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  1. is Midna just a copy of Tatl personality wise?
  2. Clever Zelda Song Titles
  3. Third Person or Bird's Eye?
  4. Modern value of the Rupee?
  5. My Problem With Zelda
  6. What if....
  7. Help! Love Letter Check!
  8. Let's see who can think of the most obscure Zelda character?
  9. Zelda wikis?
  10. Why is Zelda so obsessed with time?
  11. Zelda Pointless
  12. Help with locating a Zelda ocarina?
  13. The Creepiest Zelda Moments
  14. What is the most important element of a legend of Zelda game?
  15. Beating Your First Zelda Game
  16. Somewhat Awesome Fan Film
  17. Funfacts?
  18. What is your favorite rendition of Great Fairy Fountain?
  19. Zelda Question..help
  20. Link and Green Lantern?
  21. Love how fans still love the games even if no new games are out yet
  22. Legend of Zelda and what you listen to while playing it!!!
  23. [Beta] Zelda Maps with googlemaps
  24. Ganondorf or Ghirahim?
  25. Hyrule Historia in english
  26. Can't decide which Zelda to play
  27. OOT Playthrough
  28. Link and his Girlfriends
  29. Have you beaten all of the Zelda games?
  30. What Could the Zelda Games Benefit From?
  31. Kokiri Sign in Ancient Roman Temple
  32. Have you set a Zelda world record?
  33. I'm Marrying a Zelda fan!
  34. Is there still hope for me?
  35. Hey listen!
  36. Official Zelda Section Rules and Guidelines
  37. Two Steps From Hell should compose music for the next Zelda Game.
  38. Beamos and other out of place things?
  39. Link's Musical Instrument
  40. Favorite Zelda Graphics Style
  41. Official Zelda Romance Thread V: Skyrim
  42. Official Zelda Romance Thread VII: Fill that Heart Container
  43. Who is Links Soulmate?
  44. Items (Favorite, Least Favorite, Most Useful, Least Useful)
  45. Who is the Badass-est character in LoZ?
  46. Which game has the most attractive Princess Zelda?
  47. Deku Lore?
  48. Feeling When Completing a Zelda Game
  49. Useless items.
  50. Zelda triforce lamp... sooo want.
  51. What makes someone a true Zelda fan?
  52. A game like Majora's Mask
  53. Any Female Link supporters here?
  54. Top 3 Zelda Games in Your Opinion
  55. The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess in Orlando July 14th
  56. Your dream set of items.
  57. Zelda Sheet Music?
  58. Official Zelda Fan Film Series Thread
  59. Favourite Zelda Glitches
  60. Favourite items
  61. Help Needed! ~Zelda merch in Japan?
  62. cdi games on timeline
  63. Favourite boss from any Zelda Game ever?
  64. Zeldathon!
  65. Opinions needed; Colors and names and such!
  66. Zelda - Quest for power New Trailer of the demo
  67. What made you interested in Zelda?
  68. Weirdest Character
  69. Connected Story
  70. All titles for Link
  71. First4Figures new Zelda Statue!
  72. CAPTION! That Screenshot!
  73. design a boss
  74. looking for zelda shirts
  75. So I have a brother who won't play any Zelda...
  76. Favorite zelda enemy?
  77. what do you like most about zelda?
  78. World's most ancient swords have triforce on them.
  79. Zelda Opinions
  80. Help with my tattoo
  81. [Fangame] Updated version of The legend of Zelda: Valley of the flood
  82. What Zelda Games do you not own?
  83. 3 golden goddesses vs. Hylia vs. the 4 giants
  84. Sheik: male or female
  85. PLaying the games chronlogically
  86. A Link to the Past: SNES vs GBA
  87. 25 anniversary box set
  88. Do you think a Tv series could work?
  89. Is this original Phantom Hourglass card?
  90. Zelda references in videogames and other media
  91. Figma link preorders?
  92. [REQ] MIDI Sequencer
  93. Legend of zelda Fan movie
  94. So, Link cosplays...
  95. [Fangame] In Regards to a full Zelda RPG
  96. A little question about final bosses.
  97. What is the better game, OOT or MM?
  98. BEN .. What ever happened?
  99. Is this canon? It was relased BY NINTENDO...
  100. Favorite Zelda Race! Zora, Goron, Deku!
  101. If Hollywood produced a Zelda movie...
  102. Am I the only one that cannot relate to Ganondorf, or find him likable at all?
  103. Best Ganondorf
  104. Legend of ________ [MANY SPOILERS AHOY AND AN ADULT THEME]
  105. Beta levels
  106. Looking for a Zelda hoodie.
  107. Symphony of the goddesses worth it?
  108. Zelda Endings
  109. Hyrule Bestiary
  110. Bad trends started by Ocarina of Time [Beware of Skyward Sword spoilers!!]
  111. Which Oot do you prefer? v2 2012 poll
  112. One-off locations in Zelda
  113. Of every Zelda instrument, which is your favorite
  114. Favorite/Scariest Temple
  115. [Fangame] Zelda quest for power
  116. Things in Zelda games that you can only get at a certain stage of the game
  117. Memorable experiences involving enemies
  118. Watch Me Playing Some Zelda Tunes Using the N64 Controller and Ocarina of Time
  119. Zelda Video Contest (yesh there ish a PRIZE)
  120. Dark Link Origins?
  121. A small Zelda music game...
  122. Spend a Day
  123. Question About Zelda: Parallel Worlds
  124. LoZ Pairing Pictures
  125. If you could be the Sage of an Element what would you be?
  126. Hylian People
  127. 3d remake of 2d games
  128. Need help finding song
  129. wat is ur favorite zelda gme?
  130. what do you think?
  131. Is nearly every boss battle in all the Zelda games repetitive?
  132. Favorite Zelda Quotes
  133. Link's Awakening Wii U Petition
  134. should link ever talk, EVER?
  135. Is it wrong?
  136. Hard Zelda games
  137. Your Favourite Zelda Antagonists?
  138. Unique Strategies Used To Defeat Bosses
  139. Zelda reference in How I Met Your Mother
  140. Favorite piece of Zelda concept art?
  141. Who is your favorite Zelda character?
  142. Zelda games are stupid children GAMES!!!
  143. Fangames
  144. Trying to get someone into Zelda.
  145. Music association and The Legend of Zelda
  146. Eyeball Bosses
  147. Why does Ganon lose?
  148. Searching for old Zelda games to buy. Also searching for a cable link (GBA and GCN).
  149. Zelda not as good as other adventure games?
  150. If you got the Zelda Club Nintendo 25th anniversary posters, then please click here
  151. When you know you have no life...
  152. What gives you the shivers in Zelda games?
  153. Piano music
  154. Looking for Zelda Props
  155. Spin-off Zelda Watch Games
  156. Zelda tattoos/art or plans?
  157. Orchestrated version of Zelda's Lullaby
  158. Who'd you rather be in a Zelda game realistically?
  159. Check out my Link to the Past Board Game!
  160. What Annoys You? - Special Zelda Edition!
  161. Biggest Badass in the Legend of Zelda
  162. What Zelda game had the greatest impact on you?
  163. Best zelda facebook pages
  164. Zelda cast
  165. Hyrule Historia Translation document??
  166. What do the names of the 3 Goddesses mean?
  167. Zelda twilight princess
  168. I love/hate ZeLinks
  169. Best Sword in Zelda
  170. Least fav Zelda game.
  171. Hardest zelda game? :)
  172. What would you say to Mr. Miyamoto if you got a chance to speak to him?
  173. Navi is on twitter.
  174. Zelda has grown on me
  175. [Fangame] Legend of Zelda: Worlds Collide
  176. Looking to buy Zelda games [more info inside]
  177. Tabletop Gaming
  178. The epicness of Zelda
  179. What Zelda Songs Would You Like To See Return?
  180. What would happen if Ganon defeats Link and Zelda and unites the triforce?
  181. Real-life Sheikah Stone
  183. i love this article
  184. Virtual Console VS Real Game
  185. Which game should I get?
  186. Zelda Movie?
  187. Zelda the Musical
  188. I fixed the darknut
  189. I am hoping Nintendo decides to develop a title for the Defeated Timeline.
  190. The Strange, The Mysterious, and the Beta!
  191. Ah-carina or Oh-carina?
  192. Does anyone else actually own the CD-I games?
  193. I liked The Legend of Zelda TV Show.
  194. Zelda charms
  195. Piano rendition of Hyrule Castle
  196. It's a Secret to Everyone
  197. Favorite Songs
  198. More Info on New Zelda Game(s) Fire, Ice Prophecy. Whats your view... Real or Fake?
  199. Wow I just noticed something...
  200. Which Zelda game has the best music?
  201. I really really don't get it
  202. The Feel of Zelda
  203. Best and worst companions??
  204. Ganon as a kid
  205. What was your Favorite out of storyline Zelda Moment?
  206. Zelda Challenges!
  207. Best Written Zelda Game?
  208. The Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - Documentary
  209. Zant vs. Ghirahim
  210. Research- Zelda for mobile platform
  211. Ganondorf Concept in OoX
  212. To Kill, Or Not To Kill?
  213. How much of Link's gear do YOU have?
  214. Earliest Memory of Zelda?
  215. Zelda Lego
  216. Which Zelda game would you most like to play that you haven't played yet?
  217. 50 Ways Zelda Sucks
  218. Zelda Pickup-lines
  219. DarkxLink
  220. What Zelda characater do I look like?
  221. Link does talk, but it doesnt show his diolague boxes
  222. Whats Link's age? The Answer!
  223. Playing through my first zelda game completely, should I use a guide?
  224. The best Zelda Cosplay(ad others)
  225. At what point were you most ashamed to be a Zelda fan?
  226. Any cool news on hyrule historia?
  227. Names
  228. Which is the best boomerang?
  229. about Zoras
  230. What was your first LoZ saved game name.
  231. Why zelda is NOT in decline
  232. Skyward sword free talk ( maybe spoil)
  233. Did Anyone Find OoT to be disappointing after playing WW?
  234. Fun fact about zelda and guns
  235. Zelda music Remixes
  236. Favourite zelda music thread! it can be from any game!
  237. Who would you want to be with?
  238. Epona or Crimson loftwing?
  239. The Legacy of Lezda?
  240. Is favorite Zelda game relative to first Zelda game?
  241. So my girlfriend has never played a Zelda game before...
  242. Symphony of the Goddesses
  243. Zelda Minigames Thread
  244. So I found this Zelda comic none of you have heard about
  245. What People Don't Know About Zelda...
  246. Zelda Game Selector Test
  247. Who is your favorite companion character in the Zelda series?
  248. Difference between the 'Adult Timeline' and the 'Child Timeline'?
  249. The "What If" Senario (Joke Thread, Not Timeline Related)
  250. FanFilm