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  1. Is Gabora a reference?
  2. Connection of Termina to SS and TP
  3. Loftwing in TP?
  4. Door of Time
  5. TP-FSA connection, Zelda Informer theory
  6. A New World
  7. Did an original character from the Zelda manga appear in a later game?
  8. Termina's existence
  9. Demise and the possible fourth Triforce piece
  10. Ganons trident and shadow/darkness connection
  11. What were OoT's Temples Originally?
  12. TP Links failure=Wind Waker
  13. Hylian Shield = Hylia's Shield?
  14. Master Sword in OoX?
  15. Random Thought about OoT-TP Geography
  16. Six Sages since it began....
  17. Sheik's harp in OOT, is it the Goddess harp from SS
  18. How many ganondorfs
  19. Majora's Mask: Happy Mask Salesman idea
  20. Theory on what the FD actually is
  21. Timeline multiverse
  22. What are the Stalchildren?
  23. Does Skyward Sword split timelines?
  24. Explaining The Arbiter's Grounds
  25. My timeline with the explanation
  26. Hero of wind's nature.
  27. the knights killed
  28. Post-HH theorizing
  29. Hyrule's History is Repeating... Forever.
  30. TetraForce theory! [PLEASE READ]
  31. On Malladus, Skeldritch, and a link between the two.
  32. Of New Hyrule, Spirits, and... Termina!? Part II INCOMPLETE
  33. The Primal Surface
  34. Sealed Grounds to ToT to Sealed Grounds again?
  35. Of New Hyrule, Spirits, and... Termina!? Part I
  36. Another Triforce theory...
  37. Weird face in Twilight Princess
  38. Vaati's wrath and Nightmate (final form)!
  39. Sacred Realm= Past Hyrule
  40. TERMINA THEORY! (Another one) PLEASE READ!
  41. Has Ghirahim Come back?
  42. Gorman Brothers?
  43. Scraps and Stones: Masterweaver's random theories regarding cultures
  44. Between Dimensions (OoT)
  45. Majora's Mask Paradoxes
  46. Another Majoras mask question :P
  47. What have I missed?
  48. What came before Skyward Sword?
  49. Another connection from Termina to Hyrule
  50. Is Hylia truly a lesser Goddess?
  51. Hyrule Migration in Downfall Timeline
  52. Kikwis do NOT Evolve into Kokiri
  53. 2 things I simply don't get about the timeline
  54. How Ganon escaped sacred realm in Adult Timeline
  55. New Hyrule pre-Great Flood
  56. I don't understand something about the timeline...
  57. So what exactly happened to Epona at the start of Majora's Mask??
  58. Wait, do TP and WW take place in different "universes"?
  59. who are the Gerudo's?
  60. Deku tree in timeline?
  61. So...Many...Cameos....
  62. If TP Hyrule is north of OoT Hyrule, then can we assume it takes place near Zelda II?
  63. Ganondorf's dad
  64. Rupin ancestor of the Happy mask salesman
  65. A connection between the 4 giants and the nocturne of shadow?
  66. Shadow Temple Uses and Forest Temple is it really a temple?
  67. SS Great Deku Tree?
  68. Master Sword analysis and Time Travel
  69. Hero shade is the spirit of the hero and not the HOT
  70. TP hero's clothes
  71. origin of the great deku tree
  72. Ordon ranch= lon lon ranch
  73. Little theories!
  74. Why is the temple of time in ruins in Twlight Princess?
  75. Twinrova
  76. Majora's Mask as an 'interquel' (tl;dr warning)
  77. Loftwing night flying
  78. Will Fi Return? Or has Fi already returned?
  79. Ordona seperated from Hyrule.
  80. Famous master sword
  81. Hylian shield mystery
  82. The Reason Why I think MC fit as the second in Timeline
  83. Where did the Mogma go?
  84. Can someone explain the whole 'DT' theory to me?'
  85. Deku Tree's Death
  86. SS wall legend
  87. Ocarina of Time/Skyward Sword Time Split Comparison
  88. Dark Link: An incarnation of Links repression
  89. If Ikana had a transformation mask...
  90. Twilight Princess Link Same as Wind Waker Link?
  91. Link's awakening mysteries
  92. What if Zelda never sends Link back in time?
  93. Shouldn't there be another split to the timeline?
  94. Yet ANOTHER thread trying to rationalize the "Downfall" timeline.*Long Read*
  95. Toon Link Timeline Addition?
  96. Midna = Zelda? (MAYBE slight TP spoilers)
  97. The Decline Timeline was a result of the split in SS
  98. Immortal ganondorf?
  99. Origional hero who deafeated volvagia
  100. zelda's mistake: ganondorf still at large
  101. Twilight Realm Creation and Connection to Fierce Deity
  102. Skyloft's graves
  103. Who is the Poe Collector?
  104. The Elements of Zelda
  105. Majora and Fierce Deity
  106. Temple of Time+Master Sword=Time Gates?
  107. Of Demon Kings.
  108. Twilight Princess-- Zora's Domain = Snowpeak?
  109. Dark interlopers worshipped in Stone Tower Temple
  110. Ikana Related Theories
  111. What happen to Termina in AT?
  112. Kaepora gaepora: reincarnation or alter-ego?
  113. Unbreakable Spirit
  114. Did Zant send a mirror shard to the past?
  115. Zelda and Link
  116. Downfall time line is the original timeline
  117. downfall timeline
  118. Do the gods exist outside of time?
  119. TP Link caused HoT to fail in adult timeline therory.
  120. conection beetween Termina and world of the ocean king
  121. Happy Mask Salesman's Masks are actually pretty sad...
  122. 6 Month Timeline Investigation (Spoilers)
  123. HS identity and HH canon discusion
  124. The Dark Triforce
  125. Who are the Sheikah?
  126. Oocca Origin
  127. Adult Timeline Revisited
  128. True Possessor of the Triforce Theory.
  129. sages of the MS in OOT and SS
  130. Downfall Theory and the Triforce
  131. Rauru- First King of Hyrule?
  132. Doors, Gates, and Time
  133. demise/imprisoned and MM moon twili connection
  134. Curse of the Triforce
  135. Goddesses... and Gods?
  136. what happened to navi?
  137. creation of ocarina of time.
  138. Three Temples of Time Theory
  139. Twilight Princess Sword Instructor IS Link?
  140. [SPOILER] Possible chronology of Skyward Sword?
  141. Was the Deku Butler's Son bullied?
  142. What happened to the Shadow Temple?
  143. A Cyclic Timeline?
  144. SS Link founder of royal blood line?
  145. LoZ Technology
  146. Phantom Ganon
  147. minish cap before ocarina of time in the timeline
  148. Abortion and Zelda
  149. the first chosen hero of the goddess
  150. the three timelines of the triforce
  151. temple of time in skyward sword
  152. Kokiri Twilight Princess
  153. The Goddesses must be weak if they need a mortal to destroy evil
  154. About Lanayru
  155. Sages in Skyward Sword Identified! (Not Really)
  156. The Three Dragons
  157. Something I was thinking about regarding Link's defeat and the Downfall Timeline
  158. Analyzing The Downfall Timeline, And Why/ How It Exists
  159. The Blade, The Demon, The Pig
  160. New Theory about the Deku Butler and Son.
  161. Converging of the Timelines
  162. The Hero is Defeated
  163. A point on LoZ Ganon's Origin
  164. Is there a world map?
  165. In OoT where did Zelda and Impa go after Ganondorf attacked hyrule castle?
  166. Hyrule Returns in Adult Timeline?
  167. Fi = demon?
  168. Zelda's Timeline Fault!!!
  169. OoT: Navi leaving at end
  170. Adult timeline conclusion
  171. The world is not enough, because most of it's underwater.
  172. How to kill demons.
  173. Zant a garo???
  174. Stallord = Volvagia (just dead)
  175. A theory on Majora, the Dragon
  176. Okay explain it to me~
  177. Ocarina of Time: What really happened at the end!
  178. Dividing Hyrule
  179. [SPOILERS]The Hylia's chosen hero was SS Link
  180. Who created the time line?
  181. The God of Chaos
  182. Post-Timeline Theorizing
  183. So... Demise conquered time itself.
  184. How did Demise plan on using the Triforce?
  185. Just a thought
  186. Link and Zelda relations in Adult Timeline
  187. I'm not sure but...
  188. Do you think Hyrule will eventually die out like today's ancient civilizations?
  189. How did the civilization of Hyrule start from the end of SS
  190. Majora's Mask Did Not Make Different Timelines
  191. Zelda planes of reality
  192. [Spoiler] Skyward Sword's Timeline Split?
  193. Ganondorf, post TWW.
  194. Alternate realms
  195. Does Skyward Sword seem non-canon?
  196. Who are the gods?
  197. Ancient Tablet
  198. The Surface Gorons are from future Hyrule. *Spoilers*
  199. The Goddess of Time created Termina and is 4th Goddess of Hyrule
  200. Link_in_Ordon-Snowpeak theory
  201. Termina?
  202. Compiling Hyrule's Historical Maps
  203. What do you think?
  204. The Time Line of Hyrule Historia: The Child Era
  205. Ganondorf's Final Words
  206. Who Was Link Looking For?
  207. Links crossbow training other game
  208. Who the mystrerious trainer really is maby...
  209. Hyrule Geography doesn't play by the rules
  210. Is Eldin Volcano the same as Death Mountain?
  211. Post-HH Geography
  212. Ocarina of Time Forest Temple and SS Connection?
  213. The Gerudo, the Cobble, and the Carpenter
  214. The Time Line of Hyrule Historia: The Adult Era
  215. Happy Mask Salesman = Ancient One?
  216. Master Sword after TP?
  217. Sagehood, the MS and SR Sages
  218. Ocarina of Time Shift Stones
  219. Ancient Sages were in Skyward Sword... (Plus sage timeline)
  220. The new Zelda games and their placement in the timelines.
  221. The Sages of Wind & Earth...in Skyward Sword?
  222. That Damn Mask
  223. Skull Kid Inconsistencies
  224. What was the point? Warning: SS Spoilers
  225. What if Ghirahim was the Trident of Power?
  226. Skyward Sword before AND AFTER Ocarina of Time
  227. does theorizing do anything?
  228. Status of Ganon, Master Sword, and Triforce! HH Edition !
  229. Within the Sacred Realm
  230. An Unexpected Development!
  231. The Master Sword's Power (Contains Slight SS Spoilers)
  232. Demise, the beginning of Ganon? (SPOILERS TO BE EXPECTED)
  233. Triple Split Timeline is the Triforce
  234. What happened to the Zoras?
  235. Time was thrown off balance by the Triforce split
  236. Skyward Sword paradox (Spoilers)
  237. Skyward Sword being the "First" in all timelines.
  238. Humans and Hylians before Skyward Sword
  239. Majora's Mask and Jewish demons
  240. Theories on the Oocca?
  241. Just for fun
  242. Fi is the fairy queen (spoilers)
  243. The Origins of Dark Link [Skyward Sword SPOILER]
  244. Infinitely Overlapping Triforces
  245. Mysterious Zelda tribes theory
  246. Can someone explain the timeline to me?
  247. First Three Temples in Twilight Princess
  248. Ganon, dead or not?
  249. The Downfall timeline does not have to be a "what if"
  250. Post-HH, what's your opinion on Ancient Stone Tablets?