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  1. [Important!] Code Wizard Usergroup
  2. [Feedback] Are people really that stupid?
  3. Mobile Forums
  4. Why does the main site have info on Beta OOT, but NOT BS Zelda?!
  5. [Important!] A Proposal
  6. [Suggestion] Some kind of mediator/appeal for mods and users
  7. Why doesn't the main site have an AlttP video walkthrough?
  8. [Question] SO MANY AD BOTS!
  9. [Important!] Vero and Derek are your friendly resident coders
  10. Comics Archive
  11. [Question] ZU Must Really Hate ****** ******
  12. [Question] Tweet, tweet!
  13. vBSEO Update, Potential New URL Scheme (TweetBoard nixed due to not workingness)
  14. Quotes in sigs
  15. Explaining Last Night's Downtime
  16. New Time Descriptors
  17. [Need Help] Thing below my Name.
  18. [Important!] Upgrading to vB 3.8.6 Tomorrow
  19. [Suggestion] Simple question.
  20. [Question] Chuggaaconroy? ZU?
  21. A question about fonts
  22. [Important!] Facebook Connect: Trying it Again on vB4
  23. What ever happened to the listenable fan made music on this site?
  24. Can't access Spirit Tracks walkthrough?
  25. ZU walkthrough for OoT isnt working.
  26. cody's autograph
  27. Profile Problems and Main Page Problem
  28. [Feedback] Facebook Connect Concerns (Archived)
  29. The internet and I are not friends
  30. [Important!] Temple 3 Approaching, updates of old skins too - all on vB4!
  31. [Need Help] Deleted Posts
  32. game menu doesn't show in opera
  33. Name change for newbies
  34. [Question] Why was I removed from Farore? Can I go back?
  35. [Important!] Ugh, got banned from the chat again!!
  36. [Question] Why was I removed from Nayru? Can I go back?
  37. Reviving old threads
  38. [Feedback] Relevant Feedback
  39. How come I'm a Deku Scrub?
  40. Has it been changed?
  41. how do I reset a thread?
  42. [Question] Were do I put this video I made for ZUPC in the Creativity Corner?
  43. Do you like Cody's Rant?
  44. [Important!] Qualifications for being a mod?
  45. The rules for creating a group
  46. [Question] Custom Sig picture
  47. Can I change a title?
  48. [Question] How do I insert a pic into a post?
  49. [Question] Logs me out when I log into the forums...
  50. [Need Help] How do you make a sample recoding/Podcast?
  51. Closing my account?
  52. [Question] Do mods like picking fights or something?
  53. Please help
  54. [Question] Custom User Title
  55. Passwords...
  56. new slogan
  57. A 'Prison Cell' forum.
  58. [Important!] Forum times are off
  59. How do I change my title?
  60. [Suggestion] Zelda Quiz Series
  61. When are the summer awards?
  62. Fix this. (regarding news on 3DS Paper Mario)
  63. [Suggestion] Skyward Sword
  64. [Need Help] ZU is very slow and sometimes doesn't work!
  65. [Feedback] Last Post Discrepancy
  66. Can we do something about the constant crashing?
  67. [Suggestion] Unread posts in the User CP timing out
  68. [Suggestion] An "Are You Sure?"
  69. Nice.
  70. [Need Help] the MM cutscene list...
  71. [Question] Yeah, about ranks...
  72. Avy on mainsite.
  73. Linking in Signature
  74. [Suggestion] Hopping mad!
  75. question about threads
  76. User Group Not Working.
  77. Hell Hawk is trying to take over ZU
  78. NES/SNES Zelda and N64 Zelda should be different boards
  81. Zelda Universe isn't working?
  82. train forum...
  83. [Feedback] mobile mode
  84. Usernames
  85. Zelda Fanart Thread?
  86. Ban them.
  87. [Question] Pokefarm/Dragon Cave sig stuff
  88. [Question] Custom Rank?
  89. [Suggestion] Thread disclaimers.
  90. [Suggestion] New Posts in Social Groups?
  91. Locking and renaming threads
  92. screenshots for heart pieces (and other suggestion)
  93. [Need Help] Search feature not working?
  94. What's the Escapist's Haven?
  95. [Important!] New Smiley
  96. [Question] Inquiring minds must know...
  97. [Question] What's up with that ocarina ad on the front page?
  98. Latest News on Temple hates list elements
  100. Sig and avy rules
  101. [Need Help] How do you change the status-thingy
  102. Problems with Temporary Solution
  103. [Suggestion] Fanfic Showcase in RSS Feed
  104. [Suggestion] Merging Threads
  105. [Suggestion] How to make a sig rotate thing.
  106. site's comic section errors
  107. Back To The Future
  108. [Suggestion] Font Color
  109. moved threads
  110. [Need Help] Invalid Insights?
  111. in-game Questions
  112. [Need Help] I still don't understand this damn CR feature
  113. Xeno's Avatar
  114. [Question] Is it possible to have all my posts deleted?
  115. Are there any parodies left on ZU?
  116. [Suggestion] Garry's Mod Sticky Thread.
  117. The Melpomene Trials, Discussion on Selecting Moderators, and Member Seniority
  118. [Feedback] Unofficial Feedback Time With Notsil
  119. how do you go up ranks
  120. Mobile Search Issues.
  121. [Suggestion] General "Zelda chit-chat" thread
  122. [Suggestion] Reputation points, a possible new forum feature.
  123. [Question] Where can I find the Wind Waker theme violin sheet music?
  124. [Suggestion] threads
  125. [Question] How do I make a poll?
  126. Shortcuts
  127. [Suggestion] Old Threads
  128. [Question] How do I get banned for this?
  129. [Suggestion] three dee
  130. [Question] Confirming Something
  131. Forum Link not working
  132. [Question] Did Y2k actually happen?
  133. [Important!] Unable to download tracks containing certain symbols
  134. [Important!] The Login Issues
  135. [Need Help] Custom Rank
  136. [Important!] Shame on you, Jason!
  137. This is Mclinko, I can't log in
  138. Why CanI Not Post a New Discussin in a Social Group?
  139. No offense to Jehanne, but you kinda proved my point.
  140. [Question] Internal Server Error?
  141. Password Change Strikes Again
  142. [Question] Banned from chat room
  143. Mobile Skin Issues
  144. [Suggestion] About the Smash Bros. Online Match Thread
  145. The thing below my username says Deku Scrub....
  146. Chatroom problems?
  147. Fan Music Section.
  148. [Important!] Can't Log In? Temporary Solution Here
  149. [Question] Does this message board have the worst mod team in the history of message boards?
  150. [Need Help] Can't log in?
  151. [Important!] Under the MUSIC SECTION
  152. [Question] Writing Question...
  153. Auto edit
  154. moble skin
  155. avatar limits (again)
  156. How do I edit m signature?
  157. Log-In Problems
  158. [Suggestion] Zelda Universe Toolbar
  159. Ironee?
  160. the cheerful fairy
  161. [Feedback] who changed tonch's avatar?
  162. [Feedback] Did you know...
  163. I am disapoint
  164. [Need Help] Logging in
  165. Anime forum!!!!
  166. [Suggestion] New Posts?
  167. [Suggestion] Changing the title of Threads
  168. Server Problems?
  169. [Important!] The login isn't working for me.
  170. [Question] Times not displaying correctly.
  171. [Suggestion] Mods
  172. Control Panel Access from Mobile ZU
  173. [Suggestion] Stickied Gmod thread?
  174. [Important!] You better not pull another aprils fool day like last year
  175. [Question] Weird...
  176. My computer is messed up.
  177. [Important!] When In Doubt, Clear Your Cookies and Cache - A Guide
  178. Seeing Past Usernames is Broken?
  179. [Important!] User CP???
  180. [Feedback] Something positive for once.
  181. [Need Help] Main-Site Polls Not functioning for me
  182. [Question] How do you include YouTube videos?
  183. [Question] RENEEgade?
  184. Discussion of the Mailbag
  185. Problem with mobile skin
  186. Crashing upon logging in?
  187. [Question] How do I move on?
  188. Why?
  189. A few of my updated videos.
  190. [Question] Clan Demographics
  191. Login problems all over the place?
  192. I noticed that you are using my youtube walkthrough on this site.
  193. [Question] Temple of Knowledge No More?
  194. [Question] If Radek can get away with calling me names why can't I make fun of others
  195. I accidentally reported a post
  196. Main Site Issue
  197. [Suggestion] Change the Clan Test
  198. Where on earth is my thread REGARDING ZELDA
  199. Logging in Error
  200. Auto-merged posts
  201. I'm probably just not looking hard enough
  202. 2000 character limit in groups
  203. Headway
  204. overstepping your bounds
  205. I demand a recount!
  206. New sig limits...
  207. SMS Notifications
  208. ZU Gallery not working properly
  209. Scrolling sigs...seriously?
  210. Jason creeps me out!
  211. Winter ZUlympics
  212. Email alerts.
  213. Ineffective Spoiler Tags
  214. [Question] poll
  215. [Suggestion] Can we have an official Garry's Mod subsection in Graphic Design ?
  216. [Need Help] Passsword glitch
  217. [Need Help] Login woes
  218. [Need Help] How do I save sent PMs?
  219. [Important!] The news feed on the front page is a couple months behind
  220. [Suggestion] What do they mean?
  221. Signature newbie
  222. [Suggestion] What about the staff?
  223. [Question] Music playing?
  224. [Question] ... Broforce?
  225. Spoiler tags on mobile skin
  226. When I try to log in, it doesn't say my password is right
  227. I have a suggestion
  228. [Need Help] Two Problems...
  229. Tough decision...
  230. Images Not Showing Up
  231. [Question] WHAT?
  232. Name Change Predicament
  233. Reviving Old Threads / Necroposting / BUMPing / Yeah
  234. [Feedback] No autolocking of old threads in certain sections
  235. A short little question
  236. Visual Entertainment Suggestion
  237. How?
  238. [Suggestion] Edit alerts (or the ability to change thread names)
  239. soundtracks
  240. [Need Help] Bit of sig help, please.
  241. Userbar link
  242. [Suggestion] Contests
  243. I have searched around and still wonder, What exactly is the "Clan" thing about?
  244. [Suggestion] htp:/ww.youtube.ZeldaUniverseTV@com.video
  245. [Need Help] Ahem.
  246. When will Zwii get it's own icon?
  247. Name Changing.
  248. Nice
  249. [Question] When You Send a PM, Do you Have to Save a Copy?
  250. What's up in Entertainment?