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  1. Ordonian Banners
  2. How long do you think Gerudo live?
  3. Can anyone actually "prove" that the Spirit Temple is the Arbiter's Grounds?
  4. Twinrova Paradox!!
  5. Is Ganondorf Dead in Adult Timeline?
  6. The Tower of the Gods
  7. Another Ikana theory.
  8. SS - how long post-war does it take place? (Spoilers)
  9. What do you think happened to the ToT in TP?
  10. The Truth Behind the Temples: Skyward Sword
  11. Another Snowpeak Theory (TP)
  12. Stone tower theories
  13. Skyloftian Neighbors and the Ancient Surface
  14. Lost of faith in the Golden Goddesses 2.0
  15. Demise, Ganon, and Malladus are all incarnations of the same hatred/malice/whatever.
  16. Sages. Let's talk about 'em.
  17. Temple Theories OoT
  18. An Analysis of the role and symbolism of children in Majora's Mask [Long]
  19. The Moon Post-Majora
  20. Alttp - LoZ
  21. Explaining the Historia's Decline Timeline
  22. The Decline Timeline came about because of OoT's connection to AoL, not ALttP
  23. Majora's Mask and the One Ring
  24. Crackpot Theory: Rauru is an Oocca
  25. What did we know about Hylia Pre-SS?
  26. Hyrule Royal Family secretly are deities
  27. [Spoiler Alert] Just how reincarnated is Link?
  28. Is Ganondorf truly dead in the CT?
  29. Courage, and its Deity
  30. How is the triforce in shards?
  31. The difference and purpose of Adult Link and Toon Link
  32. Fi and the Master Sword
  33. If Ganondorf is a reincarnation of Demise...
  34. What Happened to the Gerudos?
  35. Blessings of the Master Sword 2.0
  36. Ganon not intended to die in ALTTP?
  37. Part 3 of The Psychology of Majora's Mask is out!
  38. ALTTP Ancient Hylian
  39. ANOTHER Zelda Expanded Universe thread/poll...
  40. The Hylian Text in the Entrance to the Shadow Temple(Revival of Eldír's Thread)
  41. Are the Oocca based on an ancient Greek play?
  42. How do Gerudos produce babies?
  43. What was Stallord?
  44. Gerudo Valley is Gerudo Desert?
  45. Can someone translate this for me?
  46. Water Temple = Lakebed Temple
  47. lool at the shape of our country: Hyrule Caldera
  48. Origins of and revelations of OOT/TP Link
  49. Hold up... why are their two kinds of fairies?
  50. Why did Navi leave Link?
  51. Why did Gerudo's live in the desert?
  52. Ancient Tribe Theory
  53. Did hylia really have to become mortal?
  54. Pre-Wind Waker theorizing
  55. Skull Kid Theory
  56. A Kokiri Theory
  57. Majora's Mask and Four Sword Relation Theory
  58. The Legend of Link
  59. The fierce deity and theories on him.
  60. Hylia's Divinity
  61. Is the Downfall Timeline the "Cop-Out" Timeline
  62. What happened to Lord Jabu-Jabu?
  63. How did the blacksmiths upgrade the Master Sword?
  64. What is the Sealed Door?
  65. The Master Sword gets reforged
  66. Another Crack at the Maps
  67. Demise, Zelda, and Link: Their Interlocking Fates
  68. The Demons that Participated in the Seal War 2.0
  69. My theory on Skyward Sword's time travel - brought-back-from-the-dead-edition
  70. Let's Jump-Start Theorizing With Timelines! Mine.
  71. Gorons Eat Rupees Reborn
  72. Gorons puke babies; a reproduction theory.
  73. Sacred Realm Discussion, just like old times, and like just a bit ago.
  74. New HH Information (Official Translation) Which is Essential to Theorizing
  75. The "Legendary/Ancient Hero" Referred to in Twilight Princess
  76. Morgan's Legend of Zelda Timeline Theory
  77. The Timeline: The Missing Eras
  78. evolution of octorocks. secret origins of another monster.
  79. The Hero of Time: The mystery behind the timeline.
  80. The World inside the Moon, a Majora's Mask theory.
  81. Demise's Curse
  82. The Golden Goddesses and Christianity
  83. gusting wind
  84. Any one have an idea?
  85. Mysterious Symbols
  86. The Gate of Time
  87. The Two Princesses (SS spoiler)
  88. Wind Waker Islands
  89. Golden Goddesses of Time theory
  90. The Three Temples of Hylia
  91. Where does everything end up?
  92. Am I the only one...?
  93. The Truth Behind the Goddess of Time, PART TWO
  94. Other Uses of the Master Sword :D
  95. The Sacred Beast of Wisdom?
  96. The Origin of the Royal Crest
  97. The Truth Behind the Oocca
  98. A Four Sword Theory - Where is it?
  99. Blessings of the Master Sword
  100. are Link/Zelda/Ganon locked in an endless reincarnation cycle
  101. Has the Master Sword worn out its time in the series?
  102. Where did the gerudos go in TP?
  103. Names of towns in AoL
  104. Why wasn't Hyrule Castle Town in WindWaker?
  105. Really Radical Theory: The Goddesses did not create the Triforce.
  106. Unsplit Timeline
  107. What If Twili Weapons Have Timeshift Stones in them
  108. Fierce Deity Link Theory
  109. Termina theory: Hyrule without Hylia and Demise
  110. is bongo bongo the man who could see the truths spirit
  111. The Zelda Plothole thread
  112. Terminian Signs
  113. As Far as Parallel Worlds Go, Termina is older than Hyrule.
  114. The Truth Behind the Mirror of Twilight
  115. Connecting the games using places and characters...
  116. Discussion: Zora to Rito Evolution
  117. Ganon Defeating Link
  118. The Truth Behind the Four Sword
  119. Castle Town: Nexus of Evil? (SS spoilers)
  120. Zelda OoT Theory: Gerudos in Iron Knuckle Armor
  121. What is this Zelda Child time line, power time line, etc?
  122. The Ocarina Of Time - Not In Fact Related To Time Per Se
  123. Demise has been in every game with the master sword
  124. My Theories
  125. The Sacred Flames (SPOILERS)
  126. Zelda plot hole?
  127. 3-branch timeline: thought up from the "beginning" or an afterthought?
  128. Happy Masks Salesman: Who, What, Where, Why and How?
  129. Some simple adult timeline theory's POSIABLE SPOILERS
  130. Why the Downfall Timeline is 100% Legit
  131. Did Demise really "curse" Link and Zelda?
  132. Demise is From Termina
  133. The creation of the Sacred Realm (Contains SS spoilers)
  134. The Demon King
  135. The Truth Behind the Goddess of Time
  136. Why should I consider these games canon?
  137. Another Timeline Split?
  138. Hylia and the Golden Goddesses
  139. Possible Major Wind Waker Plot Hole
  140. New Crackpot Theory
  141. Another Majora's Mask Theory #5 - Majora And The Triforce
  142. Another Majora's Mask Theory #4 - The Happy Mask Salesman And The Wind Tribe
  143. The Truth Behind the Tribes
  144. Yet another possible cause of the DT
  145. Technological Progression in the Adult Timeline
  146. Another Majora's Mask Theory #3 - The Pirates of Termina, Holodrum and Labrynna
  147. Solving the Puzzle of Hyrule's Geography
  148. Another Majora's Mask Theory #2 - The Third Oracle Game: An Alternative Timeline.
  149. Why didn't Nintendo go with this theory?
  150. On Lake Hylia, the Temple of Time, the Kokiri and Groose.
  151. Another MM theory - The fierce deity
  152. Who are the Twili?
  153. Lost of faith in the Golden Goddesses
  154. The Truth Behind the Shadows
  155. King Zora a River Zora Decedent?
  156. The Truth Behind the Twili
  157. Interesting things in Minish Cap.
  158. The minish/picori... who are they?
  159. Question About Master Sword
  160. Zelda's power and the Spirits of Good
  161. What happened to Din Nayru and Farore?
  162. The Truth Behind the Architects of Stone Tower
  163. Explaining Shiro (Majora's Mask)
  164. Was the Sacred Realm also flooded in the AT?
  165. Silent Realm = Sacred Realm? Explain.
  166. Sword Of Demise?
  167. In defense of Hyrule Historia: Canon vas theorizing
  168. SS world not to eventually become Hyrule.
  169. Timeline cannot be taken has Canon.
  170. River Zora and Sea Zora - the battle for Mermaid's Cave
  171. Oracle of Spirits
  172. Majora's Mask and Link's Awakening. Connected?
  173. What happened to Ganondorf?
  174. Confused about reincarnation in Zelda.
  175. Why Labrynna and Holodrum were targetted by evil.
  176. The Terminan World of the Ocean King (Video)
  177. Hero's Shade theories
  178. The Curse of the Peahat
  179. The Truth of Termina (THEORY/STORY)
  180. Kokiri Forest and Garden of Eden connection?
  181. New Game Placements
  182. The Origin of the Sheikah (May contain SS spoilers)
  183. Theory on what the OOA/OOS dungeons are.
  184. Clawshots
  185. Lanayru's Temple of time [Skyward Sword Spoilers]
  186. How and Why are the Child and Adult Branches Dependant on Each Other?
  187. Zelda in Twilight Princess?
  188. Mini-Theory: Kakariko Village(s)
  189. Alternative outcomes to the Great Flood (multiverse theory)
  190. Why is the DT so hard to grasp?
  191. Demise's Hatred & Cursed Emotion
  192. Lokomo Sword, Force Gems and the Light Force.
  193. Is the land of Hyrule just one big prison? (More of a thought than a theory)
  194. So, SS has a plot hole after all!
  195. Downfall of Hyrule: Ganondorf's forced heritage
  196. The descendants of the OOX Oracles in MC.
  197. Will someone explain SS time paradox?
  198. Ghirahim an Interloper?
  199. 2 NEW VIDEOS, Missing link timeline update and a question
  200. Split timeline (Child and Adult) isn't an in-universe split.
  201. OoT isn't even the Seal War
  202. Demise's curse and the various Links
  203. Majora is From Termina and Personality. It was made with the Song of Healing
  204. Whats the relation of Link, Zelda and Ganon to the triforce exactly ?
  205. Link is God
  206. The Happy Mask Salesman and a connection to Demise
  207. OoT Based on the Crusades?
  208. 10 Reasons for Minish Cap NOT going before OOT VIDEO
  209. The Temple of Time
  210. Ghirahim gender or no gender
  211. Hyrule Castle & Castle Town relocated?
  212. What went on with Ganondorf and the Triforce on the CT?
  213. HH Timeline, thoughts and feelings VIDEO
  214. Majora's Mask is Happy Mask Salesman
  215. SS Lanayru Province
  216. Twilight Princess Ending Question
  217. HH Timeline, ARE YOU A BELIEVER???
  218. Questions about DT
  220. Twilight Princess and Ilia, Can We Talk About This?
  221. Cry me a river...
  222. Freshwater vs. Saltwater Zora theory
  223. MM Thoughts on Masks (specifically fierce deity) and Link's quest for validation
  224. Possible proof that Majora's Mask was all in Link's head.
  225. Theorizing team.
  226. Is The Sky Temple in TP the remains of Skyloft?
  227. Oracle of Ages paradox!
  228. A Link to the Past
  229. A question about New Hyrule [Wind Waker Spoilers]
  230. [Not a theory, just a theory extension] Hyrule Historia, non-canon.
  231. Hero's Shade is NOT OoT/MM Link.
  232. Timeline in release order
  233. Bongo Bongo: Garo supreme?
  234. SS Final Boss Explained
  235. *NEW* Single, no-split timeline with regards to OoT's ending
  236. Happy Mask Salesman in Minish Cap?
  237. Timeline Prongs in Tandem
  238. Amount of Time Between Games
  239. Is there a connection between Ghirahim and Fiercy deity?
  240. Is Gabora a reference?
  241. Connection of Termina to SS and TP
  242. Loftwing in TP?
  243. Door of Time
  244. TP-FSA connection, Zelda Informer theory
  245. A New World
  246. Did an original character from the Zelda manga appear in a later game?
  247. Termina's existence
  248. Demise and the possible fourth Triforce piece
  249. Ganons trident and shadow/darkness connection
  250. What were OoT's Temples Originally?