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  1. Hardest level/mission/boss you have ever had to go through in a game
  2. Who is most whiney, obnoxious, most annoying videogame character of all time?
  3. Duke Nukem Forever
  4. Sonic the Hedgehog Timeline Confusion.
  5. Unlikely Crossovers that would be cool
  6. New The Last Guardian Screen + Shot of Ico HD?
  7. Kingdom hearts Story explained in a nutshell
  8. Kingdom Hearts Series: Birth By Sleep Final Mix for the PSP announced
  9. Medal of Honor
  10. Batman: Arkham City screenshots
  11. Mario Kart DS Online Problems
  12. Overplayed game besides Zelda OOT?
  13. Treasure (Gunstar Heroes, Sin & Punishment, Ikaruga) announce Bangai-O HD for XBLA
  14. The Tokyo Game Show News and Information Thread
  15. Why is Giygas scary?
  16. Microsoft raising Xbox Live prices
  17. You know what sucks about being a gamer?
  18. Atlus Dissolved by Parent Company
  19. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - This November
  20. Free Wii Download Ticket
  21. Looking for PC Game Design Platform
  22. The Future of Nintendo's First-Party Titles
  23. What do you consider the "classics" of gaming?
  24. Am I the only person excited for Hunted?
  25. First Game of Dungeons and Dragons
  26. Silent Hill Shattered Memories Storyline *Spoilers*
  27. nintendo characters that have been around and have been good.
  28. Final Fantasy VII
  29. Metroid Other M: a failure........
  30. Halo: Reach - 1v1 Humpday Challenges are in the making! Sign-ups soon!
  31. Bangai-o Spirit lag?
  32. Liam Fox vs Medal of Honor
  33. Dead State, a new RPG about a Zombie Apocalypse
  34. Have your parents ever made a mistake about gaming?
  35. Limbo
  36. Wii HD Cable- Worth It?
  37. Peach, Daisy, or Zelda??
  38. Top 5 Most pointless Game franchise
  39. Ubisoft vs EA
  40. Top 5 game franchise
  41. Dragon Feeding Game
  42. So it turns out the new Goldeneye really is just COD
  43. Gunman's Proof (Do you remember...)
  44. Wii friend codes
  45. Halo Reach less than a month away :D
  46. "Portal" on College Reading List?
  47. Does looking at walkthroughs make you feel guilty?
  48. "Red Ring of Death" on the 360
  49. TSG (TheSpeedGamers) Assassin's Creed and Prince of persia Marathon
  50. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  51. Golden Joystick Awards 2010
  52. Mass Effect 2 ic soming to the PS3
  53. The Curse of the Superman Game
  54. Portal 2 Coming February 9th, Mr. W Needs a New Computer Before Then
  55. New Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Trailer!
  56. Atlus announce their first HD title, Catherine. New IP, very odd.
  57. Resistance 3 Teaser and wallpaper
  58. Might and Magic: heroes 6
  59. Your worst game save (or lack there of) experience
  60. Rumors about a Metroid Prime 5?
  61. Did anyone ever pretend to have a house in a video game
  62. Turtle Beach x4 or x31?
  63. Easiest/hardest/scariest/funniest/funnest foes.
  64. Your Wii Collection
  65. Looking for an RPG to be immersed in.
  66. Jack the Ripper the Magic Demon Slayer or oh god i hate video games
  67. iPhone v.s. DS- come support your side.
  68. Super Smash Bros. Rumble?
  69. How to start a SSBB game with Zero Suit Samus?
  70. Board game- looking for input
  71. Scary Ratings for all Silent Hill games
  72. The Best Nintendo Console
  73. Bioshock Infinite
  74. Gorilla plays Donkey Kong
  75. Explosions
  76. What's your gaming style?
  77. 5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted
  78. You Can Always Bet on Duke
  79. Favorite internet flash game?
  80. Majora links in brawl
  81. Alan Wake: Season 2!
  82. Castle Crashers Online
  83. Does length matter?
  84. The Shin Megami Tensei Thread
  85. Games with technologically impressive music
  86. The Wii Nunchuck: Mindsplosion
  87. Sonic the Hedgehog 4! All Rejoice!
  88. Duke Nukem doing voicework for Valve's new DotA game, possible unveiling at PAX
  89. Your Xbox 360 collection!
  90. Games you are currently playing.
  91. Can pandora play doom
  92. Games you are ashamed to admit you HAVE played/owned
  93. Gamespot's all time Greatest Villain contest
  94. PSP games, UMD or download?
  95. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS?
  96. Are You looking foreward to Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days?
  97. What happened to Camp Hyrule?
  98. Your Top 12 Favoite Nintendo songs
  99. Your Favorite Gaming Merchandise of All Time
  100. Wii sucessor announced
  101. so... Starcraft II
  102. Medal of Honor
  103. Most Amazing/Rewarding Game Exploit
  104. Arc Rise Fantasia
  105. nintendo's new games and stories and system and more
  106. Are you excited for the Halo Reach Campaign!?
  107. New games/sequels that need to be made
  108. The Top 5 Best Console Game of All Time
  109. Tales of Graces Coming to PS3, New PS3 Tales Game Announced
  110. MW2 may be the worst cod of the past 3
  111. Preemptive Strike! Tomorrow's Famitsu to have Nomura FFVXIII Int and TacOgre!
  112. JRPGs and The Ridiculous Misconceptions that Surround Them
  113. Nintendo and Remakes
  114. GOTY 2010 Predictions
  115. Fire Emblem Thread v.6
  116. SMB3 over rated
  117. What I would do with the Star Fox series
  118. story behind a game
  119. Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness
  120. Which Nes Mario Game is the best?
  121. A Zelda TF2 Map: Palace of Twilight
  122. Character Redesigns: The Good vs. The Bad
  123. ITT: We Fight Ravenously Over the Little Scraps of Half-Life 3 Info Valve Gives Us
  124. How should I do this..
  125. Bullet Hell games
  126. California's Video Game Law
  127. What Are Your Top 10 Favorite Video Games of All Time?
  128. TACTICS OGRE: Wheel of Fate Announced, With Matsuno!!
  129. what exacly is this ''dragon quest IX''?
  130. Dungeon & Dragons
  131. Deus Ex : Human Revolution
  132. The official iPhone v.s. Android battle thread
  133. The Perfect Game that you wish you could make
  134. Alien Swarm
  136. Backloggery
  137. Modding
  138. Who is your favorite person in Metal Gear Solid?
  139. The best game in History
  140. Crash Bandicoot
  141. PS3 Billing Info Problem(s)
  142. Mario Galaxy vs Mario Galaxy 2
  143. Your List of the Most Underrated and Overrated Games Ever
  144. Should I get DQ IX?
  145. ITT: A video game rant
  146. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Play Time
  147. Games that as a kid you loved, and now you can't stand.
  148. Which PSP should I get?
  149. Professor Layton 3 and the Unwound Future
  150. Samus is a stripper: yes or no?
  151. Your Top 10 Favorite Video Games
  152. Hero Mode in Jak3
  153. Idea for next Smash Bros. game
  154. Diglett's mouth?!?
  155. Video Game Myths & Easter Eggs
  156. Dragon Quest IX of Slurp Slurps and Puff Puffs (V.2)
  157. Halo: Reach Thread
  158. Assassins creed 3 Possible settings
  159. Street Fighter Thread
  160. Ni No Kuni (Level-5 x Studio Gib.) Confirmed for a US Release! [Inazuma Eleven, too]
  161. kirby air ride two?
  162. 3G coming to Nintendo 3DS?
  163. Dragon Age 2 announced. Coming March 2011
  164. Favorite Pokemon Game
  165. Awesome Bad*ssery
  166. the top 5 games in a bunch of different franchises thread
  167. Pre OoT Best Games List
  168. Who is your favorite character in Super Smash Bros. Melee?
  169. Mario or Luigi?
  170. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Nude Scenes
  171. New Portal 2 Trailers on Steam
  172. Mario Kart 3DS Graphics vs. Mario Kart Wii Graphics
  173. Prince of Persia: Twin Towers (NGC) or Rival Swords (Wii)
  174. Miyamoto: It's time for a new IP
  175. Backloggery
  176. Sony claims to have "legitimized" gaming.
  177. RuneScape Discussion
  178. July 4th Brawl Tournament!
  179. Nintendo Theme Park
  180. Team Fortress 2: Engineer Update
  181. Guitar Hero or ROCKBAND!!!
  182. Castlevania!
  183. PS3 or 3DS? Read first.
  184. Gaming Needs a Major Revolution.
  185. E and M
  186. SSBB Tournament.
  187. Favorite Nintendo Series?
  188. Kinect or Move?
  189. NotPr0n
  190. FF Versus 13
  191. Best Fighting game
  192. Silent Hill 1 Save Files?
  193. My Wii shop channel.
  194. Images/Features/Other things in games that were taken out during development
  195. pokemon, zelda, mario
  196. mario's iconic symbols
  197. Whatever Happened To Easter Eggs?
  198. Hardest Game?
  199. Top 5 video game songs of all time?
  200. Ghosts 'N Goblins Project- need input
  201. Time Traveller
  202. Perils of Summer Sale June 24th-July 4th.
  203. Learning to Love the Little Things
  204. Handheld Opinions
  205. Awesome trivia
  206. Zelda vs. Mario
  207. Motorstorm: Apocalypse Revealed
  208. 'Mino's Game Rating Thread
  209. Gauntlet Dark Legacy vs Gauntlet Seven Sorrows
  210. The Next Gen Thread
  211. Level 5 announces Ninokuni for PS3
  212. I can haz virtual console 3ds?
  213. My sick "custom" DS Lite
  214. Which is better, Need for Speed or Burnout?
  215. What was the shortest time that it took you to start and beat a video game?
  216. How does Zelda Compare to other Blockbusters?
  217. Tales of Bankruptcy
  218. Going Old School!
  219. The Last Story: Update (with scans!)
  220. Official Osu! Thread
  221. Star Wars: The Old Republic
  222. Kotick wants "Call of Duty" Subscriptions
  223. Do you consider yourself to be an old school gamer or...
  224. CVG: Kojima to Reveal Huge PS3-Exclusive at TGS
  225. Mii update
  226. Official Halo Reach Thread: The Great Journey Ends Here.
  227. The Thread for weird pictures in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  228. Need a little help to decide...
  229. Metal Gear Solid: Rising
  230. Games you thought/hoped would be at E3 but weren't.
  231. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
  232. The Third Birthday
  233. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions and Secret of Mana to iPhone!
  234. Does anybody else feel overwhelmed by all the games?
  235. Dear nintendo..
  236. Paper Mario 3DS
  237. Rayman Origins - Episodic 2D Platformer
  238. Journey ~ New Game from Makers of Fl0w, Flower
  239. |OT| Donkey Kong Country: Returns ARGH WTF THIS GAME HATES ME!!
  240. Xbox V.S. PS3
  241. RS Membership
  242. Super Scribblenauts-- Scribblenauts as it was meant to be
  243. Let's Discuss the Next Luigi Game!
  244. |OT| Nintendo 3DS: Donate a 3DS to Lord Ghirahim
  245. [General] Metroid: Rebirth of a Warrior
  246. Kirby: Epic Yarn
  247. |OT| Kid Icarus - Uprising: Control Scheme Revealed!
  248. Nintendo to Update Their DS Section
  249. What are you most looking forward to from E3 Microsof/EA/Ubisoft/
  250. Live streaming for E3?