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  1. What do you think of the Zelda fanbase?
  2. Skyward Sword Manga
  3. The Overworld/Dungeon divide
  4. Questions for Eiji Aonuma about Hyrule Warriors
  5. What was Your First Legend of Zelda Game?
  6. How does the Zelda series compare to other videogames for you?
  7. Bottom 5 Least Favorite Zelda Games
  8. Let's build a Zelda game using what we already know
  9. 1000 ways to die
  10. Why do Zelda fans currently want open world and exploration?
  11. What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Zelda Games?
  12. Haunting Moments: Which one stays with you?
  13. The LoZ Alien Abduction
  14. Should there be more Zelda spin-offs?
  15. Should Link have different clothing types, other than tunics?
  16. Jokes
  17. Getting stabbed through the head vs the chest
  18. How well do the Zelda developers listen to fan feedback?
  19. Twilight Princess trading cards??
  20. Which do you prefer? Saving through the Menu or Saving through Statues
  21. The year(s) of Zelda has begun
  22. Link appears in Mario Kart as DLC
  23. Should Link have a personality and a voice?
  24. LoZ Trading Cards 1993
  25. 7 Reasons Why Our #1 Favorite Zelda Game Often Changes
  26. LoZ Volcanoes...which is more realistic, unique, etc?
  27. The Zelda Overworlds, Directionally Speaking
  28. Songs remixed with Zelda music??
  29. Zelda games I haven't played :(
  30. Favorite controller??
  31. Platforming in Zelda
  32. Hyrule Warriors Anime?
  33. The Zelda series changes a lot, stop denying it!
  34. Next zelda game to replay?
  35. OOT Master Quest(GCN) vs OOT Master Quest (3DS) which one do you think was better?
  36. If You Could Change Enemy Captions
  37. Your Favorite Zelda Baddy
  38. Multi-Choice ♥ ♥ ♥ Which Are The BEST Zelda Games?
  39. Why i dont make too many theories
  40. Enemies and music
  41. From Ocarina of Time to Skyward Sword, the 3D Zelda games have slowly been getting worse.
  42. A question about Hyrule Warriors DLC
  43. Recurring Tech in Zelda games.
  44. If Zelda NPCs Become Self-Aware/Unscripted
  45. If you were to replace one character from a Zelda game with someone you know well
  46. General Zelda Discussion v2
  47. Self-Commentary To Zelda Bosses
  48. Help needed Zelda fans!! Is this rare merchandise worth the purchase?
  49. What is your definition of the Zelda formula?
  50. zelda should be a first-person shooter!
  51. How do bosses really look?
  52. OOT Fishing Game or TP Fishing Game Which did you Prefer?
  53. hey zelda should be a girl
  54. Comparing Zelda to other series!
  55. Hyrule Battledome (Read OP for Rules)
  56. Zelda-Like/Clones?
  57. The "core" of Zelda
  58. Is story really important in Zelda games?
  59. 100% of a Zelda game, what does it take?
  60. Do you replay Zelda games?
  61. Favorite Zelda Side-Characters
  62. A newbies guide to Zelda (crackpot edition)
  63. Why all the Hate for Tingle?
  64. Linearity is "GOOD" in Zelda series (here's why)
  65. Who's More Androgynous? Link or Zoras?
  66. Zelda Cartoon Film Ideas
  67. Zelda in the real world
  68. Spot on voice acting.
  69. Which Princess Zelda do you like the most?
  70. What Should I Play Next?
  71. What was your dumbest Zelda moment?
  72. If they ever make Link talk, all he should do is curse
  73. Puzzles: a tedious outdated thing that Zelda needs to be rid of?
  74. evolution of 3d dungeon design
  75. Funniest Zelda Moments
  76. Was the fire temple chant really that offensive?
  77. What will an open world change about the Zelda "formula", anyway?
  78. Most overated game
  79. Links Master Sword and Shield 20'' 3D printed 20 Piece statue I designed.
  80. Zelda Lifestyle
  81. List Zelda dungeons you were scared of
  82. Overworld vs. Dungeon: Which needs more work?
  83. Do you have an Ocarina?
  84. Top 10 best LOZ bosses
  85. [Fangame] Any good sources for a Zelda romhack that I can use.
  86. Most Underrated Links
  87. What makes a good companion?
  88. Would You Rather(The Zelda Edition)
  89. Top 10 worst bosses in Legend Of Zelda
  90. Frustrating save problems
  91. Why does Zelda rarely have a male companion for Link?
  92. Missed Opportunities in the Series
  93. Episode Ideas For A Zelda Cartoon Reboot
  94. Original Content discussion
  95. Have you played the **** Zelda games?
  96. Anyone looking to get to Symphonic Legends this Sunday?
  97. Horse Appreciation Thread
  98. Not Enjoying 3D Zeldas
  99. Any good Zelda Fan Animations?
  100. Late 2014 - Late 2015 = Year of Zelda
  101. What are the most underated Zelda games and why?
  102. Majora's Minecraft - Majora's Mask Recreated completely in Minecraft
  103. Which part of the triforce are you?
  104. [Fangame] New Zelda project with a long name o.o
  105. Least Favorite/Worst Zelda Game(s)
  106. Favorite Zelda Trailer
  107. 3D or 2D Zelda? Which is better?
  108. Zelda elimination thread
  109. What is the hardest Zelda game (Not counting AoL)
  110. Which Link Do YOU Think Would Get Along With DiC Link?
  111. Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess
  112. I must seriously be out of it
  113. Which is better, Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword?
  114. Help with marriage proposal. (zelda themed.)
  115. Best Zelda Remix Compliations
  116. Need help remembering a game title!!!
  117. Zelda Survey!
  118. Legend of Zelda Headcanons
  119. The Zelda Timeline has Never and Will Never Matter
  120. why doesn't Zelda ever give Link a kiss?
  121. Signature rating thread
  122. Zelda Universe on Plug.DJ
  123. Zelda Movies?
  124. Best use of my free time... EVER, need input to do it right though...
  125. Should Legend of Zelda games have an OPTIONAL "easy mode"?
  126. What LoZ games do you have? :)
  127. Should I buy LoZ for the NES or OoT/MM and N64?
  128. Am I the only one stoked to have Aonuma on my Streetpass?
  129. Swordplay in 2D games
  130. I am tired of seeing swastikas in Zelda.
  131. Zelda tattoo
  132. Majora's Mask Poster
  133. The Legend of the Logo
  134. Favorite 3D Zelda function?
  135. LoZ related name ideas?
  136. What is your favorite Zelda tool?
  137. A Zelda Soundtrack With Lyrics
  138. Have You Beaten A Zelda Game Without A Guide?
  139. How long does it take you to finish a game in one playthrough?
  140. Music like the Wind Waker title theme?
  141. Which Zelda character do you want to appear in SSB4 as a playable character or assist trophy?
  142. The Year of LoZ
  143. Just How Popular is The Legend of Zelda?
  144. New Jump Attack
  145. What irks you about the three HORRIFYING CDI Zelda games?
  146. Anybody have any rare Zelda items?
  147. 'Severed' looks like Majora's Mask
  148. Playing through all the games (on stream!)
  149. Favorite Zelda Armor/Tunics?
  150. Companions: Yay or nay?
  151. If Hyrule were a real country, what do you think the national anthem would be?
  152. Favorite Link charecter design??
  153. Favorite Zelda Swords?
  154. Do you think Zelda games need a hardcore element other than simply a Master Quest?
  155. Vaati Legal Rights
  156. Rank Your Favorite Zelda Games From Best To Worst
  157. Epona's Dark Secrets
  158. Gannon - The Blue Boar ArchDruid Vampire Dragon
  159. What aspects of a Zelda game are irreplicable/irreplacable
  160. The problem with 3D Zelda overworlds
  161. RAH Link
  162. Zelda Memes!!!!!!
  163. URA Zelda question
  164. Longer game please
  165. the woman Miyamoto named Zelda after
  166. New Game+ (Opinions)
  167. Nearly every Zelda Starts with link getting woken/waking up!
  168. Ripping the content out of Majora's Mask rom
  169. Top 10 Zelda Overworlds (rank from best to worst)
  170. Best Zelda Dunegons?
  172. a tLoz presentation!
  173. Zelda Riddles 3.0; ALBW riddles allowed
  174. Is it the same ganondorf
  175. Zelda or Tetra
  176. How do you think Link and Zelda would act if they had to take a test like the FCAT
  177. Reincarnation! Except it's not..?
  178. Zelda and MtG
  179. You know you have been playing too much Zelda when...
  180. Favorite / Least Favorite Parts of Any Zelda Game
  181. Zelda Art Style Eras
  182. The Next Zelda Game?
  183. Have you ever taken a quiz about what Zelda character are you?
  184. Is Ocarina of Time 3D worth it?
  185. Top 3 Annoying Zelda bosses
  186. could Wind Waker have been better?
  187. A New Game and Crossover
  188. Have you ever wanted to be/become any character from any Zelda game?
  189. Zelda Monopoly!
  190. Weird, funny & disturbing things in LOZ
  191. I Have Wierd Zelda Oracle Of Ages/Seasons Cartridges
  192. Top 10 WORST Zelda Dungeons
  193. most annoying thing ever!
  194. Which one should I buy?
  195. Top 5 Zelda Final Bosses!?
  196. What song from any Zelda game best represents your current feelings?
  197. Awesomest thing to watch ever!!!!
  198. Is it alive?
  199. TheBritGamers: Zelda Marathon - Starts Fri 11th April 8pm GMT
  200. Am I the only one who wants to be Link?
  201. Is making your own Legend of Zelda book wrong?
  202. Best Dungeon Music
  203. Zelda Series in Super Smash Bros. 4
  204. awks question
  205. Help with Zelda Story
  206. Need help finding an old Ganon Rap!!!
  207. Favorite Dungeon?
  208. Majora's Mask vs Ganondorf (Triforce of Power)
  209. What did you learn about Zelda today?
  210. Legend of Zelda needs a link-counterpart villain.
  211. New Zelda Cartoon, would it work better?
  212. Legend of...Sonic?
  213. Games with it's a secret to everybody quote?
  214. Items you can miss forever
  215. Zelda brainteasers
  216. favorite zelda boss?
  217. What is the official name for OoT Link's hairstyle?
  218. Hyrule Castle you wish to explore more thoroughly?
  219. Worst Zelda Dungeon?
  220. Favorite Reiteration of the Master Sword/favorite plot important sword
  221. Reasons to dress like LINK
  222. Zelda instructions? Help!
  223. Link to the Past VS Link Between Worlds
  224. Have You Enjoyed All Of The 3D Zelda Games So Far?
  225. No Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask on Wii U VC?
  226. Battle of the Links
  227. Looking fir certain zelda video
  228. Favorite Zelda Manga(s)/Dojinshi(s)/Comic Book(s)?!
  229. continuation of wind waker?
  230. What is Your Favorite Alternative Way of Taking Down a Boss?
  231. Zelda: Ocarina of Time-The Minecraft Map
  232. How do you see Link?
  233. Quick Skyward Sword question
  234. [Fangame] Coming Up with a Plot for a Fan Game
  235. What do you name your Link?
  236. LOZ pairings/shippings
  237. Ganon is a good villain (most of the time)
  238. Language
  239. The Master Sword- an impractical design
  240. Where does Star Fox Adventures Rank for you?
  241. Where does Okami Rank for you?
  242. The Significance of Link in the titles of Zelda games
  243. The many Zelda fan sites!
  244. Master Sword!!!
  245. ITT We discuss random things we did in Zelda for fun!
  246. Am I The Only One Who Never Actually Found Kaepora Gaebora That Annoying?
  247. Leaders and Followers
  248. Largest and smallest Zelda dungeon?
  249. zelda game rating-school project
  250. Favorite/Least Favorite Bosses