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  1. [Website] ToriJ's Video Game Reviews
  2. Takanuva's Lego Ideas Page
  3. Ocarina of Time Youtube Series
  4. Kickstarter for LoZ parody! Spread the word! Make it happen!
  5. The Zelda Movie: Stage 1 - Voting
  6. [Shop] Want a Ocarina just as Ocarina of Time - $19.78 when more then 10 pieces
  7. Aurora Lucid Dreaming Headband!! (Unsure if this is the right forum)...
  8. [Shop] Amazing Zelda Tees! $11 Only!
  9. [Youtube] Scariest video games ever!
  10. Princess Ruto does it better! (9GAG post)
  11. Beautiful hand made zelda and gaming things
  12. [Youtube] The Dark Knight/Avengers 2
  13. [Youtube] Fabulous at it's best.
  14. [Youtube] RWBY meets Guardians of the Galaxy
  15. Zelda stream for all ages
  16. [Youtube] Terror on Outset Island: Wind Waker Original Animation
  17. [Livestream] Majora's Mask Stream
  18. [Youtube] We're trying to start a channel...
  19. Final Fantasy/Captain America Mashup
  20. [Youtube] Link, Zelda and Impa make cameos in our Mario Halloween video
  21. Own a piece of Twilight Princess history
  22. [Shop] Great Limited Addition Legend Of Zelda Hoodies.
  23. My Super Smash Bros 3DS EXTREME TRAILER
  24. [Shop] A unique gift for Christmas celebration, these amazing Flower arrangements for your loved ones
  25. [Youtube] Top 5 Creepiest Zelda Characters
  26. Blossom Tales a Zelda-Like, Kickstarter Now!
  27. Awesome set on legoideas!
  28. Please watch our Zelda live action video
  29. Zelda fans on Steam
  30. The Legend of Zelda: Advanced
  31. Looking to swap Pre-orde order codes ( Hyrule Warriors)
  32. hyrule warriors the live action musical
  33. Pokemon Battle In Real Life - Video
  34. [Youtube] Mario meets Zelda II
  35. Firefall Is Good For What It Says It Offers To You
  36. [Shop] Amazing Zelda Tees! $11 Only!
  37. Gaijin Galaxy Gashapon
  38. knight's fable : Be an hero, the world needs you!
  40. Save Midna!
  41. Zelda Fan Rap!
  42. Legend of Zelda Dark Link Hylian Shield Backpack
  43. Hi zelda fans! I've got something to show you.
  44. Come and find joys in Get5!
  45. Swordsman - Be an Chinese style hero you want and fight for the force!
  46. www.thelegendofzelda.org
  47. [Shop] Saria mashup shirt on sale at The Yetee until Tuesday 19th August!!
  48. Replica Song of Storms Functional Music Box! Nostalgia!
  49. Giving Away Hyrule Warriors
  50. RPG modders giving their best to create a new videogame
  51. [Crystal of Time Staff]Wanted: Roleplayers
  52. 5DayGamers7
  53. League Of Angels - a great browser game to play with your friends and your beloved
  54. [Shop] Amazing Zelda Tee! $11 Only!
  55. Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask homage game
  56. What makes YOU Beautiful?
  57. Legend of Zelda Link Hylian Shield Backpack
  58. Zelda : Ocarina of Time replicas - complete ocarina set
  59. New Facebook Based LoZ Group
  60. [Website] Gaia Blocks (inspired graphic novel by old snes, ps1 game era
  61. Guitar arrangements of Zelda Music!
  62. [Youtube] Mario Party 1 Animation
  63. A Zelda RPG
  64. Wind Waker running for most beautiful game
  65. New link's Awakening Play Through
  66. So I found a cool fan made page
  67. Amazing Zelda Tees!!
  68. [Fan Game] ♞ Fan made Online Pokémon MMO RPG Game PokemonPets just started ♘
  69. Anyone want a Replica Deku Shield?
  70. I'm doing a 24 Hour Charity Stream to Doctors Without Borders, I'm kind of unknown so please help
  71. [Youtube] World of Warcraft animation
  72. Majora's Mask Advent Calendars
  73. New Fantasy MMORPG: Knight's Fable
  74. The Legend of Zelda Movie Project
  75. The Dance Awards - People's Choice Voting
  76. [Youtube] Nintendo Land Animal Crossing Animation
  77. Beta/Alpha-testing a general survey
  78. Full-sized Majora's Mask replicas for sale
  79. Dungeon Charter
  80. [SEARCHING] Hackers & Web-developers [Wanted] :-)
  81. Art Requests
  82. Roblox Zelda place
  83. Legend of Zelda Fanmix
  84. Master Level Design- Minish Cap
  85. Hot 2 New Games
  86. Ravenclaw Pride
  87. Not just another custom Zelda NES
  88. Top 10 Locations for Hyrule Warriors
  89. The Uzuki Patreon Page has launched!
  90. LEGO Twilight Princess Bridge of Eldin
  91. Zelda Contest & Giveaway (win a triforce watch in bronze)
  92. legend of zelda shirts
  93. Hi, Halo, Bonjour!!!
  94. World of Warcraft Twitch
  95. Zelda inspired loot rate incoming
  96. Computer technology and gaming forum
  97. My Game Idea
  98. Debug cart of Ocarina of Time listed on eBay!
  99. Say hello to Start Select Play
  100. Online Habits?
  101. Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Cel Art Print Limited Edition
  102. [Music] Divisions - "I Am Alive" (ft. Joss Grosscup and Finch Flores of Megosh)
  103. [Website] Mario Kart 8 Competition
  104. A Link Between Worlds store display
  105. Please support me
  106. [Shop] LoZ Themed Artwork
  107. Majoras Mask Stream
  108. Win a Free Copy of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link!
  109. [Youtube] Chop off Mario's Legs and Give em to Link
  110. My Zelda Pendants
  111. Join Us (Zelda Fan Club)
  112. [Website] The Dungeon Masters
  113. [Youtube] The Legend of Zelda - Mastered Reorchestrations
  114. [Livestream] Zelda Marathon to raise money for charity - 72 hours!
  115. [Youtube] My Zelda Abridged Series
  116. #GMC, IRC channel for game makers and players!
  117. [Livestream] TheLegendofZaheer Speedrunning WR Attempt
  118. Zelda Link Hat Crochet! DIY Tutorial
  119. Zelda Sanctuary
  120. TheOwnersOfTriforce (Youtube Shoutout!)
  121. [Youtube] Starbound: Flabberghast'd! (A Clinically Insane Webseries)
  122. The Interactive Comic Thingamahickey 2
  123. SOOOOO who has ever desired a high quality Triforce Replica?
  124. 3d printable zelda themed ouya case!
  125. [Website] Live Cartoons
  126. Awesome Online Zelda Style Game!!! OMG!
  127. Nintendo Forums - Powered by Xenforo
  128. TogaChimp - Your afternoon gaming monkey
  129. [Website] MCPE Forum - A Place Where Anything can Happen
  130. [Youtube] Check out the new channel DemonSlayerFTW out.
  131. Majora's Mask Limited Adventure Set on Ebay!!!
  132. Lvl Up Cooking-Video Game Foods IRL
  133. Halcyon Gaming -- A TS3 Community!
  134. Thieves' Hideout - New Zelda Community
  135. Guy Beating The Wind Waker HD With His Feet !!!
  136. Virtual Reality Zelda
  137. The Population of Hyrule - The Hyrule Historian
  138. [Youtube] Make the Elixir Soup from Wind Waker!
  139. [Shop] Zelda and Link and Tees, OH MY!
  140. The Zelda 2014 Rupee Run!
  141. "The Hyrule Historian" -- Youtube Channel Dedicated to Zelda Theory
  142. [Youtube] Video Game Music Covers (Fire Temple)
  143. [Music] As Oceans Shatter
  144. Learn to make the Conjured Mana Cake!
  145. [Website] Need help with my Zelda merchandise list
  146. ALBW personality quiz
  147. Zelda wedding necklace
  148. [Website] I became an Independent Business Owner.
  149. A Petition for an Actually Very Good Cause
  150. Interested in Zelda Playthoughs?
  151. selling majora's mask soundtrack
  152. Star Wars Forum
  154. Hyrule: Total War 3.5
  155. Put URA Zelda on 3DS!
  156. [Livestream] Requesting ppl in Crystal of Time Staff
  157. Zelda Decals for your car or wall.
  158. Legend of Zelda Film - HERO
  159. Lvl Up Cooking! Dragon Age Found Cake
  160. Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  161. Minish Cap Limited Adventure Set for sale!
  162. Developing my very own RPG - Presence
  163. ASDen- Autism centric general forum
  164. The Noob Files
  165. Gamer's Rhapsody
  166. [Youtube] please check out my channel doom2053 i make lets plays
  167. selling digital code for oracle of seasons on 3ds
  168. [Livestream] A Link Between Worlds livestream!
  169. Could Anyone Answer this Survey for School?
  170. I make hama bead art
  171. [Shop] FS:New Apple iPhone 5S..$350.Samsung Galaxy Note 3.$350.Apple iPad Air.Factory Sealed
  172. Hey, I made a forum!
  173. Legend of Zelda shoes
  174. Nationforums :All you wish for and more
  175. [Website] RPG Lounge
  176. [Website] The Uzuki website has launched!
  177. Website - NationForums.net
  178. Knox Clothing & Co
  179. [Shop] A Christmas Zelda Wreath ready for the hoilday!!
  180. Thought some Original Nintendo Zelda fan's might be interested in this project.
  181. [Website] Similar To Pokemon Browser Based Online Indie RPG Game Monster MMORPG 1,800+ Monsters
  182. Zelda PodSmashers: regular podcasts on Zelda games/themes/etc.!
  183. Check Out My New Zelda Themed Album
  184. Get the demo of the awesome Zelda clone King Voxel
  185. Majoras Mask Action Figures
  186. [Youtube] Ratchet's Den Video Mailbag Questions Thread
  187. Niely Projects My own coded (ZU)-calculator!
  188. [Livestream] One Peace - Minecon Cape Givaway
  189. Nielyboyken Official Webpage
  190. Staff Needed and Members Needed!!!
  191. Zelda Google Hangout
  192. Yellow Legend of Zelda Test Cartridge
  193. [Website] Play Zelda on Facebook (for game boy Fans)
  194. My Zelda movie coming soon! Click here!
  195. Link's Twitter
  196. Really like some feedback on my song? :)
  197. Overpowered MMO/gaming forum!
  198. [Music] Zelda on the accordion
  199. Wind Waker Hd live-stream form 4pm (BST)
  200. Endica VII (4-Player Action RPG)
  201. [Shop] Custom Zelda NES Console for sale
  203. Let's Play Majora's Mask
  204. 120 hour WWHD stream for the Gamers Give Back Child's Play Charity, come help out :)
  205. Please Check Out My Music! You will not be disappointed!!
  206. Touhou!
  207. Opening Chibi Commissions for $5 +
  208. Super Mario props
  209. Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight - an upcoming game by Druid Gameworks
  210. [Shop] Hand Made Zelda Rupee Cushions!
  211. Vertex Gaming
  212. Hanging clouds and coins for Super Mario wedding
  213. WWHD Bundle Babysitting Goal
  214. New Zelda Song!!
  216. Super Mario Terrariums and Felicia Day!
  217. Skull/Zombie Princess Zelda t-shirt from TheYetee! Women's L!
  218. $12 Hyrule Inspired Tshirts at Once Upon a Tee
  219. Win A Copy Of Skyward Sword
  220. Link needs your support in the GameFAQs character contest
  221. Help Link in the GameFAQs Character Battle!
  222. [Fan Game] The Girl and the Robot (Zelda inspired game)
  223. Super Mario Boo Candle tutorial
  224. Wrote a book, made some tunes
  225. An Awesome Zelda Forum/RP
  226. Live Action Zelda Series (Faded Memories)
  227. Hereismyleak.com Let it all out!
  228. OFFICIALNIELY.TK my own HTML writed personal site!!!
  229. Link's biggest battle is upon him (Sept 1st), rally the troops!
  230. Custom Zelda 64 for sale
  231. Hero of the Village T-shirt design up for vote, please help
  232. For zelda fans a t-shirt design
  233. Vote for me on Threadless!!
  234. ALttP Text Hack! Improved Story!
  236. Technology Blog
  237. Vlog-Mario Mustache Pops!
  238. Video Game Forum
  239. Zelda Top 5 Video!
  240. Support Ocarina of Time! Nostalgia-ho!
  241. My Forum - OC
  242. Making a zelda game - Want your ideas to make it a community game!
  243. [SYN] Clan Recruiting
  244. I may have wrote a book
  245. Realms of Hyrule VI
  246. Hylian Shield Cake
  247. Hey Guys, please help me!
  248. Sword Maker, Help out!
  249. Zelda comics
  250. GIVEAWAY!!!