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  1. Accurate master timeline of another miyamoto order
  2. Is the Twilight Realm only an empty void?
  3. Theory on the Deku Butler's son
  4. A possible mistake?
  5. Zelda and Ganondorf do have counterparts in termina...
  6. So... How Did Skyloft Come to Exist? (Oh, and Studio Ghibli Connections, Too)
  7. Why Nintendo will never release the "Master Timeline"
  8. A new line in a new time...
  9. Travel in time = Different timesplits
  10. My thoughts on zelda theorizing.
  11. The Improper Use of Occam's Razor.
  12. aLttP-Zelda = Sleeping Princess?
  13. Majora is the HMS?
  14. Triforce Based Timeline theory
  15. Two Links at the same time?
  16. First in the timeline?
  17. The Wind Fish and the Ocean King.
  18. Zelda mythos is bigger than just game canon
  19. Timeline switch??
  20. Is the Hero's Shade a Sheikah?
  21. What timeline do you try to build?
  22. Were the ancestors of the twili the disobedient Shiekah?
  23. fsa and fs
  24. How do the Twilight Realm and Hyrule both exist at the same time?
  25. Thoughts on the sheikah
  26. The Unimportance of Developer Quotes
  27. Help with AT and CT
  28. Master Sword Origin
  29. My timeline theory; I'm pretty confident this is correct.
  30. Can OoA create a split in the timeline?
  31. Quick question about the split
  32. Why are the sages different in each game?
  33. read my custom title.
  34. Who are the Sheikah?
  35. Majora is not dead.
  36. Triforce Wish Timeline Theory.
  37. What Happened to the Fairies?
  38. Post your game timelines (no debates)
  39. LA coming after phantom hourglass?
  40. My Timeline Debbie
  41. Graphical Representation of CT Split
  42. What exactly was the purpose of Shadow Temple?
  43. So, Minish Cap is first, right? Then explain this:
  44. Norse mythology in Zelda?
  45. Ocarina of Time Split Timeline Theory
  46. sir-zeke's timeline 2.0
  47. So correct me if I'm wrong. After MM where did Link go?
  48. Linebeck & Jolene from Phantom Hourglass: What was all that about???
  49. On Termina and the nature of the Ocarina of Time
  50. Four Giants/Spirits of light
  51. Could every Link be every Hero of X?
  52. Hero's Shade (Facts and fanfiction)
  53. It's a line, it's in time: My Timeline Theory
  54. This is my Timeline
  55. Zelda maps to scale - an ongoing project. (56k be warned)
  56. The most Complete and consistent Zelda timeline, the lazy way.
  57. What ever happened to the Gerudo?
  58. Ability to Talk, Romantic Interests, and more....
  59. Winning quarter way through OoT?
  60. What happened to the Zoras?
  61. The Sages - ALttP and OoT
  62. How many Ganons are there?
  63. Where does Link go After TP?
  64. OOT new Deku Tree and WW Deku Tree
  65. Kokiri Forest
  66. Venus on Zelda's Cloak
  67. Master Sword - Skyward Sword (girl)'s corpse?
  68. OoT: The story behind the forest temple
  69. Link's clothing
  70. The Triforce - Physical or not?
  71. Is the Mirror of Twilight the only entrance to the Twilight realm?
  72. Where does the FSS go?
  73. Skyloft = City in the Sky?
  74. How does the Triforce of Courage work?
  75. The Legend of Tingle
  76. skyward sword and termina connected?
  77. Hero of Time in Twilight Princess - Not the skull kid
  78. My Timeline Theory
  79. Zelda Timeline's Journal Project
  80. I think I got something...
  81. Skyward sword Link the hero of time?
  82. Zelda timeline theory
  83. The Temple of Time's placement
  84. Helo.
  85. Dark World and Twilight Realm
  86. This is right, right?
  87. The Connection between Rauru and Kaepora Gaebora
  88. The land in spirit track????
  89. My Zelda Timeline
  90. My reason for believing that Majora's Mask is NOT a parallel to the Fused Shadow
  91. I think Majora's Mask was a dream
  92. Stupid/Crazy Theories Open For Discussion: The Fierce Deity Mask Was Created by....
  94. My Zelda Timeline theory (Twilight Princess included)
  95. Compass Rose in OoT3DS
  96. This may sound stupid... But did anybody else ever notice, Hyrule Castle.
  97. Great Deku Tree
  98. Skyward Sword and the royal family
  99. Theorizing Resources
  100. Malladus is Ganon
  101. The Skull Kid
  102. The Evolution of the Rito
  103. Hero's Shade from Termina?
  104. The Sleeping Zelda Story
  105. SoD's Timeline
  106. The development of the FSS
  107. The Lost Awakening
  108. Hero's Shade IS NOT MM/OoT LINK
  109. Ganondorf claiming all 3 TF?
  110. The Game After Skyword Sword
  111. Rotating Maps?
  112. Another Reason For A Link to the Past to Go on the CT
  113. Rewriting The Message of Majora's Mask
  114. What might the Sky people in Skyward Sword look like?
  115. Will Majora ever make a reappearance?
  116. OoT 3DS; What retcons would you like to see?
  117. The theory of: Termina and Hyrule Are Connected Where?
  118. The Minish Realm
  119. The Sheikah: Dead and gone? Or just in hiding?
  120. The Questionably Canon
  121. Happy Mask Salesman and Vatti. Connection?
  122. Kaepora Gaebora
  123. The Original Hero of Time
  124. The Forest Within the Forest
  125. Skyward Sword (Skyloft) and The Great Flood (Islands)
  126. new timeline theory
  127. I noticed something about the Hero's Shade
  128. WW, TP, ALTTP in timeline, where?
  129. 2 Hyrules
  130. Master sword
  131. A debt to the king?
  132. is it possible that WW Link and LOZ Link are one in the same?
  133. Zeldology
  134. Ordon could be Kokiri forest
  135. How is it possible to reconcile all three OoT sequels?
  136. What the hell happened to Hyrule?
  137. Tunics in WW/TP
  138. Extinction of the Gorons
  139. A different theory about Kaepora Gaebora
  140. Terminian Kaopora Gaebora?
  141. Why FSA cannot be the seal war...
  142. "The Master Sword sleeps again...FOREVER!"?
  143. light force = triforce
  144. MM:Fierce Deity's Oraginal Guardian of the Moon
  145. Terminia does have it's own "Triforce"?
  146. Theory Connecting the 2D and 3D Games
  147. Time Travel Physics Guide
  148. Force Gems Explained
  149. What is the Predestined Future Theory?
  150. Sheikah guy in Hidden Village?
  151. The ToC being hidden away between AoL's backstory and AoL and yet used in other games
  152. Nyeve
  153. OOT stops the first four from occuring
  154. My approach to a small section of Timeline.
  155. TP after WW?
  156. Completely random theory time
  157. FS-Trilogy Explained!!!, My Newly Updated Timeline!!!! (DETAILED!!!!)
  158. Rory's theory...?
  159. Timeline, something interesting
  160. No zelda timeline?
  161. There Is No Timeline
  162. Where does the Four Sword Trilogy go?
  163. The Great Deku Tree
  164. New Interesting Theory
  165. Was FSA the Seal War?
  166. Tower of the Gods and TP Temple of Time
  167. Quick Question about the flood
  168. THE Current Timeline? (Possibly)
  169. What, I think, is the best Version of the Timeline
  170. The biggest issue in timeline theorizing summarized.
  171. The original timeline
  172. Was TP the retcon of ALttP?
  173. crazy theory: Din is the desert colossus
  174. Hylains in Termina
  175. crazy theory: bongo-bongo made the shadow temple
  176. More on Spirit Tracks' Demons
  177. Realm of the Ocean King: A flooded Termina
  178. What kept the king and the sages alive in WW?
  179. Zelda and Religious Storys - Connection!?
  180. I just Discovered the weirdest thing. (Mistake by Nintendo?)
  181. Skyward Sword = Master Sword?
  182. Different link/ zelda in each game
  183. Ganon's Death
  184. Another Timeline Thread
  185. TERMINA Merged With Hyrule During Flood!
  186. The Sheikah
  187. Who is the "masked one" that ikana refers to in MM?
  188. Dark Link
  189. Alright I've got it. Two splits!
  190. MajorasMask - My Timeline
  191. The fourth piece of the triforce and the moon pearl
  192. I'm confused about the Sages. Can some tell help me?
  193. My timeline theory.
  194. Has it ever been mentioned what happened to Link after Majora Mask?
  195. Single Link Theory
  196. What is up with this Triforce Piece??
  197. Skyward Sword - The Wind Waker
  198. What could be this thing?
  199. Fact only Timeline
  200. Three Timelines?
  201. The Real Evil in the Hidden Village
  202. Connex's Timeline Theory (with less games included and less speculation)
  203. I Need Some Stuff Clearing Up About Ganon(dorf)
  204. MAJORAS MASK - All Just A Illusion?
  205. Termina Geographically - Under Hyrule?
  206. Poe collector
  207. crazy theory: is majora the missing triforce entity?
  208. Why Termina Was DOOMED!
  209. The Prince of Red Lions: King Daphne's son?
  210. A Connection Between the 4 Regions of Majora's Mask
  211. For people who like multiple splits.
  212. A world not known to any game: Post-Apocalyptic Hyrule
  213. Deku Kingdom/Soviet Union: Religion and Fate
  214. toon link "hyahhhh"
  215. Ganondorf's Steed
  216. mcdude910's timeline theory
  217. Majora's Mask: A Lesson on Maturity
  218. Is the Goron from Majora's the same from OoT?
  219. Majora's Mask's Evil
  220. what if the MC is actually is before OOT?
  221. Link’s Lost Friend by Mystic
  222. Backstories debatable?
  223. Just a thought on that placement of OoX
  224. Okham's Razor applied to the number of Zeldadorflinksplits
  225. STORY of SkyWard Sword FOUND?
  226. Ordonian children represent OoT Kokiri??
  227. Timeline Theory Created At 4am
  228. There may only be five Zeldas
  229. YOUR Split Timeline IS WRONG!
  230. The Missing "Guardian Deity"
  231. Multiple Link, Zelda, Ganon(dorf) - IMAGE FORM (56k be warned!)
  232. "Get the Sword"
  233. A Triforce-shaped Timeline Theory
  234. Majora's mask clock tower clock
  235. Could New Hyrule actually be Termina?
  236. OJLink9 Timeline
  237. LegendOfHyrule's Updated Timeline
  238. Timeline Theory - Feedback Appreciated
  239. A n00b's theory to be perfected
  240. How Could We Match Up Koroks to Kokiri?
  241. Zarco's Timeline
  242. The Cd-i games and how I fit them into my timeline.
  243. My new timeline
  244. Ganon's Revival after ALttP
  245. Masks
  246. The Hero's Clothes
  247. My timeline for Zelda
  248. timeline theory+MS/FS relation solved+main enemy of SS
  249. Hyrule over water
  250. Multiple versions of the same story?