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  1. Which game would you be in?
  2. Majora's Mask Action Figures. Hellpp.
  3. Post your absurd zelda "theories" here
  4. Zelda Manga
  5. 2 Zelda raps, let me know what you think
  6. ZQuest
  7. Boy I feel stupid, type of moments
  8. A Little Help Please?
  9. Zelda lovers 18 years +
  10. My Great Idea
  11. which zelda game do you like best from these?
  12. Navi fads.
  13. How old is Ganon?
  14. So I was at Toys r us...
  15. Difficulty Levels
  16. Best Zelda Dungon you have Played
  17. I think.
  18. Sympathizing with Ganondorf
  19. There's only one thing that Zelda needs to do...just one thing.
  20. Direct
  21. A question worth asking
  22. Is it bird or shine?
  23. Most Difficult Zelda Game
  24. What name do you usually put?
  25. W...T...F...?
  26. Looking for a Zelda wallpaper.
  27. Woah, look at Google.com right nao!
  28. New Zelda Hero of Time Trailer!
  29. We need female Gorons.
  30. where would you move
  31. Aonuma not quitting until he surpasses OoT
  32. FS and FSA backstories... (Spoilers)
  33. Zelda Lampshade
  34. Which Link?
  35. There already is a Zelda Movie...O.o
  36. Best Hyrule Castle From The Zelda Series.
  37. Zelda Philosophy
  38. Favorite Home in Any Zelda Game.
  39. Twilight Princess Screensaver
  40. The Legend of Zelda: Shadows of Time?
  41. Walkthroughs
  42. Is There Really Gonna Be a Zelda Movie In 09?
  43. paper zelda
  44. Din & National
  45. Heyyyy, good find!
  46. Dark link is overrated.
  47. Wikipedia page of the day
  48. whats your favorite link?
  49. Who from PH would you love to cut in half with a sword
  50. How many of you have Zelda music playing in their heads in the real world?
  51. playing zelda online
  52. What would purple represent?
  53. OoT 10th Anniversary Day
  54. People who like Zelda also like...
  55. Yango's Newb Question-What Was Said In Dampé's Diary?
  56. "That is not Zelda."
  57. Find the Difference
  58. What to get next?
  59. My Zelda Tattoo
  60. Relationship between Samus and Link
  61. (MY LAST ONE....) Do you like Link as a character?
  62. What got you interested/start playing TLOZ?
  63. Zelda Wiki.org Contributor Banner
  64. 10th Anniversary for Ocarina of time!
  65. 2008 - the worst Zelda year in the 00's decade?
  66. What kind of a menu do prefer?
  67. Why isn't there a Happy Mask Salesman in TP or WW?
  68. Favorite Sword
  69. Zelda fans, how old are you?
  70. iPhone of Time...?
  71. Resident Evil... Zelda?
  72. Zelda Movie: Volume III
  73. 3D Zelda Pictures Official request topic.
  74. There's a Minish in my room!
  75. Official PC Zelda - on 5 1/4" disk
  76. Darn you Nintendo, Why did you mess with Ganon's skin in TP?
  77. i'm bored.
  78. Best Part of Any Zelda Game?
  79. I heard a rumor
  80. Favorite Lines
  81. Something that caught my eye...
  82. the awkward zombie concept of link
  83. If you had a sweet Zelda item
  84. Stuck in Hyrule
  85. Link or Spiderman?
  86. Zelda Fan Games
  87. Zelda Windows Themes
  88. The Hype Machine
  89. The Music of Zelda
  90. From Ku Klux Klan to Toucan Sam: The Progression of the Wizrobe
  91. City in the sky in OOT
  92. Zelda, D&D style
  93. big Hint to Timeline
  94. The Legend of Zelda: A New Beginning
  95. Vaati
  96. Hardest Bosses!
  97. The Zelda WTF Thread. V1: Revived For Another Round
  98. Hardest Minibosses!
  99. Legend of Zelda: The Shadowgazer -- An Awesome-Looking Fanmade Zelda Game
  100. The 3 heart challenge
  101. Wats ur favorite item in the zelda series?
  102. Minish Cap - End of 2Ds?
  103. Ocarina Or Wind Waker (Instrument)
  104. new final boss
  105. this is zeldaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  106. heart attack
  107. The End of Zelda as We Know It
  108. Minor Character Romance
  109. Zelda game you spent the most time on.
  110. What Temple would you move in to?
  111. i don't understand
  112. Link and Zelda Love Movie Trailer
  113. Switch or Hold?
  114. More than Two Timelines
  115. A thought on Ganondorf
  116. peach vr. zelda
  117. Four sword or Master sword?
  118. What is your *least* favorite temple?
  119. Zelda Fan music
  120. Wand of Gamalon CD-i
  121. Would you like the next Wii Zelda the use Wii motion plus
  122. What's your favorite zelda song
  123. Whats the best Temple?
  124. Skin
  125. What if the series stopped after LA?
  126. Link's many sidekicks.
  127. Zelda Music!!!!!!!!!!
  128. Best Opening
  129. Link Costume
  130. Zelda replicas
  131. Tine Line
  132. Your Soundtrack To Zelda
  133. Wich Ganondorf Design do you like the most
  134. Subliminal messages in Zelda?
  135. Which would you rather have? The Triforce of Courage, or the Master Sword?
  136. Which one
  137. Check out this video from Destination Truth
  138. Which Zelda character would you love to punch in the face?
  139. Can Monster talk?
  140. Paper Zelda: The Legend Unfolds
  141. Zelda Shooter
  142. Legend of Link
  143. Who is your favorite link
  144. I am not really sure where I need to post this but I have a walkthrough for Ocarina
  145. Zelda girl form boss .
  146. Should Nintendo bring back the cel-shaded Link once more?
  147. temple-dungeon discussion
  148. Is Gonzo's Crush towards Tetra to be considered Pedophilia?
  149. This is pretty ****ing amazing.
  150. Twilight Princess Trailer Theme on Piano ("Don't Want You No More")
  151. Anyone Else Own TWW + OoT & MQ Collector's Edition?
  152. Nintendo Conference- still time for some Zelda news?
  153. Wii's Cube remakes coming to Europe
  154. Zelda creatures made with Spore (freaking epic)
  155. Link should be black
  156. The Curse of Man?
  157. How old do you think this characters are?
  158. There is not a doubt it my mind that.........
  159. Proof that link is gay
  160. How do Gerudos breed?
  161. Spore Zelda Creatures.
  162. What would you do if..
  163. Favorite Song
  164. Most amusing suicides?
  165. Zant
  166. OoT Manga...
  167. What kind of enemy do you want Link to fight?
  168. Imagine your Zelda
  169. Who has beaten every Zelda game?
  170. zant is like Agahnim
  171. TP easter egg issue (Can't find)
  172. Just in: Zelda to feature on PS3!
  173. Triforce of the Gods Manual - Proper English Translation
  174. FINALLY GOT OoT N64
  175. Someone help me understand this...
  176. "I regret....."
  177. Interview with Link - funny article
  178. Ganondorf: Is he 'Green' or bloody 'Tan'
  179. Termina or Hyrule?
  180. What if Zelda was never made...?
  181. Hmm.... Four Swords, Minish Cap, or Phantom Hourglass?
  182. Ganondorf Dragmire
  183. Hylian or Hyrulean?
  184. Somthing interesting
  185. Real Or Fan Made?
  186. OMG Don't Play as Zelda agani!!
  187. A guy is using Zelda to earn a PHD
  188. Scariest Zelda Enemy?
  189. Sky Cannon
  190. The Music Remix / Performance Thread
  191. Notes to Zelda
  192. who are the artists that did the Oot/MM and the TP Art Style?
  193. What if.......
  194. Make your own LttP style Zelda Game
  195. how do you pronounce ocarina?
  196. Legend of Zelda Weapons
  197. Zelda MMORPG
  198. OOT and Maj Mask for wii?
  199. Favourite Zelda Cut scene
  200. Treasure Chest Images??? HELP
  202. can anyone read gerudo?
  203. zelda VS donkey kong
  204. Who is your favourite Link?
  205. What's your favorite Zelda Art Style?
  206. BAH youtube fools
  207. Apples and Oranges: What We Should Have Done in the First Place
  208. Which One
  209. This guy loves Zelda too much lol (Plays Zelda music on piano)
  210. OoT: Wii vs. N64....
  211. This may be a BAD thought but...
  212. Beta Zelda!!!!
  213. Why Link?
  214. Do you ever get ridiculed for your love of Zelda?
  215. Hyrule or...?
  216. Funny Soda Comercial features OoT
  217. Which version of Hyrule Castle do you prefer?
  218. The Four Sword vs The Master Sword
  219. Hyrule Kingdom Map...
  220. Your Favorite Part of a Zelda Game?
  221. Link's best Guide
  222. Legend of Zelda Robot Chicken
  223. did any one else know?
  224. Link's soulmate
  225. Kaf jérųdo Λít (What Gerudo's Wear)
  226. My Link Cosplay
  227. Is Zelda real in another reality?
  228. copyrights??? check this out!
  229. about majora's mask...the actual mask in the game i mean
  230. Link, the manboy of many trades.
  231. WHAT? ice sage? huh?
  232. Favorite Zelda games from worse to best
  233. <!!!!! What is your favorite zelda game !!!!!>
  234. The One Thing that Almost All of the Bosses in the Zelda Series have in Common
  235. Favorite enemy
  236. why is majora's mask so IMPOSSABLE to find?
  237. stupid question
  238. how to defeat skull kid in majors masks
  239. Epic Failure in zelda
  240. Zelda's Lullaby
  241. Would you have enough courage to be Links sidekick?
  243. Which race would you be?
  244. Wait... What?
  245. Hidden conversation in TP
  246. Where Does Link Keep ALL those items
  247. Which zelda games do you own?
  248. War!
  249. Sidekick Charaters in Zelda
  250. ganondorf vs...well...himself.