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  1. Game Play Spoiler
  2. Four Years...Two Weeks: Share Your Ideas
  3. Why can't the name be metaphical?
  4. A possible picture of Ganondorf(spoilers)
  5. Wii Zelda (spoiler) new info
  6. I think I may have figured out a spoiler in Twilight Princess (Yes, that's a warning)
  7. (Possibly) new screenshot ::SPOILER::
  8. The classic 'in a house' music isn't returning?
  9. If you would like TP.
  10. Multiplayer TP?!
  11. Midna Theory (Spoilers)
  12. Really strange thing from the trailer...
  13. little video question...
  14. Heart Pieces
  15. Whats the best mode of transportation?
  16. What do you expect??
  17. An Idea about Midna
  18. New screens!
  19. New Shield
  20. Screenshot of Zelda.
  21. Birth of a new hero(theory)
  22. Screenshot Speculation
  23. Has the Temple of Time been burned down?
  24. How do you feel about the new footage?
  25. Is there any real reason?
  26. Possible Ganondorf Story and sequel to TP
  27. New trailer and the opening sequence.
  28. Screenshot with slingshot?
  29. Huge Info Update!
  30. hmm theory
  31. Footage of Link getting the Master sword? :O
  32. Serious question
  33. New? Trailer
  34. Speculation on Overworld Locations
  35. Random Zelda Questions (go here)
  36. Windwaker Challenge
  37. Ok, What does Midna really want?
  38. Control gripes...
  39. What do you think that ganondorf will do in this game that is so unexpected?
  40. Tingle's Brother
  41. Tower of the Gods
  42. What happened to the Gorons?
  43. What kind of unlockables/secrets do you hope to find?
  45. Two new ZELDA TP VIdeos!!!!
  46. New info in ONM
  47. CNET plays Twilight Princess.
  48. New Iwata TP Interview
  49. Forbidden Fortress originally a Sheikah base?
  50. Where are Link's parents?
  51. More Info on beginning of game
  52. Twilight Realm/ Dark World ?
  53. No seasons in TP..
  54. Twilight Princess added in ESRB.com
  55. IGN is getting Twilight Princees this week!
  56. TP Opening Cutscene
  57. TP "Official" Overworld Theme
  58. For those of you wondering how big Hyrule is...
  59. Heart Pieces
  60. Kokiri and Koroks. Spoilers on TWW, soz im still confused on how to do spoilers.
  61. Did you guy's see this?
  62. Temples - Items game.
  63. Your TP Dungeon List
  64. majora's mask on gamecube...
  65. My thoughts on Ganondorf in TP
  66. New TP info.
  67. A Connection With the Kokiri Forest?
  68. Possible Side-Quests
  69. Is TP the real Imprisoning War?
  70. Link's "secret maneuvers"
  71. Full time pirate?
  72. Things You're Looking Forward To In Tp!
  73. My preorder bonus Idea.
  74. Poes and Gold Skulltillas return!
  75. Link Controlling Animals in TP
  76. The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess: Main Theme?
  77. Favorite thing to do on "The Wind Waker"
  78. Music in Wind Waker (and other Zelda games)
  79. The Four Swords
  80. My Twilight Princess Demo review.
  81. Did you like The Wind Waker's Triforce quest?
  82. When will TP be availeable in stores?
  83. Origin of Rito
  84. original items?
  85. WW problem
  86. Big key
  87. gale boomerang
  88. New Twilight Princess information released!
  89. The Twilight princess Master sword.
  90. SPOILERS ganon
  91. Zelda Is The Twilight Princess, Right?
  92. tWW Problem
  93. Huge TP Info Update and Official Art
  94. Favorite Item in Wind Waker
  95. Ganon's Tower
  96. Ordon Village?
  97. Give it a rest with the twilight-Light World warping theories!
  98. An Ocarina or something else
  99. Stealth Area
  100. We DO Know How Large the Overworld is
  101. Pig Ganon
  102. Was "The Wind Waker' challenging, at any part?
  103. Hyrule Mirrored
  104. Wind Waker quiz
  105. Cel-shaded: Do you know what it really is?
  106. Injuring your horse?
  107. Shields Will Shatter
  108. Go back
  109. Master Quest ?
  110. Mr. Ganondorf Dragmire or Puppet Ganon
  111. Quick Question i don't think that i've seen asked yet...
  112. Collectors Edition
  113. Favorite Place in Wind Waker
  114. New TP Trailer from C3.com news...
  115. New Screenshots and Trailer Reveal a Ton of Info!
  116. new 1 min Zelda TP video of pure awesomeness
  118. New Videos
  119. Temple of Light????
  120. Kargarocs in TP
  121. Link's new voice?
  122. lost woods in TP???
  123. How to switch from right to left-handed in TP
  124. Theory: Midna uses her eye to attack
  125. the Light medallion in new tp footage
  126. Midna of the Twilight: Creator or Creature?
  127. New pictures/analysis/questions
  128. a comparison of Twilight Princess ~ SpaceWorld 2000 Demo ~ GCN Soul Calibur CG Intro
  129. Haunted Castle + wolf = ???
  130. Definate Master-Sword proof
  131. Link can fly?
  132. Magical Forks?
  133. Hardest GamCube Zelda?
  134. Anyone remember the "ghosts" in that underground area?
  135. Will there be Zora and Deku in TP?
  136. Did you like the Wind Waker version of adult Link?
  137. Major spoiler(I think...)-Link in 2nd trailer
  138. The King of Red Lions (SPOILERS!)
  139. Twilight Guardians
  140. TP's Hyrule Rumored to be 45 Minutes Across
  141. Is it time?
  142. Wolf Link equipment and upgrades.
  143. BIG TP Storyline Spoilers
  144. Twiglight Sword
  145. Is it even worth it?
  146. Why????
  147. Dragon Roost Cavern question
  148. Theory: Why TP Link Fails...
  149. Could Zelda be evil in Twilight Princess???
  150. Moblins vs Hyrulian Knights
  151. Windwaker help
  152. I found the other half of Midna's mask
  153. Possible NEW TP Song Leak
  154. TP Link - Descendant of the HoT? (Proof inside)
  155. A weird screenshot I found...
  156. TP Hype Thread II: The Revenge!!!
  157. Midna's headdress design in WW
  158. Fado's ancestor
  159. twilight princess - the origin of the name
  160. Poll Options: Collector's Edition
  161. OoT and OoTMQ?
  162. TP Guardians
  163. A New Legend is Born
  164. I had a dream of TP::
  165. Interesting Link between LoZ:WW and Oracle of Ages
  166. What do you do when you've beat the game?
  167. Diferent?
  168. The hobo tree
  169. Did you find Master Quest hard?
  170. Favorite TWW Character?
  171. TP/Wii not released til after Nov. 11th
  172. Funny stuff in TWW!
  173. Favourite Place on Windfall Island?
  174. Somebody help..
  175. Does anyone have the Zelda Collector's edition for Gamecube?
  176. Is FSA worth getting for the single player alone?
  177. What color Link are you each time you play? (FSA)
  178. Will you get the GCN version or the Wii version of Twilight Princess?
  179. Link: A chance for romance.
  180. Anatomy of the Wind Waker miniDVD
  181. windwaker time line questions and comments
  182. Time Travel in TP?
  183. Kokiri Forest?
  184. Unlocked hidden Wind Waker worlds with actionreplay!
  185. Did you notice?
  186. Happy Ending In TP Confirmed
  188. Is Illia Zelda?
  189. Wind Waker Manga
  190. What does it do?
  191. Phantom's Sword
  192. Who Thinks Link Looked Like a Girl in OoT
  193. Twilight Princess
  194. WW Castle same as OoT castle?
  195. TP Final battle: Could it be a Triple Threat?
  196. Help ?
  197. Humans & the Twilight
  198. Favorite TWW Enemy?
  199. TP Development Changes (BtR?)
  200. The Master Sword
  201. If OoT Link is still alive...
  202. Possible look of the castle
  203. Twilight Princess/Phantom Hourglass Theory Thread
  204. Piccori God
  205. Body Type Similarities
  206. Who is getting a Wii and if you are are you getting a copy of twilight princess??
  207. Favourite Trailers
  208. The Twilight Princess Dream
  209. TP STORY
  210. Goron Mines playthrough and what it shows
  211. Tetra Trackers. . .
  212. Doc Rock's WindWaker Temple Challenge
  213. New Zelda?
  214. What is this thing?
  215. Your song of choice?
  216. Windwaker mishaps
  217. I got it
  218. When?
  219. Contradictions
  220. Wikipedia info on Twilight Princess
  221. The Clowns
  222. A new dungeon?
  223. Specific races of animals TP's "Guardians"?
  224. Queen Fairy
  225. who was ur faverit boss in windwacker?
  226. Favorite TWW Dungeon/Temple
  227. Hylian locations on the Great Sea
  228. Green and Red- the colours of the soul realm
  229. How Do Ya?
  230. how do you....
  231. Who is the TP
  232. How Long did it take you to beat the Windwaker?
  233. Sages of Wind Waker! Relative realisations!
  234. Termina in the Wind Waker!!!!????
  235. How do I get a coloured picture of Gohma?
  236. Official Zelda Art
  237. Wii or GCN?
  238. Beadle, do you like him?
  239. Will Ganondorf and Ganon be in Twilight Princess?
  240. Twilight princess extras
  241. Zelda Codes?
  242. extra WW missions
  243. Four Swords Adventures - about
  244. OoT differences
  245. Why Hyrule Wasn't Revived
  246. Speculation in zelda twilight princess / possible [spoiler]
  247. E3 06 Trailer Questions
  248. The Great Sea
  249. Enemies Help Thread
  250. Balrog is his name?