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  1. PH: Getting through OKT with full time
  2. OoX Question
  3. Drawing the hourglass, impossible...
  4. Anyone starting to playZelda:PH? I need a save state
  5. Disappearing Raccoon in LA DX?
  6. Zelda: Spirit Tracks... WTF!?
  7. Spirit Tracks?!?!? Cant nintendo make a game without gimmicks?
  8. The Minish Cap: The Last Good Handeld Zelda?
  9. NEW ZELDA (at last)! The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for DS
  10. NEW ZELDA: LoZ : Spirit Tracks
  11. Phantom Hourglass Speedrun
  12. PH Parallels
  13. PH ending "questions" *spoilers*
  14. Will Phantom Hourglass be the last 2D (2.5D) Zelda Game?
  15. Best Handheld Zelda
  16. ive never played most handheld titles..
  17. Minish Cap - What to expect
  18. Link's Awakening Save Feature
  19. Phantom Hourglass: Pros and Cons
  20. Playing through Four Swords alone. Has anyone ever done this? Is it possible?
  21. Zelda Game Watch
  22. Can you link Oracles on GBA?
  23. Which Oracle Game Works Better as the Sequel to the Other?
  24. So I Want To Play Phantom Hourglass But...
  25. Oracle of Ages
  26. LA beaten in 4 minutes ;o
  27. Anyone Find PH Lame?
  28. Phantom Hourglass soundtrack
  29. OOT for DS
  30. A link to the past
  31. Which Oracle Game is better poll
  32. Tingle Rossy Rupee;and
  33. Ok so I just beat the third dungeon of LA....
  34. Why the useless items?
  35. OOA, OOS, OO?
  36. Temple of The Ocean King
  37. Phantom Hourglass Tradeing help!!
  38. Linebecks Sexual Orientation..
  39. what you thought about phantom hourglass.
  40. Ocarina Of Time DS?
  41. Which do you prefer?
  42. What did you think of Link's Awakening?
  43. I have a question
  44. Is Link from Link's awakening the same guy as the one in the Oracle series?
  45. Tingle's Rosy RupeeLand - 6th Most Bizarre DS Game
  46. PH or Seasons?
  47. How long does it take for you to beat minish cap?
  48. MC, the Easiest Zelda Game Ever (a Morpheel Man rant)
  49. Song Series about Link's Awakening
  50. Links Awakening DX
  51. FAVORITE ship combination!!!????
  52. need to find songs.. PLEASE HELP!
  53. Four Swords over VBA Link
  54. Phantom hourglass is being ruined by cheaters
  55. PH's Ending... (Spoilers)
  56. How long...
  57. Moosh, Ricky, or Dimitri?
  58. WHY is Bellum so evil?
  59. How old is Linebeck?
  60. PH, should I get it?
  61. Battle Mode Help! (Tips and Strategies)
  62. LA, OoX,
  63. 3rd Oracle game....
  64. phantom hourglass
  65. Pics of Your Ship
  66. Oracle of Seasons or Ages?
  67. minish cap for gamecube/wii
  68. Temple of the Ocean King
  69. Dumb Figure Eights!!!
  70. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  71. favorite hand-held zelda game
  72. la question
  73. Questions about LOZ: Oracle of Seasons/Ages
  74. Don't see much of this
  75. I can't believe this
  76. in ph are golden ship parts to expensive
  77. Game and Watch Legend of Zelda
  78. Phantom Hourglass
  79. Need help on Kinstone fusing...
  80. Tingle Rupee Opinions
  81. You like minish?
  82. What's the best handheld Zelda game?
  83. ~The Minish Cap Help Tread~
  84. Is it worth it?
  85. Which story line did you prefer more? Oracle of Ages, or Oracle of Seasons?
  86. FS or FSA?
  87. Oracle of Ages Question
  88. Question about PH
  89. who thinks four swords was too short or boring?
  90. Ship parts
  91. Phantom HourGlass Question
  92. Favourite item in Four Swords Gba
  93. Beware: Fake copies of Minish Cap
  94. Flaw in Minish Cap
  95. Hmmmm.......Handheld?
  97. PH tourney for the ages!
  98. anyone else miss their kinstone opportunity?
  99. did link just...
  100. Tingle's rosy rupeeland
  101. Wich should I get?
  102. Easy Kill for L-7 LA Boss - 3 hits
  103. Should Marin be brought back?
  104. How big is Koholint Island compared to Lttp Hyrule?
  105. LoZ: The Minish Cap
  106. -Freshly Picked- Tingles Rosy Rupeeland Board
  107. Hearts in the linked OoX
  108. Phantom Hourglass - is a used copy worth $40 (20)?
  109. PH Freebie Card
  110. Lack of Continuity between Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass
  111. DO NOT! (The Oracle games)
  112. what?!
  113. Gasha Seeds!
  114. Your favorite dungeon in phantom hourglass
  115. Dig at random...
  116. Phantom Hourglass Technical Issue
  117. Phantom Hourglass
  118. OoS:I can't find lost woods (noble sword)
  119. In OoA/OoS what does the linked and hero's secret do exactly?
  120. A time question in Oracle Of Ages
  121. LoZ on another gaming platform
  122. Zelda in LA?
  123. Freshly picked Tingle's Rosy Ruppee Land rom
  124. You know what would have been an awesome plot twist?
  125. Ideas for PhantomHourglass sequel?
  126. OOS or OOA
  127. Very weird...
  128. Favourite Link's Awakening/DX dungeon?
  129. AR Codes for PH
  130. fs question
  131. Who thoght miinish cap was great?
  132. What's the point of the shield?
  133. Magic Rod or Boomerang?
  134. neptoona
  135. Is there anyone that prefers PH over TWW here?
  136. PH is fun :D
  137. Link's Awakening Ending: Depressing?
  138. Links awakening DX?
  139. Beedle in Phantom Hourglass
  140. El Dager?
  142. Oracles of Ages
  143. PH: What's Beedle's Reset Timer?
  144. Need advice....
  145. Which oracle game is better?
  146. Master schmaster...
  147. Phantom Hourglass Timeline
  148. sad day for me my oricleS/A got stolen and my linksA is broken
  149. Which handheld was the best?
  150. Minish cap 100% route/checklist?
  151. Four Swords loner...
  152. Phantom Hourglass Dungeons
  153. Can I play all Gameboy Zeldas on DS?
  154. Need help on Zelda PH?
  155. Is there any way...
  156. Summary of Oracle games?
  157. Sigh.
  158. Zelda PH Multiplayer Battle Mode
  159. OoS/A - A Call for Strategy Guides!
  160. PH: Music to the north-east
  161. OoA and OoS question.
  162. Easy Money
  163. Chicken glitch in PH
  164. heart pieces in PH
  165. Do any of you think that links awakening is under rated?
  166. Which GBA game?
  167. Zauz-endorf?
  168. Four Swords or Two Swords?
  169. Should They Make Another?
  170. Phantom hourglass. Good or Bad?
  171. A link To The Past Or Minish Cap
  172. Minish Cap gustaf is the hero of man!
  174. Phantom Hourglass Graphics
  175. Four Swords for Gameboy Advance
  176. Just brought out the ol' Gameboy Color...
  177. Favorite character from Oos
  178. phantom hourglass wifi info
  179. Whats your favorite zelda game?
  180. Opinions on Phantom Hourglass
  182. Your Record?
  183. phantom hourglass tornado scroll
  184. Who is your favorite boss in Oos?
  185. What is your Minish Cap character?
  187. What do you think subrosians look like?
  188. OOA or OOS?
  189. The legend of tetra
  190. remember this?
  191. Linebeck or Lineback?
  192. Is Phantom Hourglass worth my money?
  193. Gustaf? What?
  194. Tingle game last boss? (warning spoiler)
  195. Shopkeeper
  196. So I want to talk about the ending of PH(spoilers)
  197. Phantom Dungeon irritating?
  198. Concerning PH
  199. Anybody here... {The Tingle Game}
  200. The Poem in the Southern Shrine: Link's Awakening
  201. PH supporting character thread
  202. how do u get a friend code!!!
  203. Phantom Hourglass?
  204. Similar to PH but on a home console.
  205. Jack Sparrow or Lineback????
  206. DS version of Twilight Princess
  207. Orcles Of Ages
  208. Kinstone Cheats
  209. ALTTP/fours swords
  210. A little PH help, please?
  211. PH worth the money?
  212. ph?
  213. Minish Cap Question...
  214. Marin Troubles...
  215. IS THIS ******ING POSIABLE?!!?
  216. HELP! OoS, Zoras flippers!
  217. PH Help!!
  218. Tuni Nut WTF?
  219. HOORAY! I got Link's Awakening... OLD SCHOOL
  220. whats is your favourite animal in oracle of seasons/ages
  221. Ship Parts I need.
  222. the funny scenes in PH
  223. Oracle of Seasons / Ages Link Question
  224. new zelda ds game
  225. Link's Awakening vs. Link's Awakening DX
  226. A Link's Awakening quote that could be taken the wrong way.
  227. purchasing PH and MC, AND FSA
  228. What Handheld Zelda Games Would You Like to See in 3D?
  229. What is your Favorite Zelda HandHeld Song?
  230. What would you change in ph
  231. What was your favorite boss in PH?
  232. Beedle
  233. phantom hourglass trading center
  234. Triforce on the touchscreen
  235. Links Awakening/DX!Fav Pic
  236. Zelda needs PSP games!!
  237. Big play hell...p
  238. HELP! I'm stuck on the ghost ship PART II.
  239. Nintendo DS Questions
  240. Help! I'm stuck on the ghost ship!
  241. Please help me
  242. Similarities between ALTTP and MC
  243. Cyclone Slate
  244. Boat Parts Available!!!
  245. yes completed!!!
  246. Should I get phantom hourglass?
  247. My last heart container on PH
  249. Hey there!