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  1. If you could have one item...
  2. Three Heart Challenge
  3. What is it about the games?
  4. Ya know what I find ironic?
  5. OMG! THE GDC!
  6. Zelda ROTH & Zelda OLB
  7. You know you're obssesed with Zelda when...
  8. Oh my God i never stop listen two song about zelda
  9. Which incarnation of Link do you remember most fondly?
  10. Lost In The Valley
  11. What Makes a Better Zelda Game? Linearity Or Non-Linearity?
  12. Shop in Ganon's Castle
  13. If you could have any Zelda Area...
  14. What is your favorite Zelda Side Quest?
  15. Best OoT music
  16. Which Memorable Zelda Character did you love the most?
  17. Which Memorable Zelda Character did you love the most?
  18. Guess What Zelda's Last Name is.....
  19. Need help (with various games)
  20. Quick Termina question.
  21. Friend has a crush on Link!
  22. Does anybody have the 6 page Ocarina of Time article from the latest issue of Edge?
  23. 3-D vs. 2-D; A serious discussion/example of a good thread
  24. Favourite Zelda Game
  25. Zelda Section Guidelines - READ BEFORE POSTING!!
  26. Hardest/Most Annoying Enemy
  27. Which Town or Location in Hyrule or Termina Would you Want to Live In?
  28. Worst Genre Zelda Developers Could Pick For The Franchise
  29. Has Zelda taught you anything?
  30. the infamous green hood
  31. Favourite Postman
  32. Zelda Movie Anyone?
  33. Creepy music from the zelda games
  34. imagine a zelda game with 360 graphics and wii controls :D:D
  35. "The Legend of Star Wars" or "Star Wars Episode Q 1/2: A New Sword"
  36. A little help?
  37. The Romance Thread V: Lovers of Link
  38. Which Power From the Zelda World ...
  39. The Influence of Zelda and It's Importance to History
  40. Well that's interesting
  41. Zelda Ocarina Of Time tops Edges latest top 100 games
  42. Umm.. People who made OOT messed up a thing.
  43. Zelda Dreams
  44. Enemy music
  45. Is Zelda generic, and if so is that a bad thing?
  46. Did Zelda make your childhood much greater?
  47. Debate - Useless Item/Weapon
  48. I loved every Zelda Game.!!!
  49. A Zelda Movie.. Oh myyy..
  50. Why Twilight Princess Sucks
  51. Zelda homebrew GAMEMAKER help!
  52. Take a look at this amazing Zelda!
  53. Twilight Princess Gold Foil Cards
  54. Races?
  55. My Masterpiece
  56. Zelda Theme Park!
  57. Is it just me or....
  58. The fourth peice 0f the Triforce
  59. Zelda Nostalgia!
  60. Favourite Ocarina of Time warp songs
  61. Favorite Great Fairy
  63. MM vs TP
  64. Character Battles: Kratos vs Link
  65. MM and TP
  66. Zelda Medley (Chiptune)
  67. Why Link Sucks and Big Boss Doesn't
  68. Your Favourite Sage
  69. Realy Quick Question
  70. Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess?
  71. Zelda complete guide book 1986-2007
  72. So people really want a Majora's Mask 2 THAT bad? Guess what, it's already here!
  73. Games influenced by or imitating the Zelda formula?
  74. The Legend of Zelda: Secret Depths of the Unicorns Lair - 3D Zelda Fan-Game
  75. Favorite Male and Favorite Female Character?
  76. The legend of Zelda Eclipse of Darkness
  77. Im new and have a few questions
  78. Gyorg wtf?
  79. Navi wav ?
  80. Zelda. 2 dimentional character? or perfectly intriguing?
  81. Twilight Princess Magic Armour
  82. Fierce Deity Link
  83. Demands, Demands, Demands!
  84. What tribe would you be in from the Zelda series?
  85. Navi's special abilities?
  86. Zelda and her Descendants
  87. What Zelda Game Do You Prefer?
  88. 1 question...
  89. Standard for "Good Zelda Game"
  90. Favorite Song in OoT
  91. What would you rate the Zelda games?
  92. The Ultimate question
  93. Favorite overworld theme
  94. The Zelda Revisionist Historians Social Group
  95. Link: Faces of Evil
  96. A Zelda Cartoon
  97. Where's the free roam?
  98. Zelda's templates????
  99. What is the Best Zelda Ending?
  100. Which Link would win in a fight?
  101. Favorite quote by a Zelda character??
  102. Help with Zelda: Darkness Uprising
  103. Funny Zelda pictures and videos thread
  104. Similarities between Midna and Ezlo
  105. If TWW has Voice Acting, it would look like this.
  106. Dark Link Vs. Oni Link
  107. which game dungeon boss and enemy are hardest for you out of all the games
  108. You know you're addicted to Zelda when...
  109. If you could change one thing about Zelda's appearance...
  110. Best Zelda Game/Title?
  111. MM Gold Cartridge?
  112. My newest idea in expressing ultimate Zelda fandom
  113. Cutscences? Love Them?
  114. Zelda Themed T-Shirts Anyone?
  115. Okami vs Zelda
  116. Favorite Zelda Sayings
  117. Cartoon Series
  118. What are your favorite items in the Zelda series?
  119. Call this pointless but
  120. suprising fact!!!
  121. If you could trade places with anyone in the Zelda Universe.....
  122. Zelda and the CD-I
  123. The Legend of Zelda Chronology
  124. Ocarina of Time Manga Review & Nitpicking
  125. Zelda papercrafts
  126. Spread the lovin' to the Zelda series...
  127. a stupid question.
  128. Which has better music, Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker?
  129. Will there be a game after LTTP?
  130. have you noticed a trend?
  131. which zelda got you started on the series
  132. Favorite Sage and Boss from OoT?
  133. Interracial Marriage
  134. The Clock has ended.
  135. Where would you live if you lived in the Zelda Universe?
  136. Who's your favorite Zelda Villain?
  137. Don't you just wish....
  138. Elf Ears?
  139. First Zelda game you played? What in that game got you into Zelda?
  140. Spellbinding Zelda cutscenes
  141. Wind Waker Outset Screensaver
  142. Official Zelda Easter Egg Thread.
  143. Favorite Race
  144. How old is Link?
  145. who wants tingle anymore. (not me)
  146. [Download] Wind Waker - Missing Songs
  147. Does anyone have this Zelda Jacket?
  148. Midnas Helmet
  149. Enemy Language?
  151. If you could change one thing about Link's appearance...
  152. The games never happen?
  153. Who has ever been a victim of the Sky Cannon Glitch in Tp?
  154. Alternate Paths
  155. Would you guys want a graphical enhancement of LoZ?
  156. Hardest Game
  157. I need Zelda a lttp fon...
  158. TP-Ganondorf's Ark
  159. Marvelous Entertainment's Zelda confirmed?
  160. Hottest male Zelda character
  161. One Man Zelda Band Video.
  162. Differences in other languages.
  163. Which Link had it the hardest?
  164. new possible zelda movie?
  165. The Speedgamers marathon
  166. LOL! This one time, when I was playing Zelda...
  167. why is his name Link?
  168. Does the Triforce really have 4 pieces?
  169. Why?!
  170. Make our voices heard!
  171. OoX?
  172. So...the Zelda series won't end until there's a game that surpasses OoT
  173. Link's Personality
  174. Favourite Zelda Enemy
  175. too young to play zelda... scarey?
  176. Funny Zelda Stuff
  177. Favorite Link Incarnation?
  178. Who is your favourite Zelda Character?
  179. TSG Zelda Marathon 2009
  180. what is your favorite zelda game?
  181. what is your favorite zelda game?
  182. who's more powerful?
  183. Wind Waker Screensaver?
  184. Zelda's influence
  185. all the fangames
  186. You just gotta wonder....
  187. Who else enjoys watching the CDi Cut Scene Videos on Youtube?
  188. what is the best zelda ever made V1
  189. whats the best zelda nintendo ever made.
  190. Did you get any Zelda Games for Christmas?
  191. ok so some questions for you!
  192. PH Soundtrack
  193. Official Art?
  194. LTTP style art
  195. Fan Game(ShadowGazer)
  196. Play On Words
  197. Doesn't feel like Christmas without Zelda
  198. Link proposes to Zelda
  199. Most Epic Zelda Song?
  200. Zelda Christms?
  201. The Nostalgia Critic Reviews the Zelda Cartoon
  202. The History of Zelda
  203. Favorite Goddess
  204. GAH! Nick is an idiot
  205. Big Goron Hug!
  206. Blue Light Navi Destroyathon
  207. What would LoZ be liks w/out link? if so, who would you play as?
  208. your zelda collection
  209. Best dungeon in all of Zelda?
  210. The Best Design of Enemies.
  211. Ocarina of Time based comic
  212. Hyrule Colleseum?????
  213. ***My Zelda Movie Script***
  214. How far will you go with the Zelda Series?
  215. Most difficult game?
  216. [Fan Game] The Legend of Zelda: The Petrified Realm [Giant Boss Demo]
  217. What is your Favorite Zelda Mod!
  218. Which game would you be in?
  219. Majora's Mask Action Figures. Hellpp.
  220. Post your absurd zelda "theories" here
  221. Zelda Manga
  222. 2 Zelda raps, let me know what you think
  223. ZQuest
  224. Boy I feel stupid, type of moments
  225. A Little Help Please?
  226. Zelda lovers 18 years +
  227. My Great Idea
  228. which zelda game do you like best from these?
  229. Navi fads.
  230. How old is Ganon?
  231. So I was at Toys r us...
  232. Difficulty Levels
  233. Best Zelda Dungon you have Played
  234. I think.
  235. Sympathizing with Ganondorf
  236. There's only one thing that Zelda needs to do...just one thing.
  237. Direct
  238. A question worth asking
  239. Is it bird or shine?
  240. Most Difficult Zelda Game
  241. What name do you usually put?
  242. W...T...F...?
  243. Looking for a Zelda wallpaper.
  244. Woah, look at Google.com right nao!
  245. New Zelda Hero of Time Trailer!
  246. We need female Gorons.
  247. where would you move
  248. Aonuma not quitting until he surpasses OoT
  249. FS and FSA backstories... (Spoilers)
  250. Zelda Lampshade