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  1. Exclusive: Zelda Universe premieres Isaiah TriForce Johnson’s “The Order of Time”
  2. Mario Kart 8 will not support the Link Amiibo
  3. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U European release date brought back to November
  4. These Zelda-themed pumpkins look so good, Eagus would certainly approve
  5. Nintendo briefing report reaffirms a 2015 release for Zelda Wii U
  6. Fanart Friday: Happy Halloween
  7. Nintendo UK Store competition is giving away an awesome Zelda merchandise bundle
  8. This poster set from Club Nintendo is absolutely smashing
  9. Hyrule Warriors sells more copies than expected outside of Japan
  10. Eggbusters goes out of bounds in a glitchy Skyward Sword revisit
  11. The final Link Amiibo figure isn’t looking quite as good as its E3 counterpart
  12. Nintendo trademarks “Hyrule” in the US, Europe, and Japan
  13. Smashing update 1.0.3: The art of balance
  14. Akira Himekawa teach how to draw manga with their new Manga Maker series
  15. Skyward Sword figure soars in for pre-order on First 4 Figures site
  16. Fighter-themed controllers revealed for Super Smash Bros. Wii U, including Link
  17. Exclusive: Zelda Universe sits down with Isaiah TriForce Johnson, creator of “The Order of Time” web
  18. Music Monday: Zelda goes to the rave
  19. Exclusive: The Legend of Zelda: Order of Time teaser premieres on Zelda Universe
  20. Smash Bros. Direct reveals return of “Masterpieces”, a mode dedicated to fighters’ origins
  21. Fanart Friday: Ocarina of Time
  22. Eight is enough: Nintendo Direct reveals 8-player Smash
  23. Japan gets new Zelda Halloween and Skyward Sword 3DS themes
  24. Cosplayer takes us on a Journey with this Zelda-themed costume
  25. Kickstarter launches for Zelda parody
  26. Hyrule Warriors will support the Link Amiibo figure
  27. Wii U sales up 60 percent in the UK
  28. Exclusive: Zelda Universe teams up with Video Games Live for another special giveaway
  29. Ultimate NES Remix brings a nostalgic mashup to the 3DS
  30. Ocarina of Time, Mario 64 and GoldenEye beat in under an hour, simultaneously
  31. Nintendo teases “50 new things” in upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Direct
  32. Wind Waker illustrations show what an animated film might look like
  33. Ocarina of Time is truly depressing
  34. Music Monday: Endings
  35. Eimear Noone to lead Dublin International Games Music Festival this spring
  36. Toys “R” Us offering free Amiibo with the pre-order of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
  37. Hyrule Warriors’ Master Quest DLC hits the Nintendo eShop, trailer and details inside
  38. Fanart Friday: The King of Evil
  39. Link races to the finish line with the Master Cycle in Mario Kart 8
  40. Zelda Universe rocks Video Games Live with Tommy Tallarico
  41. Riders on the Storm meet The Legend of Zelda in this new remix
  42. Princess Zelda and other Smash characters join the Amiibo pre-order line-up
  43. Console to Closet teaches you how to dress like Impa and Zelda from Hyrule Warriors
  44. Gorgeous artwork encases A Link Between Worlds official soundtrack
  45. Zelda Universe is looking for Developers
  46. Kickstarter artist explains what goes into creating every mask from Majora’s Mask
  47. Music Monday: Sheik
  48. Fanart Friday: Sheik “smashes” her way to the spotlight
  49. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS pays a fun homage to Reggie Fils-Aime
  50. Bayonetta 2 demo is now available on the Nintendo Wii U eShop
  51. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate dev explains the reasons for Link and Sonic crossovers
  52. A Link to the Past inspires upcoming indie game Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King
  53. Zelda Universe native featured on Pure Nintendo
  54. Goodnight, sweet print media: Official Nintendo Magazine ceasing operations
  55. Nintendo UK is offering a free pack of Hyrule Warriors sprite wallpapers
  56. Sakurai explains his third party character picks
  57. Nintendo will not attend New York Comic Con 2014
  58. Smash Bros. for Wii U battles its way to a November 21 release
  59. Gameplay trailer for Hyrule Warriors shows Volga vanquishing foes in dragon form
  60. Link’s tunic is put to good use in new Bayonetta 2 trailer, plus 15 minutes of footage
  61. Wizzro unleashes deadly dark magic in new Hyrule Warriors trailer
  62. Hyrule Warriors DLC costumes reference Majora’s Mask, Four Swords and more
  63. Super Smash Bros. tribute album Harmony of Heroes launches today
  64. Hyrule Warriors concept art shows off heroes, villains, and a possible female Link
  65. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS launches worldwide today
  66. Fanart Friday: A young maiden with a heavy heart
  67. A musical with the heart of a warrior
  68. The answer as to why Sheik and Zelda are separate characters in new Smash title
  69. Octoroktober: A month of Zelda shirts
  70. Creator of Ocarina of Time 2D discusses the project’s development
  71. Hyrule Warriors’ Master Quest DLC footage shows off Cia, Epona, Dark Link and more
  72. Ocarina of Time gets an incredible 2D overhaul in A Link to the Past-style fan demake
  73. Japanese New 3DS commercial has Link wearing an adorable top hat
  74. How cosplayer Li Kovacs created her Hyrule Warriors Zelda costume
  75. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS climbs to the top of Amazon’s best sellers list
  76. Light versus dark vie for power in this interesting piece of Hyrule Warriors fan art
  77. Long lines fill the Nintendo World Store during the Hyrule Warriors launch
  78. Hyrule Warriors demand too much for Nintendo World
  79. Game Theory analyze which Link would come out on top in a battle royale
  80. Amazon Canada lists Smash Bros. Wii U release date as November 21
  81. Aonuma provides another look at Hyrule Warriors’ Epona DLC
  82. Nintendo will have new 2DS bundle with Pokémon release
  83. Watch Twilight Princess art speed drawn on a whiteboard
  84. IGN unboxes the Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL
  85. Music Monday: The forgottens
  86. North American launch trailer for Hyrule Warriors shows off playable characters
  87. Smash screen round-up: Inside Master Hand’s glove, Mii hats and new “Gamer” stage
  88. Epona rides into battle: New info for Hyrule Warriors DLC arises
  89. Smash Bros. for 3DS US commercials tell players to “Settle it in Smash”
  90. Hyrule Warriors launches in the US today
  91. Fanart Friday: A damsel who is not in distress
  92. Hyrule Warriors trailer explores the helpful and deadly sides of Cuccos on the battlefield
  93. The Legend of Zelda UK Facebook page is giving away five Hyrule Warriors strategy guides
  94. Norwegian folk harpist channels her inner Zelda with her Ballad of the Goddess cover
  95. RemySetGo plans Hyrule Warriors marathon with eShop giveaways
  96. Hyrule Warriors dev on Miyamoto’s disapproval, hopes to work on other Nintendo IP
  97. Link rides Epona onto the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon campus
  98. Dress up like the Legendary Hero all the time with this stylish Zelda hoodie
  99. Isaiah Triforce Johnson to tackle Zelda timeline in his new YouTube series
  100. Hyrule Warriors DLC: Playable footage of Wizzro and Volga shown at the Tokyo Game Show
  101. Chart topping: Hyrule Warriors debuts in the top three on UK charts
  102. Redditor draws Link at local college store
  103. Zelda decals: A great decorative addition for your 3DS
  104. Dress up this Halloween as Hyrule’s knock-off hero, “Woodland Warrior”
  105. Music Monday: A celebration of the Zelda Franchise
  106. Kickstarter strives to raise money to create all the masks from Majora’s Mask
  107. Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo is now available for all
  108. Hyrule Warriors DLC: Footage of the Dark Link costume emerges
  109. Hyrule Warriors launches in Europe today
  110. UK commercials for Hyrule Warriors show off the art of war
  111. Super Smash Bros. 3DS ships over a million units in first week of Japanese launch
  112. Upcoming Hyrule Warriors DLC makes bosses playable, introduces Dark Link costume
  113. Treehouse of fun: Even more Hyrule Warriors gameplay
  114. Check out all the Super Smash Bros. 3DS character victory animations in one video
  115. The Super Smash Bros. soundtrack rolls in at Full Steam Ahead
  116. Aeipathy Industries presents Zeldamotion: A Link to the Past, by fans, for fans
  117. French advertisement for Super Smash Bros. Wii U shows November 21 release date
  118. Joe Granato begins his journey with “The New 8-bit Heroes”
  119. Official commercial for Hyrule Warriors released
  120. Mix and match with this Hyrule Warriors glitch
  121. Eiji Aonuma wants to answer your Hyrule Warriors questions
  122. Super Smash Bros. demo comes to Europe and America
  123. Nintendo adds Zelda tunes to their repertoire of music for the European Wii U eShop
  124. New details for Hyrule Warriors to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show
  125. A Link Between Worlds official soundtrack now available on Japanese Club Nintendo
  126. Nintendo Treehouse stream: Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros. 3DS, Ultimate NES Remix and more
  127. Here’s some more footage of Bayonetta’s “Hero of Hyrule” costume
  128. Hyrule Warriors bundle exclusive to Nintendo World Store
  129. Nintendo UK releases Hyrule Warriors Twitter icons and wallpaper
  130. Hyrule Warriors opening cutscene released in English
  131. Eiji Aonuma and Yosuke Hayashi talk merging Zelda and Dynasty Warriors
  132. Hyrule Warriors demo is available to play at select US retailers before release
  133. An acrostic poem for Zelda News
  134. Aonuma determined for Zelda Wii U to have cutscenes on par with Hyrule Warriors
  135. Shigeru Miyamoto up-ends tea table once again during Hyrule Warriors development
  136. Decorate your room in style with Link and Ganondorf figurines from Dark Horse
  137. Amanda’s cosplay adventures at Dragon Con
  138. A Link Between Worlds “Metal Item Collection” back in stock at NCSX
  139. Super Smash Bros: With new Pokémon come new attacks
  140. Latest Hyrule Warriors update allows players to select music of choice for each stage
  141. New 3DS details: Enhanced internet browsing features, AC adaptor not included
  142. Blindfolded Ocarina of Time player discovers new glitch, has no idea what’s happening
  143. Nintendo offers Hyrule Warriors DLC and it’s free for everybody
  144. Hyrule Warriors: Official US and UK websites open
  145. Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Direct airs on September 4
  146. Club Nintendo US surveys offer Coin bonuses when you register Hyrule Warriors or Smash 3DS
  147. Europe’s eShop is holding a huge Legend of Zelda sale, Hyrule Warriors included
  148. Ganondorf spotted in new Super Smash Bros. trailer
  149. Shulk clashes swords with Link in stunning new Smash trailer, screenshots galore
  150. Golden Joystick Awards – A Link Between Worlds nominated for Game of the Year
  151. Amiibo pre-orders now available at $12.99 each, Link figure charts top ten on Amazon
  152. The New 8-bit Heroes
  153. Nintendo of America offering a Super Smash Bros. trainer jacket in new competition
  154. Zelda Universe is now hiring news reporters
  155. Koei Tecmo wonders if “Linkle” should have been written into Hyrule Warriors
  156. Aonuma: Wii U’s flagship Zelda title will differ from other open world games
  157. Pre-order official A Link Between Worlds hats from NCSX
  158. New 3DS: Customizable faceplates, more menu skins, new charging stations revealed
  159. Introducing the New 3DS: Bigger, better, faster
  160. Reggie Fils-Aime and other Nintendo staff perform the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  161. You can grab the Smash Bros. official soundtrack for free if you purchase both versions
  162. Ultimate NES Remix announced for 3DS, coming late 2014
  163. Bayonetta 2 launching in North America on October 24
  164. Customisable home menu themes announced for 3DS, includes A Link Between Worlds
  165. Hyrule Warriors update introduces bug fixes, “Challenge Mode” and Link’s 8-bit sword
  166. Link trades in Epona for a set of wheels in Mario Kart 8 DLC
  167. Smash pics reveal Ghirahim Assist Trophy, Spirit Tracks music, Classic mode and more
  168. Hidden Triforce hosts charity raffle for Canines For Disabled Kids
  169. Hyrule Warriors gameplay round-up: Alternate costumes, co-op, Jukebox and more
  170. A Zelda News haiku
  171. Gamescom 2014: A closer look at Nintendo’s Booth
  172. Gamescom 2014: Our cosplay highlights
  173. Hyrule Warriors sells well at retail in Japan, boosts overall Wii U sales
  174. Japanese version of Hyrule Warriors has a download size of 7GB
  175. Pianist regally performs the Lorule Castle theme
  176. Hyrule Warriors art book illustrates weapons, costumes and a female Link
  177. Nintendo UK Store’s new additions: Hylian Shield backpack, Wind Waker Wallet and more
  178. Japanese pre-order packaging for Super Smash Bros. 3DS reveals “StreetPass Battle”
  179. Tecmo: Hyrule Warriors “large-scale expansion” planned, patch to fix reported glitches
  180. Hyrule Warriors: Fan feedback influenced playable Ghirahim/Zant and addition of Cuccos
  181. Zelda News: Hyrule Warriors, Club Nintendo and Robin Williams
  182. Nintendo responds to Robin Williams tribute petition
  183. Hyrule Warriors and Smash Bros. playable at Oz Comic-Con in Brisbane/Sydney
  184. Zelda Universe forums introduces Zelda Wiki Central
  185. We just told Reggie Fils-Aime to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  186. Watch Ghirahim get up in your face before punishing some Bokoblins
  187. New Zelda carrying case comes to European Club Nintendo
  188. Aonuma and Hyrule Warriors’ staff discuss the game’s development
  189. Online petition asks Nintendo to name a Zelda character after Robin Williams
  190. Zant is a towering threat to Bulbins in his Hyrule Warriors trailer
  191. RIP Robin Williams: A tribute to Hollywood’s biggest Zelda fan
  192. Link’s attempt at saving Zelda almost came to a tragic end
  193. Actor and Zelda fan Robin Williams dies at age 63
  194. Nintendo appears to have no plans for Amiibo support in Hyrule Warriors
  195. Pre-order Hyrule Warriors at Best Buy for exclusive Skyward Sword costume DLC
  196. Incredible Majora’s Mask project recreates the game in HD
  197. Nintendo releases Majora’s Mask-themed wallpaper to celebrate Tanabata in Japan
  198. Zelda Universe is looking for Guide Writers
  199. Amazon Canada and GameStop offering exclusive pre-order DLC with Hyrule Warriors
  200. More Hyrule Warriors screens: Zant, Ghirahim, Ganondorf, Cia and more
  201. Hyrule Warriors screens reveal new stages, Manhandla and the Master Sword
  202. Hyrule Warriors: Adventure Mode’s online function allows “access to special bonuses”
  203. The first commercial for Super Smash Bros. 3DS is brief but brilliant
  204. Like Zelda, but with ninjas: The Mysterious Murasame Castle releases today on 3DS eShop
  205. Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition Pack will include scarf in Europe, Australia
  206. Club Nintendo Demon King Costume Set DLC for Hyrule Warriors detailed
  207. More Nintendo Direct details: Golden Cucco, grass cutting, Chain Chomp
  208. Hyrule Warriors Direct details: Combat tactics, map and character stats
  209. Prima’s guide to Hyrule Warriors
  210. Link is ready for action in this action figure set by JAKKS Pacific
  211. Be kind to Cuccos in Hyrule Warriors
  212. Nintendo clarifies that “Sheik is a woman”
  213. Zant and Ghirahim confirmed playable in Hyrule Warriors
  214. Discover new items in Hyrule Warriors Adventure mode
  215. Ganondorf rides into Hyrule Warriors as a playable character
  216. Watch Lana summon the Deku Tree army with her spear
  217. Hyrule Warriors will have some online features, but not online co-op
  218. Zelda Eternity streams ZU’s official fangame, Timeless Haven
  219. Do not pass Ganon, do not collect 200 Rupees, it’s a GameStop exclusive edition of Zelda Monopoly
  220. IGN and Nintendo Treehouse: Hyrule Warriors gameplay details, more Darunia footage
  221. The Gold Skulltulas will be creeping their way into Hyrule Warriors
  222. Sheik’s harp is the master of elements in the latest Hyrule Warriors trailer
  223. A Hyrule Warriors-themed Nintendo Direct will be airing next week
  224. NicoNico is live streaming Hyrule Warriors with Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma
  225. Zelda Eternity streams Zelda marathon for charity
  226. Wii U purchase intent surges post E3
  227. Tecmo Koei confirms that development on Hyrule Warriors is now complete
  228. Nintendo releases “Features” trailer for Hyrule Warriors
  229. Hyrule Warriors game footage: Choose your weapon wisely Lana
  230. Hyrule Warriors screens: Lana is a White Sorceress with a green thumb
  231. Director Masahiro Sakurai reveals the main menu screen for Super Smash Bros. 3DS
  232. Destructive harps and slashing knives: Sheik in action
  233. Darunia also received an invitation to the Hyrule Warriors party
  234. Ruto splashes into battle in the latest Hyrule Warriors trailer
  235. Here’s some gameplay footage of Gerudo Valley for Super Smash Bros. 3DS
  236. Prima are releasing hardcover guides for Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2
  237. Hyrule Warriors footage: Darunia in action, Link’s new Fairy, new boss fight and more
  238. Hyrule Warriors: Link’s Ball and Chain weapon is called the “Gauntlet”
  239. More Hyrule Warriors Famitsu scans show new characters and Ocarina of Time stages
  240. Nintendo opens “Camp Miiverse” for daily gaming challenges
  241. Aonuma discusses the open nature of Zelda Wii U and rethinking conventions
  242. Best Buy offers buy one get one Nintendo 3DS game
  243. Link plows enemies away with the Ball and Chain in this latest Hyrule Warriors trailer
  244. Fi wields her Goddess Blade and Zelda uses her Baton in English Hyrule Warriors trailers
  245. Famitsu article reveals three new possible playable characters in Hyrule Warriors
  246. Possible new Hyrule Warriors character to be announced
  247. Nintendo tease “special surprises” for Super Smash Bros. 3DS at Comic Con
  248. European NES Remix owners can get a discount on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U eShop
  249. Hyrule Warriors trailer: Zelda invites you to her symphony of destruction
  250. Smash Bros. trailer and screenshots: Lucina, Robin, and Captain Falcon revealed