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  1. Find that Music Question
  2. What's so bad about FSA?
  3. Demise too easy?
  4. Your magical moment in Skyward Sword
  5. Does SS fail as the ultimate prequel?
  6. Unorthodox ways you've killed enemies
  7. Widescreen/Fullscreen Question
  8. skyward sword won another reader poll
  9. For those "people" who hate Skyward Sword.
  10. Disappointment at the master sword
  11. First Impressions!
  12. Skyward sword CD
  13. Plant spots in Skyloft?
  14. Anyone else disappointed by the Overworld and dungeons?
  15. For those that dislike SS
  16. Sparrot's Treasure Chest???
  17. Can't find a song from skyward sword..
  18. Skyward Sword Music
  19. Game breaking glitch patch.
  20. My Zelda got deleted!
  21. puzzles more like, obsticals?
  22. Favorite Boss?
  23. First Trial Gate...I got out as soon as I got in :/
  24. First Trial Gate...Got out as soon as I got in :/
  25. The true meaning of "The master Sword"
  26. Perfect Harp playing?
  27. The Controls in this game are unresponsive,glitchy and need improvement
  28. quitting SS
  29. Parallels to other stories
  30. Twilight Princess with a WW-esque Link ~ What do you think?
  31. "Fi" on the A Link to the Past manga
  32. Majoras Mask Brightness?
  33. Water Dragon relations to Twilight Princess confusion.
  34. [Theory/Evidence]Proof that SS comes before OOT
  35. Game Breaking glitch patch
  36. SS...has a bad soundtrack? How?
  37. Advice for the boss rush minigame?
  38. Hardest 3D Zelda yet?
  39. Rank The Temples
  40. Fluff
  41. Skyward's Temples Linear?
  42. Silly, Random, Crude Observations
  43. Hidden Findings
  44. Zelda's room
  45. In truth SS is the worst console zelda ever.
  46. Is there a Game Script out for this game yet
  47. Koloktos
  48. SO how did Zant managed to get out of the twilight?
  49. "Worst Zelda I've Ever Played" ~ Yahtzee
  50. The 3-heart Challenge
  51. Search and you shall find...
  52. What do you keep in your adventure pouch?
  53. Now skyward sword is out, where does it rank in your personal list of zelda games.
  54. Midna's concept artwork, Nintendo why D:
  55. look at this its awesome
  56. game sales
  57. Spoilers The worst final boss in Zelda history
  58. Metroid Prime in skyward Sword?
  59. Changes: likes and dislikes (possible spoilers)
  60. Wierd object in TP????
  61. Fi I love you (AlttP canon(?) inside)
  62. About that Game Breaking Glitch... More detailed analysis
  63. Have you needed potions other than the red potion?
  64. What is YOUR favorite Skyward Sword Song?
  65. It's official, cats are my #1 favorite animal to abuse
  66. Anyone else with sore arms?
  67. What do we know about this Zelda?
  68. Use the Bugnet on the final boss
  69. How did you kick the Final Boss' ass?
  70. I use my left hand
  71. I'm confused about something
  72. I actually quite like Fi...
  73. Favourite Trial?
  74. A Possible Blooper in Skyward Sword!
  75. Permanently missable items in Skyward Sword
  76. What is your favorite mini-game?
  77. The graphics did kind of keep the game from having scary moments.
  78. I accidentally my beverage
  79. Hero Mode question
  80. I think I know why I love the bird Flying Music
  81. Someone please record and upload to youtube
  82. I feel a bit disapointed when it's time for a dungeon
  83. Final Boss Difficulty Disappointment (No Alliteration intended)
  84. Skyward Sword, does it really top Ocarina of Time?
  85. Skyward sword obtains GOTY from Edge magazine
  86. When you play for a five hour sitting and....
  87. ign examines zelda series references in this game
  88. Skyward Sword showed me how to play a Zelda game
  89. That OoT feeling.
  90. Riddle outside of the Skyview
  91. Is it true that there was going to also be a Bear form in TP?
  92. How Fast Did You Beat Skyward Sword?
  93. Tree of Life: "..."
  94. Shake Wii mote to get out of stuff...
  95. Boss challenge on Hero
  96. ITT: Provide alternate music that would play while running from....
  97. Explaining the long known problem of the "Master Sword sleeps forever" quote in ALttP
  98. Skyward Sword: The Ultimate Link?
  99. Rumor: Second Gamebreaking Glitch
  100. can't have 20 hearts in lightning round anymore
  101. Dolphin vs. Wii Comparison Splitscreen (1080p) - Scene Before Bird Flying
  102. Favorite Dungeon?
  103. Japan will fix game break glitch, maybe USA next?
  104. Come back item
  105. some guy who felt skyward was his favorite game this year and why
  106. I'm so sad now. So sad!
  107. Markings in Skyloft?
  108. Skyward Sword: GotY?
  109. [Spoiler Free]My Hard Core Review
  110. Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword Saves [SOUE]
  111. I have to say I feel quite stupid for not realising that...
  112. Skyward Sword manga -preview- suggesting a new hero
  113. Skyward Sword Ending (Spoilers)
  114. Did I break my game? *possible ending spoilers*
  115. My Official Video Review of Skyward Sword!!
  116. TP headcanon! Share yours, esp about Link's family.
  117. Why are all of the people who are making Walkthroughs/Let's Plays of this game
  118. TP = Toilet Paper
  119. Conquering Time (A note about the story's themes)
  120. My general Skyward Sword thoughts (video)
  121. Why So Much TP Hate?
  122. So many Twilight threads so here's another one
  123. Zelda's quest
  124. Twilight Princess: Problems I've Been Having.
  125. I loved Twilight Princess
  126. Having fun with Gossip Stones
  127. Groose has the personality of a toddler.
  128. Phoeni?
  129. New method of TRANSPORTATION (NPC and Location Spoilers)
  130. What controller did you use to play SS?
  131. article from some guy who sees this game as the new gold standard
  132. Lanayru Mining Facility - good or bad
  133. Everything that's wrong with Skyward Sword (spoilers!)
  134. Triforce Symbolisms Galore
  135. If you hate motion controls I've got bad news for you.
  136. So, you know that leap move?
  137. Skyward Sword gave the Zelda series more depth.
  138. Dowsing/Searching
  139. Starting Hero Mode
  140. Goddess chest question
  141. Am I the only one disappointed by the lack of a darknut fight?
  142. Is Hylia dead?
  143. Silent Realms - Tears Strategies
  144. Theory about Ghirahim (ending spoilers)
  145. Issues with time travel -- two Zeldas???
  146. Link's dreams/hallucinations?
  147. Share your Boss Rush records here (Boss Name Spoilers)
  148. ♥♥♥♥ Review is ♥♥♥♥
  149. G4 Final Round (diffrent topic from round 4)
  150. Who does the dialogue belong to?
  151. Gorko is Gone?
  152. Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker
  153. Skyward Sword will NOT be first in the timeline
  154. There was more then one way to solve these two puzzles
  155. Favorite Province?
  156. Why only green?
  157. Potentially the most frustrating....
  158. Demise
  159. Fi - good or bad guide?
  160. Ocarina of Time Reference in the 3rd Dungeon (Room Spoiler)
  161. Loftwing < Epona?
  162. Master there is an 80% chance that the FInal Boss has been defeated
  163. The Biggest Problem with Skyward Sword
  164. ....This is VERY unsettling. (Sidequest spoiler)
  165. Critical reviews
  166. How long until I finish the game?
  167. Does Groose remind you of anybody?
  168. Who DIDNT obtain the Hylian shield?
  169. No Gold Skulltullas ?
  170. Skydiving at lumpy pumpkin!
  171. Bamboo Island ZU Record?
  172. Skyward Sword WTFery.
  173. Skyward Sword Save File
  174. Temple of Time
  175. The Time Paradox(will spoil the ending)
  176. Demise wasn't destroyed by the Triforce...?
  177. Where do Zoras come from?
  178. Groose's Theme Goes with Everything
  179. Mr. Fun Fun is my rupee prostitute
  180. TP had one of the most amazing Music scores of any Zelda game.
  181. Finding Treasures
  182. Best Game of LoZ Series - My Review/Analysis (spoiler-free)
  183. Criticism (SPOILERS)
  184. Skyward's Ending In Ten Seconds (for those who want it)
  185. Sky Keep, best final dungeon?
  186. Does Lanayru province contain Lake Hylia, Gerudo Desert and Hyrule Castle?
  187. Who can defeat the final boss with nothing but your sword?
  188. Too many puzzles!!!
  189. gate of time
  190. List of Skyward Sword Mini-Games and Jobs
  191. Ancient Cistern - greatest temple of all time
  192. Small, inconsecuential detail about the final boss
  193. Timeshift Stones: Question
  194. Best Skyward Temple
  195. Ancient Robots and Wall-E
  196. Skyward Sword Fandubs
  197. Bonus Round: SS for GOTY (Game Trailers)
  198. Groose's theme goes with everything. Did you recognize this variation?(spoilerish)
  199. Anyone else hate this game for being wii-mote exclusive?
  200. Does the Hylia crest shield not exist in this game? -possible spoilers-
  201. Sandship Temple - great or disappointing?
  202. skyward sword was top global bestseller last week
  203. I Has A Question!
  204. I hate Filler in Zelda games.
  205. Tingle, is that you?
  206. Playing zelda skyward with a p4 pico projector
  207. Themes and Symbolism in Skyward Sword: Analyzing the game as art.
  208. Complete HP guide for all enemies! (Heavy spoilers)
  209. Here is a Save Game Files before the Game Breaking Glitch
  210. Can you explain this?
  211. Favorite ss dungeon
  212. article discussing why he'd like a direct sequel
  213. G4 Votes Enter Final Round
  214. A serious bug you should know about.
  215. Skyward Sword Song ID Thread
  216. Favorite response phrases in the game
  217. From Nintendo: Cause of Game Breaking Glitch
  218. "Hurry! There's no time to lose!" Well, actually...
  219. Favorite Item
  220. the plot
  221. Harp - good instrument or not?
  222. Lanayru Mining Facility puzzle glitch?
  223. Skyward sword group teamspeak/skype
  224. How Do I Get to Lanayru Gorge?
  225. Link's Harp plays to background music!?!
  226. Following a formula?
  227. Nintendo Should Release DLC to...
  228. interesting article about SS backlash
  229. Skyward sword-any good?
  230. The Races of Skyward Sword
  231. LD-Link-16?
  232. What has changed?
  233. Changes from the Beta
  234. SS is very Japanese
  236. Which dungeon would you most want to live in?
  237. Why SS is the best Zelda game: share your thoughts. No downers please.
  238. Skyward Sword's Graphical Style: Should it be here to stay?
  239. Is it weird that I have barely gotten far in this game?
  240. I want to undo "Hero Mode"....
  241. Better way to end it? (spoilers in the spoilers thread. who knew?)
  242. Where do you put this title on your list of Zeldas?
  243. About that Filler
  244. Am I weird? -SPOILERS-
  245. Just To Clear Some Things Up About Orchestral Music In Zelda
  246. Grahhhhhhh
  247. temple of time (TP)
  248. Temple Four (no spoilers)
  249. It's over 9000!!!
  250. Which animal cruelty do you prefer?