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  1. Best Dungeon Music
  2. Zelda Series in Super Smash Bros. 4
  3. awks question
  4. Help with Zelda Story
  5. Need help finding an old Ganon Rap!!!
  6. Favorite Dungeon?
  7. Majora's Mask vs Ganondorf (Triforce of Power)
  8. What did you learn about Zelda today?
  9. Legend of Zelda needs a link-counterpart villain.
  10. New Zelda Cartoon, would it work better?
  11. Legend of...Sonic?
  12. Games with it's a secret to everybody quote?
  13. Items you can miss forever
  14. Zelda brainteasers
  15. favorite zelda boss?
  16. What is the official name for OoT Link's hairstyle?
  17. Hyrule Castle you wish to explore more thoroughly?
  18. Worst Zelda Dungeon?
  19. Favorite Reiteration of the Master Sword/favorite plot important sword
  20. Reasons to dress like LINK
  21. Zelda instructions? Help!
  22. Link to the Past VS Link Between Worlds
  23. Have You Enjoyed All Of The 3D Zelda Games So Far?
  24. No Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask on Wii U VC?
  25. Battle of the Links
  26. Looking fir certain zelda video
  27. Favorite Zelda Manga(s)/Dojinshi(s)/Comic Book(s)?!
  28. continuation of wind waker?
  29. What is Your Favorite Alternative Way of Taking Down a Boss?
  30. Zelda: Ocarina of Time-The Minecraft Map
  31. How do you see Link?
  32. Quick Skyward Sword question
  33. [Fangame] Coming Up with a Plot for a Fan Game
  34. What do you name your Link?
  35. LOZ pairings/shippings
  36. Ganon is a good villain (most of the time)
  37. Language
  38. The Master Sword- an impractical design
  39. Where does Star Fox Adventures Rank for you?
  40. Where does Okami Rank for you?
  41. The Significance of Link in the titles of Zelda games
  42. The many Zelda fan sites!
  43. Master Sword!!!
  44. ITT We discuss random things we did in Zelda for fun!
  45. Am I The Only One Who Never Actually Found Kaepora Gaebora That Annoying?
  46. Leaders and Followers
  47. Largest and smallest Zelda dungeon?
  48. zelda game rating-school project
  49. Favorite/Least Favorite Bosses
  50. Your Beautiful Zelda Homework
  51. Guy Beating Twilight Princess With His Feet !!!
  52. Ocarina of Time - Windmill Hut (2xguitar and guitalele)
  53. Terrifying Moments in Zelda?
  54. What do YOU call all the Links?
  55. If You Could Pick the Plot of the Next Zelda Game, What Would it be?
  56. If You Could Change the Title of a Zelda Game
  57. Relationship between Zelda and Link: Adding new depth to the LoZ series
  58. What makes Zelda stand out from other fantasy adventure games?
  59. Sample packs used in modern zelda games?
  60. OoT3D Character Models
  61. Worst Zelda Game - ALTTP vs LA
  62. Favorite Zelda games top 10
  63. Which timeline is your favorite?(child, adult, downfall)
  64. Thoughts about Wind Waker HD
  65. Zelda and Elder Scrolls crossover!
  66. Which zelda character are you?
  67. Zelda Birthday ideas
  68. Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons
  69. Majoras mask vs Windwaker graphics
  70. How do you "complete" a Zelda game?
  71. Favorite Enemy/Boss Designs
  72. Worst Zelda Game - Zelda 1 vs Zelda 2
  73. Your Own Zelda Game
  74. Which is scarier?
  75. Link cheap(ish) cosplay ideas
  76. Being A Jerk
  77. Zelda Pet Peeves
  78. Skyward Sword or A Link Between Worlds
  79. Fierce Deity Link VS
  80. Why all the remakes?
  81. [Fangame] The Population of Hyrule - The Hyrule Historian
  82. Death: What is the Dumbest Way You Died Thread #2
  83. Daily Trivia....How much do you REALLY know?
  84. What order would you recommend Zelda games to someone new?
  85. Zelda music cover
  86. If you could visit Zelda locations in real life...
  87. Favorite Sound Effect
  88. Scariest Zelda character/enemy
  89. Best Zelda Game Poll
  90. Favorite Zelda Moment
  91. Link's age in each Zelda title
  92. The Secret of The Ocarina of Time Medley
  93. Where can I download SS and ALBW sound tracks?
  94. Zelda's Faults
  95. Hyrule Historia Videos
  96. Anyone know what this Zelda collectible picture is from?
  97. Favorite Part of the Timeline
  98. Strongest Zelda? (The character) SPOILERS
  99. I finally got it!
  100. The End of Hyrule?
  101. River Zoras vs. Sea Zoras
  102. What Zelda game has the best Box Art?
  103. If you could mix 3 Zeldas to get your ultimate Zelda game...
  104. The LoZ cartoon, could if have been good?
  105. Would the original Blue Pig Ganon ever work in a modern 3D Zelda title
  106. Which of the Zelda games are more story-centric?
  107. My Legend of Zelda Heroes LEGO Cuusoo Project
  108. What do you like about your LEAST favorite game?
  109. Zelda Fan Survey
  110. Favorite Zelda Antagonist?
  111. Strongest Link?
  112. Faron woods?
  113. 2014 Going to Play All Zelda Titles
  114. Zelda Universe Hotel Critiques
  115. Links Height
  116. The Dark Mask - Zelda Fanfilm
  117. Why haven't Zelda spin-offs been good?
  118. Zelda Reference in my Ipod Game Hatch
  119. Favorite Zelda Characters?
  120. My Issues with Eiji Aonuma
  121. The Legend of Zelda vs The Elder Scrolls
  122. Zelda sales numbers, in context
  123. Is there anyone here that always replays Zelda games normally without doing some sort of challenge?
  124. Tolkien & Zelda
  125. Best/Worst Enemies/Bosses?
  126. Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess for a newcomer?
  127. PheonZen Ocarina of Time playthrough
  128. 365 Days Of Zelda Music
  129. A Zelda MMO browserbased game, what do you think?
  130. Triforce Mark
  131. The popularity of the Zelda series in Japan?
  132. Zelda Celebrity Suggestions
  133. Does Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword play the same on the Wii Mini as the original Wii?
  134. How does art style affect Zelda games?
  135. Zelda CDi
  136. Ganondorf's pig form
  137. Where can I get a copy of the Wind Waker for less than $50?
  138. Hyrule Hystoria: Fact Or Fiction
  139. Biggest WTF moments in Zelda?
  140. Why does Link repeat himself so much while riding Epona?
  141. Cafe Zelda
  142. Are the Gorons more popular in the east?
  143. Zelda Remake Wishlist
  144. "Lighthearted" Zelda games vs. "Dark" Zelda games- Which are better?
  145. In your opinion, how would a turn based Zelda game work out?
  146. Moments in a Zelda game that made you put them down for awhile
  147. Best and worst zelda game titles
  148. on the topic of a Zelda movie...
  149. Why does recorded gameplay time still continue when your Zelda game is on pause?
  150. Put URA Zelda on 3DS!
  151. Why am I dying so much? o.o
  152. Debunking the case against Majora's Mask 3D
  153. Such Challenge
  154. Tribute to Miyamoto and A Link Between Worlds
  155. I want to get into Zelda.
  156. Favorite Zelda Game
  157. Which Link incarnation had the more ideal Link look, Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword?
  158. Zelda RPG
  159. Would you have preferred if Link got to fight Groose in Skyward Sword?
  160. Zelda Film - Active Discussion Thread
  161. Villain Genders in Zelda: Feminine, Masculine, Androgynous
  162. What is one thing you do not like about your favorite game?
  163. Comparison: Skyward Sword and ALBW
  164. Skyward Sword movie!
  165. What made TP's graphics more realistic then SS's when it was 5 years older?
  166. Zelda is getting stale
  167. Will Nintendo ever release all of the Home Console Zelda games on Virtual Console as a bundle?
  168. Who is the worst Link?
  169. Which realm is the greatest?
  170. Best Zelda OST
  171. Hyrule Historia Limited Editions
  172. Easter Eggs!
  173. Just found some sweet Zelda 25th Anniversary shirts and patches on Etsy
  174. Official Twilight Princess Help Thread
  175. Who is the Ultimate Link?
  176. So which Zelda games can I play?
  177. fundamental dungeon problem
  178. Has this concept sketch been posted yet?
  179. Who is more likeable, Twilight Princess Link or Skyward Sword Link?
  180. How does ALBW change your perception of the other games?
  181. Favorite and least favorite Zelda bosses
  182. Game Over Drama - BEWARE OF SPOILERS
  183. Are there any Zelda games you haven't played yet that you don't want to play?
  184. Life with The Legend of Zelda
  185. Why does Link have no parents? (EVER)
  186. TP Link & Zelda had no chemistry
  187. [Fangame] OoT Mod: Izou Zelda
  188. Which Zelda Story Would You Like To See Next!? (Poll)
  189. Who was like me? (Box Set)
  190. You know you've played too much Zelda Twilight Princess when...
  191. Where is the Four Sword in all of the non Four Sword games?
  192. Is it normal for the paper box art inside the game cases plastic to get indents in the paper?
  193. Which has the better Music between Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword?
  194. Worst Zelda Games?
  195. Where does Link head to after the end of Twilight Princess?
  196. All aboard the chu chu train!!!
  197. Zelda CDi Faces Of Evil
  198. Zelda remake thread
  199. Amazing Zelda Music on Violin
  200. Brooms!
  201. Redeads
  202. Ideas for A More Perfect Zelda
  203. How do I cope with dungeons
  204. Is The Legend of Zelda the ultimate series?
  205. Majora's Mask Remake.
  206. Majora's mask replicas?
  207. How to download Minish Cap on my 3DS XL?
  208. Most divisive Zelda dungeon
  209. Anyone getting Zelda Box Set?
  210. How often do you forget to save your file then have to do it over again?
  211. Boxart scans?
  212. Ganon(dorf) appreciation thread
  213. Am I the only one who liked the Tears of Light from Twilight Princess.
  214. Majora's Mask 3d
  215. Is it still considered beating a game if someone else helps you beat a part of the game for you?
  216. Next one to reach "legendary" status?
  217. Legend of Zelda Names
  218. Which Incarnation of Link was older Twilight Princess Link or Skyward Sword Link?
  219. Twilight Princess Link vs Skyward Sword Link
  220. Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses concert
  221. Quick Question
  222. What do you do when you get stuck?
  223. Does it matter if my game cases of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess have damage to it?
  224. What did you name Link's Lofftwing?
  225. Who would you cast in a Zelda Movie?
  226. So you played ALL Zeldas... now which is your favorite?
  227. First Zelda Game you bought at a Retail Store
  228. Legend of Zelda's Achilles Heel: It's story
  229. New Hyrule
  230. Zelda Standees
  231. sacred forest 2nd time
  232. Creepiest things in zelda
  233. IGN's Versus: OoT and SS, Do You Agree With the Results?
  234. Did anyone else make a Zelda-themed pumpkin?
  235. Scary stuff inZelda
  236. Zelda Title You Had the Most Game Overs In
  237. About the Hylian Lanuage...
  238. Each Zelda's 'noob bridge'
  239. Would Link split the Triforce?
  240. Best Zelda Games By Concept
  241. ICR chat for Zelda
  242. One Word Zelda
  243. Rate Each Zelda
  244. The Many Incarnations of Link: A Fan Survey
  245. How was the downfall timeline created?
  246. The Triforce hunt in Wind Waker
  247. Can anyone help me identify the Zelda song used in this beat?
  248. Is looking up a guide considered cheating to you?
  249. What's your favorite boss?
  250. Other characters who remind you of Zelda characters?