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  1. Getting the Triforce
  2. The good things and the bad things about MM and how would you rate it
  3. A good Majora's Mask Challenge
  4. The Ultimate Ocarina of Time challenge!!
  5. What is your favorite dungeon in OOT?
  6. a stupid rumor.
  7. Ocarina of Time, What was the point to the final battle?
  8. Oni Link vs Link
  9. Which is harder spirit or shawdow temple
  10. Favorite/funnest OoT boss.
  11. Bongo Bongo's Title
  12. Malon and Talon
  13. Addition
  14. Who likes the art in MM than WW
  15. Picoro in OOT?
  16. Who beat the legend of Zelda the first game
  17. Who knows where to go in the adventure of Link
  18. Wood
  19. Skullkid Symbol
  21. What is your take on Termina?
  22. OoT, Shadow Link
  23. Why does Shiek run away from Link
  24. If Termina and Hyrule are 'Parallel' what rules does this theory follow?
  25. Termina, actually a parallel world or just an excuse?
  26. The 3 Godessess Powers
  27. Is shadow link hard?
  28. Hardest Temple in OOT
  29. Discovered: Link's parallel
  30. Oot temples vs. MM temples
  31. oh my god help!!!!!!!!
  32. LoZ, a game devoid of life
  33. need help finding item
  34. Music Connection
  35. Nayru's Love
  36. Poe Salesman Evidence
  37. A little experiment with some certain undead
  38. Power measure
  39. Gerudo Mask For MM
  40. Is this a glitch? Or is something happening to my game? Or is it just me?
  41. Why did the water temple...
  42. a song plx
  43. Can Tingle tell us anything about Hyrule and termina?
  44. swamp skulltula house dilemma - MM
  45. Adult Link vs Oni-Link...
  46. fishy situation
  47. MM First Impressions
  48. Is the master sword parallel to the fierce diety sword
  49. Shiekah = Ninja?
  51. *Possible spoilers* did the king....
  52. Why does Link have pink hair?
  53. Lol, check this out
  54. Portal, Hyrule and Termina
  55. Ruto=Deku Princess!?
  56. Face in the moon
  57. MM: Get into the clock tower before midnight on 3rd day
  58. The Inverted Song of Time
  59. Where is the sinking lure???
  60. Oot vs. MM
  61. Epona Question (OOT )
  62. Hyrules' prince
  63. What really happened to Saria?
  64. Favourite temple in MM
  65. Wind Waker for N64???
  66. Why alttp?
  67. Alternate ending of Majora's Mask
  68. Favorite Ocarina of Time Item
  69. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Hacking *MUST WATCH*
  70. majora's mask or ocarina of time
  71. Oot or MM
  72. LoZ Dungeon 1 as a StarCraft map
  73. Nintendo Zeldas
  74. Ocarina of Time speed run.
  75. Gold dust majoras maks
  76. Zelda- Majoras mask-stone temple
  77. Link Fences?
  78. Icons and Symbols in the series
  79. Zelda O.O.T Beta
  80. Dead?
  81. Triforce in Zelda 2D
  82. why do we like it so?
  83. Triforce in OoT?
  84. Temple Mysteries
  85. Dancing guys
  86. The Final Heart Piece
  87. Lengend Of Zelda A Link To The Past who liked that game
  88. OOT is not overated
  89. OOT Master quest
  90. majora characters
  91. OoT should've kept the crescent moon symbol
  92. Poes..
  93. Ganon in ALttP
  94. Hmm....Oh the Dillema
  95. I SPY
  96. Majoras Mask
  97. There is in fact a Star fox jet
  98. Make up an ending
  99. Majora's Mask Problem
  100. The Legend of Zelda Challenge
  101. Chateau Romani
  102. Beta Quests
  103. OoT religious and cultural symbols
  104. Something weird
  105. Favorite Temple in Ocarina of Time
  106. No Counterparts
  107. Gerudos: reference to muslim...
  108. Whats the matter with the zora
  109. Which mask do you use most often?
  110. Favorite OoT Music
  111. Zelda's double in Termina...
  112. Goron Link's Tatto(i need sum1 to get a really clear pic or make a good one plz)
  113. Does Anyone Know...
  114. Favorite music in MM
  115. gorons
  116. Anju's Grandmother
  117. hey can sum1 plz read and ANSWER this time
  118. Timelimit?
  119. the original zelda
  120. Fierce Deity vs. Oni
  121. Zelda LTP: How Can Be Possible
  122. Fav. Ocarina song
  123. Is Termina Real?
  124. favorite orcrina song
  125. Window In Temple
  126. Hardest ALTTP boss
  127. The Great Deku Tree
  128. Revalation of Ocarina of Time(spoilers)
  129. Favorite mask in MM
  130. Navi: the beloved and invaluable friend
  131. Who's your favorite boss?
  132. I thought of that another day...
  133. Majora...?
  134. Favorite OoT item?
  135. Disscussion of OOT: Cartrage versions.
  136. Who owns ALL the zelda titles?
  137. OOT doesn't reapeat over and over
  138. When Games go bad...
  139. sages
  140. Do People Who Enter The Kokiri Forest become Skull Kids, or Stalfos?
  141. Link theory
  142. Link's Ancestry
  143. Kokiri
  144. where would you go
  145. Sheikah Theory.
  146. Do you think epona has any important meaning to the story?
  147. Favourite OOT moment
  148. The Kakariko Village Windmill
  149. Zelda: OOT Sounds Pack?
  150. Shiekah: Tribe of Majora?
  151. End of the Game
  152. What is your favorite area in OoT?
  153. The original Zelda 64 trailer from 1995!
  154. Nobody told me
  155. The Royal Composer Bros.
  156. Biggoron Trading Sequence
  157. Look at all of this!
  158. Question
  159. Navi or Tatl?
  160. Did Nintendo Grow up?
  161. Queen of Hyrule?
  162. Ganondorf: Lets do the Chicken-dance!!
  163. Where's the Hylian Loach?
  164. Fastest times through MM/OOT
  165. Hardest MM Boss and why
  166. Zelda Cartridge Question
  167. One last attempt to show my side of the theory...
  168. Why is Majora's Mask part of the "legend of Zelda" Cycle?
  169. Songs you play on your Ocarina in a Zelda Game
  170. Link's stand in
  171. Time to resurrect "Bluescale" and his Triforce rumor...
  172. Origins of the bosses
  173. Something Rather Strange...
  174. Urgent Question: A Link To The Past
  175. Stuck In The Water Temple
  176. Mr.Majora
  177. what temple is that?
  178. N64-GCN change in OoT
  179. Redeads: reason for mature rating.
  180. The d*rn Fire arrows!?
  181. MM: What's your favorite area in the game?
  182. Musical talents
  183. Ohhh... no way. Just look at this.
  184. Famicom LOZ used controller's microphone
  185. Stone temple MM
  186. OoT Heart Pieces
  187. Sinking lure
  188. What do you think the religion in OoT was?
  189. Could Someone help?
  190. It may just be the OCD talking, but...
  191. Zelda to you...?
  192. Why is MM called Zelda?
  193. Favorite LTTP Item
  194. Heh
  195. (new) Beta Ocarina of Time gameplay movies
  196. Termina and Hyrule Beneath the Same Sky [repost]
  197. Secret Shrine(MM)
  199. Oot master quest easter egg.
  200. Who has the orginal
  201. What temple song?
  202. The poe guy
  203. Version Differences
  204. Did he just.....?
  205. Darkworld Shape-Shifting
  206. OMG. The 3rd Dongen from the first game is a Naiz Symbol.
  207. How?
  208. The 'blow-upable' wall sound is switched
  209. Zelda64? Am I missing something here?
  210. LoZ: OoT/MM Ocarina Song Contest Round 2
  211. OoT beta pics
  212. The Gerudo from desert to sea...?
  213. Every time I start a New OoT Game I ALWAYS forget about the Owl.
  214. Does anyone still play these games?
  215. Romani or Lon Lon Ranch??
  216. Dins fire?
  217. Ocarina Of Time Ad
  218. just a thought...
  219. The Hero of Time
  220. Link's parallel
  221. The Aliens
  222. OOT:Secerts,Mysteries,and Glitches.
  223. Majora's Mask Sprites
  224. ALTTP - Time Killer
  225. Beat Shadow Temple as child
  226. "Zelda" is the word
  227. The Zora's Paintbrush
  228. LoZ: OoT Weapons Contest Round 2
  229. Who did you think Shiek was...mid-game (OoT)
  230. LoZ in 32 minutes
  231. A Crying Moon
  232. LOZ:OOT/MM ocarina song contest!
  233. triforce in MM?
  234. Which had harder temples, MM or OoT?
  235. Whoa, Weird
  236. A couple of Questions
  237. Tigerboi's idiot guide to playing Majora's Mask.
  238. Japanese Alttp
  239. What's your favorite MM mask?
  240. Link vs. Ganondorf...? A glitch?
  241. Is this a GameShark hack or just edited?
  242. What is up with Skullkid?
  243. Ocarina of Time and Majoras mask HELP HERE!!!!
  244. Holographic MM
  245. LttP ending reached...in about 2 minutes...
  246. Beta Quest?
  247. Just a theory....
  248. What are the bombable walls in the first dungeon suppose to lead to?
  249. I just realised something about OoT...
  250. Hardest OoT bosses?