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  1. Do you Like Midna?
  2. Anyone who has OOT Master Quest
  3. Majora's Mask Collector's Edition: Portal in Stone Tower Temple Sky
  4. Gohma...or Gohma?
  5. Triforce quest: Is it really THAT bad?
  6. Link's Crossbow Training: Think You Can Beat Me?
  7. Should I get zelda: collectors edition?
  8. Who here thinks...
  9. Hyrule Castle
  10. Do you use the GameCube or the Classic controller on the VC games?
  11. Twilight Princess Gamecube or Wii?
  12. Why do a lot of people dislike TP so much?
  13. Was Anybody Else Disappointed... (Wind Waker Spoilers)
  14. Twilight Princess glitched, ruined game? Help!
  16. TP treasure chests: Yay or Nay
  17. Baking your noodle
  18. Money
  19. Were you disappointed... (TWILIGHT PRINCESS SPOILER)
  20. Snowpeak Ruins, A Broken Hookshot, and the Lying Chandelier.
  21. Wind Waker Dungeons - Your Favorite?
  22. OoT on the Gamecube
  23. Be a cucco!
  24. Zelda WW Bloopers.
  25. Who is your favourite Character in TWW
  26. Shadow Beings?
  27. WW Arrows
  28. Twighlight Princess
  29. Answer this
  30. have the collectors edition for gamecube and have some questions about MM(save owls)
  31. Arbiters grounds to un sacry?
  32. Do you think The Twilight Princess is a long or short game?
  33. Outside of water temple help.
  34. Is this real?
  35. One Quick Question
  36. "The wind... it is blowing"
  37. Snowpeak Blocks
  38. Favorite SSBB Zelda player?
  39. Favorite Song From the Wind Waker?
  40. Fave Boss fight in Twilight Princess?
  41. Favorite Charecter in the Wind Waker
  42. TWW Link gets taller as the game goes on?
  43. TP - US/EU versions?
  44. How old is link in TP?
  45. Zelda Flash Map
  46. Shortcuts in TP
  47. Song of Healing in TP?
  48. TP Ending Problem
  49. (Brawl) Sheik's Outfit Q
  50. Green chuchu?
  51. Wind Waker Ganon
  52. TWW Link's clothes
  53. How old is Link in Wind Waker?
  54. Rare Chu Jelly
  55. likes and dislikes about TP
  56. Hyrule Castle Town
  57. Confirmed: The master sword from OOT.....
  58. Poll: For all the guys out there
  59. Is Midna good or evil?
  60. Ocarina of Time to Wind Waker story
  61. After Finishing Wind Waker
  62. Bridge of Eldin?
  63. Majora's Mask on Gamecube
  64. TP Fishing Records
  65. WW Hyrule--glitchy?
  66. Hey Are These Games Any Good?
  67. The official: Where in Zelda I am at thread.
  68. The Puzzle
  69. Twilight Princess. Two things that could have been better.
  70. The Wind Waker Intro
  71. Should I replay TP??
  72. Has anyone else noticed?
  73. Lack of Locations in Wind Waker?
  74. Tower of the Gods picture request
  75. Which time line?
  76. I'm stuck in the Twilight Princess
  77. WW: Nintendo Gallery: No Beamos
  78. Did you know pumpkins can float?
  79. Faron, Eldin, Lanayru
  80. Help! My lame tooshie is stuck!
  81. Midna: in game or after beating Ganondorf?
  82. WW: The Fishmens Debt
  83. No more towns in Zelda?
  84. lava frog??
  85. TP: worst money system ever?
  86. The Wind Waker Thread
  87. Beggar Guy
  88. WW: Travelling Merchants
  89. Easiest boss in TP
  90. 3 spiritual stones in TP?
  91. Twilight Princess... Wii vs Gamecube
  92. TP bosses
  93. About the Light Spirits in TP
  94. TP Magic armor usefull/useless-ness
  95. Looking for...
  96. The Cave of Ordeals
  97. TP poes
  98. Whats your favorite figurine Carlov makes
  99. biggoron sword in tp!
  100. Will MM ever go on the vc?
  101. Which was your favorite mini boss in TP??
  102. TP question
  103. Where did that come from??
  104. Hot Spring Water Hang Up
  105. question about WW
  106. TP 3 hearts & ordeals
  107. Water temple in TP or City in the sky in TP
  108. Impossibility
  109. TP towns blah?
  110. 500 hits? Are you SERIOUS?!
  111. TWW : Second Dungeon Help
  112. Zelda TP: Most Tranquil Place
  113. Is Death Sword Phantom Ganon?
  114. Twilight Princess: Bottles
  115. Twilight Princess Master Quest?
  116. Tips for Telma Escort Quest on Wii?
  117. Arrow Problem
  118. I really like this concept art
  119. What happened to Link's parents in TP?
  120. TP {city in the sky}
  121. I Miss the Instruments
  122. GANNON IS GONE!!!!!
  123. Immortal Zant
  124. Original Twilight King?
  125. Bokoblins = Bulbins = Moblins?
  126. Last boss way to easy.
  127. Anyone else find Link's Crossbow Training kinda hard?
  128. LOZTP (legend of zelda twillight princess)
  129. Who else loved the ball and chain.
  130. Twilight Princess Missing Something...?
  131. Beat Ganon in WW... but... a puppet?
  132. Question about WW and TP
  133. Links crossbow training, Wii
  134. What did you all think about the wolf form of Link.
  135. Both TP versions
  136. An interesting thing happened on the way to Windfall...
  137. who got all of the poes in TP or tried to get all of them
  138. Twilight Princess for GC - is it worth getting?
  139. Master Quest Disc Broken?
  140. Ganondorf disappointment
  141. which King Bulbin fight was harder?
  142. who collected or tried to collect all of the golden bugs in TP
  143. Who thinks the magic armor's backfire of stealing rupees made it worth it?
  144. favorite special skill
  145. TP: the water temple (help)
  146. Hardest dungeon
  147. Who thinks TP for gc and wii had the best storyline
  148. I have Wind Waker and Twilight Princess..
  149. Do you think Zelda was noble for giving her life to Midna and should she have done it
  150. Anyone Else Dissapointed By Zant?
  151. Opinion: My favorite Cutscene of TP!
  152. is link reincarnated
  153. Strategy Guide Buyers
  154. Do you collect every chest in TP?
  155. hot spring water
  156. Still at 50?
  157. WW: How do you retrieve the shiney circles in the water?
  158. dble claw shot
  159. Twilight Princess: the best three saves.
  160. The Unreachable Chest
  161. Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition
  162. different links?
  163. any ideas for new temples??
  164. what happened to... in TP?
  166. Gorons/Zora in WW?
  167. Twilight Princess' Golden Wolf?
  168. Toon link in brawl?
  169. who is the prettiest
  170. Ordon shield
  171. Question about Majora's Mask event ( GC version specific )
  172. Sometimes, arrows are better than bomb arrows (possible spoilers!)
  173. Favorite Character in Zelda WindWaker
  174. WW Zelda's Mother
  175. LoZ: FSA Ganondorf's Mother?
  176. Windwaker help! NO WALKTHROUGHS, JUST ANSWERS!
  177. Wind Waker Thesis
  178. Where in Din's name is Link's Parents?!
  179. Crossbow Training Timeline?
  180. does anyone know where i can find an online map?
  181. Captured Monkeys
  182. TP Guide.
  183. what does everyone thing about Link's Crossbow Training (wii)
  184. TP why did you like it?
  185. In TP, What did You Name Link?
  186. the kokiri in tp
  187. Q. about TP
  188. The Hawk
  189. No Ocarina?
  190. tp?
  191. favorite hidden skill
  192. Ocarina and Wind Waker connection?
  193. Mirror in TP
  194. favorite weapon(tp)
  195. Agitha, Fanadi, and Telma: Connection?
  196. Fun Bosses. {TP}
  197. Wolf Link?
  198. Darknut? *Spoilers for Link's Crossbow Training*
  199. Tears of light
  200. what is ur favorite Temple in TP?
  201. wich zelda game cube or wii
  202. whos your favorite character in wind waker?
  203. GameCube Special Edition Discs
  204. Dark Lord Ganondorf: the *hard* way
  205. Something that I think is really unfair
  206. Rollerball?
  207. I don't get this one part in Twilight Princess....
  208. The Unofficial Wind Waker/Twilight Princess Easter Egg thread
  209. The Hookers of Castletown
  210. wii TP remote-swinging
  211. Medli or Makar?
  212. Triforce Unexplained in Twilight Princess?
  213. Annoying boss...
  214. Can you be Dark Link? Find out here
  215. Need help with MM?
  216. Favorite Place
  217. Favorite secret grotto
  218. Recreating the inventory of TP
  219. Collector's Edition Annoyance
  220. problem with majoras mask need help!
  221. can someone help me to decide wats diffrent in these zelda games
  222. is zelda twilight princes a good game
  223. Naked Link
  224. How many people have gotten all the way through The Cave of Ordeals in TP?
  225. Fado's House
  226. Compliment Card
  227. Official Twilight Princess Site
  228. What is your favorite secert attack in TP?
  229. Is Illia special?
  230. What could have made Twilight Princess more fun?
  231. links last name
  232. Which Twilight Princess boss was hardest to beat for YOU?
  233. no ophence but TP sucks!!!!!
  234. What type of sea do you like better in TWW?
  235. TP: Maximum fish size
  236. Wind Waker ?Secrets?
  237. Help bringing the Zora kid to Kikariko
  238. PH Beddle advice
  239. Zelda's Cloak
  240. The Windwaker Strategy Guide
  241. Wind Waker or Twilight Princess?
  242. Wind Waker Commercial!
  243. Which Twilight Princess boss was hardest to beat for YOU?
  244. I just got Zelda Collectors Edition.
  245. What Sheik would have looked like if she was in TP
  246. TP: things in trailer but not in game?
  247. Twilight Princess Bosses
  248. Twilight Princess Bloopers
  249. Anybody have good pics of Link's hand?
  250. In TWW, What do you think happened to Link's parents?