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  1. Three origin stories - Is only one valid, or are all three valid?
  2. Is Link still the Hero of Time when he came back from the future?
  3. a few (new) skyward sword things
  4. What are these symbols on the entrance to arbiter's ground?
  5. Geography of the Minish Cap
  6. Rewrited 3: A timeline part 2: The polemic start now
  7. On the Theory of General Uncertainty and Relative Theorizing
  8. eldin mountain becomes death mountain?
  9. Skyward Sword Goddess Statue = Temple of Time?
  10. How SS ties in with ooT (Slight Spoilers)
  11. Loftwings- Why a Shoebill?
  12. The Triforce is a Map
  13. Could the Happy Mask Salesmen be apart of The Demon Kings's Crew.
  14. My new best friends =D
  15. Skyloft = Ordona
  16. Majora Unmasked, Part III: Why is this man smiling?
  17. FULL intro from skyward sword inside! theorize about skyloft holding the golden power
  18. Rewrited 3: A timeline part 1
  19. A Moment of Silence
  20. Is Skyward Sword changing the series plot?
  21. Is there a rule stating Link being the only one who can wield the ToC?
  22. The Terminan World of the Ocean King
  23. Zelda (the character) kind of pees me off sometimes...
  24. Why is the Kakariko Well so dirty and dark?
  25. The triforce; a accident?
  26. Skyward Sword: Theories Galore
  27. Majora Unmasked, Part II: Day of the Dead
  28. New Hyrule = Termina - Part 2
  29. Ganon and Malladus are one in the same Demon King
  30. Bringing together a World
  31. The Tribes of Hyrule.
  32. A Deceptive Theory
  33. does skyward sword come before or after the Hyrulean Civil War?
  34. ShadowGuide theorizing BACK part1:origin of the hell
  35. A few timeline things Four Swords Anniversary gives us to think about
  36. Majora Unmasked: An Orphan Boy
  37. The Interlopers of Termina
  38. Zant's armor? Gerudo? What?
  39. vaati's bloodline
  40. Kapeora Gabora the King of Hyrule in OOT?
  41. How do they go from one goddess to three?
  42. A Second Divine Prank?
  43. What happend to Saria!?
  44. Life Force Overkill Theory
  45. My new triple merging timeline
  46. Zelda who?
  47. Sue-Belle Anju and Kafei descendant???
  48. Beta content fom TMC, heavy timeline implications
  49. From Jabu-jabu to Windfish
  50. A Zelda Game With a Different Protagonist
  51. LA & OoXplacement in timeline
  52. Why wasn't Wind Waker Link sealed in the Chamber of Sages?
  53. Skyloft post Wind Waker Deluge
  54. Knight Academy Theory
  55. My Timeline Theory
  56. Eldin Volcano = Death Mountain?
  57. Similar Diamond Shapes
  58. Skyloft's Goddess
  59. That plate is connected to the Goddesses
  60. My timeline theory no split revised
  61. If i was a linearities it would go alot like this.
  62. Fixed Song of Storm Paradox
  63. Why are there items in bushes?
  64. MY timeline theory. NO split timeline
  65. Blue Window on the History of the Hylian Religion on the Child Timeline
  66. Happy mask sales man related to the song of storms guy?
  67. Eponas song theory timeline
  68. Why would Link relinquish his Triforce to the King in ALttP?
  69. Origins of the warp songs
  70. Princess Agitha is schizophrenic royalty.
  71. Triforce/Important Item TheoryI
  72. Funny all this history of Hyrule, we never even knew existed during OOT.
  73. Could "Them" from MM, be parallel to Skyloft, or City in the Sky?
  74. If the tetraforce did exist, who would wield it?
  75. Is there such Thing as the Tetraforce
  76. The Debate: Who IS The Happy Mask Salesman?
  77. Who are the Fire Spirits?
  78. fused shadows could be the twilight version of majora's mask
  79. OoT Temples???
  80. My MasterSword Theory
  81. Just What is Gomess?
  82. Is Valoo related to Volvagia?
  83. My Lil Sis's Timeline
  84. Official Nintendo Magazine's Timeline
  85. What if there were 4 pieces on the triforce?
  86. Midna's face may hold a clue about Majora's Mask
  87. Pols Voices are ghosts?
  88. Why does Zelda play Zelda's Lullaby at the end of OoT?
  89. What kind of Theorizing do you enjoy?
  90. Who is Nehru?
  91. Iron Knuckles are chicks?
  92. Link becoming a Stalfos
  93. How to make a master sword in SS?
  94. Hyrule Map by Timeline
  95. Strange Pictures throughout the games
  96. Interaction between the Zora and Valoo
  97. Nazca Lines in Skyward Sword
  98. Goddesses in Skyward Sword
  99. Zelda and Christianity
  100. Tower of the Goddesses?
  101. New skyward sword box art frenzy
  102. Where was the Great Deku Tree in Twilight Princess?
  103. "Old Hylian" confirmed to be TP Hylian
  104. MC, OoA's Past, and the Unification of Hyrule.
  105. My Theory (I know, another one!)
  106. Literal Timeline
  107. How do you create a parell world?
  108. Minish Cap debate thread
  109. Connections between Hylians and Fairies
  110. SS=Royal Family's Origins?
  111. Minish Cap's place in the timeline.
  112. MC, FS, and FSA adult
  113. How will the Triforce be involved in SS without Ganon(dorf)?
  114. Will TP's City in the Sky, have something to do with Skyloft?
  115. Veran- A Twili?
  116. My brother just posed a good question
  117. The Hero's Shade
  118. Greater Good
  119. Blood Relations?
  120. Can FSA bridge the gap between OoT CT and LttP?
  121. Does Spirit Tracks Confirm Reincarnation?
  122. The "Legend" of Majora's Mask
  123. Skyward Sword Speculation: A Symmetry of Arms
  124. Is that a...
  125. Blue Window on the backstory of A Link to the Past
  126. Phantom Hourglass ending and Whale?
  127. Spirit Tracks's Zelda and her Magic Winnage
  128. Speculation: Phi is also the Dominion Rod
  129. OoX Where does it go?
  130. Are the 7 sages in OoT dead?
  131. Part II: The Skull Kid and Termina's Moon Problem
  132. My Life from Z to A's first timeline
  133. Insane Timeline Theory: Of Mice and Men
  134. Wishing on the Triforce
  135. Skyward sword has two swords???
  136. Character clothing coincidence
  137. Link STILL has the Triforce of Courage when he goes back in time
  138. The "friend" from Majora's Mask- the Skull Kid?
  139. Nelde's Infinite Timeline Theory
  140. Timeline Theory: The Temple of Time is Left Unlocked
  141. Rabbit-themed plot hole
  142. An analysis on the Sacred Realm
  143. What became of the Triforce of Power after Twilight Princess?
  144. The Doctor's Zelda timeline
  145. Ganon/Ganondorf in Skyward sword?
  146. Ganon/Ganondorf in Skyward sword?
  147. Vaati never apearing after Minsh Cap?
  148. The New "Unbalanced" Split Timeline
  149. AttP's backstory makes no sense
  150. Happy Mask Salesman of the Garo?
  151. My Timeline (No Holes?)
  152. Skyward Sword Hyrule is not Hyrule?
  153. Timeline, No Debate can possibly be made of it.
  154. OoT as LttP's Back Story?
  155. Why was Ganondorf sealed away in OoT rather than killed?
  156. TP WW connections
  157. Termina, The Interlopers, The Twili, and The Fierce Deity
  158. its kinda funny when people say theres no timeline
  159. Should we put the cdi games in timelines? (PLEAAASE say no.
  160. My Timeline (Updated for all the haters, just read it!)
  161. NOA is trying to piece the timeline themselves
  162. First Generation Ring
  163. I Think Minish Cap just got confirmed as being before OoT o_O
  164. Why wasn't Ganondorf punished for entering the Sacred Realm?
  165. Speculation: The Servant of The Goddess is a Sheikah
  166. Rauru was a lazy, negligent, senile old man
  167. HTWID's Zelda Timeline
  168. My Personal Zelda Timeline Theory
  169. Monster Killing Morality
  170. KingOfHeart's Zelda Timeline
  171. Timeline Talk: Four Swords Adventure is the back-story to A Link to the Past
  172. LA instruction manual
  173. The Temple of Time doors are closed!
  174. Yes. Another Timeline Theory (criticize away!)
  175. The Temple of Light
  177. Ganondorf's Power in OoT:
  178. Twilight Princess's Magic Armor in Skyward Sword
  179. Legend Of The Green Fairy(Tingle)
  180. Am I the only one who thinks that Ghirahim is a Sheikah?
  181. Ruler of Twilight and the mirror of twilight.
  182. Ability of... the Hylians?
  183. Vaati's sealing
  184. An Idea That May Be Foolish
  185. mcdude910's Timeline
  186. LoZ and the Dark World
  187. TP - Temple Of Time is the Temple of Light
  188. LTTP made this wish
  189. My Timeline(s)
  190. Why would the bosses let the items that kill stay in the temples?
  191. My Time Line Theory (Thoughts and Critiques Invited)
  192. Ganon is reborn in two different timelines
  193. Regarding theory, what do you want?
  194. Including Skyward Sword, Minish Cap Can't go first
  195. GROUNDBREAKING REVELATION-- SS doesn't fit in the timeline
  196. Where does this game belong?
  197. further speculation to Kokiri Monkey evolution
  198. The Imprisioning War
  199. Could the Zora be some sort of Aquatic Monotreme Species
  200. OoT Gerudo all descendants of Ganondorf
  201. Debate on why these two games can't go together
  202. Sacred Realm is a Parallel World
  203. Link's Bird and the Hylian Crest
  204. The Happy Mask Salesman
  205. Solution to Reincarnation of Main Characters
  206. Troy in Hyrule
  207. Zelda World Similarities
  208. Was Nintendo planning to have the original Link come from the sky since 2001?
  209. ooccas in the the Spirit Temple?
  210. How did the Clawshot get in the Lakebed Temple?
  211. A tribute to the Light Spirits in some of the OoT temples?
  212. Skyloft is the City in the Sky
  213. Dark World, Twilight Realm, Siren World: Connections?
  214. Split Timeline
  216. Life span for races
  217. My Interlooper theory: Ghirahim and his desendent.
  218. Theory on the Iron Knuckles
  219. Link between oot and tp
  220. Majora's Mask moon children
  221. Proof that a lost woods area must be in MM
  222. Links Awakening/Phantom Hourglass and...Richard
  223. Was Twinrova brainwashed by Ganondorf too?
  224. Immortal ganondorf?
  225. Gannon's persistence
  226. Ganon/Ganondorf in SS
  227. What happened to Queen Rutela's children?
  228. A prophecy never fulfilled?
  229. ALttP may be later than you think
  230. When exactly does the timeline split in OoT?
  231. link is one of santas elves
  232. Sacrifices to Masks
  233. Why Zelda didn't send Link back in time sooner.
  234. Was Ganondorf treated unfairly?
  235. The Triforce of Courage
  236. Theory- The Exiled Sage
  237. Link's outfit in TMC, taken by the Kokiri
  238. The Terminian Link
  239. The Pedestal
  240. Games occur multiple times in the timeline?
  241. Divine Prank and Triforce Wish
  242. Triforce in the Comic-Con Skyward Sword Trailer?
  243. Link and Zelda's Relationships (Warning: Spoilers)
  244. OUR timeline
  245. Why TMC can't be first, in my opinion.
  246. Why the temple of time and master sword are in the forest in TP
  247. Some ideas about the Triforce
  248. Hyrule's Time
  249. Links Diet
  250. Debbie is Gannondorf