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  2. More proof that LINK IS PART KOKIRI IN SOME REALITIES!!!!!! [TPD]
  3. SC2 not canon, maybe not!!!!![TPD]
  4. Please Stop Putting LCT In Timelines: It Is NOT Canon
  5. Which Zelda Encyclopedia Do You Swear By?
  6. What we know, What we think we know, and what we just don't...
  7. What Do You Wish Was Real In Zelda Theorizing?
  8. Link is a racist muslim-murderer IN SOME REALITIES!!1
  9. no adult wind waker link? i'm confused
  10. Kwik Kweshtin Erimgarding The End of OoT (No more in some realities)
  11. Linear timelines suck IN SOME REALITIES!!!!
  12. Agahnim is a satanist.....IN SOME REALITIES!!!!!
  13. The Temple of Time
  14. OoT's ending: Two Links and a timeloop
  15. The hero of time join to the sheikah tribe.
  17. There SHOULD be 1 Zelda & Link on the CT, in SOME REALITIES!!!!
  18. Link speaking in Ocarina of Time.
  19. Personal Views.
  20. The ultimate Timeline theory
  21. The Scale of Hyrule
  22. Shield design =/= Canon.
  23. Link's Family in OoT
  24. Why the split happened
  25. Timetravel through the Door of Time
  26. LinkXZelda
  27. How Ganon escaped the sages' seal before TWW
  28. Triforce Theory.....
  29. TWW's Affect on the Placement of LoZ and AoL
  31. WW castle statues
  32. Enemie evolution
  33. How are Kokiris born ?
  34. How do I contact the Zelda Team?
  35. Why does everyone believe KoRL more than Outset Island
  36. An FAQ guide on the MS
  37. Funny Theory
  38. japanese text in WW intro
  39. The Kokiri and the Koroks.. are they the same?
  40. Should Gust Jar be Gust's Jar???
  41. MS theory.
  42. An answer to a headache. My Paradox theory
  43. Is the Happy Mask Salesman.. a Sheikah or a Hylian?
  44. Majora's mask?
  45. Hyrule's Mysteries... and her answers!
  46. Help me... Splitting headache...
  47. quick FSA-> aLttP qeustion
  48. What Tingle does with his rupees?
  49. Most faithful translations?
  50. Dark World: A trip into Ganondorf's memories?
  51. Basic Tenets of YOUR Timeline?
  52. The Drawing on OoT Link's Treehouse
  53. Zelda Series review for Timeline facts
  54. Hyrule's Economey
  55. Hyrule was flooded but what about other lands?
  56. PH in Termina?
  57. My Timeline.
  58. Idea about the timeline.
  59. Placement of WW in Timeline
  60. What Can Most of Us Agree With?
  61. Did Ganon die in TP?
  62. The Great Assumption of the Great Ganon (TP Focus, but any games too...)
  63. Origin's analysations of the Goddesses
  64. Quick brainstorming on the timeline and comparisons
  65. My Map theory
  66. The Legend of.... Tingle?!?!
  67. Sheik Theory.
  68. Praying for the Master Sword
  69. My Timeline Theory (first post)
  70. not realy a theory, more of a question where a theory is the answer.
  71. Perhaps I'm beating a dead horse... [OoX/Master Sword]
  72. Theory about ALttP, OoT, and TWW
  73. Split Aftermath
  74. grr...i begrudgingly agree now
  75. IS http://zeldawiki.org CANON
  76. Lions?
  77. Shouldn't the OoX games be in the child timeline?
  78. How can Termina have Adult Timeline Characters?
  79. Grave in Hyrule Castle Graveyard
  80. Termina and Phantom Hourglass
  81. Termina Troubles.
  82. Ganondorf's men?
  83. Kafei in OoT
  84. the mastersword in the oracles and my dead brain
  85. who is Zauz?
  86. Original Games and Four Swords Parallel
  87. Controvaersial Connections
  88. ay so who hasn't figured out who the phantom swordsman was in TP?
  89. Majoras Mask and Fused Shadows and Bellum Connected?
  90. hylian text.
  91. WW forbiden woods was once kokiri forest.
  92. Something had to happen before TP
  93. TP: How it could work out
  94. The All Knowing Scarecrow
  95. Was Impa the Leader of the Sheikahs?
  96. Ganon's Death and Resurection
  97. Gerudo Life cycle
  98. My Time-Line Theory
  99. Predestination in 'Ocarina of Time'
  100. PH ending?
  101. How do you account for OoX in YOUR timeline?
  102. The Imp of Termina
  103. Demi-Gods of Termina
  104. My Piece on LoZ and AoL
  105. The Process- The Flooding Of Eastern Hyrule
  106. The Two Ganons
  107. The Master Sword
  108. MM Spirits?
  109. How do you account for LoZ in YOUR timeline?
  110. Sheikth race symbol (Maybe descendant) found in TP!!!
  111. Master Sword Relocation
  112. ToP disney cameo
  113. Dragon tribe??? Snake tribe???!!!
  114. Secrets explained and taly-ho
  115. GOOD theory about Hero's Shade.
  116. ALttP: The Melting Pot of Zelda?
  117. OoT timetravel explained
  118. My new timeline
  119. After MM With Hero Shade.
  120. Kokiri in ALTTP?
  121. Hero's Shade a Link?
  122. Strange event in OOT
  123. MS in OoX
  124. About the order of the oracle games
  125. Possible Connection Between Kaepora Gaebora and the Wind Fish?
  126. An Alternate look at the timeline.
  127. TP CAN take place on the Adult Timeline!!!!
  128. Majoras Mask?
  129. Great deku tree in TP?
  130. Saria the Monkey
  131. Blood conection between Midna and Zant?
  132. The Twili-Sheikah relationship Explained
  133. hyrule is hindu based?
  134. Labrynna
  135. Ikana fact or fiction?
  136. Kishin's Timeline
  137. Zelda.com Failures
  138. How Majoras Mask Was Created.
  139. Sheikah and Gerudo?
  140. Anyone have any map theories?
  141. Mudora and the other wise men
  142. Is there really a timeline?
  143. Mirror of Twilight/ Chamber of Sages
  144. Tides of Change: A theory Against Zora-Kokiri Evolution.
  145. Timeline!
  146. An Interesting Detail
  147. Which timelines do TP and TWW take place in?
  148. The Zoras
  149. Divine Prank and Divine Will reviewed...again
  150. Zant evil?
  151. Here we go ... again
  152. So...
  153. Divine prank
  154. Fishmen
  155. WW sages
  156. Is Telma a Gerudo??
  157. The Light Arrows and the Master Sword
  158. Are the goddesses... stupid?
  159. OoX brings the timeline together?
  160. Time Stopping
  161. Hyrulean Earthquake? (long read)
  162. A link to the ancestors of the twilli.
  163. Zora-Armor *sigh*
  164. Termina is probably not destroyed in the adult timeline...
  165. after the legend
  166. Ice Ring Isle
  167. Hyrulean Biology 101: Zora
  168. Snowpeak
  169. Hyrulean Biology 101: Gorons
  170. Being born with the Triforce
  171. Age of Link - link to the storylines?
  172. The kokiri didnt die in WW...
  173. Tingle-san = Kamisama
  174. Questin about Ph
  175. How people survived and died (the great flood)
  176. Skullkids: Non playing character or Monster?
  177. Zelda's Prophecy
  178. After OOT (Flaw)
  179. My Blue Ganon/Trident Theory (re-evaluated)
  180. Rant: Escaping the Annoyance of Developer Intent
  181. what do the tombs say?
  182. Zelda Symbols
  183. Wake Up People!
  184. Majora's Mask and The Fused SHadows
  185. Tael and Tatl are from Hyrule. Windwaker>Termina?
  186. Another Twili Ancestor theory with the Happy Mask salesman
  187. TP links fairy......
  188. Hyrulean Geography Theory
  189. Unity within child timeline causes a unified hyrule
  190. The kids on the moon are forest spirits
  191. who is Majora?
  192. 3 oot timelines???
  193. Did Link re-visit Koholint? Major Spoilers!
  194. ALL of the Kokiri were meant to leave the forest!!!!
  195. Breaking news concerning Aghanim.
  196. Nayru and the Goddess of Time
  197. Gold dust?
  198. My friends and I have a theory about fire arrows
  199. The Name: Link
  200. Can OoX go in between LoZ and AoL?
  201. Skull Kid's. What are they?
  202. phantom hourglass
  203. Tips to help theorize better
  204. Goronloves Timeline Theory
  205. heaven hell pole shift theory
  206. Adameus' Timeline Theory
  207. Speedy Gonzalez in ALTTP!
  208. True Face
  209. Sam250's Zelda Timeline
  210. OoT, Termina, and the Wind Waker intro
  211. Twilight Princess: The Triforce Leaving Ganon
  212. What if...(in OOT)
  213. The Master Sword in WW...?
  214. LoZ/AoL Link the Same as OoX Link?
  215. 3 Hearts
  216. Parents???
  217. Ganondorf invincible thru timeline split?
  218. A theory about the ooccoo :)
  219. Have we seen the full extent of the Master Sword's power?
  220. The Ocarina of Time…
  221. Tingle's Timeline?
  222. SC2 SHOULD be canon!!!!
  223. The Forest Temple in OoT, built by ancient Hylians?
  224. What Religion is Hyrule?!
  225. Forest Temple (OoT)
  226. Traitor?
  227. OoT - Link's Return to the Temple of Time
  228. Should Ganon be free in the Adult Timeline?
  229. How did a mirror fragment enter the past?
  230. A question for you theorists. . .
  231. The three chosen by destiny
  232. The Truth of OoX Ganon
  233. ilias memory
  234. Minish Cap Link is LoZ Link... ?
  235. Twilight realm = Corrupted Termina?
  236. Fierce Deity
  237. Heart containers were made by all three goddesses.
  238. Golden Light
  239. goddess of time.
  240. What Happened to the Kokiri in TP?
  241. Man in the moon
  242. Temple Of Time In Twillight Princess=Temple of Light
  243. Twili
  244. Twili
  245. Majora's Mask
  246. Zelda the sheep? Weird thing I found
  247. Zelda and Link
  248. The History of Majora
  249. The Poe Trader
  250. At The Center of Power, Wisdom and Courage