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  1. Zelda the Musical
  2. I fixed the darknut
  3. I am hoping Nintendo decides to develop a title for the Defeated Timeline.
  4. The Strange, The Mysterious, and the Beta!
  5. Ah-carina or Oh-carina?
  6. Does anyone else actually own the CD-I games?
  7. I liked The Legend of Zelda TV Show.
  8. Zelda charms
  9. Piano rendition of Hyrule Castle
  10. It's a Secret to Everyone
  11. Favorite Songs
  12. More Info on New Zelda Game(s) Fire, Ice Prophecy. Whats your view... Real or Fake?
  13. Wow I just noticed something...
  14. Which Zelda game has the best music?
  15. The Feel of Zelda
  16. Best and worst companions??
  17. Ganon as a kid
  18. What was your Favorite out of storyline Zelda Moment?
  19. Zelda Challenges!
  20. Best Written Zelda Game?
  21. The Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - Documentary
  22. Zant vs. Ghirahim
  23. Research- Zelda for mobile platform
  24. Ganondorf Concept in OoX
  25. To Kill, Or Not To Kill?
  26. How much of Link's gear do YOU have?
  27. Earliest Memory of Zelda?
  28. Zelda Lego
  29. Which Zelda game would you most like to play that you haven't played yet?
  30. 50 Ways Zelda Sucks
  31. Zelda Pickup-lines
  32. DarkxLink
  33. What Zelda characater do I look like?
  34. Link does talk, but it doesnt show his diolague boxes
  35. Whats Link's age? The Answer!
  36. Playing through my first zelda game completely, should I use a guide?
  37. The best Zelda Cosplay(ad others)
  38. At what point were you most ashamed to be a Zelda fan?
  39. Any cool news on hyrule historia?
  40. Names
  41. Which is the best boomerang?
  42. about Zoras
  43. What was your first LoZ saved game name.
  44. Why zelda is NOT in decline
  45. Skyward sword free talk ( maybe spoil)
  46. Did Anyone Find OoT to be disappointing after playing WW?
  47. Fun fact about zelda and guns
  48. Zelda music Remixes
  49. Favourite zelda music thread! it can be from any game!
  50. Who would you want to be with?
  51. Epona or Crimson loftwing?
  52. The Legacy of Lezda?
  53. Is favorite Zelda game relative to first Zelda game?
  54. So my girlfriend has never played a Zelda game before...
  55. Symphony of the Goddesses
  56. Zelda Minigames Thread
  57. So I found this Zelda comic none of you have heard about
  58. What People Don't Know About Zelda...
  59. Zelda Game Selector Test
  60. Who is your favorite companion character in the Zelda series?
  61. Difference between the 'Adult Timeline' and the 'Child Timeline'?
  62. The "What If" Senario (Joke Thread, Not Timeline Related)
  63. FanFilm
  64. Link to the Future
  65. Your fondest memory regarding Zelda
  66. Has ANYBODY ever...
  67. The Holy ♣♣♣♣! Moments of Zelda
  68. Is hoping for the Symphony to come to NYC a lost cause?
  69. Your biggest pet peeve when teaching someone to play zelda?
  70. Zelda Trivias and curiosities
  71. Zelda OOT + MM Favorite Boss and Mini-Boss(including minis)
  72. The Best Music in Zelda
  73. Think of something other than M. sword and triforce that represents the zelda series
  74. The Hero Shield
  75. Zelda In Hindsight?
  76. Should We Keep Link As The Main Protagonist?
  77. [Fangame] So I think we've established
  78. Can anyone give me a link to the complete Old Hylian Syllabary?
  79. Ever crushed on a character?
  80. Best Quote
  81. Do you think Gorons should be given a break?
  82. Music that hits home?
  83. Have you ever had a dream about tLoZ?
  84. I <3 ZELDA!!!!!!
  85. Official sound tracks
  86. Minish Cap Manga Coloured!
  87. Questions and thoughts on Zelda Collectors Edition
  88. Princess Zelda fan II
  89. Greatest 2D Boss Tournament R1
  90. Is Link a "Gary-Stu" character?
  91. If link is to run "a different kind of business".
  92. Link Character Interpretations
  93. Which boss would beat the other? [game]
  94. 72-Hour Zelda Marathon for Charity
  95. Club Nintendo Zelda Posters are Again Available
  96. Religion of Zelda (read first)
  97. Dark Link should be a bigger deal.
  98. Temple of Light Ocarina of time Ura
  99. Favorite weapon?
  100. A Zelda Ocarina of Time PAL sealed vga 85 ?
  101. Eff one, Marry one, Kill one Zelda editions
  102. Baddest, Most Strongest Link
  103. The Real Reason TSA Hates When People Say "Ganon" (With 3 N's)
  104. Ranking the Zelda Games
  105. I just got the Zelda letter (Nintendo Letter Box)!
  106. Interesting Hyrule Historia images
  107. Any little details you've discovered while playing Zelda?
  108. Your Personal Review Thread
  109. Worst 3d Console Zelda (Twilight princess included.)
  110. What if...
  111. Least Favorite 3D Console Zelda? (TP not included.)
  112. Ocarina of Time graveyard revisited
  113. Left-handed Link. Does it really matter?
  114. [Fangame] The legend of Zelda: Valley of the flood
  115. big zelda fan needs HELP with ZELDA
  116. Zelda stuff
  117. Biggest Ocarina in the world, imagine if Link had it
  118. Lets bomb some Dodongos! (or should we?)
  119. Zelda Lullabys
  120. Why doesn't Zelda Collector's Edition have A Link to The Past?
  121. Happy 26th Bday, LOZ!
  122. Unlikely ideas for the next Zelda instrument.
  123. Most Expensive Zelda Game Auction?
  124. Do you use Sheikah Stones?
  125. Zelda Cookbook
  126. 2D vs. 3D?
  127. The Zelda Cast in the new Super Smash Bros.?
  128. WTF Zelda
  129. [Fangame] Remnants of the Deity
  130. I Like Minish Cap More Than OoT
  131. My 25th Anniversary Posters Arrived!
  132. Link is a nosy fellow
  133. A theory on favourites.
  134. Celebrities Who Like LoZ
  135. Killer Grannies
  136. Minimum number of rupees required to beat each Zelda game (SPOILER ALERT)
  137. Favourite race in series?
  138. The most painful way to kill Link
  139. Article on Zelda fans
  140. Cosplay Contest. VOTE FOR LINK!!
  141. Hyrule Landscapes
  142. Guess what my friend found when he was taking the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament
  143. If you could go to Hyrule....
  144. The Chronicles Of Arkasus Online (WIP)
  145. What got you hooked on zelda
  146. Whats your opinion about the CD-i Zelda games
  147. Favorite zelda track
  148. How do you feel when you see Zelda on TV or in the Mainstream?
  149. Your top 5 miniboss list
  150. Opinions on my hopes
  151. Tactics for slaying????
  152. Skyrim: Zelda Mods
  153. Fanmade Hylian Language (not official)
  154. Nintendo Mini Classics - Zelda...help
  155. Epona's song vocalist?
  156. Would you like to live in a world of twilight?
  157. Kakiro Village song without the harmonica
  158. Feast of Fiction: The Legend of Zelda | Heart Potion
  160. Top 100 Zelda songs
  161. Grooston's definitive best to worst Zelda games list.
  162. Siri Clone free app (Which you can name FI)
  163. Voice acting?
  164. [Fangame] Hyrule's Next top Model V2
  165. What happens after link is finished his quests?
  166. List of good completed Zelda Fan games
  167. Favorite Water Dungeon?
  168. What is the best Zelda 'concept'?
  169. Favorite or quirkiest Easter Eggs/Glitches
  170. Funny Zelda Pictures
  171. Does anyone know any good Legend of Zelda Quotes or Catchphrases?
  172. Your help with an image would be appreciated
  173. Would Zelda games get lower ratings
  174. Skyward Sword Poster Replacements
  175. Majora's Mask Moon Poster Info Needed!
  176. Your Zelda To-Do List
  177. 3DS, E*Shop, and Zelda
  178. Favorite/worst Zelda manga?
  179. [Fangame] (IDEA) Paradox Sagas I-The Legend of Zelda: The Band of Heroes
  180. More good developed Fangames
  181. Skyward Sword Art in OOT 3D
  182. How exactly does a rupoor work? o_O
  183. Hyrule Historia
  184. Zelda emulators
  185. Nah-Vee, An Open-Source Cross Platform Animated Navi Screen Mate
  186. The Annoying/Irritating Things In Zelda Games
  187. Rupee shaped beads?
  188. Giving Zelda enemies Names
  189. Goofy names for enemies
  190. What Zelda Element Would You Like to Come Back?
  191. In a 24 hour Zelda Marthon, what games would you like to see included?
  192. Best opening in a Zelda game
  193. Four Sword v. Master Sword
  194. Is there a Zelda title with better music than Wind Waker?
  195. Zelda Metal Vol. II
  196. Which Zelda game is hardest to beat 100%
  197. So the Zelda Cycle Has Made Yet Another Spin.
  198. Running gags in Zelda
  199. Has Zelda Ever Let You Down?
  200. Favorite official Zelda Art
  201. Favorite transportation
  202. Show off your Zelda Tattoos!
  203. Who's your favorite sidekick?
  204. [Fangame] Link Storyline Competition.
  205. Most Graphically Impressive Dungeons
  206. Questions on Japanese Zelda games.
  207. Zelda music that annoys you
  208. The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses ! (concert)
  209. real hyrule
  210. Nintendo trying to avoid Gerudo
  211. Ever passed by a place that made you feel like you were in Hyrule?
  212. Peering into a Magic Mirror...
  213. Concerning non-canon games
  214. Which game is the best(4 games listed)
  215. Create a Zelda challenge
  216. Rank the Zelda's (character) by game
  217. Which is better to start with? MC or LLttP.
  218. Zelda Singing Mysterious Song
  219. Which Link is your favorite? (based on the official timeline)
  220. Link - Any Alternate Names?
  221. Forget this thread
  222. Sidequests, WW vs. SS.
  223. Where to find Hyrule Historia?
  224. Easiest dungeon by game
  225. Zelda with best Sidequests
  226. SS Link Vs OoT Ganon. How would the battle end?
  227. Best Zelda, ending-wise?
  228. Easiest Zelda Boss?
  229. Your Favorite Timeline
  230. The Quest To Become Epic
  231. The Legend of Zelda: Unknown Origins
  232. Help Me Please!
  233. Can someone explain....
  234. Hardest Dungeon
  235. The Legend of Zelda is a mind-game that affects the players
  236. Aspects or things you miss from earlier in the series
  237. SPOILERS EXPECTED: My Interpretation of the Legend of Zelda Series.
  238. Maps and Compass
  239. Question about the Zelda 25th Symphony
  240. What would your legendary sword look like?
  241. If I had the Triforce...
  242. Do you hope they'll make an accesable Four Swords?
  243. What Zelda Game made you cry the hardest?
  244. I was Stupid, were You?
  245. Zelda CD-i Games
  246. An epic in the making... (fan film)
  247. Majora's Mask vs Wind Waker
  248. Why do I suck so much at Zelda games?
  249. Zelda Sheet Music!
  250. What is Zelda?