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  1. An honest attempt at an "Official Timeline"
  2. Confusion on a theory about TP coming after MM
  3. Several Links
  4. Do You Think OoT Link Died?
  5. Zoras can live in both salt water and fresh water, cold or hot.
  6. New Timeline: double split = 4 universes
  7. Zelda Timeline: the 4-universes theory
  8. Why multiple timeline splits exist
  9. Maybe...
  10. Possible Reappearance?
  11. The Reunion of Pamela and Her Father Theory.
  12. Zelda's Lullaby, Skyward Sword Link & Their Possible Connection to OoT
  13. Hero of Men - possessor of the ToC and ToW?
  14. 2 Theories in 1: Majora can alter Song Effects & Song of Healing Counteracts
  15. Timeline Theory
  16. City In The Sky/Stone Tower connection?
  17. i wonder how the mask salesman got to termina ?
  18. Sleeping Zelda Timeline Catastrophe
  19. Crazy theory: Skull Kid is a Link?
  20. The construction and possible fall of the Temple of Time
  21. If Link or Ganondorf put on the Majoras Mask.
  22. Lanayru Spring is the remains of the Water Temple? (And a bit more stuff)
  23. Of What Material is the Wind Waker Made?
  24. River Zora: Wild Neighbors or Evil Fish
  25. Alternate Ending to MM
  26. Reincarnation of Link Theory
  27. There are 2 Master Swords
  28. Partial Timeline and Noted Difficulties
  29. Skyward Sword vs Gold Sword
  30. Why does the Skull Kid Not Give Majora's Mask back?
  31. Fierce Deity Mask.
  33. Skyward sword bio
  34. What are you good at? what do you suck at?
  35. My Timeline
  36. Why Ganon kidnap girls in WW??
  37. Afterlife
  38. Theorists of ZU 2.0
  39. [insert creative title for a timeline thread here]
  40. The Entire Goron Race Exists in Wind Waker
  41. Zora Change to Rito: Evolution or Choice of Din?
  42. SoD's Timeline Theory
  43. Does Anyone Still Believe in a Linear Timeline?
  44. Did the split really occur in OoT?
  45. Races of the Shadow Clan (Let's make this happen)
  46. Possible God(dess)ly trinity?
  47. The Evolution of Moblins
  48. reasoning behind the 100 year diffrence in WW
  49. Inside the Moon - Why does it look so? (Majora's Mask moon)
  50. Zelda in the Twilight Realm
  51. Link steals Epona
  52. Termina - follow up theory
  53. New timeline theory with a rather large twist
  54. The other three virtues??
  55. The History of the Twilight Realm: (Recommended for serious theorists)
  56. In Ocarina of Time there is asecret
  57. Workable TL with current games/quotes?
  58. Who built the temples in these games?
  59. I'M BACK! With a new Timeline Too!
  60. My Timeline Attempt
  61. Zelda's Spiritual Influences
  62. Twili and Ikana Parallel?
  63. The Sacred Realm and the Twilight Realm
  64. Will Skyloft be destroyed in SS and will the Skyloftians be turned into other races?
  65. Could the original NES Zelda come BEFORE Ocarina of Time?!
  66. Several Kingdoms
  67. Lex's Skyward Sword Theorizing Riddle #1
  68. Is Hylian Human?
  69. termina and the twilight realm
  70. Developer Quotes, Graphic Styles, and the Timeline
  71. What happened to the Sheikah in TP?
  72. Four spirits of the Master Sword
  73. Opinions on in-game quotes?
  74. No more Master Sword
  75. Majora's Mask an Allegory to the Real World?!
  76. Dispelling a few myths
  77. Skyward Sword Octorok
  78. Jolene Gerudo?
  79. Hyrule and Termina... Earth and Oz o_O
  80. My Excellent Debbie
  81. New Theory on Ganon…
  82. Why did Navi leave Link?
  83. Oni Link's actual Debbie
  84. How many Master Swords are there?
  85. Did the Triforce of Power split?
  86. Skyloft and Hyrule connection?
  87. Majora's Mask Termina Doubles Mystery
  88. People of Skyloft = the minish?
  89. The cults of the Zelda Universe
  90. Twinrova's sacrificial choices...
  91. Parallel Termina
  92. Possible clue to how the Master Sword comes to be.
  93. What caused the great flood.
  94. Majora's Mask and the Fused Shadows: Relation?
  95. What Happens To The Triforce Between Games?
  96. OoT Temples--A test of the self?
  97. Who do you think the Twili are?
  98. Gerudos in SS
  99. Is the Great Deku Sprout the Great Deku Tree in WW?
  100. What Happened to the Gerudo in TP?
  101. Who thinks Kaepora Gaebora is Rauru?
  102. Skyward Sword Theory.
  103. My Linear Timeline Theory (if I was to subscribe to the Linear Timeline Theory)
  104. Koholint in TWW or PH?
  105. Why was OOT Ganon so strong?
  106. Who are the Sages in TP (M.S. Sages)?
  107. Timeline with early placement of FS/LoZ/AoL
  108. Zelda timeline... Perhaps differant?
  109. Zora/Rito + Kokiri/Korok Evolution?
  110. Teleportation [speculation]
  111. What happened to the king in OOT?
  112. Who are the sages in Twilight Princess?
  113. Water Sage Killed by Ganondorf?
  114. Ganondorf OoT>?>TP
  115. Who exactly is Kaepora Gaebora?
  116. Snowpeak Ruins - TP
  117. If Ocarina of time only had Adult link , would the timeline be different?
  118. Timeline Theory with Imprisoning War, Ganon Connection, and ALttP Placement
  119. Two Links in OoT
  120. 4th Triforce Piece
  121. The Minish Cap dilemma - Force gems and why it can't go on the Adult Timeline
  122. Goddess of Time
  123. Timeline Theory
  124. The Ultimate Theme of Majora's Mask
  125. Elements of the Triforce? 2
  126. The Ooccoo, Skyloft, and the Creation of the Hylian Race: Connecting TP with SS
  127. "Why Won't You Die Ganondorf?"
  128. Lots of speculation! - Pre-history Hyrule = ancient Egypt
  129. The People Called Twili
  130. Why are the Temple of Time and Master Sword in the Forest in Twilight Princess?
  131. Ocarina of time: Where did Zelda go after Impa took her away on the horse?
  132. Where did Zelda go with Impa after Hyrule Castle was attacked in OoT?
  133. The old man from the first game. Your opinions.
  134. [Speculation] sky city among the timelines
  135. A Link to The Past? Childhood Timeline?
  136. The Oracle Games and Twinrova: On Both Timelines or One
  137. Split-Timeline Theory: Two Timelines or Four?
  138. Skyward Sword, the interlopers and the sheikah
  139. Not really much of a theory..
  140. Twilight Moon
  142. What does this symbol/crest represent?
  143. Why not 6 spiritual stones?
  144. The Tunic mystery
  145. TWO Heroes of Time!?
  146. 4 Spirits in TP
  147. The Great Deku Tree,... The Second?!
  148. Master Sword oh where Art Thou?
  149. Oot: Should there be FOUR triforce godesses?
  150. It Floods Then UNFLOODS?!
  151. why do zoras have breasts
  152. Just who is the Happy Mask Salesman?
  153. Why do all these seals suck?
  154. Geography Of Hyrule
  155. Is OOT Zelda responsible for every problem Hyrule ever has?
  156. Majora's Mask Conspiracy Theory
  157. Soooo...New Ocarina of Time Theory.
  158. On Happiness, Youth, and the Hero of Time.
  159. TL will always be inconsistent, so ignore what you want
  160. Interlopers and the War-What was their purpose?
  161. Yet another DEBBIE theory
  162. The Kokiri die when they leave the forest?
  163. ALttP Dark Word Bird = Ocarina Owner?
  164. Speculation Topic-How SS becomes MS
  165. PH Postman's Race?
  166. Gilded Sword = Golden Sword?
  167. Minish Cap DOES fit somewhere in the beginning and some connections to SS
  168. Debbie = Razor Sword's Inspiration
  169. Possiblility of TMC being pre- OoT
  170. what if?
  171. This has probably has been said before, but...
  172. origin of ganon
  173. So... What's The Deal Behind The Door of Time in TP?
  174. Final bosses in Zelda games and Skyward Sword
  175. Did anybody ever notice why the game developers had in TP,
  176. If you had any doubts about Rosy Rupeeland sometime after Wind Waker
  177. I just want this cleared up.. Was it ever proven that the Skull in in OOT is in MM?
  178. skull kid
  179. So those who enter the lost woods without a Fairy turn into a Stalfo?
  180. could it be...?
  181. The Skyward Sword's face in the HUD looks EXACTLY like the Queen of Fairies in TWW.
  182. My idea of the Zelda Timeline
  183. Skyward Sword Speculation/Theory Thread (SPOILERS EXPECTED)
  184. New character (Debbie) in skyward sword
  185. SSBB Sheik is female/This thread is for Female Sheik fans only
  186. SS has Moblins
  187. Why do people make this assumption?
  188. The Theory of Theories (Concerning SS, TP and the Sky)
  189. Possible Third Timeline
  190. Dev quotes are unreliable, here's why
  191. Changes in Geography from OoT to TP
  192. timeline theory
  193. Is ALttP A Prequel To LoZ Or Not??
  194. Could Phantom Ganon have turned into a Twili?
  195. how can OOT-Hyrule and TP-Hyrule be related?
  196. The Gerudos, the Arbiter's Grounds and the Spirit Temple
  197. And OoT3D's Hylian script is...
  198. What are Nejirons?
  199. Gorons and Gerudo- hermaphroditic?
  200. Twilit People became Mapfish in WW
  201. Couples and Descendants in Zelda
  202. Ultimate Zelda Timeline
  203. OoS and OoA is Triforce's bridge that connects the Timelines
  204. What Happens To Kakariko Village (TP) if you add water
  205. Musical Relations
  206. Where does Minish Cap fit in the Timeline?
  207. How come we never heard of Skyloft in previous games?
  208. Looking into Twilight Princess foreshadowing Skyward Sword - Bunch of speculation!
  209. "The Golden Dude"
  210. right handed link?
  211. Fado and Laruto in TP?
  212. Location Debate - Are we assuming too much about locations in Hyrule?
  213. My Timeline Theory
  214. The Imprisoning War happened only a few years before A Link to the Past?
  215. Logical placement fo LOZ and AOL
  216. The Loop of Poor Planning?
  217. Could the Picori have descended from the Kokiri? (And vice versa.)
  218. Sheik gender!
  219. Why is there so much over-analyzation?
  220. My NEW take on the Zelda timeline
  221. Link - relatives of Link? Discreapancy.
  222. deku's are only in two games?
  223. The time Link got sent back to (OoT/TP contradiction)
  224. Ganondorf's magic is alien to the Twili
  225. Termina inside a dome?
  226. The Missing Triforce
  227. Theory on The Mask of Majora.
  228. Zelda's Timeline
  229. TP and SS related!?
  230. Accurate master timeline of another miyamoto order
  231. Is the Twilight Realm only an empty void?
  232. Theory on the Deku Butler's son
  233. A possible mistake?
  234. Zelda and Ganondorf do have counterparts in termina...
  235. So... How Did Skyloft Come to Exist? (Oh, and Studio Ghibli Connections, Too)
  236. Why Nintendo will never release the "Master Timeline"
  237. A new line in a new time...
  238. Travel in time = Different timesplits
  239. My thoughts on zelda theorizing.
  240. The Improper Use of Occam's Razor.
  241. aLttP-Zelda = Sleeping Princess?
  242. Majora is the HMS?
  243. Triforce Based Timeline theory
  244. Two Links at the same time?
  245. First in the timeline?
  246. The Wind Fish and the Ocean King.
  247. Zelda mythos is bigger than just game canon
  248. Timeline switch??
  249. Is the Hero's Shade a Sheikah?
  250. What timeline do you try to build?