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  1. The Tree in Lake Hylia Oot
  2. Hyrule and Termina once coexisting
  3. My crazy Timeline
  4. Super Theorizing Brothers Brawl! (MUST READ!)
  5. The Link destiny "theory"
  6. The seven sages in AOL!!!!
  7. ToT from TP is definitely .....
  8. Placing LoZ and AoL
  9. alternate universes? maybe not...
  10. Navi's departure and the Temple of Time
  11. TP's map translated...
  12. Ocarina "oopsies"
  13. Some questions about TP
  14. The 'Interloper' tale
  15. Ambi in OoS!
  16. The master sword shouldnt exist in the adult timeline
  17. The IW told in Alttp
  18. Dark Link and The Matrix
  19. Origins of the Dead Hand
  20. Certain Order of the Games In the Zelda Timeline?
  21. Jovani...Jovani (a child's poem)
  22. New theorist and his idea's
  23. Majora tribe = twili
  24. OoT timeline split problems.
  25. My Majoras Moon theories
  26. Ending of OOT connection with MM
  27. Who's the new Gerudo King?
  28. The Goddess of Time
  29. TP, on the adult timeline, maybe not...
  30. Concerning the Flood
  31. My uninformed timeline...
  32. Fierce Deity Created By Godesses?
  33. Multiple Splits?
  34. Timeline theory (Please give it a chance. trust me)
  35. TP -> OOA/S -> ALTTP ???
  36. The Triforce in the Child Timeline
  37. Farore and the Goddess of Time
  38. Ouberion's Timeline Theory
  39. Placing ALttP and the Seal War
  40. The Owl is the Happy Mask Salesman
  41. Desert Man's Timeline: Chapter II (A few changes)
  42. A timeline I found
  43. Split timeline? Maybe not.
  44. Triforce mark in OoX
  45. Time may flow faster in Termina
  46. Timeline split worked differently
  47. Translation of Japanese Game Texts
  48. My Timeline
  49. Concerning the 'ageing process' of the Master Sword
  50. skeleton sword trainer in TP
  51. The Legend of Zelda Timeline: My Theory
  52. The Interlopers and the Twilight Realm
  53. Which is a more bleak future?
  54. If Hyrule were flat, that would make Termina...
  55. Possible Solutions
  56. Problem with the Hyrule Castle Placement (A new one)
  57. Ganondorf's "Divine Prank"
  58. OoT Skullkid=MM Skullkid
  59. a connection?
  60. Concerning the Ocarina and Master Sword
  61. Possible reason why Hyrule is Ruined in TP
  62. The Time Line of the Twilight
  63. The goddesses and Evil
  64. Oot and TP timeline
  65. zora -> rito (no), gerudo -> rito (maybe)
  66. Timeline
  67. The REVISED Majoraman Timelne Theory
  68. OoT-TP Geography (once again)...
  69. Majora :Powerless on the 3rd day
  70. majoras mask moon is real (definite Proof)
  71. Majoraman's Ganon and the Triforce Chart
  72. Multiple universes?
  73. The 4th Goddess
  74. The Kokiri Tribe
  75. MAJORAMAN'S RETURNing theories
  76. Oocca? Wind Tribe?
  77. oracle of seasons twinrova
  78. Majora's Moon - I think I've cracked it!
  79. Octoroks
  80. The Ruins of Castle Town?
  81. Splitting and merging without reason my rant
  82. Major Triforce inconsistency?
  83. The Goddesses in OoT
  84. Majo Ramon is coming back!
  85. Way around the split timeline
  86. The Usurper King: He was possessed
  87. FSA and FS Hyrule...
  88. While On the Great Sea...
  89. The unchanging many shapes of Hyrule
  90. the more i think about it...
  91. The Legend of Zelda?
  92. Two master swords
  93. The New Hyrule Castle
  94. Split Timeline theory may not be right?
  95. More splits in the timeline
  96. There is no Split Timeline
  97. The sign of a Hero
  98. My full proof Termina Dream theory
  99. hyrule castle town: there are so many dogs at night
  100. Majora's Mask - what's it hiding?
  101. Skullkid originally from Termina
  102. A Random Thought (Fanciful)
  103. A Link to the Past: Does translation matter?
  104. How many times does Link die?
  105. That Kee-something-character...
  106. Zelda Timeline (my version)
  107. Yet another PH was a dream theory...
  108. idea about the timeline
  109. Geography: TLOZ vs. TP
  110. Hyrule: A Region or a World?
  111. What exactly happens after OoT?
  112. The sea in PH is not Termina
  113. Zant Killing Ganondorf
  114. Critique of Hyrule as a nation (3p1c 5p0yl4rz)
  115. zfan's TP OOT connection.
  116. Concerning Ganon and the Seal in WW
  117. Concerning Ganon and the Seal in WW
  118. Disproving the Gametrailers Timeline
  119. Zelda's Myth of Origin
  120. Gerudo?! Zant?!
  121. Onox posssible Twili conection.
  122. The Twili might have something to do with Majora's Mask!
  123. Moons face in MM=not real or illusion
  124. The Great Gerudo migration.
  125. Master Sword, Picori blade, one of the same?
  126. Gerudo -> Twili -> Zuna
  127. Termina after The flood
  128. Does MC replace MSoC?
  129. Rito Carving in TP?
  130. Timeline or not?
  131. Make your own Zelda Timeline
  132. Fierce Deity origins?
  133. Medli is Zora in Disgize [SBD]
  134. MS is Four Sword [SBD]
  135. Biggoron is Deity! [SBD]
  136. Sacred Realm and Twilight Realm the same place [SBD]
  137. Gustaf is Hero of Men [SBD]
  138. Zelda Chronologys [SBD]
  139. The Death Mountain Problem
  140. The different tribes of Hyrule....
  141. Something Between OoT and WW?
  142. FSA: Between OoT and ALttP? Explanations and Guesswork
  143. Additional support for WW>OoX>TMC ??
  144. So what Gods was Midna refering to?
  145. It seems nobody knows this
  146. TP almost works on the adult timeline
  147. The Imprisoning War Thread #056
  148. Minish Cap vs. Ocarina of Time
  149. This never made sense to me...
  150. Zora to Rito...? What?!
  151. Important note for theorists
  152. TP Map
  153. FSA is not Post-Flood
  154. An Unconventional Timeline
  155. Kokori Death, not a curse?
  156. LA After MM?
  157. OoX in WW timeline?
  158. A Fourth Goddess?
  159. Sages on the Timeline
  160. The Imprisoning War/Ganon Rebirth Dilemma
  161. The "Wind Waker was a dream theory"
  162. Right and Left?
  163. How could Sheik have fitted into TP?
  164. Trident of Power - the origin
  165. My First Timeline Theory
  166. My First Timeline Theory
  167. my version of timeline (could be wrong though)
  168. The "Rejected Hero of Time" theory
  169. Trifoce in OoT
  170. Did lizafoes/Dinafoes evalve?
  171. What happened to the King of Hyrule in TP?
  172. My Timeline
  173. The "Freshly Picked Oracles" Timeline
  174. Oracle Placement: Soon after Wind Waker?
  175. this is just an idea...
  176. Adult Majora
  177. Bongo Bongo
  178. Wind Waker Placement Theory (Extreme Spoilers)
  179. ZeldaWiki Timeline Section -- The Timeline Wiki
  180. the reincarnated link
  181. Blade Brothers, Links to the Past?
  182. A Species erased from time.
  183. Seth's timeline theory.
  184. My first timeline theory
  185. Is the Twilight Realm the same as the Sacred Realm?
  186. FSA Info/Pics
  187. Ganondordf is Inmortal.........
  188. Majora: Ganondorf's Mother?
  189. The Timeline: Now envolving MQ for once...
  190. Zelda timeline!
  191. OOT is not the imprisoning war in ALTTP, and I think ALTTP happens after TP
  192. TP last game with ganondorf?
  193. Tri-Timeline Plus
  194. Quick question about the Triforce
  195. Is Ganondorf dead?
  196. Din Naryu and Farore
  197. Aquatic Gorons
  198. Fiercedeity and kafei are both parrallells of link
  199. The same Zelda?
  200. Ganon, his life, death, and resurrection
  201. Temple of Time Location
  202. The Gerudos Worship Din
  203. Dark Link
  204. majora's mask life flash
  205. Snowpeak Mansion, Ashei's former home?
  206. OoT Ganondorf: Seven Years Conflict
  207. Name meanings...
  208. The Third Godess Sage: Tetra/Zelda?
  209. The power of toc
  210. The triforce in oot and ww
  211. The mystery behind majoras mask
  212. Merges and loops
  213. The moon in mm is real
  214. Termina and Hyrule
  215. Zora, Why They Turned Into Rito
  216. Agitha and the Observitory Man
  217. Zelda isn't real ut just in Links head...
  218. Arbiter's Grounds/Spirit Temple connection?
  219. What does this MEAN??!!!?!?!?! (Link's existance in Termina)
  220. Ashford Pride's Nintendo Timeline
  221. Queen Zelda
  222. The Execution and the Divine Prank
  223. Zelda Remake OR New Zelda Game?
  224. My Theory on Link's family (read at own risk)
  225. Another Feirce Deity thread
  226. Japanese Translation Update: FSA Ganondorf is not an "ancient demon reborn".
  227. Backstory bull**** again
  228. Jabu-Jabu
  229. Majora: The Fourth Golden Goddess!!
  230. Hero Shade
  231. Lord Jabu Jabu
  232. Could FSA not connect to ALttP?
  233. Twilight Princess and FSA
  234. Link - The Paragon of Benevolence
  235. Kafei - Old Territory
  236. The Zoras
  237. Is Hyrule unified in TMC?
  238. My older timeline theory
  239. Common Oracles placement?
  240. ALTTP & TP
  241. Ultimate Thread of Controversy!!!
  242. For all of the people who believe Ganondorf is alive after TP...
  243. Zelda-Link
  244. The Legend of Zelda; one story from many points of view?
  245. Stone tower temple= Desert temple? Ikanas=Hyruleans?
  246. Majora's mask on the timeline
  247. My 6th Timeline yet!
  248. "generally accepted" theory
  249. The Long View
  250. Old Kakariko VS New Kakariko