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  1. Next Generation Speculation
  2. Guitar Hero
  3. Favorite Fire Emblem Music in Brawl
  4. Backbreaker
  5. Defensive Gamers Ruin Gaming.
  6. Metal Gear Solid
  7. Persona PSP Coming to America!
  8. LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm And Assassin's Creed Coming To PSP!
  9. Go to eBay
  10. Metroid Prime Log Entries
  11. Buying The World Ends With You
  12. What happened to that suit that lets you feel the pain in games?
  13. Pokemon Daimond and Pearl Trade Thread!
  14. The Conduit - Graphics
  15. Strange Nintendo...
  16. So now that I've been here a little bit.
  17. Game series fan followings on ZU
  18. Ragnarok Online
  19. Wii Pikmin?
  20. DSi
  21. Castlevania: The Arcade!!
  22. Bad News: DSi to be $170. Good News: Rhythm Heaven April 5th!!
  23. Noby Noby Boy - Coming to PSN February 19th -
  24. Sakurai returns to Nintendo, creates new studio!
  25. What kinda Ds game is this?!
  26. What game reviewer do you think is most accurate?
  27. Help My Pre-Law Major Class Play Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
  28. Anyone know why GameRankings is redirecting me to GameSpot?
  29. Matsuno has Officially Joined Mad World Team
  30. Help me convince my parents to let me play halo 3
  31. Whos your favorite mario character
  32. Wii Problem
  33. Would you buy a new Jet Set Radio game?
  34. Whats your favorite koopa
  35. God of War III preview and new trailer(sort of)
  36. The World Ends With You--Best RPG Ever?
  37. Laziness or I don't know
  38. Square Enix buys Tomb Raider
  39. Kingdom Hearts!!!
  40. Favorite Ending Credits Theme
  41. This game's twisted. o.o
  42. Chrono Trigger connected to Chrono Cross
  43. What's your favorite Final Fantasy and why?
  45. The console wars.
  46. Chrono trigger
  47. nhl 09 club
  48. Ninja Gaiden 2: More Slashy Than Thou
  49. I bet you cant defeat Shira Bell
  50. Voice Acting
  51. Do you have a specific way you play games?
  52. Teams Idea
  53. MadWorld: First Gameplay Footage
  54. A new Wii Metroid on the way?
  55. Where does Mario go next?
  56. New Social Group.
  57. Why are RPG's so freaking long?!
  58. Fire Emblem! =)
  59. Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop for the Wii
  60. Death of my poor Wii.. Have you ever had any problems with yours?
  61. Mortal Kombat
  62. DS vs. PSP
  63. Rate Adult Link!
  64. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
  65. New Console idea
  66. Most Awkward Gaming Experience?
  67. So what do you game on?
  68. Looking for help with Swahili.
  69. Who thinks that the Wii is lacking original games?
  70. Where does the Metroid series go next?
  71. To all of you Fallout 3 Players Out There...
  72. Games That Were Good At First...
  73. What you want in Elder Scrolls V
  74. Fantasy and platform games on the Xbox 360
  75. What games would you like to see on the VC?
  76. Star Ocean: The Last Hope
  77. And This Is Why You Never Heard This Song in Chrono Trigger
  78. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers
  79. Is my R4 DS fake?
  80. Favorite 1st Party Nintendo Series?
  81. PS2 vs. PS3, not your average debate.
  82. Sony GDC: Heavy Rain?
  83. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers New Trailer
  84. Stupid marketing of video game prices.
  85. Final Fantasy IV: The After Coming to XBLA? (And PSN and WiiWare too?)
  86. Final Fantasy X
  87. Iwata to Keynote GDC
  88. Animal Crossing: City Folk
  89. Why nintendo....?
  90. Component Cables on a N64???
  91. Idiana Jones and the Staff of Kings for Wii?
  92. DSi not future proof?
  93. Favourite Anime Games
  94. Wouldn't it make more sense to release SSB at the end of a generation?
  95. NO FANBOYS!!! (PS3 vs Xbox 360)
  96. take pride in your videogames.
  97. Spore
  98. i cant get my gameshark 3.3 to work on any game at all.
  99. Rumor: PS2 Software Emulation Coming to BC-Less PS3s?
  100. Talking Orange Becomes Area5.tv, Releases First Epi. of CO-OP
  101. "Winter" Canned
  102. Rock Band/ Rock Band 2
  103. Kingdom Hearts 3
  104. LittleBigPlanet
  105. Do you think Brawl will get DLC?
  106. SFIV achievements/ trophies out.
  107. Casualties of the Console War
  108. Should I trade in my Wii and games for a Xbox 360 and games?
  109. Argh! Help me! (Fire Emblem)
  110. Shining Force II
  111. Things that should be made into games
  112. Help in Pikmin Please!
  113. DS malfunction
  114. dead systems :(
  115. New Sonic and the Black Knight Trailer.
  116. Post your game collection!
  117. remake final fantasy 7 ?
  118. New Mario Game Idea
  119. Metroid Prime games
  120. Dragon Quest V
  121. Weird thing I noticed in Super Mario 64
  122. Video Games = Stupid, Movies = Acceptable
  123. Next Generation of Gaming: Evolution vs. Revolution
  124. BREAKING NEWS: Battlefront 3 footage LEAKED!!!
  125. Original Persona Coming to PSP
  126. Lord of the ring Conquest
  127. Most annoying video game character.
  128. Your game guides?
  129. SaGa II/Final Fantasy Legend II remake for DS
  130. Sega and Marvelous Open Countdown Sites
  131. What are your Top 3 most played games
  132. DSi Coming to US April 4th for $180 (Rumor)
  133. "Nintendo is dead to me."
  134. Is there going to be a Nintendo event before e3 this year?
  135. Hard video game bosses.
  136. Best FPS Games
  137. What is this? (Final Fantasy V NES Zelda... thing)
  138. Tales of Hearts
  139. Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection
  140. When does the new consol get out?
  141. Fore Emblem Radiant Dawn
  142. Things in video games that look like other things in video games.
  143. HAHA!!! Naming the next generation
  144. Training Wheels for games. New Ninty Patent.
  145. Multiplatform
  146. What do people hate so much about game remakes?
  147. Competitive Games?
  148. Eighth Generation Sales predictions.
  149. Strategy Games.
  150. Which one should I buy?
  151. The Trouble With "Innovativeness".
  152. I have the Red Ring of Death!
  153. Super Mario Bros. "Beat"
  154. Greatest games this generation
  155. So EGM is dead, and so is 1UP for the most part
  156. Mario & Luigi 3 (now with a trailer)
  157. Which Viva pinata would you be?
  158. RPG MAKER XP!!!!
  159. Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility
  160. Need for better speed.
  161. Mario Kart Wii - Star Grade Rankings
  162. Worst game you have played on each system
  163. What games would you like to see become movies?
  164. Wii: redemption in 2009?
  165. Final Fantasy VII - To Buy or not to Buy?
  166. What would you want from Nintendo's next console (Wii HD)?
  167. If you had to choose 3 game companies...
  168. What's One Thing You Hate About Your Favorite Game?
  169. Metal Gear Solid Cast In Therapy?
  170. The Untold Legend Of The Feirce Deity Majora's Mask 2
  171. The Sims
  172. Starfox: The Mysterious Human FanFic, viewing purposes ONLY
  173. GTA IV, Biased reviews?
  174. Persona
  175. What do you consider "Old school"?
  176. My new Wii, and SSBB
  177. Which Underrated Game Deserves A Sequel?
  178. Classic Games Thread
  179. The Nintendo News Thread!!!
  180. Your opinions on cheat codes
  181. Super Mario Galaxy Terase Dome Help
  182. Animal Crossing City Folk
  183. AC: CF
  184. ----crossovers---->
  185. My prediction for the current console war.
  186. What did you think of Lin's crossbow training?
  187. UT
  188. Fate Unlimited Codes (PS2)
  189. Guitar Hero World Tour Wii Carrer
  190. Animal Crossing CF FC's?
  191. (Wii) Animal Crossing: Let's go to the City/ City Folk/ Machi he ikou
  192. The Mario Thread!
  193. Classic games you want to play, but never got the chance to
  194. The original thinkers...
  195. Are video games a form of art?
  196. Your Battle Team
  197. Seriously, we need the Dreamcast on Virtual Consol
  198. Two small gaming questions
  199. Cortex Command.
  200. Most Wanted Smash Characters
  201. Video Games Ruin and Steal Our Children's Souls - Or Does It?
  202. Pokemon D/P Battle Thread
  203. Has anyone played Act Raiser?
  204. Pokedex
  205. Nintendo's Videogame Swords
  206. Batman: Arkham Asylum
  207. The next best game in the world is...
  208. IT's Bad Enough You Can't Get A Job In This Economnay - But If You Are A Gamer . . .
  209. stupid smash bros. characters
  210. Anyone else remember this game/series?
  211. Uru: Ages Beyond Myst rises from the grave. Again.
  212. Leave it to EA to take a **** all over a literary masterpiece
  213. Final Fantasy XII
  214. FF XIII! what do you think?
  215. Most Epic/Favourite Final Battles in Video Games
  216. Club Nintendo
  217. World of warcraft
  218. The Noby Noby Boy Thread of WTF Is That Chicken Doing On His Back?!
  219. Tales of For Wii - First Trailer Inside
  220. Video Games vs. Television
  221. Steam Client I.D.s
  222. Okami
  223. Fire Emblem - Coming of the FISH DOCTOR!
  224. My own GH wishlist, what's your dream song?
  225. Home Beta
  226. I'm on IGN. wOOt.
  227. MMORPG
  228. iGame
  229. ''WiiŽn'': dutch Word of the Year 2008? Vote!
  230. The Wii from a Philisophical Standpoint
  231. Wii 2 already in production.
  232. Future of RPGs
  233. Yeah, so, Dragon Quest X is going to be for Wii
  234. Where to sell my GameCube
  235. How do I convince my parents I am ready to play M games (Halo 3)
  236. New 2D Platformer For PSN, PC Looks Amazing
  237. post pics of ur gameing setup
  238. Left 4 Dead: Opinions?
  239. A question about LBP
  240. Batman: Arkham Asylum, teaser trailer
  241. Animal Crossing, Wild World
  242. What's your definition of an RPG?
  243. Sudden Death From Stock?
  244. Cheat Sessions?
  245. Guitar Hero
  246. What makes gamer hardcore?
  247. SSB4 to be named Super Smash Bros. Collision?
  248. Children Hang Kitten After Playing GTA
  249. Guy imitates Mario Kart in real-life. What the heck?
  250. For Those Who Have Wii Speak, click here!