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  1. help on link 2 da past
  2. The minish
  3. I thought Twinrova died.......
  4. old zelda
  5. last kinfusion
  6. HElp For the Dance for the key it OOA
  7. Platinum Keys?
  8. rupee colors in Minish Cap
  9. rupee shards in Four Swords
  10. Four swords work on DS?
  11. What classes are there?
  12. Link's Awakening Oddities
  13. LA
  14. Smashing Rocks
  15. Vaati and Ganon
  16. OoS and OoA put togheter?
  17. Favourite Seed Trees (OOS/A)
  18. Which is the Minish Cap?
  19. Link Ring
  20. Ring from gorons? OOA
  21. im stuck in the swamp
  22. Favorite Game Boy Boss
  23. Library In Hyrule - TMC
  24. Help with OoA + OoS!
  25. Oh NO!!!
  26. The death of game boy zelda!?
  27. help me
  28. Oracle of Seasons, Ages but what next?
  29. Minish Cap
  30. TMC: Best Zelda GBA Game?
  31. help
  32. Just how small?
  33. ah ya a little help plz
  34. Question about OoS!!
  35. ALttP New game
  36. Hero's Secret in Oracle?
  37. Link's Awakening request
  38. why does the minish cap have music from the other zelda games?
  39. Minish Cap: How do i get past the locked door?!
  40. My Forgotten Respect...
  41. getting the mirror shield
  42. HELP!!!
  43. What's up with Vaati?
  44. Quick Request - Sprite - Goron
  45. minish cap help requested
  47. Quick help with finding sprites
  48. How Long Does Minish Cap Take?
  49. I am in love with Marin
  50. Cool Item Poll
  51. The minish cap center
  52. Links Awakening/DX
  53. Codes on Link's awakening walkthrough??
  54. Whats the difference?
  55. LA DX worth getting
  56. Adventurer's Spring Fairy's
  57. Goddess
  58. Zelda glitches
  59. Zelda: Classic NES
  60. Minish cap...
  61. Minish cap....
  62. minish cap....
  63. GBC games
  64. Link's Awaking VS Link's Awaking DX
  65. Official Handheld Zelda Glitch Thread
  66. Minish Cap Glitches
  67. where the heck do all of these evil dudes come from???
  68. Who would win in a fight? Onox or Verran
  69. Oracles In TMC
  70. OoA/OoS thread
  71. A Link TO The Past question
  72. Official Gameboy Zelda Glitch Thread
  73. Scary Glitch
  74. Oracle Of Secrets....
  75. oracles amnesia?
  76. Cats
  77. What happen when you get all 25 shells on LA
  78. was minish cap good??
  79. OOA or OOS?...
  80. Worst Dungeon in The Minish Cap
  81. Zelda Game HELP
  82. (O.o) Zelda Oracle of Ages / Seasons, One Cart? (O.o)
  83. The Zelda Game Boy Advance SP
  84. Small lift Big?
  85. Mole Mitts?
  86. LA ending
  87. Mamu = King Wart!
  88. Wich the best?
  89. Enemies in Portable Zelda's
  90. Oracle Of Seasons, secret code!
  91. oos hidden password
  92. Weird door?
  93. Game Boy Pocket
  94. Which Game Do You Like Better?
  95. Do OOS or OOA come first?
  96. Onox Or Veran?
  97. POWER?
  98. OOA or OOS, which is harder?
  99. Is Minish Cap Worth Getting?
  100. Does anyone play Oos?
  101. Kinstone Fusions?
  102. got any Secrets?
  103. Last figurines? (TMC)
  104. poll on gb
  105. What are these supposed to BE?
  106. The movements on the figure
  107. Kill the cuccos in LA
  108. (^o^) Zelda Games (^o^)
  109. best zelda game graphics
  110. favorite figurine in minish cap
  111. favorite enemy in the Minish Cap
  112. Veran
  113. TMC Mirror Shield and Biggoron
  114. Which Tunic did you choose (LA DX Version)
  115. LoZ NES Classics
  116. Oracle of Ages: Time Travel = No Sense
  117. Minish Cap/oracles tie in
  118. Links Awakening or Orcle of Ages/Seasons?
  119. ALttP/FS for GBA
  120. Compare: LA versus LA DX
  121. Why does he look familiar??
  122. The Minish Cap: Too Easy?
  123. Lost Oracle
  124. Where does it fit?!
  125. TMC fusion
  126. Subrosian clothes...markings?
  127. What is the Light Force? *TMC spoilers*
  128. The Minish Cap- Hero Or Zero?
  129. Another Cryptic Message
  130. Minish cap gust jar problem
  131. TMC figurines. I cannot get them all.
  132. What glitches have u tried/heard of for LA?
  133. Hurdy-Gurdy man
  134. Minish Cap spoilers
  135. What's your favorite animal in Ooa?
  136. Trouble with getting The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of ages
  137. Link's uncle?
  138. The music-thingy in the house??
  139. has anyone printed pictures in LA DX?
  140. Which Tunic did u pick in Zelda Dx
  141. Dark World=Subrosia?
  142. Endings of Oracle series *Spoiler Warning*
  143. Minish Cap Secrets
  144. The Minish Cap
  145. fs...FSA?
  146. TMC/FS Connections?
  147. what do you think about the four swords and Oot are comming to nintendo DS
  148. The Sacrifice
  149. Ralph
  150. Goron & Subrosian Dance
  151. LA was weak
  152. what did you raise the kid into?
  153. Who did you get as your animal friend?
  154. Oracle of Seasons/Ages Rings
  156. Hero's Secret... what is it good for?
  157. LA : DX?
  158. Too much classic...? :o
  159. 2D art in gbc games
  160. Link's awakening DX hard to get?
  161. Vaati's story. (Spoilers)
  162. did you like the windfish?
  163. 2 mysteries still unsolved - I think
  164. rocs cape or rocs feather lvl.2
  165. which is better?
  166. request: scan of Nintendo Power Link's Awakening preview
  167. Giltches on TMC
  168. Hmm There may Be a secret in links home in TMC
  169. Minish cap question
  171. The GBA port of Zelda II....
  172. Who else thought Seasons/Ages had cool new gear?
  173. Build a kinstone fusion list!
  174. Hero's Cave
  175. boss strategys
  176. Help in Minish cap (spoilers maybe) please quick answers
  177. Light Arrows in TMC
  178. Best Handheld Zelda.
  179. Official Handheld Zelda Help Thread
  180. Vote on how easy TMC was
  181. How could Minish Cap been better?
  182. Humans
  183. FS for GBA on GC?
  184. I know you love them: Link's Awakening DX 1:45:32
  185. Has anyone found the green ring
  186. Who else thinks Link's Awakening has the best story in the series?
  187. A question about The Minish Cap
  188. Have you seen the minish cap usa/canada commercial?
  189. Link's house in TMC
  190. Ralphy, Tokay and Subrosians
  191. Zelda on the GB/A: Becoming too easy
  192. The Four Swords
  193. Kinfusion
  194. Picolytes
  195. Praise/Complaints Concerning tMC
  196. The Minish Cap's Music
  197. Big question
  198. There are NO differences for The Minish Cap in the US compared to Europe
  199. Serious problem ALttp :
  200. who here has beaten every zelda game from links awakining up to minish cap
  201. Minish start menu
  202. When does the Minish cap ocme out in canada
  203. Who knows clitches in OOS?
  204. Where is the elemental sanctuary
  205. The Minish Cap Commercial
  206. i dont get it O_o
  207. Link to the Past/Four Swords on DS
  208. Hey! It's a pun!
  209. Zelda2 links adventure question.
  210. Where does TMC/FS/FSA fit in the ZU Timeline?
  211. *Minish Cap Quiz*
  212. The Minish Cap question
  213. Help needed... Mimish Cap..
  214. I scanned the Minish Cap manual, for anyone who wants to see.
  215. Do you have to have played Four Swords to understand Minish Cap?
  216. Ending boss TMC; *SPOILER* (only for finished players)
  217. TMC: The switch that does.. NOTHING?
  218. the test secrets
  219. Another "Normal" Zelda game needed
  220. What happens to the remaining Kinstone pieces?
  221. Oracle of Ages, Missing a Ring
  222. Minish Cap American Release date
  223. websites that sell gold zelda themed GBA SP?
  224. I completed LA!!
  225. Official Minish cap release in North America
  226. OOS help
  227. Where to buy the Limited Edition Zelda SP in US?
  228. Will Zelda GB games work on the DS?
  229. Ooa Question
  230. Will this glitch make me restart?
  231. How many dungeons does The Minish Cap have?
  232. Four Swords Online ?!
  233. The Minish Cap: Where does it fit?
  234. Question on Links Appearance
  235. Zelda The Minish Cap Question..**some small WW Spoilers**
  236. Tmc?
  237. Onox-knox
  238. biggest wallet
  239. I can't suck up the ghost! *spoilers*
  240. Links Awakening question
  241. Questions towards the end of TMC (spoiler)
  242. A little question about FS vs. FSA
  243. having trouble on The Minish Cap game
  244. Quick question on online shops...
  245. Minish Cap Timeline placement *spoilers*
  246. Buyer Beware - Pirated copies of The Minish Cap on ebay
  247. Gems in The minish cap game[possibly spoilers]
  248. *Spoilers* Minish Cap: Easy Rupees *Spoilers*
  249. Need help on LA.
  250. Where Can you get "The Minish Cap"?