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  1. Working backwards from most recent intent
  2. Could FSA take place in the Sacred Realm?
  3. the Majora's Mask Sequel is...
  4. How likely is Ganondorf going to be the SS villain?
  5. Arguments in favor of only one Ganon?
  6. Why isn't Fado with the other Kokiri in OOT?
  7. Why do you make timeline theories?
  8. Do you consider the Skull Kid from TP to be the same Skull Kid from OoT/MM?
  9. Who is the other sage in Ocarina of Time?
  10. Does Termina exist in both timelines?
  11. ikana vs garo theory!
  12. I just thought of something...
  13. How can OoT be first?
  14. tp timeline problem?
  15. Do We Really Hate Ocarina Hero?
  16. The Minish Cap and the Oracles
  17. Twilight Princess' Temple of Time = Wind Waker's Tower of the Gods?
  18. Basic Timeline (kind and friendly people)
  19. What if there are Multiple Hyrules?
  20. Oracles/Link's Awakening Connection Proven in Quote?
  21. Link's Awakening comes after OoX
  22. A different outlook at the end of ocarina of time
  23. Are the TP and WW Links linked?
  24. Why Link doesn't talk
  25. Wolf Link's Ordon Mark
  26. Do you consider King Zora (OoT) and the late King Zora (TP) to be the same?
  27. Saria's Song/Song of Healing Theory
  28. Link's Family Tree
  29. The Hero's Shade IS The Hero of Time.
  30. Zelda: OoT -> Zelda: Majora's Mask -> ??
  31. crazy theory: 4 SPLITS!!?!?!
  32. Its not a big deal but..
  33. re-joint theory
  34. Ganons Trident
  35. Link in Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures
  36. A brain teaser in relation to the Sacred Realm
  37. Who are the spirits in OoT?
  38. TP and ST similarities
  39. Try this Timeline.
  40. Love Hyrulean Style (or what's up with hearts)
  41. New Seal War theory
  42. I think I found a major inconsistence in OoT-TP
  43. There is indisputably a third timeline
  44. The Ages of the Games
  45. Gods Created Hyrule.
  46. How does HoT get back to Hyrule?
  47. A non-timeline theory about the master sword
  48. What is the deal with this new triple timeline idea?
  50. An argument based on original intent.
  51. SZ not the original Zelda?
  52. Spotlight on 2D games
  53. Can OoX be Pre-OoT?
  54. Did Link have amnesia in MM?
  55. Canonicity of Regional Script Translations
  56. New SS theory...
  57. origin of Death Mountain
  58. King Dodongo: vengful goron god?
  59. How the Zora evolved into Rito
  60. The twili and majora
  61. I heard this about FSA Ganon, but didn't know if it were true...
  62. Gerudos= Twili?
  63. Dragon Roost
  64. What we currently know about the timeline
  65. My first timeline
  66. Why does Termina exist?
  67. OoT Not in the CT
  68. The Janitor's Timeline: Occam's Razor In Use
  69. Cutscene Compilation 5: the Imprisoning War
  70. What did Link wish for in LTTP?
  71. My second timeline
  72. An exhaustingly long argument for my timeline.
  73. How could Link touch the triforce in ALTTP without it splitting?
  74. Game & Watch ToP split?
  75. Could Termina's moon be the reason Hyrule is an island in FSA?
  76. More Zelda timeline construction
  77. The Legends of Zelda Chapter IV - Termina
  78. A three-split, four-branch timeline?!
  79. When does the Carnival of time begin?
  80. Random Theories
  81. Fossils in Forbidden woods
  82. what happend to link after LA?
  83. OoA time-theory-ish-thing
  84. Link died before reaching Termina?
  85. lenzo stalks link?
  86. About that second split in the timeline...
  87. The history of the Four Sword
  88. Where in the world is LTTP supposed to go
  89. Tetra's room
  90. OoT and MM meet TP
  91. ocarina hero 10
  92. did the zoras thaw out??
  93. What exactly is the canon hierarchy?
  94. GrimmyV's advice to theorists
  95. Split timeline + split Ganondorf
  96. What is the Element of Spirit?
  97. LttP the same Link as OoT
  98. Plain Vanilla Timelines Explained
  99. Aiden's Timeline
  100. The Happy Mask Salesman Knows Everything.
  101. TP Link and his affinity for treasure
  102. My Zelda Timeline
  103. Just to see how crazy I can make the timeline...
  104. Timeline by supergiraloz
  105. Old Aonuma interview; denies connection between FSA and Seal War
  106. Hyrule/Great Sea Comparison
  107. To what point of time did Zelda send Link back to?
  108. Is Skyloft the Sacred Realm?
  109. What caused the "divine prank"?
  110. TWW/PH/ST might be before the original, LOZ creating an endless loop?
  111. TWW Logic
  112. Who believes in a four piece Triforce?
  113. If Geography matters, then MC is NOT after ST!
  114. Yet another theory. Double-split timeline.
  115. United Kingdom of Hyrule?
  116. Was Minished Cap area unified
  117. Animated Zelda Timeline!
  118. Is the Twilight Realm the Sacred Realm?
  119. More AoL Oddness
  120. Why are people against Ganondorf getting the Triforce?
  121. The Happy Mask Salesman and Majora's Mask
  122. Rupees
  123. OoT; MM; TP; Skull Kid
  124. Where do you place LoZ/AoL?
  125. How did Sakon and Kafei get up there?
  126. 'Official' developer interview timeline(s)
  127. Theory Content on the Main Site
  128. LoZ why guard triforce ?
  129. Help me map out the known world...
  130. a past life.
  131. What problems can you spot in my timeline?
  132. A Few Theories About the Hero's Shade
  133. Theorizing from 1991, and beyond
  134. Is rotating maps valid?
  135. My newbie Zelda Timeline
  136. The Dark Interloper/Gerudo Theory
  137. My reply to all split timeline topics
  138. Crazy multi-split timeline!
  139. The Sealed Door?
  140. Why split timeline?
  141. my idea on the Zelda Timeline
  142. Crazy Theory - Could The Skull Kid from TP be The Hero of Time?
  143. The Carving on Link's Home Tree (OoT)
  144. Updated Timeline idea.
  145. Where Did Zelda Transport Link, During The Light Arrow Sequence In TP?
  146. Tingle's Mother (MM)
  147. Sigh* this will never pass... but here it goes ^_^ (Timeline)
  148. Where would TMC go?
  149. Alternate Interpretation of Majora's Mask
  150. WHAT is Link?
  151. New Timeline Video
  152. How Many Links?
  153. Second 'north' OoT compass, still relevent?
  154. Sleepy Link, wake up!
  155. Agatha is related to a Kokiri
  156. Goron Link
  157. An Outrageous Placement for the FS Series
  158. Four Swords Adventure - Ancient Stone Tablets connection
  159. SS Theory
  160. Proof of a ST-MC connection wanted
  161. Kafei's Counterpart
  162. "searching for a lost or a valuable friend.
  163. Darmani's Counterpart?
  164. Literal Legend Timeline Theory
  165. Universe Time vs. Link Time
  166. Does Link's Crossbow Training Count in the Timeline?
  167. Kakariko village in OoT/TP
  168. Is Twilight Princess really on Child Timeline?
  169. Oh Boy! Another Timeline!
  170. Link's Awakening and Majoras Mask might be linked together
  171. The generation theory
  172. 2nd quests, Easter eggs and remakes/retcons
  173. No more debates on confirmed evidence!
  174. For those who don't understand the OoT Child Ending.
  175. My 'Two Complete Triforces' Theory
  176. Antedeluvian Hyrule and AoL
  177. The Origin of the Sacred Grove and Link to the Past's Place on the Split-Timeline
  178. How the timeline document works
  179. Timeline review needed for fanfiction
  180. What if TLOZ happened in a more current time-line?
  181. time line videos
  182. Link to the Past (Child Timeline)
  183. Why the Kokiri Never Showed Up In Twilight Princess
  184. TMC's timeline placement and the English translations
  185. Majora is the Devil
  186. Ikana Canyon Was Not Always Haunted By the Spirits of the Ikana Kingdom
  187. If Ganon Ends Up Becoming A Separate Entity from Ganondorf In SS, Then...
  188. Pangea Theory
  189. MC and OoA/OoS (Why MC is after OoT)
  190. Igos Du Ikana Did Not Say That He Tried To Conquer The Stone Tower Temple
  191. Zoras in WW
  192. Kasuto's and Mido's Namesakes
  193. Hyrule as an Island
  194. Does Wind Waker take place before Ocarina of Time?
  195. Who is the King Midna Speaks of?
  196. A new minish cap placement
  197. The Gerudo or Anti-Muslim Propaganda?
  198. Geography the key to LoZ Ganon?
  199. Oracle Twinrova: How Is It Is Possible?
  200. Zelda 2, the sleeping Zelda
  201. Pom Bad's (Split) Timeline
  202. How do you think Bongo Bongo came to be?
  203. The Mask Salesman & Shad
  204. Official LINEAR Timelines
  205. What Happens to Skyloft?
  206. Timeline Theory
  207. City of the Sky / et cetera on the AT?
  208. My Timeline Revision 2
  209. Just a thought from OoT
  210. the possibilities of three alternate timelines
  211. Tetra's Voiced Revealed in a Interesting Cutscene of Four Swords Adventures
  212. Failed Attempts at the Seal War (OoT & FSA)
  213. Trying to explain OoT
  214. Soul Caliber II
  215. ALttP and TP
  216. The Legend of Zelda: Sages' Awakings
  217. Which is stronger: FSA to ALttP or TP to ALttP?
  218. Is Wind Waker really a sequel to Ocarina of Time?
  219. The Sword girl connection?
  220. What happened to Jabu-Jabu as Adult Link
  221. Twilight Princess-Majora's Mask technology connection
  222. Skyloft = City In The Sky?
  223. Could there be two Links at the end of OoT?
  224. ZoraTao's Theories (not including timeline) Part I, Section II
  225. My Split Zelda Timeline Theory
  226. Did Saria replace Fado?
  227. my timeline theory
  228. Latest Aonuma Quote
  229. Could TP Link be the WW statue?
  230. Majora's Mask time travel
  231. The Triforce in Skyward Sword
  232. Master Sword
  233. What Happened to Ganondorf/Triforce of Power after TP?
  234. Biblical Zelda?
  235. the zelda time line and zelda idea.
  237. The Timeline Document
  238. How many worlds are there in the Zelda series?
  239. Smike's awesome Zelda timeline
  240. How many Links and what shall we call them?
  241. ZoraTao's Theories (not including timeline) Part I, Section I
  242. Spirit Temple Found In Gerudo Desert, Old News To You, New News To Me!
  243. My Current Timeline
  244. LttP-LoZ-AoL-OoX-LA
  245. Lens of Truth, BotW, Bongo Bongo and Sheikah relation theory.
  246. Theory- a Split Before OOT
  247. dat table timeline
  248. The Watties Timeline
  249. Alternative to hylian Dans MM stone tower theory
  250. New TP and WW time placement