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  1. Free Games
  2. Im bored. Who wants to make a video game?
  3. [PC] Risk-like MMORPG?
  4. Sonic 4 Episode 2 General Discussion
  5. Best Character Themes in Games
  6. What Will You Remember Most This Gen?
  7. Games that should exist
  8. Violence in Video Games?
  9. Wind waker question
  10. I bought Xenoblade, but...
  11. Those Trailers, Man.
  12. Hurry! If you had $20 dollars to spend in the 3DS shop...
  13. The future of the gaming industry.
  14. What your favorite omious latin chanting theme in video games.
  15. Anticipated Games
  16. Periodic Email Updates on Anime, Games, and Movies
  17. Games that need more love.
  18. What was the worst game you've ever played?
  19. Breaking news! The WiiU is even worse than the Wii was for it's time!
  20. Games everyone loves except you
  21. Trying to make a good buy here.
  22. A long time coming... (refer me to a game!)
  23. [PC] Brick Force
  24. Too much Skyrim? Is it a bad thing?
  25. The Best of the Best of the BEST Art Styles!
  26. Diablo 3
  27. Underappreciated Videogame Soundtracks
  28. DS/3DS Play for the Wii!
  29. [PC] Gabe Newell talks Half-Life 3
  30. Should they model the next Super Smash Bros after Kid Icaru: Uprising's multiplayer?
  31. Oblivion Vs Skyrim
  32. [PC] Team fortress 2@: impression.
  33. Super mario bros is a Axis alliance reference
  34. Goldeneye 007 Online Thread!
  35. Hey just asking...
  36. Games you forgot!
  37. What is Sony doing?
  38. Soundtracks!
  39. Arrow to the knee: post your rants about this annoying meme.
  40. Animal Crossing 3DS
  41. BioWare on Dragon Age 3: "We're taking inspiration from Skyrim"
  42. What if project Sora produces the next star fox game?
  43. Funny Gaming Videos
  45. Whats your favourite HORROR video game? need another one ^^
  46. Favorite Game-Over music/scenes
  47. Kid Icarus Uprising: General Thread
  48. What ways can Nintendo infiltrate the mobile market?
  49. GAME PLC Goes into Administration
  50. Ninja gaiden 3: submit your opinion in fanboy rage.
  51. Thoughts on Resident Evil Operation Racoon City? maybe not so good...
  52. [PC] World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
  53. Chrono Trigger
  54. Smash Bros Brawl FC's
  55. Fire Emblem
  56. [Multi] Silent Hill
  58. The many ways Mario died(25 years)
  59. Playstation Vita: Thoughts, Opinions, Review
  60. Looking for a mario voice clip
  61. Assassin's Creed 3
  62. Dead video game series that need to be revived
  63. SEGA x Namco Bandai x CAPCOM?
  65. [Multi] Double Fine Adventure
  66. Dragon Quest
  67. [Multi] SSX
  68. Best Mario songs voted by the public
  69. Boss Phobia
  70. Games as Art
  71. Journey
  72. [MC] Zelda Texture Packs
  73. How It Should Be
  74. Boss questions
  75. Will GBA games become downloadable for 3DS?
  76. [Multi] Street Fighter X Tekken off to a disastrous start
  77. Pokémon Pros Throw ❤❤❤❤ At Eachother in Hotel
  78. [world of warcraft] Looking for european horde members for a more fun WoW experience!
  79. Pokemon Snap 2
  80. Resident Evil Revelations
  81. Final Fantasy Versus XIII: hyper turbo edition (Aka version 2.0)
  82. Things that i want to see at E3 2012
  83. [3DS] Crush 3D
  84. [PC?] Rumour: Valve working on console-like PC
  85. SS villians minecraft texture pack.
  86. Any other Touhou fan here?
  87. A Dead Face ♥ Delivery Site
  88. [PC] Sim City 5????
  89. Dilemma: Do I skip Halo 2 and go on to 3, or do I get 2 before I play 3?
  90. Circle Pad Pro - Whats your opinion
  91. Dragon Warrior Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D
  92. Why does people outside of the final fantasy fandom overrated the series?
  93. Final Forever Versus XIII: Zomg photo realistic graphics.
  94. Doctor Who: The Eternity clock
  95. Favorite Videogame Music of 2011.
  96. Captain Rainbow
  97. Favorite story-based game(s).
  98. Is Monster Hunter 3G going to be localized?
  99. Guild Wars & Guild Wars 2
  100. Minecraft: Race for the Wool
  101. 3ds eshop money
  102. MGS5 Teased.
  103. Pandora's tower: the least hyped of the operation rainfall triforce of games.
  104. Does the Wii mote have magnets in it? I set my 3DS by it and the screen blanked. :O
  105. The Last Story is coming to North America!
  106. [Multi] Persona 4: Arena Officially Announced for NA Release this Summer
  107. [Multi] Borderlands 2: 870 Gajillion More Guns
  108. The Last Story coming to the US
  109. [Nintendo] [OT] 3DS Discussion: Our fingers are raw!
  110. If You Could Choose One Sequel To Be Released This Year
  111. Dragon's Lair
  112. What's your favourite game of ALL time?
  113. Does Overhyping Ruin Games For You?
  114. Incidents where you were "Doing it wrong" in a video game?
  115. First Time Dying in a Vidya Game?
  116. Project 64 is fantastic!
  117. Shadow of the Colossus secrets
  118. Street Fighter II VC: Online Play!
  119. 3DS friend codes!
  120. In honor of Psychonauts 2, let's post useless video game business trivia!
  121. Street Fighter 4
  122. iPhone/iPad gaming
  123. What would you wish for in the gaming world?
  124. Neogaf's top fifty nintendo games of all time
  125. Make Zelda game NOT Illegal?
  126. Layton vs. Wright
  127. Screenshots of Wii?
  128. Vita's 50 million marketing campaign (biggest Sony launch ever) detailed
  129. If you could go back in time, how would you change your gaming life?
  130. Is it true that developers don't always keep a record of the games they make?
  131. What was your first image of a video game?
  132. Don't mean to make anyone mad or be a jerk, but what's the big deal with Megaman?
  133. Favorite Wii game?
  134. Favorite N64 game?
  135. Anyone want to make a game?
  136. Neat! Leaked footage and information on canceled Crash Bandicoot reboot
  138. DScraft
  139. Gaming Pile of Shame
  140. Getting enraged from a game.
  141. Stories: Video games can't cut it?
  142. SNES game recommendations
  143. Say something you like in games you like.
  144. Hardest Boss Battle...
  145. Wii classic controller question.
  146. Say something you hate in games you like
  147. Super Nintendo PAL and NTSE version
  148. Say something good about the games you dislike
  149. Character re-designs. The good, the bad, and...probably just the bad.
  150. Most nostalgic video game music for you?
  151. Best Pokémon Generation
  152. Izaya needs help with his Wii
  153. My Kinect rage.
  154. mario and sonic American football
  155. The next Pokémon installment.
  156. Will their be a Flipnote 3ds?
  158. Dragon Quest rant.
  159. Ultima game series
  160. Favorite game track
  161. Pick a franchise, how would you fix it?
  162. Post-merge squaresoft rant
  163. I'm JUST noticing this
  164. How Do You View General Gaming?
  165. Favorite video game eldritch abomination.
  166. All Hail The Glorious Chairman
  167. Link and Llia [Random Pics]
  168. Final Fantasy XXXXXVVVVI the second
  169. The SEGA Master System
  170. [Nintendo] Super Smash Brothers - Newcomer: Mega Man
  171. Xenoblade was pirated QUITE a bit
  172. What's your favourite videogame trailer?
  173. Runescape/Stellar Dawn thread
  174. good games for GC
  175. [PC] Katawa Shoujo: It's not what it looks like
  176. The Worst Mistake Nintedo Has Ever Made
  177. Funny And Random Pictures Go Here
  178. GoldenEye 007 on Wii
  179. Samus Aran's Characterization
  180. Your "Controversial" Gaming Opinion
  181. The Future of Video Games
  182. Video Game Music Videos!
  183. Wii U- Coming Holiday 2012
  184. Quantum Conundrum [from the developers of Portal 1]
  185. Nintendo! Why U Always Behind?!
  186. (Review)Playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  188. Mario Party 9 - Shaking Things Up!
  189. *Starts Playing Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts*
  190. Tetris is addictive
  191. Using a Wii as a GC better?
  192. What Annoys You in Video Games?
  193. Awesome Free flash games
  194. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
  195. Project New Dawn (Requesting Feedback)
  196. [Rumor] Rocksteady making new TMNT game "Manhattan Crisis"
  197. The greatest Final Fantasy
  198. Swapnote RPG
  199. [Multi] Fallout New Vegas Character Ideas
  200. Uncharted
  201. Best Music? (NO ZELDA!)
  202. @3DS Ambassadors: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
  203. The perfect game
  204. Freakyforms -Formee sharing!
  205. Overrated and Underrated Music
  206. 3ds prices vs ds prices
  207. should i get hacks?
  208. Kid Icarus: Uprising Info & Discussion
  209. Professor Layton anyone?
  210. [Multi] Mass Effect 3
  211. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  212. Tokitawa, new RPG from Imageepoch
  213. Resident Evil 6 rumors: Playable Chris and Leon!
  214. Resident Evil Revelations
  215. [PC] Dustforce
  216. Video Game ADD?
  217. [Multi] WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2011/WWE 12 (unconventional) help needed
  218. Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of Time coming to NA July 24th
  219. Will we ever get Metroid 5?
  220. Mario Kart 7 Records thread!
  221. I thought we were friends..
  222. It hurts to hold down the A button.
  223. [Multi] Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  224. I miss 16-bit games.
  225. Perfect Dark on 360?
  226. Super Smash Bros. Wii U (Gameplay Physics)
  227. The next smash brothers game
  228. AR cards
  229. What needs to happen in the next Dragon Ball Z game
  230. Video game songs you work out to
  231. MK7 Zelda Universe Community!
  232. [Research] Mobile Phone RPGs. How much would you pay?
  233. SSX
  234. I finally landed that plane in Top Gun
  236. What Videogame Characters Are You Similar To?
  237. Anyone wanna race me in MK7?
  238. Recent Gaming Rants
  239. The Binding of Isaac
  240. The second game in a trilogy is always the worst?
  241. unused club nintendo PINs...
  242. Anyone know how to search cheats for the N64
  243. Does this Annoy anyone else?
  244. What games would you like to see in the future?
  245. Are You Afraid of Terrible Games?
  246. Can't afford games? Pirate them.
  247. RUMOR : Retro Studios on Zelda Collaberation
  248. Games similar to Skyward Sword Tear Collecting?
  249. I'm reviewing games as a hobby, need opinions
  250. Anyone Play Monster Hunter Tri?