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  1. Dark Nut Iron Knuckle Similarities...
  2. Who likes the TP box artwork?
  3. Favorite Sword Skill
  4. your assumtion of the ending
  5. I'm dissapointed that Twilight Princess didn't have an artist rendered map
  6. Terminian in WW? Termina suffering the same fate?
  7. Favorite action sequence
  8. What Were the Wolf Songs?
  9. why doesnt ganondorf use a spear any more?
  10. Best TP Boss?
  11. symbolic stuff spoilers (maybe)
  12. i might be stupid but
  13. Question for TP fishing experts only.
  14. Fighting Stallord
  15. Who liked the Dominion Rod?
  16. Twilight Princess - Metroid 2 similarities.
  17. Please help!!!
  18. Twili Guardian Gods?
  19. Tingle WAS in TP.
  20. TP Twilight world or ALTTP dark world?
  21. best speedrun till now?? !spoilers!
  22. What didn't make the cut?
  23. Twilight Princess FULL Soundtrack
  24. Hyrule Castle Town
  25. The reason why Fado's door is always locked
  26. A good Idea for wii
  27. TP Skull Kid is Saria?
  28. TP doesn't suck
  29. Midna's desperate Hour
  30. Best Thing About Twilight Princess
  31. Concerning Wind.
  32. Who was your favorite boss in TP?
  33. Twilight Princess help needed!!!
  34. Looking back...
  35. Becomeing a WW Specialist...
  36. Sheikahs in T.P.
  37. Favorite music in Twilight Princess?
  38. Navi in TP?
  39. Special Version?
  40. TP - Differences in puzzle designs?
  41. Is Twilight Princess amazing or a flop? <DISCUSSION>
  42. Floating triangle
  43. Loz tp the most glitchy loz game
  44. What happened?
  45. Why is zelda wearing a sheika robe
  46. Boko or Deku?
  47. Little remarkable things in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  48. TP Challenge thread
  49. Characters: TP to WW
  50. Does the Wii version contain any extras?
  51. TP help guide or not?
  52. Connection between TP and WW *SPOILERS?*
  53. What game do you think ganon is the best in?
  54. Can anyone...
  55. 100%
  56. Favorite TP Enemy
  57. TP graphics: better than ever?
  58. New TP Artwork released
  59. hardest TP dungeon.
  60. Little things about Castle Town
  61. Minda replacing fairy
  62. anyone think Zant was a total freak?
  63. Favorite Major Ganondorf?
  64. TP not hard enough
  65. TP=Sexiest Zelda?
  66. TP's Ganon vs OoT's Ganon
  67. Have you played FSA in multiplayer?
  68. Lakebed Temple
  69. Twilight Princess Manga?
  70. A legendary problem
  71. Bomb Upgrades
  72. Kili, Hanna & Misha picture(s)?
  73. 2 Questions about Arbiter's Ground flashback
  74. question
  75. TP mastersword-in-the-beginning cheat!
  76. Mini-games
  77. What does "Latoan" mean?
  78. fish journel
  79. Short Cut to the Lake (TP)
  80. Question about first wolf transformation (maynbe spoilers)
  81. IGN gives OOT VC a 10.
  82. This Sucks A Lot!!!!!!!!!
  84. Death Mountain in TP was rather disappointing.
  85. Funny thing that happened when I played TP
  86. Death Mountain in TP was rather disappointing.
  87. Need help with Majora's Mask
  88. Hena kicks you out!
  89. Did you get all 20 heart containers?
  90. Catch the Hylian Loach, without any lures or bait!
  91. MM Vs TWW
  92. How long did it take you to beat the game?
  93. Few Zoras.
  94. windwaker graphics upsetting or not?
  95. Zant and Ganondorf (SPOILERS)
  96. Positives on TP
  97. The Twili. Who liked them
  98. Water Temple in the windwaker
  99. Things that made you sad in twilight princess(spoiler warning)
  100. ask whatever about the zelda dungeons...any game!
  101. EPONA in TP and OoT same HORSE?
  102. Why are all the Zoras so feminine?
  103. Few Gorons.
  104. Favorite boss in TP
  105. Old Woman in HIDDEN VILLAGE a SHIEKAH?
  106. Is anyone...
  107. Twilight Princess Seceret Village help
  108. Twilight Princess Final Boss Wallpaper I made. (spoilers!)
  109. Does anyone else think that the music really hurt TP in some parts.
  110. purple chu
  111. Twilight Princess Review
  112. How Long did it Take you to Finish TP?
  113. NEW Cool Twilight Princess Glitch!
  114. Hot Spring Water Help
  115. A love for Hena?
  116. sidequests? minigames? anybody?
  117. Twili Orgins???
  118. What happend to the Goriya and Lynel?
  119. A good question.
  120. Fun Glitches in TP Regarding the Master Sword
  121. The Great Deku Tree in TP
  122. Hyrule Hangtime
  123. TP or MM?
  124. Best/Worst Dungeon in TP
  125. What TP character did you hate?
  126. An appeal for Zant
  127. TP chat about everything thread
  128. Darling little TP tidbits
  129. fishing holee!
  130. TP Pre/Post Development differences
  131. OOT .V. TP Which is better?
  132. Kakariko Graveyard: disappointing
  133. Characters From Twlight Princess!!!!!!
  134. Was TP a waste?
  135. It used to be harder?
  136. Twilight Princess Marathon
  137. yeah... about Ganondorf...
  138. What do you dissaprove of in TP?
  139. Twilight Princess: the missing element?
  140. Death Mountian Ugly!
  141. the Hylian language
  142. What would you rate Twilight Princesses difficulty?
  143. TP and WW similarities
  144. I need a tissue...
  145. I need some opinions on Twilight Princess
  146. Tomb Stone Combinations In Hyrule Castle Graveyard
  147. Flaws of Twilight Princess
  148. The REAL way to make swords bleed and shields shatter.
  149. ALTTP and TP
  150. Could the Hero's Shade be old Link?
  151. Rollogoal...
  152. Ganondorf pics*SPOILERS**
  153. Arbiter?
  154. Gone Fishing?
  155. What I think happened to the Zoras. -Major TP spoilers!-
  156. Twilight Princess: lost potential*spoilers*
  157. TP with Voice Acting
  158. Reasons (story analysis) [SPOILERS]
  159. Fast ways to find rupees?
  160. What's Your favourite zelda item in TP?
  161. TP Habits
  162. Sniper Bow
  163. Awesome way to play TP
  164. Human link in twilight realm.
  165. Is there really no camera control on the wii?
  166. The " I HATE PLUMM" Club
  167. Best Supporting Character in Twilight Princess
  168. An issue I had with Twilight Princess . . .
  169. Is this true
  170. Why im holding out for a wii
  171. who needs help. (by twilight princess) V.I.P
  172. Neat little Easter egg.
  173. TP Easter egg extravaganza II!
  174. Link between skeletal mentor and Oocca?
  175. Snowpeak Ruins of TP (Major Spoilers.)
  176. TP dungeons remake of OOt dungeons
  177. A way to make it day...
  178. Oocca[rina]
  179. Why did Midna..
  180. miyamoto in tp
  181. Malo Mart 2
  182. Falbi Tatoo.
  183. Why didn't they show any of the moments of impact?
  184. What's This Yellow Cho Jelly For?
  185. Weird save scheme at the end of TP.
  186. Mystery of Ganondorf Solved?
  187. Musical Clue to Midna's Identity?
  188. Lanayru Shrine - Possible Spoilers
  189. Can anyone find in game screenshots of Zelda for me?
  190. Ganondorf Shot needed please
  191. Ordon Village Like Outset Island?
  192. Ordon Village House always locked
  193. Favorite Hyrule Resistance member?
  194. Favoured Hidden Skill in TP?
  195. TwilightKnight: News Reporter Live
  196. Anyone else? TP stuff
  197. Movie: The Cave of Ordeals
  198. Was Twilight Princess Too easy?
  199. The Role of the Master Sword in Twilight Princess
  200. Wierd Symbol at the castle
  201. Did anyone find this secret?
  202. Is it Just me or does Zant look Like Voldemort?
  203. Poe Souls
  204. Bow Accuracy
  205. Most Disturbing Things (spoilers)
  206. Silver Rupees!
  207. ZeldaGamer21's Twilight Princess Little Details
  208. Dark Links?
  209. Malo Mart 2
  210. TP Fishing Help- Catch the Big One!
  211. Really strong Darknuts? Or is something wrong with my game?
  212. Hardest Boss & Temple *possible spoilers*.
  213. The Start of The Great Goron Trade
  214. Fire!
  215. Favorite Boss!!
  216. Twilight Princess Collectors Edition
  217. Is there a cheat code for Ganon's Horse?
  218. Stumped anywhere?
  219. Who loves King Bulblin?
  220. Just a little question...
  221. Zant Appreciation Thread (Spoilers?)
  222. Enemy disappointments? (possible spoilers)
  223. Water Temple
  224. The Sacred Grove
  225. How Many Tricks Are Up Those Sleeves?
  226. What makes you mad? TP Spoiler
  227. Zant's neck... i dont get it.
  228. Hena's Fishing
  229. The Worst Item!!
  230. Question!!
  231. Did blades bleed? Sheilds break?
  232. Zant is uneffected by holy light?
  233. Green Chu Jelly
  234. Fyer and Falbi? More serious.
  235. King Bulbin Talking
  236. TP should have had a kokiri forest
  237. What Happend To The Deku Tree?
  238. how long have u played Twilight Princess?
  239. OoT or TP? Which is Zelda's "crown jewel"?
  240. Absolutely stupid mistake in Arbiter's grounds...
  241. TP Silver Rupees
  242. Where to Download Cutscenes?
  243. Rated "T" for... Animated blood? {biiig spoiler}
  244. Dilemma
  245. Twilight Princess Boss Challenges *Spoilers*
  246. Which Link was more expressive?
  247. Cave of Ordeals in TP
  248. Things that couldīve make TP a better game.
  249. Did I miss something....(SPOILERS perhaps)
  250. The Sage's Sword