ever
  173. A totally new control scheme? Or a modified one?
  174. More Serious Zelda
  175. New Enviorments in zelda
  176. A more serious Zelda
  177. Land and Sea
  178. zelda the fall and rise of villains
  179. More Cities
  180. Twilight Princess sequel for DS?
  181. Ideas that never made it will go to future Zeldas?
  182. who do think should return?
  183. Did you guys see what Nintendo posted on zelda.com today?
  184. New tunics for Link
  185. What old enemies should they bring back?
  186. Could a game about the flood really work?
  187. Aelda Underworld?
  188. zelda 2009 story TP or classic
  189. Link is an Avatar. "I'm Link!"
  190. What Future Zelda ideas do you hate?
  191. An Art Style Idea for a Future Zelda... trapped inside Link's Mind...
  192. New Sword Techniques
  193. Hero of Men?
  194. Bring Back The Pink Hair.
  195. A silent Area in Zelda
  196. things in zelda that would be awesome but will never happen
  197. Wouldn't This Be Great
  198. The very beginning
  199. New Main Antagonist.
  200. Just some proposals regarding enemies
  201. New Legend of Zelda
  202. Good or Evil Link
  203. Zelda iPod Spin-off?
  204. Voice acting.
  205. I propose a drastic change in Link's character.
  206. 2-player Co-op. What would it do?
  207. Rumor(Next Zelda to Be Announced)
  208. The so-called "wars"
  209. Difficulty level
  210. A Link to the Past: Cel Shaded
  211. The Legend Of Zelda: Branches Of Entropy
  212. Link's new companion
  213. The Corrupted Protagonist
  214. new zelda futuruistic/steampunk?
  215. The Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask Remade?
  216. Just a thought on the WW Storyline
  217. 1st vs 3rd Person
  218. How would you feel if Zelda actually starred in the series named after her?
  219. OoT Remake for DS
  220. Let's ground up these rumors.
  221. Why The Dungeon/ Overworld Concept Is Obsolete
  222. Zelda RPG
  223. What do you think the countdown will turn out to be?
  224. What do you think the mysterious countdown will turn out to be?
  225. New Zelda by Marvelous Entertainment?
  226. Patent Images
  227. Ocarina of Twilight
  228. Future console Links Right or Left Handed
  229. Why haven't they?
  230. The Legend Of Zelda: The Echo Space
  231. The Picori returning.
  232. Zeldamans Idea
  233. A future(ish) zelda game
  234. Patent by Shigeru Miyamoto: Hint system in next Zelda? (unconfirmed)
  235. A new Celda game
  237. Next Zelda... Wii 2...
  238. Zelda Storytelling
  239. weapon/item breakage?
  240. Online in the Next Zelda- What Would It Do?
  241. Link with no more hearts and travels to new worlds?
  242. An idea for another LoZ set in Termina and a possible MM equal(not sequel).
  243. Size and Scale?
  244. [Idea...] Oracle of Shades
  245. Zelda Game Creator! (batteries not included)
  246. Tingle in the Next Zelda Game
  247. Return of Fierce Diety Link?
  248. Wii and DS connection?
  249. What i think will be in the new zelda gam
  250. A kool future LoZ story idea