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  1. Zelda Classic/ZQuest
  2. Which Zelda game do you value the most?
  3. Zelda Emotions
  4. The Legend of Neil: The Musical
  5. 2D, 2.5D, 3D, or popup 3D for Zelda
  6. How should the Zelda series end?
  7. The Ultimate in Potential Zelda Games
  8. Freakiest Place in a Zelda game
  9. Have you finished all 15 zelda games?
  10. I can't believe it's happening
  12. Orchestrated Zelda Score by Symphonic Legends Coming Soon
  13. What order would you suggest someone play The Legend of Zelda series?
  14. The End. . .
  15. So many Zelda worlds, so little choice...
  16. Wat sword do you like?
  17. A Skullkid game
  18. Din or Captain Lynel?
  19. Majora's mask or Ocarina of time?
  20. The Windmill Hut: A Live Zelda Radio Show! (v.3)
  21. Song of Storms Metal Version
  22. NEW Zelda TOP SONGS VIDEO!!!
  23. Legend of Zelda Epic
  24. Zelda is better than transportation apparently...
  25. If you could take a Zelda Item/weapon...
  26. If you were to bring up to 5 Zelda characters to life, who would they be and why?
  27. What Zelda Game had the best bosses?
  28. [ZUBC] The Music in Zelda
  29. What makes Zelda so magical?
  30. The " Haunted" Majoras Mask game
  31. Symphonic Legends
  32. Who would be in your Ultimate Town?
  33. The Triforce
  34. Favorite and least favorite way of travels
  35. Before the release of a new Zelda game what type do you tend to get more hyped for?
  36. New interview on Skyward Sword Multiplayer
  37. Greatest Game Villain - Ganondorf
  38. Vote for Ganon
  39. Does this remind anyone on any certain tune from OoT?
  40. Zelda Remakes will confuse younger players
  41. Easiest bosses
  42. About creepiness in Zelda games
  43. What Zelda Let's Play would you like to see?
  44. Sakons Hideout Glitch.
  45. Do you think BETA Zelda games would be better?
  46. My attempt at playing the Serenade of water
  47. Redead Intervention
  48. Favorite Moments
  49. Gasp! Talon is a Time Lord!
  50. What happened to octorocks?
  51. Hero of...
  52. Hardest Boss
  53. Your Zelda experience timeline
  54. Favorite Theme
  55. Link's Personality
  56. The monsters are too easy...
  57. How would a war between Ivalice and Hyrule go?
  58. Zant is on his way...
  59. I hate when you can't get a bonus past a certain point
  60. Has your family or friend ever made a funny misunderstanding about Zelda?
  61. Oddest character
  62. Official ZU community Zelda rankings
  63. Do you think Link can obtain the whole Triforce?
  64. Zelda artwork
  65. Made-up Hylian Calendar
  66. References To Zelda In Other Media
  67. I'm getting a Triforce tattoo on my wrist
  68. young link no underwears?
  69. Zelda Music Mixes
  70. Real life hyrule measurements
  71. Enemies You Love/Hate
  72. Epic Zelda song reorchestrations/remakes
  73. The Custom Boss Titles Thread!
  74. Reasons for unexplainable things in Zelda?
  75. Favourite sword?
  76. Anyone else dream a lot about Zelda and/or have nostalgia?
  77. What do you name your character and horse?
  78. No more classic zelda...?
  79. WTF? Why A remake of Ocarina of time? I think its a bad choice
  80. Most Poorly Thought Out Puzzle of Any Zelda Title:
  81. Dark Mirror and Ganondorf
  82. Galactic Battle Arena: Dark Link vs. Oni Link
  83. Recording.
  84. So...Who Are The Others?
  85. Ganondorf: The Wicked Man Of The Desert
  86. The Legend of Neil
  87. Temples
  88. Diagnose Link
  89. How many of you own some Legend of Zelda manga sets?
  90. A female counter part?
  91. Favourite Zelda Soundtrack.
  92. Favorite charecters or sidequests
  93. Zelda Music
  94. What Zelda Game are you currently playing?
  95. Most Shocking Moment in a Zelda Game
  97. made up zelda games(YOUR made up game/games)
  98. Majora’s Mask: The Monster Dance
  99. hall of IMAGINATION
  100. ocarina of time discussion
  101. Triforce/Spiritual Stones Question
  102. Questions for Mr. Aonuma
  103. The song of Storms....It changes you...
  104. The best Link?
  105. Interesting Zelda cameo...
  106. Spinner vs. HookShot
  107. How many of you guys pirate Zelda?
  108. Basic Zelda Knowledge
  109. What exactly is the power of the Triforce of Courage.
  110. My Zelda Desktop!
  111. Looking for Wizzrobe (Wind Waker) sound effect
  112. How many of you...
  113. The Legend of Zelda The Sun Shield
  114. A Zelda Anime
  115. Does Your Love for the Zelda Series Spill Over Into Other Games?
  116. How far would you go to support Zelda?
  117. The Official Guide to The Legend of Zelda - I AM ERRORS
  118. Your first Zelda game *sigh*
  119. Zoras to Ritos in Wind Waker????
  120. Stuck in the Twilight...
  121. General Good Zelda Cosplay!
  122. PikminLink's Zelda Cosplay
  123. The Zelda Section Rules and Guidelines
  124. Requesting the Combined Map
  125. If there are so many descended Links from the "Original Link," who did he Marry?
  126. Din, Nayru, or Farore
  127. Zelda Trading Cards
  128. Scariest Foes of Zelda
  129. Favorite non-Ganon major Boss
  130. Is Link an Elf?
  131. Replica sword and shield in the UK...
  132. ANIMALS
  133. FAIRIES!
  134. What makes this the Legend of Zelda so great?
  135. Majora's Mask: Master Quest
  136. Who would win? Majora or Ganon?
  137. Unintentionally funny moments
  138. My Zelda Fan Theory
  139. My Theory on Theorists:
  140. Next Gen Zelda Artwork
  141. Strange Link Sprites
  142. Article of Zelda II: Adventure of Link
  143. Whats your favorite item???
  144. If Nintendo fell, where would Zelda go?
  145. Post Your Zelda Collection
  146. Zelda Sucks Thread
  147. Hardest Zelda Game
  148. What if...
  149. Is anyone tired of the dual worlds theme?
  150. NOOOOO!! Zelda needs an autosave. :(
  151. links meaning
  152. Castle help!
  153. OoT from Ganondorf's PoV
  154. Zelda - Not a true RPG?
  155. Zelda Videos
  156. Temples can't be finished
  157. Does everyone REALLY hate Navi?
  158. Favorite Gameboy/DS zelda
  159. Navi, Talt & Tael in the real world
  160. Sauerbraten HYRULE map!
  161. I met a Goron today.
  162. Idea for new tunic: Khaki tunic!
  163. What the **** do you think you want!!!!!?
  164. Why do I like Ocarina of Time more?
  165. Most Pathetic Death
  166. Favorite Minigame
  167. master quest FIRE TEMPLE
  168. Puzzles or Fighting?
  169. See there is a time-line after all
  170. Are Zelda Games Getting Easier?!?
  171. Those bosses...
  172. 2nd Twiligth Princess trailer music
  173. Hardest Heart Piece/Item to get?
  174. What is Your Favorite Cutscene(s)?
  175. Is there something deeper behind helping the deranged to get Pieces of Heart?
  176. confusing moblins
  177. Zelda's Poetic Nature
  178. What Comes to Mind?
  179. Anyone know any 6 hole ocarina zelda songs?
  180. Majora's Mask Favorite Shield and Sword
  181. What Legend of Zelda game gives off the most information about how Hyrule was created
  182. Very sad.
  183. The what would you say thread
  184. the Legend of Zelda Movie
  185. Music+Epicness=Zelda?
  186. Which is the most memorable Link?
  187. "Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy" the first tingle?
  188. Hylian Sheild vs. Skyward Sword Sheild
  189. Hylian Sheild vs. Skyward Sword Sheild
  190. I Still Remember When...
  191. Light Bulb Moment (and it's BIG)
  192. Zelda Pronunciation Guide
  193. master sword sages in SS ?
  194. Help downloading SS trailer?
  195. How Many Times Have You Beaten a Zelda Game?
  196. Zelda Guidebooks
  197. First Zelda Experience
  198. Best of Series Day 1: Bosses
  199. Best fishing game
  200. CD-i games aren't so bad
  201. the 3 zelda fan movies
  202. Master Swords!
  203. Words
  204. Funny Zelda stuff you have come across.
  205. Zelda not Epic anymore?
  206. The Best Dungeon/Boss Awards!
  207. Zelda Dubstep music
  208. Believe...
  209. Link needs a theme song!
  210. What does Link do with his items?
  211. I just finished...
  212. Sheik V.S Link
  213. Zelda SS
  214. Things You CAN Do in Zelda Games That You Usually Don't
  215. Why Ganon is Awesome
  216. "Three Stikes " of the Zelda Series
  217. Anyone Need Somebody to play as Ganondorf in an RP Group?
  218. ZeldaWiki.org
  219. Your Zelda Collection
  220. Zelda box set idea
  221. How much of the dectails of Zelda Oarina of Time did Shigeru Miyamoto have to do with
  222. Unexplained Plotline Mysteries
  223. Sages
  224. Which Zelda games did you finish?
  225. stupid cyclones.
  226. Pissed off! :(
  227. Where are Link's parents?
  228. Inside the Legend
  229. Zelda Classic
  230. Which is better OoT or TP?
  231. Why was Links hair pink in Alttp?
  232. Buy Majora's Mask on virtual console?
  233. Which Girl is Link Meant to be With?
  234. Maybe "stolen" logos of Zelda.
  235. If you had to live like Link...
  236. Zelda in real life?
  237. Futuristic Zelda!!!!
  238. The Strongest Boss
  239. Zelda expansion
  240. Why Doesn't Link Have a Family?
  241. Info needed for a tattoo
  242. Zelda RPG?
  243. My concerns about LoZ.
  244. Zelda or Midna?
  245. The Best, Worst, Funniest, Scariest, Easiest, Hardest, Bosses of Zelda
  246. Which Zelda game should I play next?
  247. What is your favorite Zelda song EVER?
  248. A Zelda Movie With Justin Bieber?!(poll)
  249. What do you define as "badass"?
  250. Zeldathon 2010 Recap