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  1. who was ur faverit boss in windwacker?
  2. Favorite TWW Dungeon/Temple
  3. Hylian locations on the Great Sea
  4. Green and Red- the colours of the soul realm
  5. How Do Ya?
  6. how do you....
  7. Who is the TP
  8. How Long did it take you to beat the Windwaker?
  9. Sages of Wind Waker! Relative realisations!
  10. Termina in the Wind Waker!!!!????
  11. How do I get a coloured picture of Gohma?
  12. Official Zelda Art
  13. Wii or GCN?
  14. Beadle, do you like him?
  15. Will Ganondorf and Ganon be in Twilight Princess?
  16. Twilight princess extras
  17. Zelda Codes?
  18. extra WW missions
  19. Four Swords Adventures - about
  20. OoT differences
  21. Why Hyrule Wasn't Revived
  22. Speculation in zelda twilight princess / possible [spoiler]
  23. E3 06 Trailer Questions
  24. The Great Sea
  25. Enemies Help Thread
  26. Balrog is his name?
  27. Like or Dislike?
  28. Zelda's Robes
  29. A Symbol of Evil?
  30. four swords?!?!?!?
  31. Something I discovered
  32. pigs in the sky
  33. did anyone notice how...
  34. aha! tingle.
  35. why did those things attack links village?
  36. Curious
  37. More than 1 boss in each temple (part 2)?
  38. zelda wind waker
  39. Wind Waker OoT hidden stuff
  40. Empty Bottle Ganondorf
  41. Collectors Edition
  42. Did you like Windwaker graphics?
  43. Must read! theory on Goron merchants
  44. joy pendants in the wind waker
  45. How to find Knuckles Thread
  46. HELP!!!!!
  47. Triforce Shards in the ocean?
  48. Trifforce Pieces
  49. Kokiri and koroks
  50. Create a WW boss
  51. Problems You've Had With The Collectors Edition
  52. OoT sinking lure (yes, on GC)
  53. About the Forsaken Fortress...
  54. Hyrule To Hyrule After Wind Waker? (WW Spoilers)
  55. Fountain of Healing in Twilight Realm?
  56. What happened to Ilia?
  57. tokay's in TP?
  58. Anyone have the Hyrule Overworld song for TP?
  59. what was your LEAST favorite part in tww
  60. The SeaMan...
  61. The Fish List
  62. Most Annoying Wind Waker Boss
  63. Why was tingel in jail?
  64. what did you like about FSA...
  65. Any Things You Thought Should Have Gone In?
  66. NEW Twilight Rehelm colors!
  67. Twilght Realm Theory (I Don't think i've Seen Anyone Else With This Idea)
  68. Intense Boss Battles
  69. Some New Zelda twilight princess screenshots most from EMG
  70. Possible New TP spoilers**Enter at your own risk**
  71. The Korok's Real Faces...
  72. Was there something about the King that we didn't know about? (Spoiler Warning)
  73. Wind or Earth temple?
  74. Fishing in TP
  75. Ganons role in twilight princess. Theories?
  76. Majora's Mask Collecters Edition
  77. A cooler credits idea than the 70s bubble 'thing'
  78. Wolf Link's markings
  79. Beat the wind temple...Now where to?
  80. Extra Key
  81. Do the Islanders even know they are saved?
  82. Gerudo Theories
  83. The Twilights Control
  84. Good and bad Gorons
  85. TWW's Link
  86. Voice Acting is in?
  87. Adult Link in T P
  88. The end of WW and Wii
  89. NEW TP NEWS!!!
  90. Full Gameplay Trailer Including Boss Battle! WARNING: SPOILER(TP)
  91. Koboli is Postman??
  92. Extended Trailer?
  93. Just found out a cool factor in a trailer of TP in E3 06
  94. well...Navi is in TP
  95. Wind Waker Dilemma
  96. Midna's true identity *major spoiler*
  97. Higher Enemy
  98. Was The wind waker too easy?
  99. TP Boss music sound familiar?
  100. The Return of the Master Sword
  101. THE LAVA BOSS??
  102. Black and White Twilight dumped...
  103. Significance of Tetra's Name?
  104. Bosses in TP- this is the end
  105. Told you from the beginning!
  106. Did you enjoy Wind Waker?
  107. The Phantom Hourglass..sound like LA to you?
  108. An Unnoticed Race
  109. Box art
  110. My Twilight Princess Article
  111. Twilight Princess Video Source Thread (Updated!: 11/03/06)
  112. Gamecube?
  113. It seems that the true scope of TP has been revealed
  114. Damn navi
  115. C-Stick problems
  116. Could someone translate Japanesse from the E3 2006 Trailer! (Wolf Link with Midna)
  117. A NEW WEAPON!!!!
  118. GrappleShot
  119. Midna outside of twilight realm!
  120. TP Wii controls
  121. Shocking TP pictures
  122. Master Sword in TP
  123. Wondering About Flooding
  124. TP pictures of Hyrule
  125. TP is NOT OoT
  126. Hold up, isn't Fado a kid?
  127. Oni Link
  128. WW Question - Earth Temple
  129. Who is Midna?
  130. Burning question about my copy of TWW
  131. Laruto-quote
  132. WW speed run record?
  133. The WW ending is little confusing...
  134. Saving in TWW only possible with memory card?
  135. OoT: Master Quest
  136. Stage select
  137. Im mad at The Wind Waker!
  138. Twilight Realm = Dark World?
  139. Wind Waker Water
  140. Did the King of Hyrule die in WW?
  141. ganondorf theory.
  142. Zoras
  143. The TP ending: Flood and New Hyrule?
  144. One Trailer to Own them all..
  145. Twilight princess release date!!!
  146. Deku Tree, Korok?
  147. The Gossip Stone = Navi?
  148. Tetra's looks
  149. The Wind Waker Test Maps (Im dammed sure you wanna read this)
  150. Does Dark Link appear in TP?
  151. Favorite WW Boss
  152. Exactly why Tp link or WW link is not related to Oot Link.
  153. talk bout windwaker till you die
  154. Paper Mario: The Wind Waker?
  155. Characters Twilight Princess
  156. Ganondorf Quote - Wind Waker
  157. The Triforce of Time Theory
  158. Something sad about twilight princess
  159. The Big Dipper in TWW?!
  160. Master Sword in Twilight Princess?
  161. To those of you who need help, this is the thread for YOU!
  162. please help save me!
  163. Creepy face on Ghost Ship in Wind Waker.
  164. A Physically Logical Zelda?
  165. question (for bonus disk owners only)
  166. Hey, where'd my deities go?!
  167. If you had to give The Wind Waker a rating, what would it be?
  168. The Phantom Hourglass: Thoughts and Ideas
  169. Tetras Trackers
  170. Question about The Wind Waker.
  171. Which part of Wind Waker did you DISLIKE the most?
  172. Warning Possible Spoilers! Link and Zelda Together?
  173. Epona in Wind Waker?
  174. Midna True Form
  175. Link...Why a Wolf?
  176. Which part of The Wind Waker do you like best?
  177. Who Pre-ordered TP
  178. Phantom Hourglass
  179. The Picture?
  180. Question
  181. The Mysterious Midna--Who is She?
  182. Wind Waker wasn't fully complete?
  183. Play OoT/MM songs on the Wind Waker!
  184. Ganon- Ancient Demon Reborn? (possible spoilers)
  185. this is weird.
  186. Dragon Roost = Death Mountain?
  187. Oot Master Quest item contest!
  188. Graphic Improvements in Collector's Disc
  189. The Legend of Zelda WindWaker Character Contest.
  190. 16th March
  191. New shots of Tetra's mother and maybe Tetra's background.... *pics inside*
  192. A Scale from Valoo
  194. Rito and Zora
  195. A Wiser Ganondorf
  196. Okay, just to clear it up...
  197. What does the new Ganondorf look like???
  198. The "Who is Midna" Thread
  199. Transforming to animals
  200. New Screenshot (Not from Demo!)
  201. Confirmed Pre- Realese Date On TP!!!!!!
  202. What do Ganon's Armies want with Ilda?
  203. need help.. triforce shards (WW)
  204. The Wind Waker Thread to End All
  205. Hyrulian=Hebrew?
  206. TP Q.
  207. LoZ: TWW Wind Waker melody contest!
  208. I'm stuck! Can you please help?
  209. No 'Z' item slot?
  210. The camera - The best part of The Wind Waker?
  211. Evolutions
  212. Theories
  213. new ifo i think
  214. About the Japanese WW....
  215. Sorry for asking this,but...
  216. my ganon/ evils in game theory (its also my first post)
  217. Another Collection Edition Glitch, or...?
  218. That happened with Greatfish Island?
  219. The gale boomerang
  220. LoZ: TWW item contest
  221. WW is the best
  222. Tower of the Gods=Disappointment?
  223. Zelda vs. Final Fantasy
  224. Reggie Fils-Aime confirms a fall release
  225. Looking for Codes and Glitches
  226. How Link will NOT die.
  228. HAS ANYONE TRIED Twilight Princess?
  229. Video Of Skullkid?
  230. !!! O_O Look what I found! *spoilers ahead*
  231. A little help with wind waker..Please
  232. No Triforce of courage in TP? *Just read it*
  233. help with MM
  234. New screenshot of TP March 16.
  235. Swimming Question
  236. Can I still buy it?
  237. Strange mix-up
  238. Hears a thought (TP spoilers)
  239. Wind Waker Nintendo Gallery
  240. I found some really wonderful videos of Twilight Princess... lookie here!
  241. Why does everyone hate the Triforce hunt?
  242. Forest temple boss
  243. I can see the TRIFORCE!!!
  244. Sages In TP
  245. About the boar rider fight and riding boars
  246. What things do you think were worked on during the delay?
  247. Nintendo conference
  248. Thought about TP timeline (SPOILERS)
  249. Noobish Question
  250. Theory on why Link never showed up.