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  1. Hyrule Warriors screens: Lana is a White Sorceress with a green thumb
  2. Hyrule Warriors game footage: Choose your weapon wisely Lana
  3. Director Masahiro Sakurai reveals the main menu screen for Super Smash Bros. 3DS
  4. Destructive harps and slashing knives: Sheik in action
  5. Darunia also received an invitation to the Hyrule Warriors party
  6. Ruto splashes into battle in the latest Hyrule Warriors trailer
  7. Here’s some gameplay footage of Gerudo Valley for Super Smash Bros. 3DS
  8. Prima are releasing hardcover guides for Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2
  9. Hyrule Warriors footage: Darunia in action, Link’s new Fairy, new boss fight and more
  10. Hyrule Warriors: Link’s Ball and Chain weapon is called the “Gauntlet”
  11. More Hyrule Warriors Famitsu scans show new characters and Ocarina of Time stages
  12. Nintendo opens “Camp Miiverse” for daily gaming challenges
  13. Aonuma discusses the open nature of Zelda Wii U and rethinking conventions
  14. Best Buy offers buy one get one Nintendo 3DS game
  15. Link plows enemies away with the Ball and Chain in this latest Hyrule Warriors trailer
  16. Fi wields her Goddess Blade and Zelda uses her Baton in English Hyrule Warriors trailers
  17. Famitsu article reveals three new possible playable characters in Hyrule Warriors
  18. Possible new Hyrule Warriors character to be announced
  19. Nintendo tease “special surprises” for Super Smash Bros. 3DS at Comic Con
  20. European NES Remix owners can get a discount on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U eShop
  21. Hyrule Warriors trailer: Zelda invites you to her symphony of destruction
  22. Smash Bros. trailer and screenshots: Lucina, Robin, and Captain Falcon revealed
  23. Contest: Monthly Legend
  24. Nintendo UK Store offers limited edition shirt with Wind Waker bundle
  25. Fanart Friday: A graceful warrior
  26. Epona USA brings high-speed racing to The Legend of Zelda
  27. Speedrunner races through A Link Between Worlds in an hour and a half
  28. Hyrule Warrior screens and art: Skyward Sword stages, new items and shopping menus
  29. Hyrule Warriors screens: Fi, Ghirahim, Imprisoned, Power Gloves, and more
  30. Fi gets fierce in the new Hyrule Warriors trailer, plus higher resolution Famitsu scans
  31. Aonuma shares a story of Ocarina of Time’s impact on an ill child
  32. Music Monday: The forest
  33. Contest: Predict the new Super Smash Bros. character and win a necklace from Fangamer
  34. Lyndon Willoughby’s Majora’s Mask posters are ready to ship
  35. Fanart Friday: A Princess’s kiss
  36. Survey reveals fans’ favorite, most played and first ever Zelda games
  37. Nintendo of America releases trailers for both Agitha and Midna
  38. Fi joins the Hyrule Warriors lineup
  39. Aonuma’s favorite part of Zelda is finding treasure, but wants puzzles to be simple
  40. Miyamoto and Aonuma discuss size, openness of Hyrule on Wii U
  41. Midna takes the stage in this new Hyrule Warriors trailer
  42. Music Monday: Let’s have some fun
  43. Agitha, armed with her Parasol and an army of bugs, wards off enemies in Hyrule Warriors
  44. Fanart Friday: Snowpeak Ruins
  45. Nintendo is working on ideas for the next Zelda for the Nintendo 3DS
  46. Lana shows off her spunk in this English version of her Hyrule Warriors character trailer
  47. Top Thread Clothing teams up with Zelda Universe to offer this classy “Knights of Hyrule” polo
  48. Egoraptor releases his highly anticipated Sequelitis episode on Zelda
  49. Lana casts a spell over her enemies in latest Hyrule Warriors trailer
  50. Minor spoilers: Midna’s role at the start of Hyrule Warriors
  51. North American versions of Hyrule Warriors character trailers now available
  52. Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions tour announced
  53. Zelda Universe’s own EternaLegend envisions Link for the next generation
  54. Music Monday: Loneliness and sorrow
  55. Link’s skills with the Fire Rod are smokin’ in this Hyrule Warriors trailer
  56. New trailer released for the Super Smash Brothers fan album, Harmony of Heroes
  57. Fanart Friday: Agitha Princess of Bugs
  58. Hyrule Warriors images reveal stages, Zant, details for Lana and Midna
  59. Twilight Princess Link, Zelda costume DLC revealed for Hyrule Warriors
  60. The Zelda Universe staff tries out Hyrule Warriors
  61. Super Smash Bros. Edition GameCube controller now available for pre-order through Amazon
  62. Link sports his Skyward Sword get-up in this Super Smash Bros. for Wii U screenshot
  63. Zelda shows off her fighting skills in a new Japanese Hyrule Warriors character trailer
  64. Hyrule Warriors welcomes Agitha and Lana as playable characters
  65. Impa blows her opponents away in this newest Hyrule Warriors trailer
  66. Exclusive: Video Games Live Zelda conductor’s score giveaway
  67. Only a Hero of Time can get through this legendary workout
  68. Gamer Heaven is offering an exclusive 15% discount code off of all merchandise
  69. Bayonetta’s Link costume: More details, screenshots, and A Link to the Past sound effects
  70. Nintendo 64 games are coming to Wii U
  71. Future Zelda “more than a single-player experience,” says Aonuma
  72. Dress up as Link, Wii U Style with these brand new Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR codes
  73. Music Monday: Relationships
  74. Music Monday: An ode to Father’s Day
  75. Nintendo Everything reports that Zelda Wii U and Hyrule Warriors are available for pre-order
  76. Nintendo releases artwork and screenshots for Hyrule Warriors via E3 press kit
  77. Smash screens: New Pac-Man and Mii Swordfighter attacks, Trophy Rush teased
  78. New details emerge about Hyrule Warriors weapons, characters, and stages
  79. Fanart Friday: The balance between light and dark
  80. Princess Zelda definitely packs a punch in Aonuma demo of Hyrule Warriors
  81. Aonuma promises not to overwhelm players with tutorials in Zelda Wii U
  82. The “Hero’s Scarf” will be available in Japan’s Hyrule Warriors ‘Treasure Box’ set
  83. Aonuma wants to give players control over the story in Zelda for Wii U
  84. Final Smashes of Zelda characters in new Super Smash Bros. games revealed
  85. No damsels in distress here: Hyrule Warriors features strong female fighters
  86. Cuccos make their way into Hyrule Warriors, and Aonuma dances “The Funky Cucco”
  87. Even as a recruit, Link knows how to handle a sword in this trailer for Hyrule Warriors
  88. GameXplain analyzes the Zelda Wii U trailer
  89. Eiji Aonuma open to seeing Zelda as a playable character in the Zelda franchise
  90. By 2016, E3 might not be hosted in Los Angeles
  91. Ubisoft CEO comments on waning Wii U support, refuses to release a finished game
  92. Aonuma wants Zelda for Wii U to be playable at E3 2015
  93. Aonuma now confirms that the Zelda U trailer did indeed show Link
  94. Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma confirms Zelda for Wii U trailer was gameplay footage
  95. Aonuma confirms that Hyrule Warriors will not be part of main franchise canon and timeline
  96. Zelda Williams throws down in Smash Invitationals celebrity match
  97. Nintendo offering select eShop titles at a 30% discount to celebrate E3 2014
  98. Pac-Man gobbles his way into Super Smash Bros.
  99. Nintendo Enthusiast interviews Matt Ryan of Nintendo about Hyrule Warriors, Nintendo’s E3 strategy
  100. Nintendo Treehouse stream reveals new gameplay details for Hyrule Warriors
  101. The character in the Zelda U trailer may not have been Link, according to Aonuma
  102. Nintendo emphasizes commitment to the Wii U GamePad
  103. Super Smash Bros. 3DS releasing October 3; new Zelda trophies and game modes
  104. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS box art revealed
  105. Miis confirmed as playable fighters in Super Smash Bros. 4
  106. Hyrule Warriors: Trailer, release date, Midna and Princess Zelda as playable characters
  107. Zelda Wii U officially announced, trailer shown during Nintendo’s DIgital Event
  108. Palutena, the Goddess of Light, alights!
  109. E3: Nintendo brings toys to life with the announcement of “Amiibo”
  110. Link’s tunic wearable in Bayonetta 2, players can fight with Master Sword
  111. E3: Ubisoft CEO comments on waning Wii U support, refuses to release a finished game
  112. Music Monday: E3
  113. Official Xbox Twitter and member of Xbox team praise Zelda
  114. Smash Bros. screens: New trophy type, new item, new stage
  115. Nintendo Minute reveals Lorule QR codes for Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  116. ZU artist featured in Kotaku
  117. Fanart Friday: Zelda and Link
  118. Fighting as Link against Master Hand in Smash Bros. is more intense in first-person
  119. Nintendo confirms Treehouse streaming schedule at E3 with special guest appearance by Shigeru Miyamo
  120. Zelda Universe teams up with Once Upon a Tee for Zelda shirt giveaway
  121. The Minish Cap is now available on the US Wii U eshop
  122. Zelda LEGO set doesn’t pass review phase for LEGO Ideas Winter 2014 contest
  123. Hyrule Warriors advertisement found in Famitsu
  124. Nintendo will host another Game Seminar this year for budding developers
  125. Play Nintendo Tour visiting 12 cities across the U.S.
  126. Meet Dylan, the 13-year-old retro game collector
  127. Miiverse reveals Mushroom Kingdom stage for Smash 4 on Wii U
  128. Wii U firmware update 5.0.0 released, adds quick start menu and GamePad Alerts
  129. Music Monday: The Oracle Games
  130. Stellar video game medley by Jules Conroy
  131. Buzzfeed’s ranking of masks from Majora’s Mask
  132. The latest Smash 3DS screenshot offers a look at the 3DS bottom-screen display
  133. Yo yo yo, straight outta Hyrule it’s the Timeline Rap
  134. Fanart Friday: Mikau’s song of the ocean
  135. Link never seems to speak…or does he? Pop Facts’ new video sheds some light
  136. Smash fans rejoice again: GameCube controller adapter announced for Wii U
  137. Minish Cap is out today on the European Wii U eShop
  138. Gamer Heaven provides a discount code for 20% off their merchandise
  139. Nintendo announces plans to start a YouTube affiliate program
  140. Fan animation project creates gorgeous HD Minish-sized Link
  141. Hyrule Warriors screenshot, character analysis: Space-time continuum speculation and more
  142. Zelda Williams promises she’ll be doing “something extra special” at E3
  143. Sheik and destroy: Smash 4 fighters emit steam when damaged
  144. Nintendo releases European Minish Cap Wii U eShop trailer
  145. Link won’t be saying much in Hyrule Warriors
  146. Smash Bros. screens: Rocket belt, mirrored characters, team outlines and more
  147. Best Buy to showcase Smash Bros. during E3, offering collectible coin for pre-orders
  148. Dark Luigi meets Dark Link in this NES Remix 2 easter egg
  149. My weekend at MomoCon
  150. Music Monday: A time for reflection and healing
  151. Ike joins the frey as playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4
  152. Collector’s Corner #2: Muayiad Mohammad
  153. Exclusive: Jonas Kærlev talks A Hat in Time and his inspirations from Zelda
  154. NOA Hyrule Warriors site opens; new gameplay details, screens and Skyloft artwork revealed
  155. Minish Cap heading to European Wii U eShop May 29
  156. Fanart Friday: Impa enters the scene
  157. Hyrule Warriors is part of Aonuma’s plan to break away from Zelda traditions
  158. Gamecube inspired controller coming to Wii U this winter
  159. Official Hyrule Warriors website launches, reveals inclusion of DLC
  160. Hyrule Warriors Premium and Treasure box sets releasing in Japan, available for order
  161. Hyrule Warriors began after a One Piece demo impressed Aonuma several years ago
  162. More Famitsu translations: Shia’s motives revealed, minions named
  163. Minish Cap coming soon to the US eShop
  164. Stunning new Hyrule Warriors artwork
  165. Hyrule Warriors hitting Japan August 14; new character, details and screenshots revealed
  166. Nintendo Wi-Fi services ending for Wii and DS/DSi today
  167. Oracle of Seasons remix album ‘Lime of the Season’ comes into blossom today
  168. GameTrailer’s Pop-Facts series reveals interesting facts about the town names in Zelda II
  169. Tecmo Koei “aiming to sell more than one million copies” of Hyrule Warriors
  170. Music Monday: Take me to the beach
  171. Hee-Hee-Ho! You may even fool Keaton with these Zelda props
  172. Did You Know Gaming? reveals the surprising reason Link wears tights
  173. 20 Interesting facts that you many not know about The Legend of Zelda
  174. Waiting for the Dawn, a two-part Majora’s Mask EP
  175. Smash Bros. pics reveal new skins for Villager, details on old-school Assist Trophy
  176. Nintendo UK offers official merchandise, includes gold Link and Epona figurine
  177. Fanart Friday: Princess Hilda
  178. Zac Efron and Dave Franco geek out over Zelda
  179. League of Legends artist Paul Kwon creates beautiful fanart of Midna
  180. Find your way around Hyrule using this papercraft diorama
  181. Zelda Universe is hiring graphic artists
  182. Nintendo’s strategy for the coming fiscal year
  183. Smash Bros. screens: Charizard’s new attack, Link vs. wire-Mac, and Dragoon’s comeback
  184. Mariachi band performs pitch-perfect Gerudo Valley theme at wedding
  185. Music Monday: We love Mom (spoiler alert)
  186. On Being Human covers NES Zelda soundtracks, lets donors select next covers for album
  187. Fanart Friday: Lady Zelda would like to battle
  188. New YouTube series Arcade Arms aims to bring Link’s bow to life
  189. Bullet Bill blasts his way into Super Smash Bros. 4
  190. New Bolero of Fire music video from Taylor Davis
  191. A Link Between Worlds keychain set pre-orders open, shipping in June
  192. A Link Between Worlds “Metal Item Collection” imports available August 2014
  193. Ales the Woodcarver creates Master Sword replica
  194. Octorocks make their way into Smash Bros. 4 as “enemies that love to hide”
  195. Hyrule Warriors releasing in Japan this summer
  196. The Temple of Time recreated in Unreal Engine 4 with stunning results
  197. Music Monday: Relax
  198. You’ll be looking snappy in this new Zelda cap
  199. Get Wind Waker HD or other selected Wii U game free with Mario Kart 8
  200. King of red beards: Smooth McGroove performs Dragon Roost Island a capella
  201. Meet Toonooki Link: Smash 4 characters power up with the Super Leaf
  202. Collector’s Corner #1: Ikhana
  203. Fill your home with the fresh scent of Hyrulian Summer
  204. Get a grip: Link’s and Samus’ tether recovery range increased in Smash 4
  205. Nintendo Digital Event announced, will replace E3 press conference (also: Reggie Fils-a-Mech)
  206. Kafei on stage: Majoras Mask opera is progressing
  207. We’re now hiring news reporters
  208. Midna takes the spotlight in today’s Super Smash pic of the day
  209. Music Monday: Let’s mix it up
  210. Club Nintendo Japan offers new Zelda, Pikmin and Kirby badges
  211. Gamer Heaven offering 15% discount on limited edition Zelda women’s hoodie
  212. The Minish Cap set to hit the Japanese Wii U eShop next week
  213. Explore the creative process of forging Link’s Master Sword
  214. Majora’s Mask dominates Nintendo 3DS UK page Easter egg decoration contest
  215. Fanart Friday: Skyward Sword Link
  216. That’s some fine coffee: Twin Peaks ocarina cover in Majora’s Mask
  217. NES Remix director says SNES/Game Boy/GBA Remix is possible with enough demand
  218. A Link to the Past Overworld theme: Country style
  219. NCSX Games and Toys offering a Real Action Heroes figure of Skyward Sword Link
  220. Cosmo Wright breaks his own speedrunning word record
  221. Nintendo Underdogs Reorchestrated Kickstarter dedicated to 30 years of Nintendo music
  222. Embody your favourite Zelda character and win t-shirts
  223. Ganondorf (and friends) conquer Sakura-Con 2014
  224. The Game Boy celebrates 25 years
  225. Music Monday: Springtime
  226. Deku Shield flask lets you transport your potions with care
  227. Gamer Heaven gives ladies the opportunity to show off their Zelda love in style
  228. Fanart Friday: Princess Hilda and her Hero
  229. The reason Sonic dashes ahead in Link’s Green Tunic in Sonic Lost World’s “Zelda Zone”
  230. San Jose State University hosts Nintendo themed charity auction
  231. 4/15 Smash pic of the day shows the Final Destination version of Gerudo Valley
  232. Bring Zelda to your living room with new jigsaw puzzle and Monopoly
  233. Link must bring balance to the Triforce in Return of the Hero
  234. Crunch on some Hylian Shield cookies at your next tea party
  235. Music Monday: Time to wake up
  236. Toon Link back in action
  237. Super Smash Bros. 3DS releasing this summer, Wii U version this winter
  238. Your guide to all things Zelda in Super Smash Bros. 4
  239. Fanart Friday: Alone in the forest
  240. Zelda trades in Sheik for a Phantom
  241. Sheik and four other challengers jump into action for Super Smash Bros. 4
  242. Music Monday: Just sing it
  243. Run around Hyrule faster (and richer) with these Sonic Lost World tips and tricks
  244. Lyndon Willoughby presents new, gorgeous Majora’s Mask posters
  245. First-person Ocarina of Time, Oculus Rift optional
  246. Game Maker Programmers and Spriters Wanted
  247. Fanart Friday: A Link to the Twilight?
  248. Here’s how Skyward Sword could appear if it was in HD
  249. Voice actor suggests Raiden might appear in Super Smash Bros. 4
  250. Beautiful new Princess Zelda statuette from First 4 Figures