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  1. Praise/Complaints Concerning tMC
  2. The Minish Cap's Music
  3. Big question
  4. There are NO differences for The Minish Cap in the US compared to Europe
  5. Serious problem ALttp :
  6. who here has beaten every zelda game from links awakining up to minish cap
  7. Minish start menu
  8. When does the Minish cap ocme out in canada
  9. Who knows clitches in OOS?
  10. Where is the elemental sanctuary
  11. The Minish Cap Commercial
  12. i dont get it O_o
  13. Link to the Past/Four Swords on DS
  14. Hey! It's a pun!
  15. Zelda2 links adventure question.
  16. Where does TMC/FS/FSA fit in the ZU Timeline?
  17. *Minish Cap Quiz*
  18. The Minish Cap question
  19. Help needed... Mimish Cap..
  20. I scanned the Minish Cap manual, for anyone who wants to see.
  21. Do you have to have played Four Swords to understand Minish Cap?
  22. Ending boss TMC; *SPOILER* (only for finished players)
  23. TMC: The switch that does.. NOTHING?
  24. the test secrets
  25. Another "Normal" Zelda game needed
  26. What happens to the remaining Kinstone pieces?
  27. Oracle of Ages, Missing a Ring
  28. Minish Cap American Release date
  29. websites that sell gold zelda themed GBA SP?
  30. I completed LA!!
  31. Official Minish cap release in North America
  32. OOS help
  33. Where to buy the Limited Edition Zelda SP in US?
  34. Will Zelda GB games work on the DS?
  35. Ooa Question
  36. Will this glitch make me restart?
  37. How many dungeons does The Minish Cap have?
  38. Four Swords Online ?!
  39. The Minish Cap: Where does it fit?
  40. Question on Links Appearance
  41. Zelda The Minish Cap Question..**some small WW Spoilers**
  42. Tmc?
  43. Onox-knox
  44. biggest wallet
  45. I can't suck up the ghost! *spoilers*
  46. Links Awakening question
  47. Questions towards the end of TMC (spoiler)
  48. A little question about FS vs. FSA
  49. having trouble on The Minish Cap game
  50. Quick question on online shops...
  51. Minish Cap Timeline placement *spoilers*
  52. Buyer Beware - Pirated copies of The Minish Cap on ebay
  53. Gems in The minish cap game[possibly spoilers]
  54. *Spoilers* Minish Cap: Easy Rupees *Spoilers*
  55. Need help on LA.
  56. Where Can you get "The Minish Cap"?
  57. Minish Cap help
  58. Australians have to wait with USA
  59. Favriote non-enemy creature
  60. Question about TMC (possible spoiler warning!)
  61. Minish Cap - talk to the chiken in Hyrule (SPOILERS)
  62. How do I get all the rings?
  63. The Minish Cap Kinstone Fusions
  64. TMC World Map
  65. SPOILERS! What is your favourite dungeon in The Minish Cap and why?
  66. Questions about Minish Cap *spoilers*
  67. Whats up with..*spoiler TMC*
  69. Official Zelda Minish Cap thread.
  70. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Walkthrough *obvious spoilers*
  71. Minish Cap funny errors!
  72. GBA SP Limited Edition Pak
  73. Maple Help
  74. favirate game
  75. Can't get Moosh to fly.....Oracle of Ages
  76. help needed: hero's cave oracle of seasons
  77. handheld zelda games better on the tv or gameboy advance sp?
  78. The MOST AMAZING Minish Cap pics EVER...
  79. Extremely Quick Question on Classic NES Series: The Legend of Zelda
  80. The Legend of Zelda: The Mysterious Acorn
  81. Oracle of Ages/Seasons on GB Pocket?
  82. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhgggggggaaauuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhhh!!! !!!!
  83. anyone get the secret ending in DX/LA
  84. how far have you got?
  85. Whats up with my game?
  86. Link's Awakening DX
  87. More GBA SP Zelda Minish Cap Hardware Bundle information
  88. Well, I was pretty stupid, How bout you?
  89. Favorite Ring
  90. Which Animal Friend is your favorite?
  91. Regular or DX
  92. zelda gameboy advance sp
  93. Theory about the placement of Ages/Seasons in timeline.
  94. Two questions about alttp
  95. tMC in Europe first!!
  96. What is the best Zelda game for GBA?
  97. the oracle series big bummer!
  98. what is the difference about oot and oos,when you use the codes
  99. Release date and new pics on tMC *spoiler warning*
  100. Legend of zelda classic Nes series
  101. What can you do with the rings?
  102. Mushroom in Link's Awakening isn't there?
  103. AlTtP Help: The Four Swords Temple
  104. tile room trouble: alttp
  105. Which Gameboy Zelda Style do you prefer?
  106. OOS or OOA
  107. cant save in LA
  108. Secrets for OoA- help!
  109. I beat alttp
  110. ooa/oos question
  111. question
  112. oos or ooa?
  113. Does anybody know where I can find a pic of the LA shopkepper...
  114. Onox Question
  115. I need help with alttp
  116. Stuck on A Link to the Past.
  117. Which is your favorite GB Link game?
  118. connectivity
  119. Ages or Seasons?
  120. How do you save in Link's Awakening?
  121. Question about the Minish Cap...
  122. QQ about the Moblin King
  123. Gameboy Video
  124. My first four sword question!
  125. Boss Help OoS
  126. Rom Help
  127. About lttp & four swords
  128. Have you played the Oracles? (fixed version)
  129. mapel has gone overbord
  130. American booklet for LoZ on GBA: what's it's like?
  131. Need a little help... okay, A LOT of help!
  132. oracle of seasons help!!
  133. LA help
  134. stupid dungeon!
  135. Clock Shop in Seasons
  136. Yes...Another Four Swords Question
  137. FOur swords original
  138. LttP Release dates
  139. Help with NES Classic Edition LOZ for GBA
  140. Legend of Zelda GBA
  141. Help with Link to the past
  142. Links Awakening Help Page
  143. I found a new glitch in LA
  144. Trouble with Rosa
  145. Is LINK'S AWAKENING about Link's death?
  146. Erm...where should I start?Yeah, help in Links Awakening.
  147. Is This.. Again
  148. LttP help...theives town...
  149. I wonder
  150. ALTTP:I need Help!
  151. Which oracle should I try first?
  152. who is your favorite link?
  153. i need codes for alttp
  154. Cool i found a site that has the ocracle commercails!!!
  155. OOS....zelda where did she come from
  156. Where's My Mirror Shield?
  157. Help with Ganon!!!
  158. OoS: Four golden beasts?
  159. T_T' Da magic cape..
  161. "A Link to the Past" FAQ/Walkthroug
  162. aLttP secret blue chest help?
  163. Question about 4S and 4S+
  164. Zelda Collection for GBA
  165. stuck in seasons
  166. oracle commercial
  167. LTTP GBA and LTTP SNES differences
  168. Am I crazy...?
  169. Emulation
  170. how far have you got
  171. Is it really worth getting the Noble Sword in OoA?
  172. Why does?
  173. Please help! I've been stuck for over a year! LA 4 Swords
  174. Oracle Of Seasons Help
  175. Chu-chu speaks!
  176. Trilogy?
  177. Is General Onox a Gerudo?
  178. Four Swords Temple
  179. My Fangame
  180. Mermaid Statue
  181. Hero's Cave Evil
  182. Help in LA
  183. Getting used to controls
  184. Importing "Famicom Mini" Zelda 1
  185. Help
  186. Four Swords Help!
  187. Heart Piece
  188. Need Help on the Oracle Series?
  189. ALTTP Dark Palace temple help
  190. four swords # of players
  191. please explain something to me.
  192. rings of power.
  193. Best GBC Zelda
  194. Bad Luck!
  195. Darn Like like
  196. most annoying thing
  197. Two Oracle of Ages questions
  198. Link's Awakening
  199. Main Linking/Return Linking
  200. Dimitri and Moosh
  201. There is no curse in Elvish, Entish or the tongues of Men for this...(LTTP problem)
  202. Gasha Trees
  203. Help in Subrosia
  204. Seasons for other system?
  205. Stuck on mini-games
  206. Another update!
  207. I need help! (LttP)
  208. does anyone have a guide to get all the photos in links awakening dx?
  209. Bombs Away
  210. Back from Crescent
  211. Oracle of ages/seasons
  212. A Link to the Past
  213. Old game characters in LttP
  214. Hi All!
  215. oracles.... too... much...
  216. Dungeon Maps
  217. Maku Tree (Ages)
  218. I want to know
  219. Weird Looking crystal ( OOA )
  220. OoS and OoA
  221. onlink12345 thank you
  222. can't go into the woods
  223. onilink12345 please help
  224. green stones
  225. where is the titan mitt
  226. LA screen jump
  227. dream shrine
  228. Best gameboy game(LA-FS-Oos-Ooa)?
  229. Anyone beat Links Awaking
  230. help me
  231. Oracle of ages and seasons question about linked game
  232. i'm confused
  233. LA cameo
  234. what do you do in Four Swords>
  235. Four Swords Item
  236. Four Swords???
  237. Four Swords Keys
  238. Chris Houlihoun Room
  239. hey i need some help
  240. Onex help!!
  241. Oracle of Ages dungeons
  242. Oracle of Ages Question ?
  243. Is anyone really good at oracle of seasons??
  244. Stupid Jabu-Jabu's Belly
  245. Favorite LTTP/LA/OoA/OoS/FS Character
  246. Help!
  247. Veran is a Sheikah!
  248. Tokkey can't hear?????
  249. Bippin & Blosom's child outcome (when lazy)
  250. Can FS elements be accessed if you're on your own?