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  1. RapeX
  2. Evolution (Again!)
  3. Bush Gets Rid of Habeas Corpus
  4. Drugs
  5. OMG I just saw two boys kissing!!!
  6. What if we cloned a human?
  7. Abortion: For or against?
  8. Teen Pregnancy.
  9. Christianity- God's Authority
  10. Net Neutrality VS. Internet Freedom
  11. The fall of Lucifer
  12. Alaxander the Great
  13. What do you think about islam right or wrong?
  14. Christianity
  15. The Answer and Solution to Man's Thirst: Jesus Christ!
  16. The War in Iraq, justified?
  17. 9/11 Conspiracy Thread
  18. The Great Attractor
  19. 2060 Will Be The End ~ Isaac Newton
  20. Disagreance?
  21. Insanity Defense and the Death Penelty
  22. Homosexuality-right or wrong
  23. What do you think about this video?
  24. Dawkins and The God Delusion
  25. I hope this does not pass.
  26. Respecting everyone's views...
  27. Global Warming: Greenhouse Gasses, or Natural Trend?
  28. Yes, humans and apes share a common ancestry
  29. Humane
  30. Unfinished speech on God/religion vs. Sicence
  31. What is your religion?
  32. Another stands area
  33. Just a little test on stands
  34. Pip reads The New Testament
  35. Let's talk about Abraham and Isaac.
  36. John Kerrys comments on Education
  37. Childless by choice?
  38. Can the Bible really be trusted?
  39. Are you a homosexual?
  40. Decision 2006
  41. Saddam to be Executed
  42. Why are there so many Christians here?
  43. Animal Cruelty Video (WARNING!:Not Suitable For All Ages)
  44. Global Warming
  45. Homosexuality, it's a sin? Where? Why?
  46. Evolution and Christianity
  47. What do you think of the media?
  48. Possessions, real demons or just people with messed up heads?
  49. What is the difference between a religion and a cult?
  50. Homosexuality, is it a choice or genetic?
  51. Human Intelligence - Just a mere 2 million years in evolution?
  52. Genetically Modified Crops
  53. Marijuana
  54. The Rapture
  55. What would you do?
  56. Philosophy and what if questions.
  57. North Korea vs Australia - nuclear stress
  58. Should Canadian Soldiers Be In Iraq?
  59. The Term "African Americans"
  60. October 11th
  61. WWIII: Has It Begun?
  62. What Is Your Deadly Sin?
  63. Gynecomastia
  64. There's more hate than love in the world
  65. Happiness
  66. The recent School Shootings
  67. how do i remember to read my bible?
  68. did the colonists in america have...
  69. Appropiate killing
  70. Love
  71. America's selfishness
  72. The Unknown - To Believe, Or Not To Believe?
  73. Meaning of life?
  74. Political Correctness and So-Called "Open Mindedness"...
  75. Cheating
  76. Prison Or Death?
  77. A man kills a baby over a video game console
  78. Quantum Mechanics and Space-Time Theory
  79. what gives them the right to do this?
  80. The Popes comments on islam: what do you think?
  81. Steve Irwin R.I.P.
  82. It's been 5 years....
  83. Is technology making us Asocial?
  84. God is a force.
  85. 9/11 Cover up
  86. New Pagan/Wican Thread
  87. Doomsday Thursday
  88. Is anybody here Pagan/Wiccan?
  89. Sex before Marriage
  90. are athiests hypocritical?
  91. The Ethical Atheist
  92. I know why the War on Terror is taking so long!
  93. Is there a god?
  94. Is Evolution really science?
  95. The Doomsday Vault
  96. Playing God?
  97. Were the Earth and animals, etc, created by random chance?
  98. Racial Segregation
  99. Mars as Big as Moon.
  100. The Computer Age
  101. The kids are being taught that their lives are wrong.
  102. He who is not given a chance.
  103. Why are Americans Today so Obese?
  104. The Lost Christian: Alone and Thinking
  105. Worship and Christian Rock
  106. Recycled water...should we say yes instead of no?
  107. Devil Worship
  108. Piracy of music - What side are you on?
  109. Sex and the Reaction
  110. Rise up
  111. Killing Kiddies for Jesus
  112. Amazon touts anti-Israeli views,
  113. The Censorship of Science
  114. Bush Vetoes Stem Cell Bill
  115. Israel and the Bombing of Lebanon
  116. Creationism vs. Evolution
  117. North Korea and Iran
  118. The Devil Can Test (Damned Angels and the Devil)
  119. Why we don't need money. (and topics affected by it)
  120. Let's Talk About Political Pundits!
  121. is porn getting worst?
  122. Apperently Astronaut Barbie just doesn't cut it Anymore
  123. Saving the world, we do that often. (Games for Change)
  124. Flag Amendment
  125. Shotacon and Lolicon
  126. Global Warming
  127. matter and anti-matter?
  128. The Cross: Truly Christian?
  129. The Moon Hoax
  130. Bush or No?
  131. Deism, Theism, Unitarianism, Atheism, Agnocticism and their definitions (split)
  132. Religion
  133. 911 Loose Change(sept 11 documentry)
  134. Teacher/Student Sex Relations
  135. Does there exist a truly selfless act?
  136. Yonaguni Pyramids-proof of Atlantis?
  137. Feminists Deny Truth on Domestic Violence
  138. Should men and women really be equal?
  139. Our Reason.
  140. Sex Offenders and Death Penalty
  141. Yeah, so this is pretty much insane.
  142. Bush Urges Marriage Amendment (Gay marriage or non-?)
  143. Discussion About God and Christianity
  144. Prices Have To Change
  145. Love help
  146. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his future intent...
  147. Sex
  148. Evolution Discussion(Meeting of the Minds)
  149. Death...
  150. Loose Change
  151. Murder, or prevention of horrid life? Abortion.
  152. New Urbanism
  153. Girl Pregnant at 11, Mother "Proud"
  154. Hispanic Americans a growing force, figures show
  155. Up to three million Britons may be wrong about who their real fathers are
  156. Indoctrination: Not Just Religion?
  157. Death by Internet
  158. Dogs popular on Chinese dinner plates
  159. US still sexist?
  160. Some sick and twisted people in this world
  161. sex
  162. Stereotypes(only read if open minded)
  163. Conspiracy Theories
  164. Obesity, take responsibility!
  165. Racist
  166. Your Views On Smoking
  167. A Political Rant
  168. That's My King!
  169. The Da Vinci Code
  171. The Crusades - Deus lo vult
  172. Hero Branding
  173. School/T-shirt issue.
  174. The Human Soul
  175. Aniaml cruelty
  176. world peace
  177. Drugs and Substances: The Debate
  178. I found this as quite a shock.
  179. Why is violence so "fun" to people in video games?
  180. Is It Possible To Become Pregnant Without Sexual Intercourse?
  181. English Patriotism
  182. Your opinion on the American president.
  183. Question about evolution...(maybe mature audience, I don't know)
  184. [Abortion] Nothing To Do With Religion.
  185. He did bad. Let's kill him.
  186. Life...?
  187. Pope to deliver speech!
  188. Sin and Forgiveness
  189. Mocking Religion!
  190. Vegetarianism
  191. The drugs thread.
  192. The important part of easter
  193. After death
  194. Wet Foot/Dry Foot Policy in US
  195. How 'bout that Gospel of Judas?
  196. Extreme Poverty and its affects.
  197. The Gospel of Judas
  198. Spirits and psychics: fake or for real?
  199. Empires, wise or foolish?
  200. God a sinner?
  201. [Masturbation] and Religion: Is It a Sin?
  202. Religions a farce?!
  203. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit: The Same?
  204. Mormons and Christians
  205. A secular dialogue of the Morality of Homosexuality
  206. Islam and the Noble Quran - Q&A for the Curious
  207. Retroactive Justice
  208. Does the Bible fit in present day believes? And should believes be taken from it?
  209. Do Humans Really Care?
  210. Biblical Contradictions
  211. The Atomic Bomb
  212. Opinion Bashing Central?
  213. Immigration
  214. More's Utopia and Reality
  215. Armageddon (End of the World)
  216. 9/11 movies
  217. Should Australia & New Zealand become one Country?
  218. Social Darwinism, and stuff
  219. Illegal Immigrants
  220. Solace in Atheism
  221. Knowing Vs. Believing
  222. Divine Healing?
  223. Thoughts on teaching of evolution as a theology
  224. Kids Learning About AIDS
  225. Homosexuality and Morality
  226. is america's gov getting close to communism?
  227. What we see
  228. Why its hard to be friends with a different race..
  229. Sex education......
  230. Are Humans Naturally Corrupt?
  231. Caring More.
  232. America Hates Kids.
  233. Theory of Evolution
  234. Developing yourself...
  235. Great Flood
  236. Evolution... Truth or Fiction?
  237. What system do you think would work?
  238. Life Beyond Earth
  239. Animal Rights
  240. Illegal/Legal Immigration and Our System
  241. Evolution of DNA?
  242. Problems with Weed
  243. Evolution v. Creationism (in schools)
  244. Jetpacks, Hovercrafts? Why Have Personal Aircrafts?
  245. Is quarreling useful?
  246. Divorce in general, What are your thoughts?
  247. Should Gay divorce be legal.
  248. Is terrorism justified?
  249. Dinosours?
  250. The Raelian Message