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  1. Zelda's Poetic Nature
  2. What Comes to Mind?
  3. Anyone know any 6 hole ocarina zelda songs?
  4. Majora's Mask Favorite Shield and Sword
  5. What Legend of Zelda game gives off the most information about how Hyrule was created
  6. Very sad.
  7. The what would you say thread
  8. the Legend of Zelda Movie
  9. Music+Epicness=Zelda?
  10. Which is the most memorable Link?
  11. "Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy" the first tingle?
  12. Hylian Sheild vs. Skyward Sword Sheild
  13. Hylian Sheild vs. Skyward Sword Sheild
  14. I Still Remember When...
  15. Light Bulb Moment (and it's BIG)
  16. Zelda Pronunciation Guide
  17. master sword sages in SS ?
  18. Help downloading SS trailer?
  19. How Many Times Have You Beaten a Zelda Game?
  20. Zelda Guidebooks
  21. First Zelda Experience
  22. Best of Series Day 1: Bosses
  23. Best fishing game
  24. CD-i games aren't so bad
  25. the 3 zelda fan movies
  26. Master Swords!
  27. Words
  28. Funny Zelda stuff you have come across.
  29. Zelda not Epic anymore?
  30. The Best Dungeon/Boss Awards!
  31. Zelda Dubstep music
  32. Believe...
  33. Link needs a theme song!
  34. What does Link do with his items?
  35. I just finished...
  36. Sheik V.S Link
  37. Zelda SS
  38. Things You CAN Do in Zelda Games That You Usually Don't
  39. Why Ganon is Awesome
  40. "Three Stikes " of the Zelda Series
  41. Anyone Need Somebody to play as Ganondorf in an RP Group?
  42. ZeldaWiki.org
  43. Your Zelda Collection
  44. Zelda box set idea
  45. How much of the dectails of Zelda Oarina of Time did Shigeru Miyamoto have to do with
  46. Unexplained Plotline Mysteries
  47. Sages
  48. Which Zelda games did you finish?
  49. stupid cyclones.
  50. Pissed off! :(
  51. Where are Link's parents?
  52. Inside the Legend
  53. Zelda Classic
  54. Which is better OoT or TP?
  55. Why was Links hair pink in Alttp?
  56. Buy Majora's Mask on virtual console?
  57. Which Girl is Link Meant to be With?
  58. Maybe "stolen" logos of Zelda.
  59. If you had to live like Link...
  60. Zelda in real life?
  61. Futuristic Zelda!!!!
  62. The Strongest Boss
  63. Zelda expansion
  64. Why Doesn't Link Have a Family?
  65. Info needed for a tattoo
  66. Zelda RPG?
  67. My concerns about LoZ.
  68. Zelda or Midna?
  69. The Best, Worst, Funniest, Scariest, Easiest, Hardest, Bosses of Zelda
  70. Which Zelda game should I play next?
  71. What is your favorite Zelda song EVER?
  72. A Zelda Movie With Justin Bieber?!(poll)
  73. What do you define as "badass"?
  74. Zeldathon 2010 Recap
  75. zreo virus
  76. Favorite version of Link
  77. The overly cryptic moments in Zelda
  78. Is research ruining Zelda?
  79. Want to make a Zelda Timeline
  80. Zelda Anime
  81. Sheik
  82. Legend of Zelda Quiz Series Poll
  83. Which sword...
  84. omg, EVILZ!
  85. What's your favourite item in TLoZ?
  86. Styles
  87. Link in green
  88. Immortal?
  89. Ocarina of Time 3Ds footage
  90. "cartoony" Zelda graphics, and more
  91. The greatest sword
  92. The difference between the Zelda Producers
  93. Man Robs Bank In Zelda Hat
  94. Zelda Screenshot Comparisons
  96. Zelda: Skyward Bound (SS Flash Parody)
  97. Who was....
  98. Ocarina of Time 2 ?
  99. How will Nintendo ruin Zelda Wii today?
  100. Exploration in Zelda games: 2D vs 3D
  101. The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy
  102. Got pics?
  103. Link: The Manly Man Hero of Manliness... Until
  104. To Play or not to Play
  105. Who do you think is hotter? lol
  106. Bring Brunette Link and Redhead Zelda Back!
  107. Maybe we can't top OOT because....
  108. Favorite sound in all the Zelda series
  110. Need help for my games..
  111. ? Zelda Manga's
  112. Co-op in a Zelda game
  113. I'd like to try creating a Zelda fan game...
  114. Zelda music with lyrics.
  115. How do you play Zelda games?
  116. The Best Series of All Time
  117. LOZ monster reactions.
  118. Participation in a Serious Zelda Machinima Project
  119. Zelda, going down hill?
  120. Which of these songs matches the mood of the Zelda series?
  121. Laugh at The Legend of Zelda (All games!)
  122. Fairytale or fantasy
  123. the beuty of zelda that you admire.
  124. Which Zelda Game is the First One You Got?
  125. Who is the Best Boss?
  126. Favorite Zelda TV episode
  127. Who is the best Zelda character?
  128. whats the best zelda fan game/mod/hack
  129. The Legend of Zelda: Game Soundtracks Request
  130. Bring Vaati back!
  131. Life imitates Zelda
  132. Zelda Anime?
  133. do you want zelda's controls to be more player friendly in ZWII?
  134. Unfortunate Annoyances
  135. How Much Has Zelda Affected Your Life?
  136. Favorite Zelda Quotes
  137. Zelda item replicas.
  138. anooyinng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  139. playing through the games
  140. LOZ bigoted!?
  141. Big mistake in referring to Twillight Princess
  142. Favorite Zelda Villain???
  143. zelda season
  144. The best Zelda game
  145. What is this fic?
  146. Which Goddess is the best?
  147. scariest zelda monsters
  148. Zelda MMORPG
  149. What makes the 'Legend of Zelda' games good?
  150. Big plans!!
  151. Hookshot/Longshot VS Clawshot
  152. What Is Your Favorite Zelda Item
  153. What is your most nostalgic Zelda memory?
  154. Train, Boat or Horse
  155. What's the best collecting/trading side quest?
  156. Top 5 Zelda Games of All Time
  159. [ZUBC] Puzzle-Solving vs. Action
  160. Realism vs. Style: The Zelda Debate
  161. Need some help with Hylian Language
  162. The 3D Dot of Zelda's Hero
  163. A Link to the Past 3D
  164. How many Zelda games do you own?
  165. Top 10 Zelda Characters
  166. Hyouryuu Shounen Keith - Unreleased game similar to Link's Awakening?
  167. General Zelda Discussion
  168. If Link were to become less Bishounen/Pretty boy.
  169. High score in Trill
  170. Time Records for all games!!
  171. Spiritual Beliefs of The Legend of Zelda
  172. what was the hardest temple in zelda
  173. Record for all games (speed runs)
  174. what was your reaction when you beat the cave of ordeals for the 1st time!?
  175. Real life reactions to the Hero of Time?
  176. Is this real?
  177. Favorite race in the Zelda series?
  178. help!which zelda statue is better?
  179. Zelda OOT Collection ca 1998
  180. Hero of time on Wii
  181. Best map!?
  182. Which Zelda is your favorite?
  183. What's your favorite weapon Link uses? (doesn't matter what game he uses them in)
  184. Can zelda music be monotonous?
  185. Gripes Against Zelda Newbies (for a lack of a better title)
  186. Links sister Zelda
  187. The relationship between OoT, WW, & TP
  188. Finally A story that combines all of the Zelda Games into 1 HUGE STORY
  189. Enemies that are lame and need to be Redeemed
  190. The Minish Cap Screensaver
  191. Easiest Zelda Bosses
  192. Underrated Zelda Songs
  193. Can someone do me a quick favor?
  194. Your Zelda Fanart
  195. Which Zelda character are you?(Pictures) test!
  196. Seriously confused...
  197. Instruments.
  198. What if A Link to the Past were to be remade?
  199. Midna's Descendants
  200. Who are you in the zelda series
  201. Zelda Week on Facebook!
  202. Favourite Triforce Piece?
  203. How many guys think Link is cute
  204. Can't Get Zelda Hero of Dreams to Work, HELP!!!
  205. Cant get Zelda ALTTP Parallel Worlds working D:
  206. A female version of Link
  207. Zelda Artbook... oh my!
  208. Hyrule Could be Real, as well as Termina!
  209. Another Idea
  210. What is your favorite childhood memory of Zelda?
  211. Phillips CD-i Zelda Games
  212. a kill3r id3a
  213. Why do so many people think Sheik is a girl?
  214. ITT Rew Marathons the Entire Zelda Series
  215. Have you ever tried this...
  216. Ganon being a god?
  217. Zelda MMORPG
  218. Nintendo and Studio Ghibli: A Dream Team?
  219. What have you branded with zelda?
  220. Sequel to Majora's Mask
  221. Our new Triforce Movie
  222. Most stupid thing you've ever done while playing?
  223. Zelda Themed Easter Eggs
  224. Who should link be with?
  225. Have you read the zelda mangas?
  226. How many dungeons do you like in your Zelda games?
  227. So.. I got Ocarina of Time gamecube version.
  228. How many games of the Zelda series have you completed?
  229. Features in LoZ NOT reused in later games
  230. Has anyone ever given you grief over being a zelda fan?
  231. Do you rush to the end when you play a zelda title or do you take your time?
  232. Is the name Ganondorf possibly german?
  233. Which is the most memorable thing you have played and lived in a zelda game and why?
  234. Who are you in the Sacred realm?
  235. Official "I Just Beat a Zelda Game!!!!!!!!" Thread
  236. Which is the tribe you like more in zelda games and why?
  237. Why Link is named Link
  238. The Windmill Hut: A Live Zelda Radio Show! (v.2)
  239. If you were a charachter in a zelda game how would you like to be?
  240. What is the difference between the Hookshot and Clawshot in 3d games?
  241. Zelda inside jokes...?
  242. What Zelda Game is most Over-Rated?
  243. If you could give another name to zelda games what would this be and why?
  244. What zelda game is most underated.
  245. Zelda and the Problem of Storytelling
  246. 2P block puzzles
  247. Zelda Ice Temple Music
  248. Less Damsel-in-Distress?!
  249. Which zelda game do you want to see a remake?
  250. ZUBC Poll: Do You Find Deeper Meanings in the Zelda Franchise?