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  1. Deku Shield flask lets you transport your potions with care
  2. Gamer Heaven gives ladies the opportunity to show off their Zelda love in style
  3. Fanart Friday: Princess Hilda and her Hero
  4. The reason Sonic dashes ahead in Link’s Green Tunic in Sonic Lost World’s “Zelda Zone”
  5. San Jose State University hosts Nintendo themed charity auction
  6. 4/15 Smash pic of the day shows the Final Destination version of Gerudo Valley
  7. Bring Zelda to your living room with new jigsaw puzzle and Monopoly
  8. Link must bring balance to the Triforce in Return of the Hero
  9. Crunch on some Hylian Shield cookies at your next tea party
  10. Music Monday: Time to wake up
  11. Toon Link back in action
  12. Super Smash Bros. 3DS releasing this summer, Wii U version this winter
  13. Your guide to all things Zelda in Super Smash Bros. 4
  14. Fanart Friday: Alone in the forest
  15. Zelda trades in Sheik for a Phantom
  16. Sheik and four other challengers jump into action for Super Smash Bros. 4
  17. Music Monday: Just sing it
  18. Run around Hyrule faster (and richer) with these Sonic Lost World tips and tricks
  19. Lyndon Willoughby presents new, gorgeous Majora’s Mask posters
  20. First-person Ocarina of Time, Oculus Rift optional
  21. Game Maker Programmers and Spriters Wanted
  22. Fanart Friday: A Link to the Twilight?
  23. Here’s how Skyward Sword could appear if it was in HD
  24. Voice actor suggests Raiden might appear in Super Smash Bros. 4
  25. Beautiful new Princess Zelda statuette from First 4 Figures
  26. Don’t be a square: Play this Legend of Zelda demake on your browser
  27. Hyrule Warriors developer would “like to work with” with Mario, Disney or Star Wars
  28. Kickstarter project aims to produce beautifully accurate and wearable Majora’s Mask replicas
  29. The newest item in Super Smash Bros. 4 will blow you away
  30. Great, here’s all the stuff: CD-ii Month Recap
  31. Sonic Lost World producer on Zelda DLC: “I want to make more”
  32. New stage/mode revealed for Smash 4, looks like Stage Builder or Adventure
  33. Rediscover some of your favorite GBA games on Virtual Console!
  34. My Little Zelda
  35. There’s a secret to everybody in Sonic Lost World’s Gossip Stones
  36. Luigi’s Final Smash sucks in Smash Bros. 4 (in a good way)
  37. CD-ii Month: Where the CD-i games fit in the official Zelda timeline
  38. CD-ii Month Contest Winners: I won!
  39. Music Monday: Goodbye CD-ii Month
  40. Music group Meine Meinung takes your breath away with their Hyrule Field Main Theme cover
  41. CD-ii Month: Trust me babe, I know about this CD-i stuff
  42. Operation Moonfall reveals new projects: Graffiti art and Majora’s Mask replica campaigns
  43. Nintendo is not attending PAX East 2014
  44. Dash through Hyrule in Sonic: Lost World’s newest DLC
  45. More information about Prism Tower stage in Smash 4 3DS revealed
  46. Fanart Friday: His Majesty, the King
  47. CD-ii Month: It’s a Final Fantasy and Zelda CD-i mashup
  48. Find out your Zelda personality with Buzzfeed’s “Which Ocarina of Time character are you?”
  49. Contest Time: “I’ll take the Triforce of Courage to protect me!”
  50. New Legend of Zelda Zone DLC for Sonic: Lost World
  51. CD-ii Month: Facts and trivia
  52. New item unveiled in Smash 4 for Wii U: The Ore Club
  53. Cosmo breaks the Ocarina of Time speedrun world record (again) with a time of 18:51
  54. EnNopp112 breaks speedrunning record for Majora’s Mask with 1:28:51 time
  55. A fine line: Smash 4 characters with and without outlines
  56. CD-ii Month: Let’s build this King Harkinian papercraft
  57. Players beware: do not to bully Cuccos in Smash Bros. 4
  58. Illuminate the room with this Lego Triforce mosaic
  59. The Legend of Zelda theme — now played with 100% more beer bottles
  60. Music Monday: CD-ii month goes 90s
  61. Miiverse adds a new verified users list for high-profile figures
  62. The Master Sword makes an appearance in InFAMOUS: Second Son
  63. CD-ii Month: A concert of cosplay fit for a king
  64. CD-ii Month: Write a caption and win a Hero Series pin set from Fangamer
  65. How Zelda influenced Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  66. Fanart Friday: CD-i Zelda in all its glory
  67. Toy Pizza reviews the Skyward Sword Link Figma figure
  68. A Link Between Worlds continues to recieve critical acclaim
  69. CD-ii Month: King Harkinian kicks butt in Saints Row 3
  70. Li Kovacs unveils Princess Hilda cosplay outfit on Nintendo Minute
  71. Post-play surveys coming to an end at Club Nintendo
  72. Cosmo Wright breaks the Ocarina of Time speedrun world record time
  73. CD-ii Month: The best parts of CD-i Month 2013
  74. Operation Moonfall: “An exciting new campaign” coming very soon
  75. Maintain your Hearts with this Lego Hylian Shield
  76. Rosalina appears majestic even when she has fallen in Smash 4
  77. Merrily we scroll along
  78. CD-ii Month: References to CD-i in other media
  79. A smash hit: SSB4?s Smash Ball revealed
  80. Music Monday: The King’s United States of Mah Boi
  81. Kim Kev continues their musical magic as they perform covers for several Ocarina songs from Ocarina
  82. Official Nintendo Magazine UK interviews Eiji Aonuma and Ryu Nagamatsu; discuss the development of A
  83. CD-ii Month: Why I Love the Unholy Triforce So Much
  84. Hideo Kojima wants Snake back in Smash Bros., though doesn’t believe it’s likely
  85. New Tomodachi Collection stage revealed for Smash 3DS
  86. Stunning Smash Bros. 4 fan art showcases every character announced to date
  87. Fanart Friday: He’s pretty and he knows it
  88. CD-ii Month: Announcing the caption contest winners
  89. Do some Skyward Strikes with these steel Master Swords
  90. Monkey see, monkey doomed: Smash 4?s Motion-Sensor Bomb revealed
  91. CD-ii Month: PeanutButterGamer reviews The Faces of Evil with hilarious results
  92. Nintendo fails to win an award at the BAFTA Awards
  93. Fan creates a “dark” Majora’s Mask that’s perfectly suited for Dark Link
  94. It’s not a dream, this fan-made orchestration of the Overworld Theme from Link’s Awakening is awesom
  95. Brawl in the Family’s Zelda/Mario comic comes to a destined finale
  96. Nintendo to attend GDC 2014 and showcase indie game support
  97. Oddity of time: JWittz discusses paradoxes in the Zelda series
  98. Dive into a dungeon with Smooth McGroove’s newest a capella video
  99. Aonuma has started to question Zelda’s “traditional approach”
  100. Zelda’s ‘Din’s Fire’ more powerful than before in Smash 4
  101. The Bazaar – CD-ii Month Special
  102. CD-ii Month contest: Write a caption and win Skull Earrings from Fangamer
  103. Nintendo never considered utilizing a live orchestra for A Link Between Worlds
  104. Fall through Windfall in Eggbusters’ WWHD redux episode
  105. Pokemon X/Y stage revealed for Smash Bros. 3DS
  106. It’s a Zelda double feature on Qwertee
  107. New Smash 4 trophy reveals a Captain Rainbow character
  108. Nintendo confirmed to appear at gamescom 2014
  109. CD-ii Month: Music Monday: The King likes it that way mah boi
  110. ShirtPunch offers Ocarina of Time-inspired t-shirt for a limited-time only
  111. Wind Waker proof of concept makes its way to the Oculus Rift
  112. A Link Between Worlds poster set available once again on Club Nintendo (North America)
  113. CD-ii Month: Guy combines cosplay with poop to bring Morshu to life in this video
  114. The future of the fan site: This is the new Zelda Universe
  115. CD-ii Month: Cultural Characters in CD-i
  116. Animal Crossing: New Life stage “Tortimer Island” is revealed for Smash 3DS
  117. Fanart Friday: Isn’t it beautiful
  118. Little Mac has some complex Side Smash attacks in Super Smash Bros. 4
  119. Aonuma on why A Link Between Worlds initially locks Hero Mode
  120. [Sticky] Exclusive: Interview with Kezsonaj, creator of Ocarina of Time: The Minecraft Map; release
  121. CD-ii Month: Zelink is canon and CD-i proves it
  122. CD-ii Month: Enter our CD-i video contest to win some neat gear from Fangamer
  123. The Bumper bounces back in Super Smash Bros. 4
  124. Keep warm with this Link infinity scarf
  125. CD-ii Month: welcome to Poopsville!
  126. Exclusive: Kezsonaj unveils trailer for his Ocarina of Time: The Minecraft Map project
  127. Music Monday: What is mah boi?
  128. Smash 3DS pic of the day reveals Kotake and Koume in the Gerudo Valley
  129. Art Academy: Zelda-themed sketchpad contest entries revealed (and they are awesome)
  130. Homer Linkson: Zelda meets Simpsons in ShirtPunch’s latest tee
  131. The CD-i Zelda games are good games, according to critics
  132. Princess in Another Castle
  133. Large Majora’s Mask pixel art will add a sense of doom to your household decor
  134. Monopoly: The Legend of Zelda slated for release later this year
  135. Welcome to CD-ii month: Return of mah boi
  136. An HDMI mod for the N64 is in the works
  137. Dedenne discharges a massive amount of electricity against Marth in newest Smash U screenshot
  138. Fanart Friday: Twilight Princess collage
  139. ZUTV: Best close calls in Skyward Sword
  140. Mysterious Majora’s Mask graffiti appears in a park
  141. Nintendo Wi-Fi service for Nintendo Wii and DS/DSi will be terminated in May
  142. The Bazaar- 27th February 2014
  143. Twitch Plays Zelda, and beats it
  144. Ocarina of Time’s Kokiri Forest gets the Oculus Rift treatment, and boy does it look good
  145. Waluigi joins once again as an assist trophy in Smash for Wii U
  146. Vintage-inspired heart container locket necklace
  147. Enter to win a pair of tickets to see Symphonic Legends in London
  148. Fan creates stunning Ocarina of Time virtual figurine gallery
  149. Zelda Universe Facebook t-shirt giveaway: Dawn of the final day haiku
  150. Fox displays finishing kick against Samus in this latest screenshot for Smash Wii U
  151. The Wind Waker HD dethroned from the top spot of latest Nintendo eShop sales charts
  152. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg on board for Console Wars movie
  153. Mario and Bowser duke it out in the boxing ring in Smash Wii U pic of the day
  154. Once Upon a Tee is offering Zelda t-shirts for $12 a piece for a limited-time only
  155. Legend of Zelda beta available on Oculus Rift VR in first-person eight-bit glory
  156. Diddy Kong blasts competition away in latest Smash Wii U screenshot
  157. Unamee selling “What if Zelda was a Girl” t-shirt as their last chance tee of the day for a limited-
  158. Your fate can’t be too terrible when wearing this colorful t-shirt
  159. Exclusive: Video Games Live Facebook Giveaway
  160. Music Monday: mini-games worthy of the Olympics
  161. Kim Kev spreads the joy of video game music (including Zelda music) to the world
  162. Twitch Plays Zelda
  163. Let’s Draw Zelda #3: Valoo
  164. Zelda fanart collaboration: “Link’s Friendlist” is a tribute to the light side of Hyrule
  165. Brawl in the Family: Divide by Hero comic (Part 1)
  166. Your ace in the hole: The Legend of Zelda “Hylian Court Playing Cards” available for preorder
  167. ZU Mailbag #9: transcending space and time
  168. [Sticky] Exclusive: Video Games Live releases new Zelda track from recently released Level 3 album
  169. Nintendo Girls Club: Smart marketing or totally sexist
  170. Happy 28th Birthday to The Legend of Zelda
  171. New challenger approaching: Diddy Kong enters the frey in Super Smash Bros. 4
  172. Fanart Friday: Midna
  173. Kensuke Tanabe reveals unused ideas in A Link to the Past in Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze interview
  174. ShirtPunch offering $10 Legend of Zelda t-shirt for a limited-time only
  175. Incredible custom-made Majora’s Mask car design created in Forza Motorsport 5
  176. This Hero’s Orchestra print is worthy of a maestro’s praise
  177. Little Mac shows that size isn’t everything in latest Smash Wii U pic of the day
  178. Our hero Link, embroidered in all his glory
  179. Latest update to Miiverse
  180. New ZU Mailbag discusses Fi and Midna, different versions of Zelda, slashing bushes in real life, an
  181. Make it rain with this replica of Guru-Guru’s music box
  182. The Legend of Zelda continues to have a strong showing on the Nintendo eShop sales charts
  183. Nintendog puts Mega Man and King Dedede in their place in latest Smash 3DS screenshot
  184. Colorful Triforce pendants made out of resin
  185. Qwertee offers Legend of Zelda-themed shirt for a limited time only
  186. Exclusive: Operation Moonfall’s Lyndon Willoughby talks poster campaign, Majora’s Mask and fans
  187. Fairy in a bottle heals all woes in latest Smash Wii U screenshot
  188. Scholarship opportunity from Hidden Triforce
  189. Link and Ganon figures appear at Toy Fair 2014
  190. Zelda 3DS game card case sold out at Club Nintendo
  191. Zelda goes country in parody song “Dawn of the Third Day”
  192. January NPD reports an increase in sales for Nintendo
  193. Ocarina of Time world completely re-created in Minecraft
  194. Get your own ‘It’s Dangerous To Go Alone’ t-shirt for a limited time only
  195. Nintendo once patented a mysterious illumination device
  196. Little Mac sends Mega Man airborne in latest Smash Wii U pic of the day
  197. Music Monday: Let’s party
  198. Zelda Universe Podcast: Nintendo’s Financial Drama
  199. Earn a Rainbow Rank in NES Remix stage eight of The Legend of Zelda
  200. Masahiro Sakurai talks about why Japanese games seem to take so long to make
  201. Are you afraid of balloons? You will be after seeing this Majora’s Mask balloon creation
  202. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link will be featured in NES Remix 2
  203. Documents of the SNES CD-Rom add-on surface; includes technical specifications
  204. The return of Zelda monsters in real life
  205. It’s a love/hate relationship; numerous reasons to love or hate Zelda
  206. Video: Zelda wedding and dating Q&A
  207. These Valentines will strike you skyward
  208. Deliver your hero or princess a classic pop-up Valentine
  209. Super Smash Bros. 4: Little Mac punches in
  210. The Wind Waker influenced the design of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, according to Black Flag’s c
  211. Finding Link’s Perfect Valentine in the Ocarina of Time
  212. Valentine, here’s the key to my heart! Retro Zelda Valentine’s Day cards
  213. Fanart Friday: Valentine’s Day edition
  214. “You fill my heart container” Zelda Valentine’s Day card
  215. Flash Contest: Win this Master Sword t-shirt up or purchase in limited time flash sale
  216. Ladies, show your love of gaming and look good doing it with Buzzfeed’s twenty-eight wardrobe essent
  217. Artist creates mosaic of Link using images from a variety of Zelda games
  218. Toon Link introduces the new Home-Run Bat (to DK’s face) in the latest Smash Wii U screenshots
  219. Video: Does the Legend of Zelda exploit nostalgia?
  220. Album featuring Zelda theme released today, sales benefit young musicians
  221. The Little Hero of Time book cover print
  222. Searching for a Maiamai Amigurumi? Well now you have found one
  223. Iwata teases “Quality of Life” plans for Nintendo’s future
  224. Link and Zelda felt art is great for Valentine’s Day
  225. 500 hours of cross-stitching will lead you to the Light World
  226. A Zelda-themed Geometry lesson
  227. Feel the pain of Mother Brain in this new Smash Wii U screenshot
  228. It’s dangerous to go alone without Funky Kong’s Zelda reference in Tropical Freeze
  229. A Link Between Worlds Link Figma figure is currently in production
  230. Every 3DS model and color under the rainbow cataloged by Official Nintendo Magazine
  231. Music Monday: Love and Valentines and stuff
  232. Kwee…! This clay Kikwi fits in the palm of your hand
  233. Let’s Draw Zelda #2: Toon Link
  234. Third annual Hyrule Hustlers Zelda marathon for charity will take place on Valentine’s Day
  235. Gameplay video of Monster Hunter 4 shows off sweet Zelda gear
  236. A Link Between Worlds wins handheld game of the year at D.I.C.E. awards
  237. Europe: Additional Zelda 3DS Miiverse communities added
  238. Fanart Friday: BowWow
  239. If You Love Zelda, You Might Like These Games
  240. Rosalina walks amongst the cosmos in this latest Smash for Wii U screenshot
  241. Video: A Link Between Stop Motion and Live Action
  242. Kooloo Limpah: How to build a LEGO Tingle
  243. Gunstep: Listen to the A Link to the Past theme synced with Battlefield 3 gunshots
  244. Palkia revealed as the first confirmed support Pokemon in new Smash Wii U screenshot
  245. Amazon UK believes that Nintendo will do well in 2014, and there’s no reason to worry about Nintendo
  246. Mystical, limited edition Link and Zelda print in shades of green
  247. Visit Kokiri Forest in Smooth McGroove’s latest video
  248. And the envelope please: Official Nintendo Magazine awards A Link Between Worlds 3DS Game of the Yea
  249. Mysterious Japanese A Link Between Worlds keychain set surfaces
  250. Nintendo discusses its lack of emphasis on the technical specifications of consoles