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  1. Link is Ganon - Majora's Mask
  2. What's the point to making your own timeline?
  3. What are the consecuences of Skyward Sword Timeline Split?
  4. My Own Timeline
  5. The golden goddesses - mistaken identity?
  6. Adult Link World is Magicant(Spoilers)
  7. Did the Minish survive the Great Flood?
  8. Is Majora's Mask connected to the Twilight Realm?
  9. What if Link is really a potato?
  10. Where is the portal that connects Hyrule to Termina?
  11. Where did Link go? (Hyrule-Termina theory)
  12. ALBW: Spirit of the Hero confusion.
  13. What is the Ghostly Ether?
  14. On the Origin of Species: A Zelda Beastiary Evolution Thread
  15. The Seven Sages could be representatives of the Seven Heavenly Virtues ((OoT))
  16. Minish Cap's Light Force is actually the complete Triforce
  17. How Does Termina Connect To Hyrule?
  18. Majora's background and motives
  19. Pirates Stronghold = Great Bay Temple?
  20. Missing Temple in Ocarina of Time?
  21. Link, Ravio, and Kafei
  22. Why Does the Time Affect Link's Age in OoT?
  23. Why SS Link isn't Hylia's Original Hero
  24. Reptilian Stalfos
  25. The Shadow Emblem and the Tetraforce
  26. the connection of link in the legend of zelda
  27. What if Majora's Mask wasn't evil?
  28. Three flames theory.
  29. The Oddball of Labrynna
  30. Illia
  31. A Zelda to the Past
  32. Goht and Snowhead Temple
  33. The Birth of Hyrule & the Royal Family - Conceptual Theory
  34. Link's family in WW
  35. The Sages of Lorule
  36. Who Is Majora?
  37. Text Dumps?
  38. An Oddity in WW
  39. Is Hyrule really on a Planet?
  40. Protosages?
  41. Time Gates and Time shifts (Timeshift theory)
  42. Headscratcher: Veran's missed opportunity
  43. Is Lana the bearer of the fourth triforce?
  44. Here's an Idea...
  45. Who is this General Store lady? (A Theory Regarding the Shadow Beings)
  46. Rauru=Skyward Sword Link
  47. Zant and Gannon: A Twilight Princess Theory
  48. Termina is Purgatory (Link's Test)
  49. Veran and the Twili/Sheikah (An Oracle of Ages Theory)
  50. A theory about timeshift stones
  51. What exactly does each Triforce piece do?
  52. Forest "Temple"? More like haunted mansion.
  53. Another "Why the Timeline Split Occurred" Theory
  54. The Salesman's whereabouts.
  55. Happy Mask Salesman and Skyward Sword Merchant Rupin
  56. Lenzo and the Ganondorf picture
  57. And So it Begins...
  58. What happened to the triforce after WW?
  59. Questions of the Moon Childrens
  60. Zelda Timeline Theory
  61. Koholint Island, or Something Like it, is Real - A Theory on Dreams
  62. Agahnim Theory
  63. Where COULD Hyrule Warriors UNOFFICIALLY theoretically fit in the timeline?
  64. The Formation of the Decline Timeline
  65. Is Link superhuman/superhylian?
  66. My (Second) attempt at a Timeline!
  67. Was Termina Really Saved?
  68. Baseless speculation - The towns of Adventure of Link
  69. Onox and the Gorons (An Oracle of Seasons Theory)
  70. Sahasrahla in ALBW
  71. SS: How does Demise know Hylia chose a hero knight?
  72. The Great Fairy's healing powers
  73. The Evil Zora's
  74. Is Link Dead??
  75. The Ancient Ones: Intriguing Connections Between Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess
  76. What if the Triforce was created by mistake?
  77. Gerudo lasers
  78. The Hylians, the Zora, and the Jabu
  79. The Scientist Conspiracy in Majora's Mask
  80. Why Hyrule Exists
  81. How does New Hyrule fit in?
  82. The Dark Interlopers and Termina's Creation
  83. Skyward Sword: A Timeline Split? + Changing Game Placements
  84. God, my eye's Burnin'!
  85. Transformation Masks
  86. How many Temples of Time are there??
  87. Levias and the Wind Fish
  88. Something I think needs to be known.
  89. Scans Reveal New Details About ALttP - But are they canon?
  90. Who are the Spirits of Good?
  91. Where's the Moon?
  92. Why did Navi disappear?
  93. Mini Theories
  94. Does the Four Giants have a connection with the three Goddesses?
  95. Some peculiar structures in the Zelda Wii U teaser, yeah?
  96. Ganondorf's men and their weapons while chasing Zelda
  97. Koholint and Termina
  98. Some Hylians lack elf ears, are they another species?
  99. The Ancient Dark Relics
  100. The Rolled Paper Tube: How The Realms Are Connected:
  101. Theory: Lorule is yet another Timeline
  102. what happened to the Master Sword after Wind Waker
  103. The "Star" Tetraforce
  104. What Greatfish Isle on WW would have looked like if Ganondorf didnt destroy it
  105. The Hero Eternal
  106. Twinrova is the key to new villains.
  107. Zora Morphology
  108. What made Link lose(An Ocarina of Time Theory)?
  109. History of Spirit Tracks
  110. The nature of demons?
  111. Could the light in the dominion rod be navi?
  112. Where is snowpeak in Ocarina of Time?
  113. Hearts- How Do They Work?
  114. Is Mazaal connected to Gohdan?
  115. Bloodlines, Legacy and Reincarnations in Zelda
  116. The sword beam.
  117. In case you didn't know, Lorule is still screwed.
  118. Could Death Sword and the WW Phantom Ganon be the next "Ganon"
  119. Was the official Timeline true?
  120. The Wind Waker Diet
  121. is Gaepora Rauru?
  122. Ganondorf's change?
  123. Hyrule Castle of Wind Waker
  124. Yet another plant theory
  125. Slaves of the shadow temple.
  126. The fate of Skyloft
  127. Another Gerudo theory.
  128. I have a good theory on Hylia
  129. The Ceremony of the Goddess
  130. A Theory With The Purpose Of Making Other Theory's
  131. You can wish a previous Triforce back into existence. What about a new one?
  132. How actually "Ocarina of time" works?
  133. Could the Happy Mask Salesman be Zant
  134. The Occa Theory Index
  135. Timeshift Stone Theory!!
  136. so is link a reincarnation or not?
  137. questions about the nature of power and gods
  138. So the Hyrule Historia says that Ganon is the reincarnation of the Shuuen no Mono.
  139. Is the main story of Zelda concluded?
  140. Do we ever even see the true Demise?
  141. The Twili.... in WW?
  142. is the earth temple the shadow temple?
  143. How do you destroy a TriForce?
  144. zelda wii u is the great ocean
  145. does zelda u take place in the same hyrule as oot
  146. Demons, gods, and the nature of reality
  147. Do the Goddesses each have a timeline?
  148. The Goddesses' Symbols(Meanings to them)
  149. Deku-related Mysteries
  150. Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru
  151. The Curse's Cycle
  152. Chuchu's. Why are they so electric?
  153. SS reincarnations
  154. Ganondorf: beneolent intent bad means and then Demise
  155. Link's Family Tree
  156. Zelda Multiverse Deities Theories
  157. Another Era in the Legends Outset
  158. Triforce splits, how do they work?
  159. Who or what is the Fierce Deity?
  160. Something I don't get about the Official timeline.
  161. is there more to skull kid from MM than meets the eye? i'm not talking about the mask he gets
  162. Whales and Parasites
  163. the Knights of Hyrule
  164. Dark Link Is Good, Link is evil, they are both evil
  165. Do @least some of the people of Ordon Village have Kokiri heritage?!
  166. Koholint Island=Another Trial (A Link's Awakening Theory)
  167. There is no Sage of Time...
  168. Deconstructing the Prologue of A Link Between Worlds
  169. The Nature of the Sacred Realm - How does it work?
  170. OoT Link's Dad is... Mario!
  171. How do you feel about the Zelda Timeline?
  172. History of the Dark Tribe - A Conceptual Theory
  173. Golden Wolf and Guardian Spirits
  174. History of the Zora - A Cohesive Theory
  175. Other Gods and Triforces
  176. Medli Wears the Zora Crest
  177. Sheik, character and it's connections to the Sheikah culture
  178. Gorons. Oh yes.
  179. Links family
  180. Majora's Mask: Ancient Ones Identity
  181. Silver arrows and light arrows: the same thing, related, or unrelated?
  182. Golden Goddesses; Trouble makers you are
  183. 3 timelines?
  184. Triangle of Evil
  185. How I think the 3-way split might actually work
  186. Zelda Theory - Lorule = Termina Part 2
  187. Why is this so familiar to me? (WiiU Zelda robe)
  188. LOZ, On the subject of Hindus
  189. Ghost Hunter = Happy Mask Salesman Explained Theory
  190. Monotary value of a Hyrulean Rupee
  191. Bank of Clocktown
  192. Zelda U teaser analysis
  193. Skullkids may be dead Kokiri.
  194. Servant Spirits
  195. Wii U Zelda in the timeline?
  196. Who is the True Goddess of Time?
  197. Fierce deity, fused shadow and majora's mask origin.
  198. HYrule Warriors takes place in an alternate timeline, not canon to the main timeline
  199. Forsaken Fortress Theory
  200. Majora's Mask 3D Conspiracy Theory (Now with Evidence!)
  201. That might not be Link.
  202. Zelda Wii U Monster theory
  203. Interesting find in the Zelda Wii U reveal
  204. OoT Link, who had his child(ren)?
  205. Calender in WW?
  206. Crosses in the Downfall Timeline
  207. What is the Forbidden Forest?
  208. The Golden Goddesses (Who’s Boss)
  209. The "Spirit of the Hero"
  210. Howling Stones and SS Skyview and Earth Springs
  211. Majora's Mask, the Fused Shadow, and lots of tribes [wall of text]
  212. What Happened to the Deku Tree?
  213. Hyrule Castle - Reconstructions
  214. Wind Waker: What we know about the islands and temples.
  215. The Master Sword Sages and Master Sword (A Wind Waker Theory)
  216. Evolution, Extinction, and Bloodline theories
  217. Gnat Hat Theory ( A Four Swords Theory)
  218. Fi and the Fairy Queen
  219. The Ancient Sages and The Master Sword (A Twilight Princess Theory)
  220. City in the Sky and Skyloft Theory
  221. Majora's Mask Theory
  222. Wind Waker Castle = Temple of Time?
  223. The Possible Counterparts for Link (A MM Theory)
  224. The Wind Waker is an Allegory for Climate Change
  225. Tingle, the evil god of rupees.
  226. Are Rupees Magic?
  227. Snowpeak Theories. [Wall of text warning]
  228. The Origins of Ravio’s Bracelet
  229. Hero's Shade and his missing eye.
  230. Who possessed Shia?
  231. The tweaked split / alternative universes theory
  232. The Skyward Sword Timeline Split
  233. Raaru's Race
  234. The Whereabouts of the Links
  235. Theories About This Boss
  236. Link, the Grasshopper. More Symbolic MM Theories
  237. The reason why Gerudos worship Ganondorf
  238. TP and MM, switched in timeline? 2 theories.
  239. Origins of majora and fierce deity
  240. Ganondorf's Followers
  241. Gerudo Archers?
  242. Zelda Logic
  243. Majora's Mask Debunked..or is it?
  244. Zelda Reveals the Bible
  245. Hilda, Ravio and the Triforce
  246. HTL theory
  247. The Incarnations of Groose(A Skyward Sword Theory)
  248. The “Dunno” Ending Theories (A ST Theory)
  249. Ghost Items
  250. Link and Zelda/ Brother and Sister? (A Zelda 2:AOL theory)