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  1. Legend of Zelda: Onslaught of Evil
  2. Killing off characters = best modivation?
  3. Why the World Doesn't Need Link
  4. Zelda: What if?
  5. Toon Style: the real way to get a darker story
  6. Next Zelda Title
  7. Imagine : Spin-offs
  8. The Most Crazy(?) Zelda Idea Ever
  9. A totally new control scheme? Or a modified one?
  10. More Serious Zelda
  11. New Enviorments in zelda
  12. A more serious Zelda
  13. Land and Sea
  14. zelda the fall and rise of villains
  15. More Cities
  16. Twilight Princess sequel for DS?
  17. Ideas that never made it will go to future Zeldas?
  18. who do think should return?
  19. Did you guys see what Nintendo posted on zelda.com today?
  20. New tunics for Link
  21. What old enemies should they bring back?
  22. Could a game about the flood really work?
  23. Aelda Underworld?
  24. zelda 2009 story TP or classic
  25. Link is an Avatar. "I'm Link!"
  26. What Future Zelda ideas do you hate?
  27. An Art Style Idea for a Future Zelda... trapped inside Link's Mind...
  28. New Sword Techniques
  29. Hero of Men?
  30. Bring Back The Pink Hair.
  31. A silent Area in Zelda
  32. things in zelda that would be awesome but will never happen
  33. Wouldn't This Be Great
  34. The very beginning
  35. New Main Antagonist.
  36. Just some proposals regarding enemies
  37. New Legend of Zelda
  38. Good or Evil Link
  39. Zelda iPod Spin-off?
  40. Voice acting.
  41. I propose a drastic change in Link's character.
  42. 2-player Co-op. What would it do?
  43. Rumor(Next Zelda to Be Announced)
  44. The so-called "wars"
  45. Difficulty level
  46. A Link to the Past: Cel Shaded
  47. The Legend Of Zelda: Branches Of Entropy
  48. Link's new companion
  49. The Corrupted Protagonist
  50. new zelda futuruistic/steampunk?
  51. The Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask Remade?
  52. Just a thought on the WW Storyline
  53. 1st vs 3rd Person
  54. How would you feel if Zelda actually starred in the series named after her?
  55. OoT Remake for DS
  56. Let's ground up these rumors.
  57. Why The Dungeon/ Overworld Concept Is Obsolete
  58. Zelda RPG
  59. What do you think the countdown will turn out to be?
  60. What do you think the mysterious countdown will turn out to be?
  61. New Zelda by Marvelous Entertainment?
  62. Patent Images
  63. Ocarina of Twilight
  64. Future console Links Right or Left Handed
  65. Why haven't they?
  66. The Legend Of Zelda: The Echo Space
  67. The Picori returning.
  68. Zeldamans Idea
  69. A future(ish) zelda game
  70. Patent by Shigeru Miyamoto: Hint system in next Zelda? (unconfirmed)
  71. A new Celda game
  73. Next Zelda... Wii 2...
  74. Zelda Storytelling
  75. weapon/item breakage?
  76. Online in the Next Zelda- What Would It Do?
  77. Link with no more hearts and travels to new worlds?
  78. An idea for another LoZ set in Termina and a possible MM equal(not sequel).
  79. Size and Scale?
  80. [Idea...] Oracle of Shades
  81. Zelda Game Creator! (batteries not included)
  82. Tingle in the Next Zelda Game
  83. Return of Fierce Diety Link?
  84. Wii and DS connection?
  85. What i think will be in the new zelda gam
  86. A kool future LoZ story idea
  87. OOT to MM to
  89. ZELDA!!! JUST COME IN!!!
  90. What makes a Zelda game a Zelda game?
  91. What features should new Zelda have?
  92. The Zelda team's ideas are just like ours?
  93. The Next Zelda Game!
  94. Sequel To Twilight Princess
  95. Zelda Online
  96. The Legend Of Zelda: Box Of Personalities
  97. Link's Love and Loss: Prospective Theories
  98. A New Costume
  99. Different games
  100. I hope Nintendo does another 2D Zelda game on the side?
  101. Dungeons & Overworlds:
  102. My OOT Prequel
  103. Just Some Thoughts
  104. My Idea for the Next Zelda
  105. New characters maybe a new...hero...
  106. Maturity pattern in Zelda games?
  107. First Person Sparring
  108. What could Nintendo do to make Hyrule more "lively"?
  109. Casual Zelda?!
  110. how long has zelda wii been in development???
  111. Discussion about future zelda's music
  112. Horror Zelda (not quite what you think)
  113. Zelda Wii: Nostalgia/Recurring vs Totally new
  114. New Zelda Game Layout.
  115. Future Targeting
  116. Let's play "This or That?" for next Zelda game.
  117. a new second quest?
  118. The next final boss fight.
  119. ideas for next zelda
  120. Alternate Endings
  121. Themes
  122. Info On The Next Zelda Game
  123. zєℓ∂α иєє∂ѕ мσяє νισℓєиє
  124. A sword with a name that doesn't end with "sword"
  125. the next zelda?
  126. Voice Acting
  127. Link needs more character development
  128. New NDS and Wii Zelda
  129. Bonus Dungeons
  130. New game basis, new or old?
  131. Use of the GC controller
  132. Practical uses for one's rupees
  133. Post your thoughts for a new camera system PLEASE READ
  134. which zelda game would you want to be remade as a 3-D game?
  135. Zelda WII: New Game+?
  136. I would like to see a 3-D remake of the 1st zelda game...
  137. The Legend of Zeld: Winds of Sorrow
  138. Legend Of Gustaf!
  139. my story for next zelda .
  140. Violence is the key
  141. What do you think ... could this be what they do with Wii Zelda? ... A Magic Wand?
  142. Zelda Wii's epic music
  143. Has The Legend of Zelda: Project Deluge been confirmed fake or real?
  144. My thoughts from what I've gathered for a new Zelda game
  145. The Legend of Zelda: Return of Zant
  146. Has there been any info, so far?
  147. Zelda........fighting game?
  148. zelda war (just hear me out)
  149. Easy can still be fun.
  150. A game based on Dark Link. A change from the norm.
  151. Ganondorf in Zelda Wii: discussion
  152. A hint of the next Zelda?
  153. do you like the sword qeust?
  154. Shadow Temple 2
  155. Oponas names
  156. Hint of TP sequel.
  157. PH,WW story line
  158. When do you think the first info about Zelda Wii will be revealed?
  159. Different Story For The Next Zelda Game.
  160. Hope for "Zelda Wii"/I see a pattern
  161. Remake of OoT
  162. New Zelda officially Confirmed!!!
  163. zelda party
  164. RPG Zelda
  165. Puzzles that are more random
  166. A CHALLENGING second quest
  167. Legend of who?
  168. Don't think 1:1 swordplay
  169. Name The Next Sword!
  170. Zelda: The Shadows of the Past..
  171. A Modeled Zelda
  172. Yoko Shimomura: Composer
  173. Zelda w/ Steampunk Elements
  174. Future Zelda best made by Someone Else
  175. How would you remake the original LoZ?
  176. Hyrule Castle
  177. Vocal background music.
  178. Future Game Implements
  179. Choices...
  180. What if they rebooted the series?
  181. Should next game NOT take place in Hyrule?
  182. Link's Awakening does not get much attention. I want a sequel.
  183. How would you react if the next Zelda (On Wii) was 2D instead of 3D?
  184. A compilation of my thoughts
  185. Four Swords wi-fi version
  186. A game where we actually see the Sheikah?
  187. Ultimate Powers!
  188. Enchanted items in the next Zelda game?
  189. Anyone want to hazard a guess at the next Zelda 'Theme'?'
  190. Which MM Boss Would You Like To Maybe be Improved And In The Next Zelda?
  191. Magic Or No Magic?
  192. Links Appearance in Next Game.
  193. Characters Reborn
  194. My thoughts on redeads...
  195. Some ideas I had
  196. Different Zelda Game Style.
  197. Beserk manga - full of good ideas.
  198. why not travel through all generations of LoZ??
  199. Darker Zelda?
  200. What are you looking for in a new Zelda game?
  201. Possible Ideas for a new Zelda
  202. Do you think a futuristic zelda would suck?
  203. New story idea.
  204. Bow Or Crossbow?
  205. Which Character to play with?
  206. Which Character to play with?
  207. The Legend of Zelda: Dawn of the Apocalypse
  208. animal use
  209. What do you think about Link flying?
  210. The Unansered Death (new Zelda)
  211. Twilight Princess 2
  212. New Dungeons
  213. Pet or transformation
  214. Next Zelda in relation to timeline
  215. What places do you want to return in the next Zelda
  216. Zelda, war of hyrule,
  217. Multiplayer Zelda
  218. next name ?
  219. What if.......
  220. Cool News!
  221. Time Limits Yea or Nay
  222. what kind of animal should link be
  223. What developers would make the best zelda?
  224. new triforce
  225. majoras mask sequel or prequel
  226. Who would voice Link?
  227. Should link have a voice? (voice acting)
  228. Nintendo Wii's Next Zelda Game.
  229. What type of Zelda game do you want?
  230. Should Retro Studios be in charge?
  231. they need a new kind of temple
  232. Who deserves a spin off game?
  233. Health meter vs. hearts
  234. Fable 2 better than Zelda?
  235. What time period would you like to see in the next Zelda?
  236. Ideas for Hidden Skills
  237. When do you think the new zelda is coming out.
  238. Wii Zelda control scheme.
  239. Character definition
  240. Should there be an RPG zelda game?
  241. Zelda fighting game?????
  242. Puzzles
  243. link or no link!!!!!!
  244. link or no link!!!!!!
  245. next zelda games
  246. Future towns and cities.
  247. An idea for a Zelda game.
  248. Replay
  249. A Female Link?
  250. What cool idea would the next zelda game have.