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  1. Comparing similar temples of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess
  2. Which Link?
  3. Loaf's fan game : need ideas
  4. New to the Zelda world...
  5. zelda words; made up, or referenced?
  6. Who are your favorite female LoZ characters?
  7. what if they made another game with Wind Waker graphics on a non handheld system
  8. Ah 2-D Zelda...
  9. The people behind the scenes?
  10. Hardest Puzzle
  11. Ocarina of Time 3DS Blocky Graphics?
  12. BUM BUM Dawn of a new year.
  13. How many Games?
  14. Your own plot?
  15. [Fangame] Fan game: Zelda - Fused Destiny
  16. Fire Dungeons! What's your favorite?
  17. Favourite Shadow/Graveyard/Twilight Temple?
  18. Who won Ocarina
  19. How do you pronounce names from the Zelda universe?
  20. The Minish Cap
  21. I haven't played Majoras Mask, but...
  22. Ice dungeons! what's your favorite?
  23. 2010's Greatest Zelda Moments?
  24. Which temple is better? Shadow Temple (Ocarina of Time) or Earth Temple (Wind Waker)?
  25. 18 Years Ago...
  26. Possible Zelda Theory?
  27. Overworld From Link To The Past Recreated in Minecraft!!
  28. ?
  29. Hyrule modeled in Minecraft!
  30. Awesome Yet Pointless weapons & Items in Zelda
  31. Merry Christmas!
  32. Most useless weapon/Item in any Zelda
  33. Cancelled Zelda Games
  34. Why do people groan about Cel Shaded games when most games are Cel Shaded?
  35. Zelda Puns
  36. Zelda vs. Super Smash Bros...Majora's Mask is going to lose!
  37. The Boy Without A Fairy [Music Video]
  38. Rank the Zelda games you've played!
  39. Cool Zelda Glitches
  40. Wind Waker or Majoras Mask?
  41. Majora's Mask VS. Super Smash Brothers Brawl!
  42. Zelda-With smart environment
  43. Majora's Mask vs. Final Fantasy
  44. "The Legend of Cool"
  45. What will it take for the Zelda series to remain relevant in today's gaming world?
  46. HELP on The-Legend-of-Zelda-Mystery-of-Solarus-DX
  47. zelda clothing
  48. Does someone's first Zelda game affect which Zelda game is their favorite?
  49. Triforce?
  50. Will The Wii be out of date When Skyward Sword Comes OUt?
  51. kjdjdjdjdjdjd
  52. Zelda: Link's Crossbow Training
  53. Zelda Books
  54. the eras of zelda.
  55. The 3DS Games
  56. Why do you collect pieces of heart?
  57. What do you think is the most underrated Zelda game?
  58. If they didn't make wind waker...
  59. 6 holed ocarinas?
  60. How can I make a sturdy but good looking cardboard master sword
  61. Hyrule Shopping Center?
  62. Marathon for 4 zeldas in 24 hours
  63. Fan Novel: Silent Hero
  64. A Legend of Zelda question
  65. I need a Hylian Shield
  66. Ben drowned
  67. What's so wrong with a cartoonish art-style?
  68. Your fav puzzle?
  69. Most Adorable Zelda Moments
  70. What's your favourite Action Replay code to use on a Gamecube Zelda game?
  71. Gorons being overused?
  72. More Holiday Easter eggs in Zelda Games?
  73. Stuck Beyond Repair?
  74. Autistic Link
  75. why does MM need an expansion pak anyways?
  76. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Zelda Music
  77. Good OoT glitch
  78. Easiest Zelda dungeon?
  79. One Zelda for life!
  80. TP vs ST
  81. Do you think it was a good idea to replace young link with toon link?
  82. How Would You React if...
  83. Favorite of Link's "love interests" throughout the series
  84. Which is the better Zelda wiki?
  85. Why?
  86. A Response to: "The Girl With the Red Hair: Malon + Link?"
  87. How do these songs work?
  88. Link PEZ Dispenser
  89. What's that theme?
  90. What's your favorite version of Link?
  91. What's your stance on top-down Zelda compared to 3D Zelda?
  92. I find the general Zelda fans that were born before 92,
  93. How many of you guys would drop everything and go live in Zelda Universe?
  94. Bosses of a Majora's Mask sequel
  95. Favorite Goron life
  96. Kinda OT: Would Nintendo be able to build a theme park?
  97. Still amazed by the OOT Roller COaster Tycoon 3.
  98. Would rebooting a previous Zelda game boost the franchise?
  99. fan game: Zelda Afterquest
  100. OoT toys?!
  101. How did you meet Zelda?
  102. A Response: to Ocarina... of Love?
  103. fan game : majora's mask prequel
  104. Miyamoto = Pedophile
  105. What styles of music does Zelda use?
  106. Zelda Afterquest
  107. What's your favorite soundtrack?
  108. Who here is manly enough...
  109. Zelda Meets Today's Music - Christina Grimmie
  110. Next Zelda game 2013?
  111. Hyrule recreated in minecraft! (NES Zelda 1)
  112. MM vs TP
  113. what zelda games have you beaten???
  114. If you were put in charge of the Zelda Franchise, what would you change first?
  115. New Fangame: Majora's Mask Related?
  116. ?skyward sword?
  117. The New Hyrule *Spoiler of WW?*
  118. water temple. dun dun dunnn!
  119. Underwater Hyrule
  120. Who wants to make a Majora's Mask Sequel?
  121. Zelda needs to go Die
  122. what is your favorite zelda game
  123. A zelda Mmo?
  124. A Proposal Made by Me
  125. Tetra > Zelda or Link > Link
  126. If the goddesses created hyrule then what is hyrule?
  127. Zelda World - Zelda PVP MMO
  128. The Legend of Zelda birthday game (try it)
  129. Palace of Twilight TF2 map
  130. Is Zelda in decline?
  131. Do you always name your character "Link"?
  132. Links, Ganon, and Zelda tag team?
  133. Are Hylians Stupid?
  134. Handheld Zelda vs. Video Game System Zelda
  135. First 4 Figures... go figure...
  136. Wouldn't it be wierd if Link met Link in one of the games?
  137. If You Could Rename A Game...
  138. super ultra uber challenge
  139. Games for New Fans
  140. zelda manga
  141. FAVOURITE Zelda enemy?
  142. Trash the new Spin Attack!
  143. A world of Zelda created in Minecraft
  144. Who would win if all the races of Hyrule had a war?
  145. Your favourite moment
  146. What is 100 Percent?
  147. If you had to marry a Zelda character..
  148. Item creativity
  149. Favorite music in zelda games
  150. The Hyrule in Windwaker...
  151. Anyone want to see a black Tingle?
  152. Mythology and zelda fit so well
  153. Poll: hyrule castle
  154. Zelda speed run Challenge
  155. Map question - lock when answered please.
  156. anyone have a soundtrack that doesn't fade?
  157. Which 3D Zelda had the best dungeons?
  158. im A new lper
  159. My Legend of Zelda quarter sleeve!
  160. I'm excited about the multiplayer server on minecraft
  161. 3 Heart Challenge?
  162. Characters seen throughout the Zelda series
  163. Most annoying enemies
  164. Favorite Gameplay Style
  165. Zelda Music Thread
  166. My Link Halloween Costume
  167. Learning to play the Ocarina...
  169. most heroic and most lazy Links
  170. Zelda games you have
  171. Legendary swords
  172. If Nintendo lent the Zelda franchise to you...
  173. FMK: Zelda, Link, Ganondorf
  174. Ever got 100% without a guide?
  175. What zelda game was Tingle the most annoying?
  176. How do you know...
  177. Zelda Glitchs
  178. A quick question...
  179. so have you ever?
  180. Is playing war-games....
  181. Does playing Zelda make you smarter?
  182. Links different personas
  183. Fierce Deity Game?
  184. Zelda characters with their own games
  185. What does the Zelda music mean to YOU?!
  186. Are you a true zelda fan if
  187. If you could...
  188. Rupees or Gil?
  189. The Races of Zelda - In Depth
  190. Besides Hylians, which is the most significant Zelda race?
  191. Zelda Crossover
  192. How to play Zelda? (not a need for walkthrough)
  193. Next Zelda Game
  194. what is your favorite item
  195. which game would you live?
  196. What do you name Link?
  197. You get the chance to go to Hyrule...
  198. Chocobos V.S Cuccos
  199. Zelda songs: Your top 10
  200. What is the code in minecraft?
  201. Top Ten Items [OPINION]
  202. Hiring Help!
  203. HA
  204. Astrological Signs?
  206. The irony into the Zelda game
  207. Cosplay
  208. Ancestor match-ups
  209. Why Do People Have to Pervert Zelda?
  210. Interesting Questions
  211. Zelda 5-Words-Or-Less Story Game!
  212. Most needless inventory items
  213. the most mysterious place
  214. Link's name
  215. Goodbye, Neil...
  216. Hyrule reconstruction in Second Life
  217. If you where being chased by Redeads?
  218. Haunted Majora's Mask game
  219. Zelda fighting game
  220. Why is there a fish man in Wind waker?
  221. Illuminati symbolism in the Zelda series. Must read.
  222. Music sheets?
  223. The Legend of Zelda: The End of Time
  224. Zelda Classic/ZQuest
  225. Which Zelda game do you value the most?
  226. Zelda Emotions
  227. The Legend of Neil: The Musical
  228. 2D, 2.5D, 3D, or popup 3D for Zelda
  229. How should the Zelda series end?
  230. The Ultimate in Potential Zelda Games
  231. Freakiest Place in a Zelda game
  232. Have you finished all 15 zelda games?
  233. I can't believe it's happening
  234. ZELDA WAR
  235. Orchestrated Zelda Score by Symphonic Legends Coming Soon
  236. What order would you suggest someone play The Legend of Zelda series?
  237. The End. . .
  238. So many Zelda worlds, so little choice...
  239. Wat sword do you like?
  240. A Skullkid game
  241. Din or Captain Lynel?
  242. Majora's mask or Ocarina of time?
  243. The Windmill Hut: A Live Zelda Radio Show! (v.3)
  244. Song of Storms Metal Version
  245. NEW Zelda TOP SONGS VIDEO!!!
  246. Legend of Zelda Epic
  247. Zelda is better than transportation apparently...
  248. If you could take a Zelda Item/weapon...
  249. If you were to bring up to 5 Zelda characters to life, who would they be and why?
  250. What Zelda Game had the best bosses?