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  1. Gustaf? What?
  2. Tingle game last boss? (warning spoiler)
  3. Shopkeeper
  4. So I want to talk about the ending of PH(spoilers)
  5. Phantom Dungeon irritating?
  6. Concerning PH
  7. Anybody here... {The Tingle Game}
  8. The Poem in the Southern Shrine: Link's Awakening
  9. PH supporting character thread
  10. how do u get a friend code!!!
  11. Phantom Hourglass?
  12. Similar to PH but on a home console.
  13. Jack Sparrow or Lineback????
  14. DS version of Twilight Princess
  15. Orcles Of Ages
  16. Kinstone Cheats
  17. ALTTP/fours swords
  18. A little PH help, please?
  19. PH worth the money?
  20. ph?
  21. Minish Cap Question...
  22. Marin Troubles...
  23. IS THIS ******ING POSIABLE?!!?
  24. HELP! OoS, Zoras flippers!
  25. PH Help!!
  26. Tuni Nut WTF?
  27. HOORAY! I got Link's Awakening... OLD SCHOOL
  28. whats is your favourite animal in oracle of seasons/ages
  29. Ship Parts I need.
  30. the funny scenes in PH
  31. Oracle of Seasons / Ages Link Question
  32. new zelda ds game
  33. Link's Awakening vs. Link's Awakening DX
  34. A Link's Awakening quote that could be taken the wrong way.
  35. purchasing PH and MC, AND FSA
  36. What Handheld Zelda Games Would You Like to See in 3D?
  37. What is your Favorite Zelda HandHeld Song?
  38. What would you change in ph
  39. What was your favorite boss in PH?
  40. Beedle
  41. phantom hourglass trading center
  42. Triforce on the touchscreen
  43. Links Awakening/DX!Fav Pic
  44. Zelda needs PSP games!!
  45. Big play hell...p
  46. HELP! I'm stuck on the ghost ship PART II.
  47. Nintendo DS Questions
  48. Help! I'm stuck on the ghost ship!
  49. Please help me
  50. Similarities between ALTTP and MC
  51. Cyclone Slate
  52. Boat Parts Available!!!
  53. yes completed!!!
  54. Should I get phantom hourglass?
  55. My last heart container on PH
  57. Hey there!
  59. Looking to Trade for Ruto Crown
  60. [SPOILER WARNING!] Quiver Upgrade to 99
  61. Anyone want to battle me?
  62. Phantom Hourglass Trade: 3 golden ship parts for 1 golden prow
  63. Minish Cap or Wind Waker?
  64. anything you would change in PH
  65. anyone want to battle
  66. PH good/bad spoilers
  67. handheld on widescreen
  68. PH minigames
  69. Phantom hourglass {general discussion}
  70. Dee Ess Island (did anyone else think that was clever?)
  71. How many of you played the one where Hylian was inverted?
  72. A little unspoiling info please?
  73. Getting LA nowadays
  74. mc question
  75. Which Oracle do you prefer?
  76. Guess what? You've got it for free, are you proud of yourself?
  77. PH.. forgot to save..
  78. phantom Hourglass question: Mercay Island caves
  79. What do u think of an OOT remake 4 the nds
  80. Anybody Else think.........
  81. question about MC
  82. Possible FS Scenario
  83. PH walkthrough
  84. PH dead battery! ~Spoilers~
  85. help plz :( (phantom hourglass)
  86. hourglass walkthrogh
  87. Another Japanese Zelda Game?
  88. PH Help
  89. HELP please!!!!
  90. Some of my thoughts on The Minish Cap
  91. Nintendo Wi-Fi
  92. 6th Basement Floor [Temple Of The Ocean King]
  93. Joyous rejoicings of joyfulness!
  94. Boing-Boings on Uncharted Island NW Map
  95. Phantom Hourglass: worth it or no?
  96. What do your PH ships look like?
  97. What is youre PH friend code number?
  98. Did you think Phantom Hourglass is a good game overall?
  99. who is your favorite character out of PH?
  100. phantom hourglass which boos is your favorite? warning spoilers
  101. Where PH Takes Place
  102. Link's Awakening Question
  103. I can't beleive I'm stuck!
  105. WHICH
  106. Has anyone gotten the hero's vestment in PH
  107. LTTP: 3 Heart Quest
  108. Anyone else think PH doesn't "feel" like a sequel to TWW?
  109. Seashells in Link's awakening
  110. Those darn Oracle rings
  111. Phanton Hourglass won best Handheld game ftw?
  112. Linking Oracle of Seasons to Oracle of Ages
  113. Would you say Bellum was actually evil?
  114. Fire Rod in Minish Cap?
  115. The PH three heart challange
  116. PH WiFi: 1st or 2nd player?
  117. Limited Edition Boxset OOA & OOS, T shirt, pins, fascias & boomerang
  118. the sculptor dude
  119. where can I find zelda OOS or OOA
  120. Ciela and The Ocean King
  121. Handheld Zelda games
  122. The not so offical Zelda PH record and accomplishment thread
  123. Want to finish off your big play list the cheap way?
  124. Phantom Hourglass Game
  125. Where is maze island?
  126. Question & Warning (PH)
  127. The Minish Cap, Favorite Boss?
  128. Which Fairy
  129. where did you catch the legendary NEPOONTA?
  130. Join the League of Anti-Quitters!
  131. 16 Big Plays
  132. FSA? No! FSM!! (FSA flash video)
  133. PH: Horrible strange thing in Battle Mode!
  134. Your Fave Charecter in PH (Spoilers? Problably not)
  135. PH question. After you beat the game...
  136. What can possibly be so great about LA?
  137. Are we going to return there?
  138. Did anyone get the zelda ph feather pen stylus
  139. Whats the differance between LA and the DX version?
  140. Any way to prompt swordfish icon appearance?
  141. Ice temple confusion!!(PH)
  142. Bellum's name means... (SPOILERS may happen?)
  143. LA
  144. Having completed PH, I am disappointed
  145. Favoret handheld zelda game
  146. Favoret handheld zelda game
  147. Nice! my lucky day! (spoilers?)
  148. LINEBECK: Hate him, or love him?
  149. PH Freind Codes thread
  150. PH Bosses [MAY BE SPOILERS]
  151. Found something funny in ph
  152. Whoa, I totally just noticed this
  153. PH Help
  154. Another special edition handheld
  155. where ARE YOU In PH (phantom Hourglass) ?
  156. PH selling very meh
  157. Please don't tell me I'm the only one that saw this coming **spoiler**
  158. Tingle in PH
  159. Has anyone else noticed this?
  160. Has anyone else gotten this?
  161. Something I found interesting...(last boss of PH spoilers)
  162. What does bellum and the phantom sword remind you of
  163. Where is the goron race in PH?
  164. Did anyone else see that ad?
  165. What's the dealeo with ph?
  166. PH Goron Game! (spoilers maybe)
  167. Ship Hearts help
  168. Things I was dissapointed about in PH
  169. OMG Aounuma repents!
  170. Has anyone else had a problem with PH's last boss?
  171. Which would you get?
  172. Anyone Else Dislike the Ocean Temple stuff in PH?
  173. PH Ship Parts for Trade.
  174. Am I missing anything
  175. how long does it take you to beat the Minish Cap
  176. Which one's better, Ages or Seasons
  177. Who has collected everything in Phantom HourGlass
  178. I need help defeating bellum (spoilers)
  179. HEY!
  180. Phantom Hourglass: 2D or 3D?
  181. Where did Jolene go?
  182. New Zelda Game Coming
  183. Glitch?
  184. Phantom hourglass online!!
  185. PH-Where are the hearts?
  186. Tingle's rosy rupee land!
  187. Official Phantom Hourglass thread: Spoiler Warning!!
  188. Final boss troubles, control issue or is it my fault?
  189. I help you, you help me?
  190. Is it worth it to keep playing PH?
  191. Phantom Hourglass Boat Part Trading
  192. Items?
  193. End of Phantom Hourglass Discussion.
  194. Does this happen to you?
  195. Random things in PH that you love doing.
  196. Who would like to see a port of Wind Waker?
  197. Favorite spirits.
  198. OMG!!
  199. PH Help
  200. Golden Ship Parts
  201. I need competition
  202. Ph help
  203. Phantom Hourglass Minigames
  204. Phantom hourglass Hero game
  205. How do you get online?
  206. Just a question (PH).
  207. BtR: The Sea and Little Fishes
  208. Final ship parts
  209. The Ocean Sea dungeon in the worst idea ever
  210. PH Trading Quest help
  211. The Phantom Hour Glass: guide project
  212. PH + DS = Limited Edition Coolness
  213. Where do i find freedle?
  214. Phantom Hourglass Review (spoiler tagged)
  215. The End of Zelda as we know it? Phantom Hourglass might be a hint...
  216. Phantom Hourglass: Favorite Ship Parts?
  217. PH? Complete?
  218. The Official PH Multiplayer thread
  219. PH help?
  220. Phantom Hourglass, my impressions (spoilers but tagged)
  221. Phantom Hourglass, Is it anygood?
  222. Help me please
  223. Phantom Hourglass Cannon Help
  224. This has been another useless fact...
  225. OoA
  226. Anyone Played PH so far?
  227. Need help in Phantom hourglass
  228. mic problem
  229. UK and US PH Compatibility
  230. Phantom Hourglass Release
  231. Phantom Hourglass - are you replaying TWW?
  232. Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland
  233. Pre-order bonus?
  234. Where can I import the European version of Tingle RPG?
  235. Interview by Eiji Aonuma on Phantom Hourglass
  236. Release date
  237. Help please!!
  238. Some OoA Trouble.
  239. SP or DS?
  240. A Link to the Past Question Mark
  241. The Minish Cap vs. A Link to the Past.
  242. Abot Phantom Hourglass[No Spoilers]
  243. Should i get the Oracle games?
  244. Tingle RPG European Strategy Guide?
  245. Funny crap in Links Awakening
  246. Link Goes Invisible in LA DX on GBA SP?! Please help!
  247. ALttP/FS
  248. Phantom Hourglass Thoughts
  249. Veran- the greatest villian!
  250. The most popular oracle