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  1. Where do you place The Minish Cap?
  2. Zant: Still Alive, and with the ToP?
  3. FSA Must Be In Child Timeline?
  4. About the Lost Woods and TP's Temple of Time...
  5. Yet another Timeline proposal!
  6. More about the Sheikans
  7. Prison Tower Theory
  8. the Golden Wolf
  9. Triforce, split up after OoT...
  10. The Skulltula Curse
  11. Twilight Princess... Link the murderer.
  12. Time moves different in Termina to Hyrule?
  13. Termina and the twilight realm
  14. Tower Of The Gods
  15. The stalfos in TP is NOT the Link from OoT
  16. Does LA absolutely HAVE to follow ALttP?
  17. Link and Zelda in plural!
  18. Something before PH, but after WW.
  19. Sky's Timeline
  20. what is under links hat
  21. The Arbiters Grounds
  22. Zelda.com
  23. My Genius Sword Theory!!!
  24. Ganondorf's Parallel
  25. who deserves the triforce?
  26. Descendants of Hyrule
  27. Mario Dead... Theory
  28. My First Theory: Fifth Giant
  29. Game Trailers Did Not Play the Oracle Games
  30. Wind Waker in child timeline?
  31. Ganons double
  32. Time travel in mind but not in body
  33. Propose and debate WACKY theories
  34. Clawshot influenced by Leevers?
  35. The Origin and Purpose of Fairies in Zelda
  36. OoT, TWW & PH are the only canon games?
  37. Some thoughts about "force"
  38. MW1's timeline theory
  39. Orgin of Link's soul - somewhat speculative
  40. WW Merchants
  41. The Triforce Combined
  42. Hyrule Castle's Architecture
  43. No Koriki in TP-reason
  44. Zant's Importance?
  45. legend0fzelda's time line theory
  46. Twinrova - An easter egg or a christmas present?
  47. Could there be a third timeline?
  48. Disprove these Timeline theories!
  49. Mind Travel Theory: ending of OoT fully explained
  50. Gossip Stones
  51. The Deku Tree
  52. Kokiri die if they leave the forest a legend?
  53. Ezlo A Sage
  54. Adventure of Link is a sequel!
  55. OoS and LoZ similarity
  56. Timeline Confusion
  57. The Extent of Hyrule
  58. Biracial Hylians?
  59. The ZG timeline {version one}
  60. Buildings with possible Oocca origin
  61. Anju and Kafei Suicidal?
  62. Twinrova Resurrected
  63. FS saga and ALttp first in the series
  64. Why do people place LoZ, AoL and OoX after TP?
  65. BIG AND CR THEORY: OOT sages do not exist and thats why temple of time is screwed up
  66. Story of the Master Sword
  67. Sages in TP
  68. Termina Dream Theory
  69. FSA: The Imprisoning War? Another Timeline Theory.
  71. The Minish Cap first in the timeline
  72. Im confused about the split timelines
  73. Kokiri all-out investigation.
  74. Jumbie's Japanese Translations
  75. My thoughts on the zelda timeline A
  76. heartless and twilite alike?
  77. Huge Zelda Theory
  78. Huge Twilight Reference in Wind Waker
  79. Zant has ToP???
  80. The Deku Tree
  81. Oracles after Majoras Mask
  82. Alright, so if developer quotes are canon
  83. Ganondorf says "Link... I am your father...."
  84. Grass on the Moon?!
  85. How do we know there's even one timeline?
  86. Ganondorf Good?!
  87. Twilight Princess' Position...
  88. Building a Time-Line: What we know as fact.
  89. Wait...WHAT?!
  90. Termina is dead in Adult Time line
  91. Mirror Shield's Hidden Identity?
  92. Majoras Mask and Twili
  93. The Oocca
  94. The Twilight Realm's connection to the Light World
  95. Idea about the Sacred Realm's influence on the Triforce.
  96. The tower of the gods really is.....
  97. Twilight Realm in OOT?
  98. Cukeman's Timeline Theory
  99. How serious do you take director quotes?
  100. "Spin off games"
  101. What makes a good timeline theory, in your opinion?
  102. Triforce Cycle
  103. What do we all agree on?
  104. How many Ganons?
  105. Kokiri Konundrum?
  106. The Weird 'Triforce Of Time Theory'
  107. A somewhat complicated timeline
  108. How long between OoT and TWW?
  109. Minish Cap gap?
  110. Workable Timeline? [playing devil's advocate here]
  111. Proof that MC and LoZ are in the same Timeline.
  112. Is Ganondorf dead at the end of Twilight Princess?
  113. Limits of powers to the triforce?
  114. Twilight Mirror=Dark Mirror?
  115. The Game & Watch A retelling of the original story?
  116. Is TP Link Bi? (Please, do'nt be outraged)!
  117. The postman
  118. Maps...
  119. When does the AoL backstory take place?
  120. How many Links???
  121. Just my timeline
  122. My tenative timeline
  123. *sigh* the 4th triforce once again
  124. Zelda Storyline Guide brought to you by Zelda Katsu
  125. AoL backstory...
  126. Zelda gamers should handle with care...
  127. teramina sea
  128. Termina Banker
  129. ikana castle=royle famly?
  130. ok ok..... is tingle gay?
  131. error in the ZU timeline
  132. Termina is the world Zelda sends Link to
  133. link gay? (please dont kill me!)
  134. Personal View on Points of Controversy
  135. Three Magic Things...
  136. Sacred Grove theory
  137. New Working Timeline Theory
  138. Another Timeline!
  139. Mysteries ahead: Arbiters Ground
  140. Lizards in TP, Evolved Dodongos?
  141. Yet Another Timeline Theory
  142. Twilight to the Past: TP/ALttP
  143. OoT - Grandfather Paradox
  144. Important TP Japanese translation
  145. My Multi-Faceted Theory
  146. My Timeline, based on a TP and ALttP connection
  147. Pedestal of Time
  148. When Link fell into the sky...?
  149. Section Connection
  150. DallasCowboy927's Ultimate Timeline Theory Written Out With Proof!
  151. zelda opinion
  152. Aonuma quote deconfirmation request
  153. The Arcs System and the development of the Zelda timeline
  154. Darunia the Elder's Son?
  155. Twilight Princess/Majora's Mask Similarities
  156. So, besides developer quotes
  157. Odd resemblence?
  158. Zelda: The Magic and Mythology
  159. Theory of Evolution
  160. Wind Waker Love
  161. I obviously don't want people to like me.
  162. Timeline seeking approval
  163. Split timeline is a myth?
  164. My First Foray into Zelda Lore
  165. Regarding Tingle's Game's Chronology
  166. my new timeline
  167. What are spin-offs, and which ones are canon
  168. My NEW Timeline Theory
  169. Ode to an unknown Goddess
  170. What Do You Think Would **** Up the Timeline the Most?
  171. MC, WW & PH Timeline
  172. Light Force is not the Triforce.
  173. Link,Zelda,Ganondorf, Godly incarnations
  174. Why did Ganondorf Get the Triforce?
  175. Is there hell in Zelda?
  176. Rotating for one true Hyrule
  177. Vaati in FSA Never Died!!!
  178. Are all Links incarnations or different people?
  179. Terminian Arrows: A Curse?
  180. How Ganondorf escaped the Sacred Realm before Wind Waker.
  181. A Better Idea than Last Time!!!
  182. The Wind Tribe and the Oocca
  183. Where is There Room for TMC Before OoT?
  184. Time, Wind, and Light
  185. goron?
  186. The Four Poe Sisters, were Kokiries!!!
  187. Fire Temple in OoT, an old Goron Cstle and/or city?
  188. Fire Temple in OoT, an old shrine for a Goron patriarch?
  189. Forest Temple in OoT, an old manor?
  190. The Connection between Termina and Hyrule
  191. Does Zelda have planets?
  192. Who was Link searching for in MM?
  193. hyrule and the great sea
  194. something that's bothered me since i was a wee little boy...
  195. Forest Haven a part of Death Mountain?
  196. What is Canon?
  197. Why did link go to termina in the first place?
  198. the good and the bad witches?
  200. Subrosian IN IKANA?
  201. oox
  202. How do you TECHNICALLY explain the split?
  204. The Irony in timelines.
  205. The Rito: Gorons, not Zoras
  206. the super god!
  207. A fifth giant?
  208. Could Link's Trainer in TP be the original Link From OoT?
  209. link a father?
  210. How old for the Master Sword?
  211. The Calatia theory is NOT canon!
  212. Guardians of the races
  213. Connection with sages?
  214. Linking OoT>WW>TMC>FS>FSA>ALttP
  215. About the Moblins and Other Goblins
  216. Redead theory!?!?!
  217. What protected Link from the Lost Woods Curse?
  218. Another Ikana theory
  219. Kokiri Sword
  220. not sure {Orici timeline question}
  221. Ikana: Ancient Ruins of a Doomed Kingdom
  222. Renardo The Rito
  223. Ganondorf's Mother
  224. Link's parents
  225. how items got to there temples
  226. Another Brilliant Idea...(MINE!!!)
  227. Is it possible to disagree with Aonuma on the TP timeline?
  228. New Theory
  229. The Occa and the Twili??? LAME-O!
  230. Impaz
  231. Answer My Question
  232. The Next Zelda *spoilers, timeline related*
  233. The Garo's
  234. Why The Child Timeline Has No Deku Tree
  235. Dissapearence of The Kokiri
  236. The Well in OoT
  237. The Sheikahs, A Race that Colonized from another kingdom, or they already existed in
  238. Why Link has no parents?
  239. a timeline theory
  240. Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess
  241. My Timeline Along with Explanation of Timeline
  242. Angry Video Game Nerd Takes on Timeline Theory!
  243. AoL Backstory
  244. Happy Mask Guy and the Doom of Termina
  245. The Ultimate Evil: Is this Possible?
  246. The Sheikah: true race or pseudo-race?
  247. Twilight Mirror=Dark Mirror
  248. Zoras: Allies to Enemies?
  249. Ganondorf, A Missjudged Hero
  250. LoZ Timeline Theory