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  1. Those of you who have bought a Master Sword and a Shield replica?
  2. Veran vs Vatti
  3. Zelda: A Link Between Words Wallpaper
  4. Help A Sister Out =P
  5. Legend of Zelda Engagement Ring!!!
  6. What is the most nonlinear Zelda? What is the most linear?
  7. Wallet size
  8. What's Your Favorite Gohma in the Zelda Series
  9. Zelda Concept Artist?
  10. Zelda Master Overworld Map
  11. [Fangame] Legend of Zelda mod?
  12. Identify This Zelda Music...
  13. Failed Movie Pitch
  14. Zelda-Related Dreams You Remember
  15. What's The Hardest Zelda Game (Poll Included)
  16. Favorite Overworld Zelda Music
  17. Best Boss Themes
  18. Am I the only one...
  19. Yout favorite Zelda reference in tv, movies,etc?
  20. Most Annoying Heart Piece
  21. Which final boss was the most satisfying to defeat?
  22. Link vs. Zelda???? Who Would Win??
  23. Has anyone attended Zelda Symphony recently?
  24. Sword Training Guide (WW, PH, ST)
  25. [ZELDA CHALLENGE] The Legend of Zelda: Venture Bound
  26. Should Zelda have been darker games?
  27. Best Water Area.
  28. Hardest Zelda bosses
  29. Is LoZ Four Swords Adventures Good, Why or Why not?
  30. Don't you just love it when.
  31. Who is your favourite LoZ Character?
  32. [Fangame] Izou Zelda (OcarinaofTime/Majora's Mask sequel)
  33. What Zelda artstyle did you like the best?
  34. Vocabulary.
  35. New Zelda Figures at Comic Con
  36. Is Ganondorf always a leftie?
  37. Your Top 5 Zelda's? (and why?)
  38. What's your favorite dungeon '"Element"
  39. In what are neat ways each game establishes atmoshpere?
  40. Beating all the Zelda games in order
  41. Which place in zelda would you want to live in?
  42. My own original Zelda Soundtrack
  43. The official Quest/Puzzle help thread.
  44. What order should i play the games in?
  45. Creepiest zelda character ?
  46. Dungeon music
  47. The Worst Dungeons
  48. Your favorite Zelda moments!
  49. Does anyone else actually like fighting Cucco armies every once in a while?
  50. What are some Hylian names?
  51. Miyamoto or Aonuma?
  52. What are some non-related Zelda things that you associate with Zelda?
  53. Zelda Game with the Best Minigames?
  54. What is with purple Link's voice?
  55. The Villains and Link
  56. We Need Four Swords Adventures for DS/3DS
  57. The Legend of Zelda Box Set: Prima Official Game Guide
  58. If you could choose 2 pieces.
  59. MM soundtrack is a club Nintendo reward
  60. Why Does Zelda Get the Title?
  61. Favorite/least favorite Princess Zelda
  62. Zelda for Younger Kids?
  63. Why Zelda never gets boring?
  64. Could Zelda use another female villian?
  65. [Fangame] Legend of Zelda: the Sheikah Veil
  66. Game with the best soundtrack
  67. Whats the budget to make a Zelda game?
  68. Has Zelda ever been accused of being Illuminati or related to Satanism or the such?
  69. Favorite Games by Timeline
  70. The Legend of Music
  71. Make your own Zelda character
  72. What is the most annoying Zelda boss?
  73. 3D Survey (sort of)
  74. Music in Zelda: Your Favorites?
  75. Out of these, which is the best Zelda Villain?
  76. Your order and rank of Zelda games
  77. Best Zelda Game?
  78. Authors who would write a awesome zelda story concept
  79. Why Did You Start Playing Zelda?
  80. Recommended Zelda Manga?
  81. Rank the Sidekicks from the 3D Zelda Games
  82. Which Zelda character best defines You?
  83. When you try to 100% a Zelda game...
  84. Hardest Zelda game?
  85. When have played 'No death'?
  86. What are you playing?
  87. Why the CD-I hate?
  88. If you could choose to be any race, which would you be?
  89. Which is your favourite goddess?
  90. Phantom Content in Zelda Games
  91. Top 5 Openings/Beginnings
  92. If Fantastical Worlds Collided
  93. Zelda Games of Old
  94. What is your top 3 MOST HATED enemies in Zelda games?
  95. Pretend you can show the Zelda Team ONE thread from ZU, which one?
  96. Who is the most powerful?
  97. funniest zelda quotes
  98. rank zelda games by their release
  99. Where would you live?
  100. To Play as Other Races?
  101. Worst Zelda minigames
  102. MSPaintify your favorite Zelda moments!
  103. The "Zelda Cycle" - Yay or Nay?
  104. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/tips and hints and some gliches.
  105. How do you play Zelda?
  106. Some Zelda History
  107. Not quite sure where to post this
  108. Crush on any Zelda Character?
  109. Zelda Quiz
  110. Best First Dungeon in the Series?
  111. I need your opinions on this...
  112. Zelda Compilation Opinions
  113. A Zelda Game That Grew on You?
  114. How?
  115. What Zelda titles did you 100%?
  116. Can a Zelda game ruin the series?
  117. Hyrule Historia Best Selling #8 on Amazon US for 2013
  118. New The Legend of Zelda Fan Movie!
  119. Zelda's outfits
  120. (SPOILERS) Best Final Boss Theme in Zelda!!
  121. Funny Zelda Images Thread!
  122. Most annoying companion in Zelda games
  123. Very weird Zelda-related images!
  124. Random Zelda Music ID Question
  125. Zelda Expert Needed!
  126. The 3D Water Dungeons!
  127. Scariest Zelda Song?
  128. Did Ocarina of Time ruin the series?
  129. Would you like more difficulty in Zelda bosses?
  130. Zelda Novels?
  131. Why can Link roll?
  132. Link left/right-handed???
  133. OoT Goddess's Powers
  134. Suggestions for Fire Emblem Zelda crossover name?
  135. One Zelda Location you would like to see in real life?
  136. Incredible piano renditions of entire MM and OoT soundtracks.
  137. Memorable feelings when you purchased and played a Zelda game?
  138. If a Zelda Movie were to be made...
  139. Your favorite Zelda enemy
  140. User-written Zelda skits
  141. Is link the most under powered gaming swordsman?
  142. Zelda references in other games
  143. The Legend of Zelda A Lick to the Past
  144. Let's put together a CD (or Youtube playlist) of the prettiest fanmade songs
  145. Any advice for a PC gamer looking to get back into Zelda?
  146. Is anyone in the US or Canada going to the Zelda concert?
  147. That commercial everyone likes? Secret triforces.
  148. Legend Of Zelda overrated?
  149. Who's everyone's favorite Zelda character besides Link.
  150. Music that connects Zelda to Africa
  151. Zelda Shoe Designs?
  152. Would you like it if they released a Zelda game every year?
  153. What's your favourite ensemble for Link to wear?
  154. About the Legend of Zelda Animated Series...
  155. Anyone go to the Zelda symphony of the goddess concert in UK/Europe?
  156. The Legend of Zelda Table Top RPG
  157. Which Zelda adventure would you like to experience?
  158. I need some help to start playing zelda.
  159. 2D vs 3D games
  160. Zelda Soundtracking
  161. Link to the Past music video
  162. Zelda and Medieval Fantasy
  163. Where do remakes belong?
  164. Best first boss in Zelda
  165. Is it just me or is there nothing like playing a Zelda game for the first time?
  166. If you could change one thing about one Zelda...
  167. Which of these Zelda songs make you cry the most?
  168. One thing that I don't like about Zelda
  169. An update of my Zelda game
  170. Anyone know where I can find this Zelda fan comic?
  171. Your favorite Zelda sword?
  172. Groose or Linebeck?
  173. Majora's Witnesses
  174. Did anyone noticed this?
  175. Least replayable Zelda title?
  176. What Zelda music track(s) have you listened to the most?
  177. What has been the hardest thing you have done in a Zelda game?
  178. Zelda head-canon
  179. Magic
  180. Live Action Zelda "Actors"
  181. Unknown Triforce Pin
  182. An Idea I've Had for Sometime Now
  183. IRL friends you know that play Zelda?
  184. Most powerful Villain?
  185. Silver Arrows (ALTTP) vs Light arrows (others)
  186. Zelda: Most cruel boss deaths
  187. What Zelda place do you want to live in?
  188. Decline, Defeated, Downfall
  189. Your favorite bosses or most hated bosses.
  190. The Legend Of Zelda Poll!
  191. The cheap way to____
  192. Sesshomaru vs Ganondorf/Ganon
  193. any online bookstore that ships to Iran?
  194. Your favorite Zelda (mini) boss?
  195. How did you play the Zelda games?
  196. Shippers united
  197. Need help finding a REALLY old Zelda parody
  198. Legend of Zelda Motion Picture Soundtrack?
  199. Cost to Become a Zelda Addict Today
  200. Who is your favorite sidekick of the Zelda series?
  201. Zelda Symphony in Grand Rapids, MI
  202. What was your first Zelda game and when was your first time playing it?
  203. Fan Videos of Zelda
  204. Your favorite Legend of Zelda song
  205. What would you do if a Zelda character was in front of your house?
  206. Top 5 Zelda Games
  207. Introducing a newbie to the Zelda series
  208. Which Link has it the worst?
  209. What makes The Legend of Zelda series so irresistible to you?
  210. List of Every Zelda Challenge!
  211. Is Ganon jealous of Link and Zelda? Origins of his evil ways??
  212. Most Underrated Zelda Game?
  213. What does link do after an adventure?
  214. What does zelda music mean to you?
  215. Hardest game to 100%
  216. Are you tired of ganondorf?
  217. How You Became A Fan of Zelda
  218. Favourite Zelda Song
  219. Who has attempted the minimum heart challenges?
  220. How would Link look if Peter Pan didn't excist?
  221. Making ALttP cosplay, feedback welcome!
  222. Zelda Historia
  223. Scavenger Hunt
  224. What's most important to Zelda games?
  225. Best Zelda villain?
  226. What is your opinion on the 2D Zelda games?
  227. Potions and other drinkable liquid in the Zelda universe!
  228. Midna or King of Red Lions?
  229. Which Zelda race do you like the best?
  230. Favorite Villains
  231. Golden Goddesses and Pendants mix up?
  232. Zeldamania?!
  233. If you could own...
  234. Scariest Thing in a Zelda Game?
  235. Is there a Zelda 1 NES Remake for SNES?
  236. A dream about being Link.....
  237. Conversation between me and a Zelda hater
  238. Funnest nonsense in any TLoZ game?
  239. What small details have you noticed in a Zelda game?
  240. Your least Favorite Bosses
  241. Zelda games where you really looked forward to.
  242. Zelda Riddles 2.0
  243. What's the Scariest Dungeon other than the Shadow Temple or the Bottom of the Well?
  244. Confessions of a Zelda Drama Queen
  245. Do you like Legend of Zelda's Story?
  246. Looking for Zelda polls for ZU main site
  247. My NEW Legend of Zelda Board Game!!
  248. Does anyone know why the LoZ Symphony tickets aren't available yet for LA?
  249. Zelda games you didn't (want to) play
  250. Ocarina of time poster