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  1. Some Zelda History
  2. Not quite sure where to post this
  3. Crush on any Zelda Character?
  4. Zelda Quiz
  5. Best First Dungeon in the Series?
  6. I need your opinions on this...
  7. Zelda Compilation Opinions
  8. A Zelda Game That Grew on You?
  9. How?
  10. What Zelda titles did you 100%?
  11. Can a Zelda game ruin the series?
  12. Hyrule Historia Best Selling #8 on Amazon US for 2013
  13. New The Legend of Zelda Fan Movie!
  14. Zelda's outfits
  15. (SPOILERS) Best Final Boss Theme in Zelda!!
  16. Funny Zelda Images Thread!
  17. Most annoying companion in Zelda games
  18. Very weird Zelda-related images!
  19. Random Zelda Music ID Question
  20. Zelda Expert Needed!
  21. The 3D Water Dungeons!
  22. Scariest Zelda Song?
  23. Did Ocarina of Time ruin the series?
  24. Would you like more difficulty in Zelda bosses?
  25. Zelda Novels?
  26. Why can Link roll?
  27. Link left/right-handed???
  28. OoT Goddess's Powers
  29. Suggestions for Fire Emblem Zelda crossover name?
  30. One Zelda Location you would like to see in real life?
  31. Incredible piano renditions of entire MM and OoT soundtracks.
  32. Memorable feelings when you purchased and played a Zelda game?
  33. If a Zelda Movie were to be made...
  34. Your favorite Zelda enemy
  35. User-written Zelda skits
  36. Is link the most under powered gaming swordsman?
  37. Zelda references in other games
  38. The Legend of Zelda A Lick to the Past
  39. Let's put together a CD (or Youtube playlist) of the prettiest fanmade songs
  40. Any advice for a PC gamer looking to get back into Zelda?
  41. Is anyone in the US or Canada going to the Zelda concert?
  42. That commercial everyone likes? Secret triforces.
  43. Legend Of Zelda overrated?
  44. Who's everyone's favorite Zelda character besides Link.
  45. Music that connects Zelda to Africa
  46. Zelda Shoe Designs?
  47. Would you like it if they released a Zelda game every year?
  48. What's your favourite ensemble for Link to wear?
  49. About the Legend of Zelda Animated Series...
  50. Anyone go to the Zelda symphony of the goddess concert in UK/Europe?
  51. The Legend of Zelda Table Top RPG
  52. Which Zelda adventure would you like to experience?
  53. I need some help to start playing zelda.
  54. 2D vs 3D games
  55. Zelda Soundtracking
  56. Link to the Past music video
  57. Zelda and Medieval Fantasy
  58. Where do remakes belong?
  59. Best first boss in Zelda
  60. Is it just me or is there nothing like playing a Zelda game for the first time?
  61. If you could change one thing about one Zelda...
  62. Which of these Zelda songs make you cry the most?
  63. One thing that I don't like about Zelda
  64. An update of my Zelda game
  65. Anyone know where I can find this Zelda fan comic?
  66. Your favorite Zelda sword?
  67. Groose or Linebeck?
  68. Majora's Witnesses
  69. Did anyone noticed this?
  70. Least replayable Zelda title?
  71. What Zelda music track(s) have you listened to the most?
  72. What has been the hardest thing you have done in a Zelda game?
  73. Zelda head-canon
  74. Magic
  75. Live Action Zelda "Actors"
  76. Unknown Triforce Pin
  77. An Idea I've Had for Sometime Now
  78. IRL friends you know that play Zelda?
  79. Most powerful Villain?
  80. Silver Arrows (ALTTP) vs Light arrows (others)
  81. Zelda: Most cruel boss deaths
  82. What Zelda place do you want to live in?
  83. Decline, Defeated, Downfall
  84. Your favorite bosses or most hated bosses.
  85. The Legend Of Zelda Poll!
  86. The cheap way to____
  87. Sesshomaru vs Ganondorf/Ganon
  88. any online bookstore that ships to Iran?
  89. Your favorite Zelda (mini) boss?
  90. How did you play the Zelda games?
  91. Shippers united
  92. Need help finding a REALLY old Zelda parody
  93. Legend of Zelda Motion Picture Soundtrack?
  94. Cost to Become a Zelda Addict Today
  95. Who is your favorite sidekick of the Zelda series?
  96. Zelda Symphony in Grand Rapids, MI
  97. What was your first Zelda game and when was your first time playing it?
  98. Fan Videos of Zelda
  99. Your favorite Legend of Zelda song
  100. What would you do if a Zelda character was in front of your house?
  101. Top 5 Zelda Games
  102. Introducing a newbie to the Zelda series
  103. Which Link has it the worst?
  104. What makes The Legend of Zelda series so irresistible to you?
  105. List of Every Zelda Challenge!
  106. Is Ganon jealous of Link and Zelda? Origins of his evil ways??
  107. Most Underrated Zelda Game?
  108. What does link do after an adventure?
  109. What does zelda music mean to you?
  110. Hardest game to 100%
  111. Are you tired of ganondorf?
  112. How You Became A Fan of Zelda
  113. Favourite Zelda Song
  114. Who has attempted the minimum heart challenges?
  115. How would Link look if Peter Pan didn't excist?
  116. Making ALttP cosplay, feedback welcome!
  117. Zelda Historia
  118. Scavenger Hunt
  119. What's most important to Zelda games?
  120. Best Zelda villain?
  121. What is your opinion on the 2D Zelda games?
  122. Potions and other drinkable liquid in the Zelda universe!
  123. Midna or King of Red Lions?
  124. Which Zelda race do you like the best?
  125. Favorite Villains
  126. Golden Goddesses and Pendants mix up?
  127. Zeldamania?!
  128. If you could own...
  129. Scariest Thing in a Zelda Game?
  130. Is there a Zelda 1 NES Remake for SNES?
  131. A dream about being Link.....
  132. Conversation between me and a Zelda hater
  133. Funnest nonsense in any TLoZ game?
  134. What small details have you noticed in a Zelda game?
  135. Your least Favorite Bosses
  136. OST Discussion (Downloads included.)
  137. Zelda games where you really looked forward to.
  138. Zelda Riddles 2.0
  139. What's the Scariest Dungeon other than the Shadow Temple or the Bottom of the Well?
  140. Confessions of a Zelda Drama Queen
  141. Do you like Legend of Zelda's Story?
  142. Looking for Zelda polls for ZU main site
  143. My NEW Legend of Zelda Board Game!!
  144. Does anyone know why the LoZ Symphony tickets aren't available yet for LA?
  145. Zelda games you didn't (want to) play
  146. Ocarina of time poster
  147. Which Zelda Game Has the Best Title Theme?
  148. Most epic moment of any Zelda game?
  149. Which game has the most replay value?
  150. LoZ Lost Isle Help Thread
  151. So how bout them manga?
  152. Are Zelda gamers better listeners?
  153. Favorite/Worse Zelda Side-Kick
  154. A Retro Zelda game I've been working on since the New Year
  155. Who would you cast for a Legend of Zelda movie?
  156. Considering naming my son Link n.n;
  157. True Life: Obsessed with hunting for LoZ Tees
  158. Zelda games that made your childhood fantastic
  159. Can you get past what you don't like? -REVISITED
  160. Zelda and Link why no couple?
  161. Zelda Wiki Feedback and General Discussion
  162. Which timeline should I play first?
  163. What happened to "Zelda Re-orchestrated"?
  164. A Few Things About Zelda Wiki
  165. Concert in Atlanta, GA.
  166. Zelda-ey things IRL.
  167. Technical: how would you spell 'courage' in Hylian??
  168. What you didn't like about any Zelda game.
  169. Pointing something out about Saria and Link
  170. The best Zelda Games are not in Traditional Hyrule
  171. Easiest Dungeons ?
  172. What makes a good boss?
  173. Zelda.com
  174. Who's dying to play another game like "A Link To The Past"?
  175. Celebrating Zelda Day 2013!
  176. Lamest Zelda Bosses
  177. OoT Zelda or TP Zelda?
  178. Popular Zelda Opinions
  179. Ganondorf or Ghirahim?
  180. Do you like Zelda?
  181. What Zelda game should I get?
  182. Poll: Fairies or potions?
  183. Majora's Mask Screensavers?
  184. Zelda Memes
  185. Can anyone identify this?
  186. Most light-hearted Zelda?
  187. How did you discover Zelda?
  188. Link's a trend-setter.
  189. Zelda tattoos!
  190. Unpopular Zelda Opinions: Revisited
  191. Legend of Zelda: TCG Discussion
  192. The Zelda Trivia Thread Reborn
  193. Which Zelda game will you let your future child play first?
  194. Hyrule Historia is a New York Times bestseller
  195. Grand Zelda Sticky Thread
  196. Triforce in game, Quadforce in real life.
  197. Pick which Zelda game you hate out of the list
  198. CAPTION! That Screenshot! II
  199. The Music of Zelda
  200. Triforce Brand on my right hand?
  201. [Fangame] The Legend of Zelda Tabletop RPG (WIP)
  202. Glitches in Zelda: Always Absent of Annoying Atrocities
  203. The Legend of Zelda, the Musical!
  204. OOT vs TP Comparison Argument Thread!!!
  205. what zelda game are these songs from?
  206. [Fangame] Zelda - Fused Destiny / BFTD
  207. What to do after the games?!
  208. Anyone like playing zelda music?
  209. [Fangame] Upcoming Zelda Fan Game, LTTP Style!
  210. I want to buy Spiritual Stones!
  211. SoD's Mods
  212. 8-bit Overworld Theme in MIDI?
  213. Is Hyrule "small"?
  214. Deconstructing tropes in the zelda game
  215. Is zelda made for kids?
  216. Favourite Zelda Wiki?
  217. Why I Don't Like the Timeline Split
  218. Zelda Proposal
  219. What Makes a Sage?
  220. Zelda Confessions....Say What?
  221. Item Swipe
  222. Need Help Zelda tattoo
  223. Majora's Mask Maps
  224. Vote for Link for Video Game President
  225. New Dark Link
  226. [Fangame] What do you guys think? A chracter in fangame zelda
  227. If I released a Zelda remix album, would you listen to it?
  228. What Zelda Song Is This?
  229. Zelda Symphony Thread
  230. Translation
  231. Leaking zelda info to internet
  232. [Fangame] Legend of Zelda: A New Hope (Beta/WIP)
  233. A Zelda FIGHTING Game!
  234. Zelda Fragrances?
  235. [Fangame] TLoZ: Adventure of Link - New Beginings
  236. Haha, i think i did a good choise, what do you think?
  237. Why...that looks just like...!!
  238. Zelda Reference in a 2011 Horror Movie
  239. Zelda theme park
  240. Zelda Playlist on Spotify
  241. (Fan Game) The Legend of Zelda: Requiem of a Hero's Spirit
  242. Has it ever been explained?
  243. Link is Often Depicted with a Missing Eye
  244. Zelda Nintendo World Event September 14th video!
  245. Zelda alphabet
  246. Zelda Halloween
  247. What's your favorite Four Swords game?
  249. Zelda costume HELP!!!!
  250. Funniest Enemy/Miniboss/Boss