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  1. Interracial Relations in the Zelda Universe
  2. Seres' Purpose
  3. Japanese Myths and Folklore in Majora's Mask
  4. What Happened to the Spiritual Stones?
  5. Link and Skull Kid & Inanna and Ereshkigal
  6. Who is the Hero in MM?
  7. Quantum Zelda: Using Quantum Mechanics to Theorize about Lorule
  8. OoT Takes Place in a Ruined Hyrule
  9. Reasons why Ganondorf got the Triforce of Power in Twilight Princess?
  10. Skyloft, the Oocca, and the Wind Tribe
  11. Origins of Zelda Names
  12. Zelda Locations through out the Time Lines
  13. Termina- Alternate Universe, or Neighboring Country?
  14. Termina: The World When All Others Are Lost
  15. Master Sword/Temple of Time Locations
  16. The Dark Rite Flames
  17. The Mask of Truth and Bongo Bongo?
  18. What is happening with mastersword?
  19. The Link in ALBW is the Same One in LoZ/AoL
  20. Defeated but not Dead
  21. Occarina of Time Temples and Link to the Past Palaces
  22. Bellum- Standalone Evil, or Returning Foe?
  23. The Descendants of Hyrule
  24. Lolia; the Goddess of Space, and Sages of Lorule (an open theory)
  25. Zelda and Hylia are the same.
  26. the void of Phantom Ganon
  27. Sacred Realm is Skyloft?
  28. theory on why the 7 maidens are hylians
  29. The Truth behind the Lost Wood's Curse: Yūrei
  30. Is Zelda a Boy?
  31. locations of Hyrule
  32. The Lives and Times of Fairies
  33. Punk Kid, Suicide and the Lost Woods.
  34. Turnabout Theory I: Developer Intendo
  35. Why did Ganondorf plan to make THAT wish?
  36. The Nature of the Great Fairies of the Great Sea
  37. The Truth Behind the Temples: Ocarina of Time
  38. Who wrote the message in the bottle in OoT?
  39. Face in Zelda maps
  40. An Idea about the "Trident of Power" from FSA
  41. Whats behind Hyrule castle? (OoT)
  42. Feirce Deity Theories (What is his history and Origins)
  43. Secrets of the Spider Houses
  44. What is Lorule's History?
  45. The Earth and Wind Sages
  46. goddesses?
  47. Navi's Fate
  48. Tower of the Gods and the Temple of Time
  49. Demise curse and wind waker
  50. OoT Link; Chosen Hero or Just Another Puppet?
  52. Demise's Curse and How it Works
  53. Do you think Zelda is based on a real story?
  54. Dream pool
  55. The Hero's Shade is Not A Stalfos: A Statement of Truth
  56. The fate of the Sheikah tribe: a good question.
  57. Majora's Mask Link is Dead Theory
  58. The Origins of the Sheikah (!!!ALBW SPOILERS!!!)
  59. On the appearance of the fairies
  60. Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time are happening Simutaniously
  61. Happy Mask Salesman = Zant?
  62. I want your theories! How did the Hylian Shield get there?
  63. What happened to Fi?
  64. What was the purpouse of the Shadow Temple?
  65. Majora's Mask: A game within a game
  66. Upside down triforces' on Outset island
  67. LoZ doen't have a timeline
  68. Purposes of the Lorulean dungeons
  69. The Twili, Majora's Mask and more -- Theories and Facts
  70. A Tale of Two Mirrors
  71. Putting the Pieces Together- Tortus from Majoras Mask
  72. The Minish / Picori Theories
  73. The Dark Interlopers, and More
  74. The Goddesses, Lesser Deities, and various Worlds
  75. Has the royal family of Hyrule ever been evil?
  76. Yuga's True Identity
  77. Another Timeline Split
  78. The Aftermath of Oracle: The Splitting of the Triforce, and Other Stuff
  79. Hero's shade and his relation to the FD mask.
  80. Dark Link on the Couch - Shadow Archetype, Projection and the fascination with Evil in Zelda
  81. Where do the races come from?
  82. Stallord: A mutated Volvagia and King dodongo
  83. Garo theory?
  84. Ganon on the Couch - Psychoanalytic Insights on Compulsive Repetition in the Zelda Series
  85. Ganon in the Timelines: Resurrected or Reincarnated
  86. The DT is a result of Link not sleeping for seven years: Why I believe this theory
  87. Lorule's Triforce and it's implications.
  88. TP questions in regard to SS
  89. Why is FSA on the child timeline ?
  90. WW Earth and Wind Temples
  91. Link on the Couch - A Psychoanalytic Reading of 'The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening'
  92. Are Midna and Zant siblings?
  93. Possible messianic archetypes in Ocarina, and other musings on the deeper meanings of the temples
  94. EG's Full Chronology of Wars II
  95. the philosophies of translation
  96. Is Zelda the ZU's version of Jesus?
  97. Temple of Light and Hero of Time
  98. My Thoughts on Demise's Curse
  99. What happened after Link warned Zelda in OoT?
  100. What did Link do between OoT and MM
  101. My Zelda Timeline/Family Tree
  102. Planets, Realms, Countries, and Timelines...oh my!
  103. Final Zelda Game
  104. Could the sages represent the balance of virtues?
  105. Link and Zelda are Seperated Siblings- But only in OoT
  106. The Nature of Ganon
  107. The Goddess are a******s
  108. Is Demise from Lorule?
  109. Phantom Hourglass Ending
  110. End of OoT / Start of MM theory
  111. The Happy Masksalesman and theories on him
  112. Minish Mysteries
  113. How does Ravio get to Lorule in the end?
  114. Multiple Dimensions?
  115. The Minish Diet
  116. Is Majora's Mask racist?
  117. Where have all the women gone? (Rito Reproduction and Females)
  118. Questioning the Sheikah: How True is Sheik's Claim of Legend?
  119. Evolution of Temples over Time
  120. On trying to apply some continuity to the ruins in southern Hyrule
  121. Twilight and Lorule
  122. Where the sages killed in OOT?
  123. Time Travel Mistakes
  124. Where are the pirates for the majority of Wind Waker
  125. A Second Main Entrance to Lorule - ALBW Spoilers
  126. How could you think the Hero's Shade is a Stalfos?
  127. Theories on the moon in majora's mask
  128. Links Awakening and Phantom Hourglass
  129. The Symbolism Behind Shadow Link
  130. Gerudo Theory
  131. What happens to the Triforce at the end of each game? "Spoilers*
  132. Three triforce pieces= 3 realms
  133. More Timeline Splits
  134. Ocarina of Time Kokiri Children Theory
  135. Development theory: Twilight Princess at first a game without Zelda/Ganondorf?
  136. Is Majora's Mask about the Buddhist demon Mara?
  137. Is Toon Link always a child?
  138. SPOILERS- Casting Demise from Outset: Explaining the Presence of Lorule's Triforce on Outset Doors
  139. Assorted demons are incarnations of the hatred and malice
  140. Goddess Hylia reference in Ocarina of Time?
  141. Twinrova
  142. Ocarina of Time: Dark Link theory anywhere?
  143. Vaati is Ganon, but only in the Minish Cap.
  144. The Postman.
  145. Is the Twilight Realm in it's Sky Era in Twilight Princess?
  146. Poes
  147. A possible connection between Majora and Ganon--no Demise involved.
  148. Question about timeline
  149. The Hero's Shade's armor
  150. "Myths" to debunk
  151. [SPOILERS]Is there a Midrule?
  152. Why does Link only see the real Keaton the Fox in Majoras Mask?
  153. Reincarnation List
  154. Overall Series Events
  155. Majoras Mask Theory- The Happy Mask Salesman is Slenderman
  156. Skyloft Still existing?
  157. Rauru and Daphnes are both undead.
  158. Tower of the Gods (WW) = Temple of Time (TP), and the ReUnification of the Timeline
  159. Not all demons have to be a single sex.
  160. Light Temple Theory
  161. Connection to the moon
  162. A Great Secret of the Triforce, revealed
  163. The Triforce of Power- What does it give you?
  164. Ravio is Shadow Link
  165. Hylian hairstyle
  166. Majoras Mask Theory- Link is Asleep living an Alice in Wonderland Dream
  167. Kokiri Theory- They are Plants Given Human Forms
  168. LBW Sages: What are they Sages of?
  169. The Ocarina of Time Lost Woods Destruction Theory
  170. A Kokiri Theory
  171. Mini Theory Thread
  172. Majora's Motive
  173. 27 Mysteries of Majora's Mask
  174. Nayru's Love is Toxic
  175. How does Skull Kid know about the Temple of Time?
  176. Where does ABLW fit?
  177. Tetraforce Theory
  178. Ganon does not have to be the only incarnation of the hatred and malice.
  179. Is Link REALLY Dead in Majora's Mask?
  180. Helmasaurs
  181. Theory: Why Lorule looks so much like the Dark World [Spoilers]
  182. Ganondorf's Headpiece
  183. Why does the timeline split in OoT?
  184. Malon's Real Mother
  185. THEORY (?)
  186. A random thought about the Downfall Timeline's origin.
  187. Termina in Lorule?
  188. Yuga's birthplace and race.
  189. The destroyed Triforce Timeline
  190. Gramps... The Triforce Keeper?
  191. The Twili as a race/species
  192. (SPOILER)Nayru, Din, Farore created Lorule
  193. The link between Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess
  194. [SPOILERS] The Demon Sword: Hero's Bane, and an Origins of Lorule
  195. What happened to OoT's Old Past?
  196. Rupee Magic: Yuga and the inversion of enemy color codes.
  197. Three main dimensions Spoilers Warning
  198. OoT Dark Link Is SS Link?
  199. On the Split of the Downfall Timeline
  200. OK theorists, help me with getting the timeline.
  201. Gramps' Identity theory(ALBW SPOILERS!)
  202. Demise wasn't from Lorule.
  203. Lorule Historia: The History of Another World
  204. Is every Zelda Game a New Link?
  205. Zelda Does Not Bathe For Seven Years in OoT
  206. What even is Shadow Link / Dark Link?
  207. BS Zelda's Fortune Teller
  208. [SPOILERS]Is ALBW the origins of the original Ganon?
  209. Another Bongo Bongo theory
  210. Elegy of Emptiness Statues Aren't Literally Dead People
  211. Malladus and Demise
  212. Ganon is Revived in Lorule in ALBW
  213. Time flowing at different speeds in Hyrule and Termina?
  214. A Wish Theory
  215. Adventure of Link's wizard, Agahnim, and Ganon.
  216. All Zelda Games Take Place in One Planet
  217. Proof that Hyrule Gorons are all dead in the DT
  218. The Master Sword will always revert. ALBW spoilers and thoughts!
  219. ALBW Discussion: The Masked Tribe
  220. The soul of a hero.
  221. (Spoilers) Making sense of ALbW´s backstory
  222. Timeshift Stones and Longevity
  223. The Demon King
  224. What Would Happen if Demise Didn't Place His Curse?
  225. YugaGanon: Whose in Control?
  226. Jedi Master Sagan's linear timeline explained (finally!)
  227. The Hero of Time's Mother?
  228. Time Gap!
  229. Cult Mentality - The Fall of Hylia and the Rise of the Old Gods
  230. On the demons of Zelda.
  231. Are you fighting against Zelda's Devices in Zelda I?
  232. Majora's Mask and Jungian analysis
  233. How Hyrule's landscape evolved
  234. More on Link being dead
  235. Why and how things got to where they are in the LoZ games
  236. On Demise and multiple worlds. (ALBW SPOILERS)
  237. (ALBW SPOILERS!) The Ending Does Not Make Sense
  238. Hylia is Goddess of Time?
  239. Time Gate
  240. What really happened at the Bottom of the Well?
  241. Fate Dictates That It Was Princess Zelda That Caused The Events Of Oot
  242. Evolution, Ritos, and Headmaster Gaepora
  243. How Ganon has the Triforce of Power in TP ?
  244. New Zelda game announced: Hyrule Warriors
  245. The Triforce is Always Separated
  246. ALBW backstory - Ganon sealed after the Oracles?
  247. Lorule and the Dark World [Contains spoilers for ALBW]
  248. [SPOILERS] Lorules Protector
  249. The Kafei Puppet Theory+ Skull Kid is a Real Child Theory
  250. The Fate of the Hero of Time, and the Origins of the Downfall Timeline