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  1. Possible solutions to ending of OoT
  2. Zora Taxonomy
  3. Did the Twilight Realm become a world of darkness after TP?
  4. So, Koizumi Announced That Majora's Mask Was Inspired by Dreams...
  5. Trying to make sense out of OOT ending
  6. Timeline SUGGESTIONS
  7. OoT Hyrule = Jerusalem?: A postcolonial "reading" of Ocarina of Time
  8. Princess Ruto
  9. Sun setting behind Death Mountain?
  10. Why the TP meteorite theory is not correct
  11. A New Part to the Timeline no-one has thought of?
  12. Rewrited 2:The Terminian History
  13. Temple of Time (x2) and the Master Sword as a key
  14. Could Holodrum exist on Hyrule's borders? Lost Woods Warp?
  15. The Twilight Realm: A Space Between Dimensions
  16. Skyward Sword and Wind Waker connections.
  17. Why the sage of water?
  18. Ghirahim, Not the Main Villain
  19. Rewrited 1:My answers to some theories
  20. The Sheikah in Skyward Sword?
  21. Happy Mask Salesman / moon children connection?
  22. My opinion to some theories
  23. Majora's Mask a foreshadowing?
  24. Where is the Master Sword?
  25. False God: Jabu-Jabu
  26. Twilight Princess ToT and Skyward Sword Relation
  27. What do Cuccos eat?
  28. Were Rauru and Kaepora Gaebora the Ancient Sages of Earth and Wind?
  29. Loose ends and minitheories
  30. Are the Sheikah the Cursed Tribe from MM?
  31. Ganondorf's place in SS
  32. Xtreme Theory!: MM masks and possession.
  33. Extreme Theory: Debbie creates Ganondorf
  34. Phi is a robot, with proof.
  35. Ganondorf
  36. Nayru is Red, Din is Blue
  37. My First Timeline
  38. OOA/S continuity
  39. Sheikah = Knights of Hyrule?
  40. Sheikah = Knights of Hyrule?
  41. Song of Storms
  42. Sets of Sages + Info about them
  43. "Skyward Sword" early footage analysis
  44. Odolwa of Majora's cursed tribe
  45. Can we use Nejirons to explain Gorons?
  46. Gorons = The Bees of Hyrule
  47. Ability of the Kokiri
  48. Theory on Majora's motive and how masks work
  49. Son of predestined timeline, part deux
  50. OoA/S connections to the hero of time
  51. What the hell is the Happy Mask Salesman?
  52. Majora's Mask Theory. Delving into Majora's Subconscious
  53. Midna and Zant in SS??
  54. What did Ganon see when Link pulled the MS?
  55. One minor unexplained detail in Majora's Mask
  56. No timeline at all?
  57. One link died?
  58. What exactly makes the Spirit Temple the Spirit Temple?
  59. A couple questions
  60. Robots
  61. Song of Storms paradox SOLVED!!
  62. 3 Goddesses
  63. Zelda Magic Powers?
  64. Tingle?
  65. SS Link is the Hero of Time?
  66. Temple of Time's name
  67. Oracle of Seasons and to Oracle of Ages on the timeline
  68. Things That Must Happen Before Skyward Swords Ends!!
  69. Multiple Split Timeline Theory.. "Whaaaaat?" :O
  70. Link was sent back in time to before he got the 3 Spiritual Stones(OOT3D)
  71. Zelda Chronology
  72. OOT Triforce theory
  73. Poll on TP-SS connections (please read OP before voting!)
  74. timeline
  75. Is Zelda Racially Biased ?
  76. Bongo Bongo sheikah conection
  77. Ganon reborn in FSA?
  78. Link's Awakening
  79. Shiekah Symbol in House of Skulltula
  80. Why do you think of the Yetis? (TP)
  81. Something about the child timeline
  82. The Terminian History theory part 2
  83. Are they the same thing?
  84. Rauru in SS/OOT and Adult Tunic
  85. Ganon gets his trident for the first time in FSA???
  86. The Terminian History theory part 1
  87. Was Hyrule a domed city?
  88. Fate of the Gerudo
  89. uh timeline?
  90. Minish Cap TRUE
  91. MM Skull Kid Anomaly and the Timeline Split
  92. Why The Gods Gave Ganon The Triforce Of Power In TP
  93. Oocca in Skyward Sword?
  94. How are the Kokiri born?
  95. OoT/WW Ancestry (Slightly Squick-y)
  96. The Minish Cap and Epona
  97. Saria's song/Song of healing
  98. What if Laruto and Fado appear in Skyward Sword?
  99. The nature of Majora's Mask
  100. Origin of the temples
  101. Original developer intent timeline, ALttP and FSS placements
  102. Timeline Theory from me
  103. Zelda's cloak in TP
  104. Ganondorf: Ancient Demon Reborn
  105. IS Sheik a Male?
  106. My new timeline (accurate)
  107. Hylian crest on the shield more info
  108. First semi-serious timeline attempt (I don't know if it's funny or sad)
  109. Zelda II Sages?
  110. Miyamoto: "The Zelda stories may not match up"
  111. Oh God!!!! It's the MOOOOOON!!!!!
  112. In MOST Zelda games is Link a different Person?
  113. What is with the tunics?!
  114. Is it the same Ganon?
  115. Majora's Mask, then Link's Awakening, then Wind Waker
  116. Something odd concerning TP
  117. What happened to Saria's Fairy?
  118. Sages and Death Sword related?!(TP)
  119. Could TP "Hyrule" actually be Termina remade?
  120. Majora's Mask as a hallucination: The logic behind the madness
  121. The Final Scenes in MM's Ending Still Confuse Me...
  122. Fierce Deity V 1.2
  123. How Important is the Timeline?
  124. Majora's Mask Relation to the Sheikah?
  125. Hylian Eagle
  126. Advanced Technology
  127. Twilight Princess background chronology
  128. My Zelda doesn't change gender as Sheik theory
  129. Observations regarding the MM and OOT Connection
  130. Does Link lose his memory in Majora's Mask?
  131. Zelda Timeline
  132. Majora's Origin
  133. Strange Guay in Majora's Mask
  134. TP-MM connection?
  135. Is the world in Phantom Hourglass actually part of the Great Sea?
  136. Sacred Realm Related to the Moon?
  137. Timeline Issues
  138. Sheik's Harp?
  139. Why can you encounter Skull Kid as an adult in OoT?
  140. Some OoT discrepancies/questions
  141. Maybe I figured out something?
  142. The Lengend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time 3DS.
  143. Hyrule History
  144. Triple TimeLine o.o
  145. OoT HMS = MM HMS?
  146. Hero's shield
  147. Shield Difference - MM & OoT
  148. Kakariko Village and Ikanian Symbolism.
  149. triforce on moon
  150. Termina and the WotOK (Part 2)
  151. MM BANK
  152. MM More advanced/spinning entrance theory
  153. Majoras Origins
  154. OoT 3D Ending (Hand Triforce)
  155. To what extent should cameo characters be taken as canonical evidence?
  156. My Comprehensive Timeline
  157. Time Travel in OoT
  158. My Termina Theory
  159. The Real Zelda Timeline
  160. Tunic/Hero's Clothes Origin?
  161. The Oocca in SS
  162. Dating placement of TP in relation to OoT
  163. Termina and The World of the Ocean King Connections
  164. Hylian Royal Family Crest [SS]
  165. Basic Theory of Ss leading to Oot, and it's Establishment of Monarchy.
  166. I posted my Timeline explanation on Reddit.com and it was suggested I post it here.
  167. Backstory Answers in Skyward Sword
  168. Royal (not sheikth) harp! -SS video-
  169. Ultimate Twinrova thread.
  170. Purple hair Zelda in Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland
  171. SS connections: TP, TWW and... ALTTP!!
  172. Ghirahim is an Ancient Hylian?
  173. Multiple Link, Zelda, Ganon - IMAGE FORM (Part 2)
  174. Did Link truly defeat Majora?
  175. What races will be In Skyward sword?
  176. Hyrulean Geography: Could it happen?
  177. Diamond theme
  178. Connections in the dark
  179. Princess Zelda keeper of the full Triforce?
  180. Triforce creation theory? SS/OOT.
  181. The SS triforce aqnd Gannon
  182. The Road to Termina
  183. The 6 medallions in SS? + Some Sage theories
  184. The Hero's Shade - Who is he?
  185. the third universe-a MM theory (spoilers for OoT, MM, WW and TP)
  186. The Siren World: Connections with the Temple of Time and the Sacred Realm
  187. Will we see this vista?
  188. Skyward Sword Birds the Same as the Bird in the Hylian Crest?
  189. Timeline principles
  190. Skyward Sword I called it Game
  191. No more Zelda! Best Zelda Game?
  192. Oocca could be Skyloftians
  193. Absense of Triforce in SS
  194. MM - Did Link Really save the world?
  195. Light Force in Skyward Sword?
  196. A plot hole in TWW?
  197. Majora's Mask Parallel Universe Theory
  198. yetis in SS?
  199. Twili/Dark Interlopers in SS?
  200. New Deity in SS?
  201. Skyward Sword Link/Zelda Relationship
  202. Rauru in SS, along with other sages.
  203. New character in Skyward Sword!
  204. Midna and Zant's Relationship
  205. Link's Memory
  206. The Gerudo Thieves
  207. LoZ/AoL on AT or CT?
  208. Is there one White Sword?
  209. ALttP On the CT
  210. Putting together Majora's Mask theory
  211. Chuchu Theory
  212. Imprisoning/Seal War and the Sages
  213. Can TMC happen in the Sacred Realm?
  214. So just where is this "Adult Link"?
  215. Read this before you post your timelines!
  216. Is this timeline possible?
  217. stop yelling at my theory
  218. Temple of Time in Twilight Princess - Question
  219. new timeline theory a lot better then the dumb one
  220. Is the MC first? ( Another futile stab at the issue)
  221. Dawn of a New Day
  222. The timeline thoroughly explained
  223. Skullkid Could Not Have Met Link on CT in OoT: A Hole in MM's Story?
  224. Ganondorf and his background
  225. Question about the split timeline
  226. Majora, Malladus, Termina, and new Hyrule. theories connecting MM and ST
  227. hylian crest is thunderbird
  228. Is it possible, OoA uncovered!
  229. Rated R Zelda turned into a discovery
  230. Zelda filled with other story references?
  231. ALttP a PREQUEL to OoT??? :O
  232. Picori Blade and Master Sword relation?
  233. Skyward Sword = Alice in Wonderland?
  234. kaepora gaebora in SS
  235. Split/Linear...whatever
  236. Link's Counterpart in Termina?
  237. What if the zelda cdi games were canon?
  238. Anti-force?
  239. Timeline exists, but...
  240. Triforce of Truth
  241. Do Kokiri age outside their forest?
  242. Kokiri/Gerudo hybrids?!
  243. Termina is future hyrule in child timeline
  244. Light Spirits appearing between OOT and TP?
  245. The Legend of Zelda
  246. Ooca statue in SS trailer
  247. More Temple of Time stuff
  248. SS crazy speculation
  249. what the hell is that thing?
  250. Development of the Timeline