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  1. Ancient Cistern favorite water dungeon, why?
  2. Skyward Sword Glitches
  3. Favorite Dungeon : Twilight Princess
  4. Favorite Dungeon : The Wind Waker
  5. Doing a 3 heart hero mode challenge
  6. How unnecessary flipping TP was
  7. Confusion about Twilight Princess's ending
  8. Fi
  9. Wind Waker in 480p on PAL Wii?
  10. End of game problem.
  11. What was the hardest Silent Realm?
  12. Why I can't play Twilight Princess after playing Skyward Sword
  13. New Hylian Race?
  14. Maidens? or men?
  15. When Zelda sleeps...
  16. Is Groose Really That Well Developed?
  17. SS thoughts and how it measures up to OoT imo
  18. Symbols on people
  19. The Official Twilight Princess Support Clan!
  20. Favorite things in Skyward Sword!
  21. Skyward Sword's Lack of a Title Theme
  22. Kind of Mind Blown
  23. Skyward Sword: Better Zelda game than overall game
  24. Skyward Sword is the Greatest Zelda Game Yet!
  25. Where is the reincarnation of Groose?
  26. I wish Skyward Sword looked even more like its art
  27. Minigame fun
  29. Did anyone like Midna's hair?
  30. What did you think about the Eldin portion of the Song of the Hero quest? *spoilers*
  31. Why the Mirrored World?
  32. Do you consider Fi female?
  33. Hardening up TP?
  34. Who thinks Eldin province in SS was awful?
  35. Last Battle in SS
  36. Favourite Skyward Sword Dungeon
  37. they made a new trailler in the UK
  38. Some in-game questions and Hero Mode
  39. How long did it take you to complete this game?
  40. Lumpy Pumpkin Harp
  41. Just finished Hero Mode
  42. Theories about the Ancient Cistern
  43. they made another one
  44. Skyward Sword's Save System
  45. skyward sword metal!! check this out
  46. Return of the Pumpkins
  47. Pipit's Mom/ Pipit Side quest. Your opinion?
  48. I dont get the problem with Ganonpork (ignore the pun)?
  49. Does the story of Skyward Sword fall short?
  50. Ending Save Data Confusion
  51. Is TP overrated?
  52. How did I not know this existed?!
  53. How many times will you replay SS?
  54. Making Map Magic
  55. A story of luck?
  56. What's your favorite Wind Waker dungeon?
  57. What's your favorite Wind Waker dungeon?
  58. TP (wii) vs TP (Gamecube)
  59. Why The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is the Best Zelda Game of All Time!
  60. TP feeling
  61. The Wind Waker.
  62. A challenge
  63. does anyone have an estimate on how many copies have sold
  64. BAFTA Award list
  65. Bump-Mapping in The Wind Waker
  66. The Sword is used way too much in SS :(
  67. interesting article about fi
  68. timing of new skyward sword video
  69. The Imprisoned Fight Round 2...bug?
  70. Spider's Tread reference
  71. Greatest moment in Skyward Sword
  72. Opinions Wanted
  73. Why should I play Wind Waker?
  74. Wind Waker in Korean
  75. Skyward Sword Korean Gameplay Footage
  76. Robin Williams led us astray?
  77. Do you want to see Midna again?
  78. The fabulous debbie thread: Now 100 times more fabulous then ever before
  79. THIS JUST IN!; I don't hate TP anymore!
  80. Blood in The Wind Waker
  81. zelda skyward sword anime auditions
  82. Can you do what this guy did?
  83. I think I just found a way to make this game 10x less annoying
  84. Gaepora and Zelda question
  85. The big hit or miss: Sailing in WW
  86. Is this considered a plot hole?
  87. 2 secret caves in Eldin Volcano?
  88. Wierd glitch thingy in WW??
  89. Need help with tp code
  90. The enormity of Twilight Princess
  91. How skyloft keeps afloat?
  92. 2012, reassessment of temples
  93. What happens when you die in the sky?
  94. Battle or Silent Realms?
  95. The 4 ways to hurt the 3rd ghirahim's second phase.
  96. Major Embarrassing Oversight in The Wind Waker
  97. sword similar to ghirahim's in snow peak
  98. Animated Blood in Skyward Sword?
  99. Skyward Sword was not a temple game
  100. Ganondor'f Sword Inscription
  101. Why does nobody fight the final Ghirahim the cool way?
  102. Wind Waker Manga
  103. Am I the only person that liked Twilight Princess's Hyrule Field?
  104. Best times on Trials
  105. Why Skyward sword was a disappointment
  106. Revelations of the game
  107. Favorite Dungeon After Second Playthrough?
  108. I like the Ancient Cistern
  109. I wish they could have actually showed a flashback to Hylia creating Skyloft.
  110. mario made a cameo in skyward sword?
  111. Fi and Ghirahim's Connection???***Spoilers***
  112. Shipping Wars, TP Edition
  113. Who has the best 100% completion time for skyward sword?
  114. Time plot confusion
  115. Lanaryu Mining Facility Glitch
  116. how to save game on virtual LttP?
  117. Groose After the Final Boss
  118. How To Play Fi's Theme On Piano
  119. Goddess Cubes Disappointment
  120. skydiving squirrels
  121. Wind Waker save file-Before Dragon Roost Cavern
  122. Links name is Matthew
  123. Why Skyward Strikes are only usable in Skyward Sword
  124. Skyward Sword feel like it's missing something?
  125. Is Link's loftwing a part of the whole reincarnation curse thing?
  126. E3 2002 Wind Waker Commentary Video
  127. What I missed in Skyward Sword
  128. How did you like the heroes song. (Spoilers)
  129. Lanaryu Desert question
  130. Feel like really challenging yourself?
  131. TP vs. OoT
  132. edge awards
  133. Impa's Time Traveling (Major Spoilers)
  134. Goddess(es) Clarification (Beware Spoilers)
  135. Gorons
  136. So, in essence.....
  137. The Fused Shadow in Twilight Princess...
  138. Scene after hero mode
  139. Picture Perfect Moments
  140. Hero Mode
  141. Question about.......
  142. Enemies that should've been
  143. Can we finally say Ralis and Ruto arent half-siblings?
  144. Little question about Hero Mode (No spoilers)
  145. Is the Thunder Dragon alive or dead?
  146. Replaying Twilight Princess
  147. Second Playthrough (my views of the game changed)
  148. Stamina meter
  149. Which is more difficult?
  150. Things I dislike in The Wind Waker
  151. Things that didn't need motion control.
  152. Items you miss
  153. Origin of the Kikwi Voice
  154. Ign's game of the year reader poll
  155. Zelda's room
  156. Weapon upgrades - were they really useful?
  157. Boss Strategies
  158. So you thought Fi was annoying?
  159. LD-Link-16 *Possible Spoilers*
  160. Death Counter... anywhere?
  161. Was it ever confirmed that the Skeleton Soldier/gold wolf in TP
  162. Favorite Song Quest
  163. Favourite and least fabourite designs in Skyward Sword (potential spoilers)
  164. Most "Epic" Final Battle
  165. Rupee's/Gratitude Crystals Worthless?
  166. Lanayru Gorge??? Am I Bugged?
  167. just saw a new easter egg on gamefaqs
  168. No great/queen Fairy?!?
  169. Nintendo, PLEASE stop doing this
  170. Your least favorite race
  171. Sky Keep Temple
  172. How many hours have you put into Skyward Sword?
  173. Fi and The Fairy Queen
  174. Am I the only one who enjoyed being a wolf in TP?
  175. Elevation
  176. What Happened to the Skyward Strike?
  177. Is the shooting minigame the hardest to date?
  178. Games I've noticed Skyward Sword is similar to and why/how they are similar
  179. Poe Souls
  180. What did you guys do with Calwin's letter?
  181. The Theme of Corruption in Twilight Princess
  182. Skyward Sword control tips (you might learn something!)
  183. ghirahim and dark link?
  184. Skyward Sword Summary, Divided into Chapters, etc.
  185. Ganondorf vs. Demise
  186. What would you rate SS out of 10?
  187. Is Skyward Sword the best Zelda game to date?
  188. Is it just me that thinks that the TP beta looks beter than the final?
  189. No compass in dungeons
  190. What did you name your Loftwing?
  191. Does Wind Waker use both analog sticks on the GC?
  192. About Lanayru
  193. Hardest Silent Realm
  194. wind waker 100%?
  195. Are the students of the Knight Academy orphans?
  196. Your thoughts on the game, after completing it?
  197. Did you like the items in SS? could they be improved?
  198. Off Topic But I Am Wondering
  199. ign little contest thing between ocarina of time and skyward is done
  200. favorite plot point/cutscence
  201. Skipper's Retreat. Something to take note of?
  202. The area you can't revisit
  203. Where are you at?
  204. a pretty accurate description of nintendo trolling us
  205. Hardest puzzle in the game
  206. 100% Completion of Skyward Sword
  207. References to past Zelda titles.
  208. Silent Realms
  209. Fi/ghirahim similarities
  210. Figurine Collectors
  211. nintendo of america optimistic about skyward's legs
  212. Secret Sword Techniques
  213. Not sure if this has been seen yet but...
  214. Is tentalus a cameo from Kid Icarus?
  215. Wind Waker vs. Twilight Princess
  216. Kinda stupid...
  217. Can I finish SS tonight?
  218. I hope I'm not almost done with Skyward Sword. How far along am I?
  219. Hero mode should have been availible from the start
  220. Dowsing in Hero Mode
  221. The Issues of Time Travel
  222. Antagonists(Spoilers)
  223. Something is seriously wrong with the Goddness Harp.
  224. Fi's Character
  225. Letter Notes for Fi's Theme on Piano?
  226. Time Shift Stones
  227. Back In Time Glitch
  228. The things that "blew your mind"
  229. Glowing things in skyloft?
  230. game sales
  231. Do I need the the Gameboy Advanced to play Four Swords Adventures in singleplayer?
  232. What Could Have Been SS
  233. Question about the story
  234. Skyward Sword First Impressions
  235. Skyward Sword's Difficulty
  236. The Imprisoned
  237. Boss Rush Mode Ultimate Challenge
  238. Annoying little plot loophole
  239. Find that Music Question
  240. What's so bad about FSA?
  241. Demise too easy?
  242. Your magical moment in Skyward Sword
  243. Does SS fail as the ultimate prequel?
  244. Unorthodox ways you've killed enemies
  245. Widescreen/Fullscreen Question
  246. skyward sword won another reader poll
  247. For those "people" who hate Skyward Sword.
  248. Disappointment at the master sword
  249. First Impressions!
  250. Skyward sword CD